6 Months Old Fetus Found in the Shopping Mall Bathroom

After Six Months in the Womb, the Foetus Already Developed Distinct Head

Caruaru – my favorite Brazilian state. The goriest state in the goriest country in the world.

Approximately 6 months old female human fetus was discovered inside the bathroom of a shopping center in the Park of the 18th May (Parque 18 de Maio) in Caruaru, Brazil. According to the coroner, Dr. Charles Henry, the fetus was aborted elsewhere, bagged in a plastic carrier bag, brought to the mall and disposed of in the bathroom. The bag bore logo of a pharmacy in Arcoverde.

According to the civil agent Capistrano, the police are working with available CCTV videos which they believe will help identify the person who brought the fetus in. Agent Capistrano believes the mother may have been a prostitute. There are many brothels in the proximity of the shopping center.

Some of the photos in the gallery are screenshots from the surveillance video which Brazilian police has, but has not released yet.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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59 thoughts on “6 Months Old Fetus Found in the Shopping Mall Bathroom”

  1. whats amazing is the baby was found at all? in a plastic bag, in a bin, someone must have been scavenging through the toilet bins? what the hell did they expect to find? NOT a miscarried baby thats for sure, there must have been blood and it made someone investigate. Very lucky it was found at all, cos shopping centre bins are changed often.

    1. my thought exactly. Even if i were the janitor and i were changing the trash bags i wouldn’t have looked to see what the squishy, heavy, moist, bloodied, stinky thing was in the bottom of the bag. Just assume its some rank ass menstrual pad situation and not look.. on another note; why a public bathroom? like wtf is that? some bad dead-baby joke?
      What’s worse than a dead baby?
      A dead baby in the trash can at the local mall.

    1. @ReiKoko women cant just ‘self-abort’ a baby at will! This is a miscarriage, though the fact she left the baby in the bin does suggest she wasn’t thrilled to be pregnant (if she knew at all!)

      1. ReiKoko it is sad. However, you have NO IDEA the circumstances of this woman. You could not possibly have a clue as to her mental state or other factors contributing to her action. Please don’t act all high and mighty.

    1. I have to admit, I am so thankful to have found this site. I find it quite interesting and important to gain knowledge and understanding in regards to how disgusting the human race is and to know what these sickening human beings are capable of. It?s quite sad that none of these cases on this site shock me anymore but what?s even more frightening is knowing that all of these horrible events that I have learned about through this site continue to happen every single day. We truly have become our own worst enemy.

  2. Poor little baby! He may just be better off not living his life in Brazil what with all the violence and lack of regard for life there. If the baby is a da Silva, DNA evidence won’t help since it seems that half of Brazil is a da Silva. RIP little one!

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    1. Yeah, “Baby Cunt Pics” Whats the problem? Now that WAS a joke but seriously, look at the “similar gore” part right underneath the “what people searched for”
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      1. I see your point, but dissagree with it.
        We just want to see what Mark posted next, because, that’s just what we do. We’re just hardcore like that. If it was 2girls1cup and none of us had ever seen that shit before, we’de just be like “what the fuck is this, oh, wow. That’s fucked up. NEXT”
        Mighty diffrent to GO SPICIFICLY LOOKING FOR THE SHIT by typing it into your search engine.
        Do you understand my point now?

        1. Don’t make fun of Spics, and don’t call me an ass. See My POINT is people search for that shit cause they don’t have Best Gore saved as their Favourites like we do. So what’s worse. Having to search for that shit in particular or having a website saved as one of your “favourites” that brings you to the exact same content by one click of the button as these sick fuckers have to google for. Sure me and you didn’t have to google “dead baby pussy pics” but we had to click on a “favourite” and get to the same spot. Even. If you don’t have this site as a favourite, you surely have it memorized. There’s a lot of fucked up people out there but don’t think for a second that we are any better than them just because they have to google something to get to a site that we have saved rather on our hard drive or in our minds.

          1. Oh and the spic and ass thing was just me having fun with your spelling. I really do enjoy your comments for the most part and don’t you dare think I’m trying to go after you in any way. I just get tired of the neverending onslaught of self rightous assholes that condemn every post and comment on this site and think they all serve some sort off holier than thou purpose and the rest of use are pieces of shit. I’m not saying that’s you personally but that is definitely one the main problems with this society

          2. I do understand what you are getting at, and, personally, I am greatful of our resources of reality (and, ofcourse, BestGore is saved in several areas of my computer, from book marks to endless pics and links)
            As far as my personality, I talk a lot of words here, and I have a good time in doing so. I throw my insults, sometimes hopeing that I will have somebody to sparr back with.
            What i say I try to substantiate and not talk out of the side of my throat.
            If what i write is worth reading 9assuming that one is able to suffer through my spelling) then ultimatly it’s just a matter of opinion when done reading, if you just REALLy wish that some how, you could get those wasted minutes of your life back.
            Or, if you like what i say, that’s cool too.
            I like being offensive when it makes people have to think for themselves, or calls them out on it in plain english.

  4. First of all the point is that Brazil is so screwed up that this person women/man put this child in a bathroom trash. This poor baby should have been buried not thrown away like garbage. Notice how formed the child is? Well I think you can call it a premature baby not a fetus. The child is born. Perfect as you can see. But it looks larger then a 2nd trimester birth. The baby is beautiful and no one gave a damn. It should have had a decent burial.

  5. the dude in charge of the case is all like. look at me i’m a fucking hard man, yet getting these kinda case’s involving babies makes me look like a fucking pussy.oh well still if i pose like this then maybe my macho image will still be intact

  6. when I see shit like this, I’m disgusted at fellow humans. This whole world should be blown up… there is no hope with humanity. I feel sorry for anyone that will be born by 2050. Who knows… the value and moral of humanity will decline so fast that it will even be a norm to kill a grandma or child within split seconds. So fucking sad!

  7. if your children aren’t perfect they will never fear you and life desicions such we have here is the result of the weak. these things are mine and they pray to god father is pleased. I caress ones cheek now she is afraid.

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