6 Year Old Boy Shot Dead by Police in Marksville, Louisiana

6 Year Old Boy Shot Dead by Police in Marksville, Louisiana

Body cam video of cops shooting a man 18 times when he was complying and had his hands in the air out the window of the vehicle, while in the process murdering his 6 year old autistic son for absolutely no reason, was released to the public, after the judge originally barred it from being seen.

The footage shows Louisiana police chasing the vehicle in which Chris Few drove with his 6 year old son Jeremy Mardis on November 3, 2015 in the town of Marksville. The cops opened indiscriminate fire at the SUV whose passengers were unarmed, killing Mardis and seriously wounding Few.

The cops then tried to cover up the murder by stating that there was an outstanding warrant for Chris Few, but have been unable to provide any such warrant. According to WAFB who checked with the Clerk of Court, the District Attorney’s Office, Marksville Police Department and City Court, there are no outstanding warrants for Mr. Few.

Sherriff Deputies 32 year old Derrick Stafford and 23 year old Norris Greenhouse Jr have been charged with second-degree murder. Attorneys for the killers argue the officers were acting in self defense.

The footage comes from bodycam of Sgt Kenneth Parnell who did not discharge his weapon.

Of course, because the murdered boy was white, mainstream media are limiting their coverage to mandatory copy paste articles that are expected to get buried in a day or two on their websites, instead of relentlessly broadcasting 24/7 on national TV for 3 weeks straight.

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151 thoughts on “6 Year Old Boy Shot Dead by Police in Marksville, Louisiana”

      1. It’s currently before the courts. The judge just ruled the video be released. But the case is in its early stages so no decision on the cops’ guilt yet. I doubt the district attorney will pursue the charges relentlessly, and without a dedicated DA, the case will get nowhere.

        1. This doesn’t surprise me since they’ll most likely be protected by the system, they should be charged with murder period but these CK’s will justify anything and everything. Why not, let’s make up a bunch of shit to distract from the real truth. Cunts.

          1. That story deals with an incident last year, not this one, but I’ve read stories like this before, where crooked cops are executing rivals under the excuse of just a routine police check going bad, and getting away with it Scott free.

          2. Too fishy. Poor white folks refer to these kinds as ‘too big for their britches’. So, maybe they thought they were ubercops with too much caffeine in their system.

        2. Mark Marek, your site has been absolutely dripping with gory reality since your return. Bravo to your journalist efforts. BG is as alive as it ever was.

          Could you please report more on these incidents, most importantly the murder of Daniel Harris, an unarmed deaf white man murdered by a black cop.

          It is sickeningly obvious that the media plays up ‘minority-killed-by-cop’ stories, yet silences an ‘unarmed-deaf-white-killed-by-black-cop’ story. As a brutalized minority who was then multiply-framed to cover up said actions, the pandering to the smaller, ‘injustified’ group, just reminds one of a playground scenario where a bullied, smaller child is cheered on by a group of onlookers to fight back, knowing full well the smaller child has no chance in a fight– the cheering group/media only wants to see a fight which produces… More News, More Ratings, More Money, while giving the perception of caring for the wronged party.

          If the BLM group would only change to CivilianLivesMatter, real change would happen. Whites/the majority need to wake up and see that “badgers” across the country put anyone they want in their crosshairs.

          Thanks for your efforts.

          1. Thanks for the compliments. I’ll try my best. Tropical Storm Matthew screwed me up because it left the island without electricity and cell phone service, so there are only a few places on the whole island that have internet, so right now I’m just patching about, but hopefully it gets restored soon and I catch up.

          2. On the day black man keith Scotts was shot by cops- FIVE white men were also shot and killed by cops. FIVE. There was nothing extraordinary about Scotts case they were all very similar in fact. But the media ignored the five white cases. It’s obvious there’s an agenda a Psyop going down. They want the peons at each other’s throats. They want to stoke a race war. They want confusion and chaos anywhere and everywhere it can be inspired. The central banksters are moving pawns on the chess board

      2. Bullfuckingshit. You need to provide a better set of ‘facts’ to present the truth. It’s obvious you didn’t live in the South. Lynching of blacks was common until the late 1960s. Of course you won’t bother to look at the treatment of slaves before that or Jim Crow laws and how lame those laws were.

        ‘Strange Fruit’ (hanging from the Poplar trees) got Billie Holliday murdered because a colored woman wasn’t supposed to speak up from the truth because she was black. Good for Arizona. Where’s your data from the other 49 states?

        1. Just a FEW of the whites killed by cops in 2015 with three names from 2016. These were cases of people who were mentally ill not in the process of committing a crime as many of the blacks who have been killed by cops have been, or they were unarmed, or they had a toy or a knife not a gun:

          Dylan Noble, Timothy Gene Smith, Andrew Thomas, Samantha Ramsey, William Lemmon, Lindsay Kronberger, Jeremy Mardis, Lyndsey Lason, Zachary Hammond, Ashley Fallis, Lana Sinclair, Corey Jason Achstein, Michael Parker, Sean Mould, Gayneaux Paul Trahan, Lonnie Niesen, William David Raff, Schuylar Gunning, Kenneth Stephens, Michael Hilber, Derek DeGroat, Robert L. Teter, Erica Lauro, Amos Frerichs, Douglas Yon, Christopher Fletcher, Bryant Neil Duncan, Jeffrey Gene Evans, Brenda Dean Kimberling, Mark Toney, Shirley Weis, Ryan McMillan, Jonathan Wardlow, Steven Wickert, Jason Bryant, Thomas Arthur Gendreau, Christopher Higdon, John Alan Britton, Neil Scott Stretesky, Joshua Jozefowicz, Lionel Kerns, Zachary Grigsby, Kevin Close, James Daniel Hall, Derry Touchstone, Cameron Davis Long, John David Livingston, Michael Johnson, Kim Lee Long, Laura Lemieux, Killian O’Quinn, Jack Yantis, Timothy Arnold, Roger D. Hall, Jonathan Tyler Gossman, Krikor Ekizian, Phyllis Ilene Jepsen, Matthew Dobbins, Patrick O’Grady, Philip Quinn, Joel Dixon Smith, Tim Kyle Torngren, Steven McKenny, Michael Thomas Pierce, Gregory Herrell, David Todd Powell, Martin Francis Hamme, Derick Davis, Bruce Santino, William Verrett, Curtis James Meyer, Harrison Lambert, Arthur Bates, William Rippley, Shawn Hall, Roger Albrecht, William Evans, Robert Hober, Steven Dodd, Kyle Lambrose

          So many more names but I didn’t have time to research more cases. No I’m not saying someone who is a criminal deserves to die, but I do think when people engage in criminal activities they certainly do have a high measure of responsibility in their death by cop.

          Since you brought up slavery of the past just gotta say this:

          Most if not every person bringing up slavery in the USA is a hypocrite because they are VERY LIKELY supporting CURRENT slavery. But you don’t hear them bitching about THAT. They eat chocolate, cosmetics and foods that contain palm oil, smoke tobacco, wear nikes or other garments related to human slavery or horrific labor abuses one step away from slavery, electronics, rubber, coffee- a long list of products connected to CURRENT slavery. They seem oblivious to this reality. 70% of human slavery is non sex related but we never hear about it compared to stories of girls being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery (never mind all the boys). In fact the sex slavery narratives are feeding funding to the tune of billions to law enforcement agencies, they don’t really care it’s just a ploy to fund cops and ride along non profits which are a growing non profit industrial complex connected to the prison industrial complex it’s all a SHAM. But I digress.

          Two thirds of the global supply of cocoa is harvested on African Ivory Coast black owned plantations that kidnap African children who are slaves. TODAY.

          What are you doing about THAT obnoxious bitch? Enjoy your chocolate.

    1. Oh ! The ‘niggers’?
      BUT one that doesn’t lynch ‘niggers’?
      The NAACP DID IT.
      THE United Negro College Fund can do it—but white people rely on Pigs and politicians too much

      1. Lynching most of the time had nothing to do with racism. Whites, Blacks, Jews, Men and Women were all lynched, if you committed crime that outraged the local community you were lynched, simple as that really.
        Only the Blacks and Liberals turn lynching into a race issue.
        In the State of Arizona, for example, in the period 1882 to 1968 31 whites were lynched and no one black


        1. Do you have a link to that statistic? From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were black. The blacks lynched accounted for 72.7% of the people lynched. Even if its true that nobody lynched in Arizona was black during that period, that would be an anomaly. The exception to the rule. Cherry picking and misleading. And yes, lynching in the US has been motivated highly by racism. I understand trying to understate things but lets not be ridiculous. I would also submit that the numbers of blacks lynching whites are extremely low to non existent.

          1. CURRENT DOJ data of blacks raping whites is astronomical compared to whites raping blacks. It’s a mind blowingly high rate. The number of whites raping Blacks is so low it barely registers. Blacks also have a thing for raping elderly white women. It’s sickening. They seem to love vulnerable soft targets. Elderly targets. They often murder them after they rape them.

            The rate of black on black rape is astronomical I’m sure, but due to the dumb ass idea amongst blacks that they shouldn’t report because they’ll be handing their poor black brother (despite the fact that he’s a rapist) over to the white supremist system they don’t report most of the time. Im sure stitches for snitches and witness intimidation is an issue as well.

            Black women’s orgs came out with this info! Google it. They claim that 60% of black girls are raped by a black before the age of 18.

            It’ll be very very interesting once the many untested rape kits sitting around police labs finally get tested. Can’t wait to see the black criminality apologists talk their way out of those statistics

        2. And yes Lynching was absolutely a tool by Whites to terrorize Blacks and intimidate them. Often times Whites blamed Blacks for their own problems such as poverty in the South. Lynching was used as a way to deter Blacks from voting. Commonly, Blacks had committed no crime at all and were lynched anyway. Blacks and Liberals did NOT turn lynching into a race issue, Whites did. Only a handful of states had no Blacks lynched. At the same time, the number of Whites lynched was also low. Often those states simply had very few Blacks. Lynching was commonly done in Southern states where Whites who were angry at losing the Civil War and now poor decided to blame Black former slaves for their woes. Instead of placing the blame where it should have been (themselves), they chose to abuse the only people they could traditionally abuse that were powerless to stop them.

          I understand you have an agenda about race, and hate Blacks (which is fine btw) but cherry picking a statistic out of context and using it to prop up a lie is a bit absurd. @www.blancheurope.com

        3. Bullfuckingshit. You need to provide a better set of ‘facts’ to present the truth. It’s obvious you didn’t live in the South. Lynching of blacks was common until the late 1960s. Of course you won’t bother to look at the treatment of slaves before that or Jim Crow laws and how lame those laws were.

          ‘Strange Fruit’ (hanging from the Poplar trees) got Billie Holliday murdered because a colored woman wasn’t supposed to speak up from the truth because she was black. Good for Arizona. Where’s your data from the other 49 states?

          1. @obnoxious-bitch I saw the data where he cherry picked his stats. Yes, during that time in Arizona there were no blacks lynched. But what he fails to add is that the vast majority of states where lynching was a phenom, blacks were overwhelmingly the targets. And for a number of reasons that were DIRECTLY related to race. Blacks were blamed for everything since the economy in the South crashed due to the lack of forced labor at it’s disposal. Many angry whites simply misdirected their anger and viciously attacked the only people who had absolutely no power and brutalized them horrifically. Lynching was a tool of political intimidation as well in order to keep blacks from voting. From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Of these people that were lynched 3,446 were black. The blacks lynched accounted for 72.7% of the people lynched. And the number is most probably actually much higher in that many lynchings were not even recorded. And as I stated before, I can almost guarantee you that the number of blacks lynching whites is extremely low to non existent.

    2. This is what put HATE in your heart for “niggers” (because you apparently love them otherwise)? What are folks to do when they feel aggressively policed, rammed into the judicial systems “take a plea” system, with a clear and ready history that can be referenced by any fair minded person that . When their sons, fathers, nephews are mistreated or shot dead on the street, should they shut their mouths? They’ve been shutting their mouths for 200-years, and for the past 50-years when they’ve been talking about it publically they’ve been told they are lying AND to shut up. It’s only since the broadband era that their voices have been able to be loud enough to show everyone else what they’ve known and been subject to all this time and to finally be believed by at least some others that what they say and feel is valid. Yet the cops shoot this poor boy and it engenders “hatred in your heart for blacks”! You are a buffoon, but then again, you aptly named yourself for what you are.

      No matter what the state violence is toward them, those “niggers” need to shut up about it and never voice complaint or discontent or else they deserve the hatred you and those like you direct toward them?


    3. Try to remember that there are a sizable number of us Blacks who realize that the police are targeting ALL of us. Yes Blacks are disproportionately shot more, but in total numbers, Whites are shot more. It’s the training that is mostly responsible for these police shootings. And the fact that allot of cops are cowards. Black cops will shoot you just as fast if not faster than White cops because allot of Black cops are scared of their own people. Much of the bias isn’t even known to them overtly. All lives do matter, and it will benefit us all to agree on that. Changing the culture of law enforcement is what’s needed. Not us pointing the finger at each other. Because ultimately it’s those police who have ultimate power over us. There needs to be a movement that isn’t divisive. That doesn’t give the impression that one group or the other is more important or has more value. And that way pressure can come to bear on the powers that be in a unified manner for change to take effect.

      1. Are you factoring in the fact that many of the blacks who have been shot by cops were in the process of committing a crime? Many had extensive criminal records? Do they have no responsibility in the matter? Play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Saint Micheal brown tried to wrestle a gun away from a cop. Should that officer have handed it over to him? No doubt HE would be dead right now. I’m no fan of cops and I believe policy changes are in order but it’s rediculous and flat out bullshit to claim all the blacks who have been killed by cops were killed by cops simply for being black and that is exactly what the popular narratives try to say.

        There’s a huge rise in violence towards whites happening in the USA right now and the media isnt saying a godamn word about it. Blacks attacking whites because they’re white, robbing and assaulting while chanting black power or black lives matter. The blm must approve because the BLM isn’t distancing itself from that activity nor has the BLM come out with aggressive statements against it so I must conclude that is silent approval

        1. @I-Program-Myself I’m factoring in the fact that many of the blacks who have been shot by cops were NOT in the process of committing a crime. And yes, blacks are more likely to be shot by cops than whites even when NOT committing a crime or armed. Fewer than 1 in 3 black people killed by police in America this year were suspected of a violent crime and allegedly armed. And levels of crime in US cities do not make it any more or less likely for police to kill people. Blacks are still 3x more likely to be killed by police than whites. 30 percent of blacks shot were unarmed compared to 19 percent of whites. Levels of crime in US cities do not make it any more or less likely for police to kill people. And 97 percent of cases in 2015 did not result in any of the officers involved being charged with a crime. Police are the ones who have the power, the citizens do not.


          Extensive records are irrelevant when it comes to this statistic. I have my own questions about the Michael Brown situation and lean on the side that he was at fault. I also don’t subscribe to the tactics of SOME in the BLM movement. Violence is never the answer and only detracts from your cause no matter what the grievance.

      2. @IP Config I appreciate you for taking your time to spread your emotions and thoughts on the subject. It is very reassuring to know that I will have fellow humans such as yourself to share our colorless world in the hopefully near future.

    4. Voice Tone of Murderer: Calm

      Other Police officer: Did he have a gun?
      Murderer: I don’t know

      The cops made no attempt to help him :/, at least they didn’t tackle him and hand cuff him.
      Thank god for Best-Gore you talk about an eye opener.

    5. Wow this is the 1st time I have heard of this sad story! We’re are the protests riots and cities being burnt and looted? Oh I forgot it was white child & father. You can tell the cops knew they fucked up because if he had actually shot at them they would not have allowed him to get out of the vehicle they would have still thrown him down and cuffed him. I know cops are getting out of control and something needs to change. When they are having BLM protests yelling for death to all cops fry piggies fry that isn’t helping. Also like the sniper in Dallas and Louisiana that are shooting and killing innocent cops that had nothing to do with it are only putting fear into cops who already have stressful jobs. That is going to make them more trigger happy. The courts are going to actually hold these cops accountable for these cases. Also these protesters and stuff need to stop protesting the shootings that are justified shootings of criminals who are doing wrong. Not all of them are in wrong like this and the man who was shot while asked for his ID or the guy running and shot in the back. Those are definitely problems. When a person has just violently robbed a store throwing a grown store owner like he was rag doll and attacked a cop trying to say he was good kid doing gods work is not the ones to protest and try to outrage the public. Even since this happened I have saw more videos of him attacking and robbing another black person. Beating the man horribly and taking his stuff then when another black man asks the very injured black man for help this guy who was such good guy threatens to beat this black man. He didn’t care about his fellow black lives mattered plus with all the gang shootings and neighborhoods being terrorized and told if they talk they will die then BLM people are going on lies. They need to protest when some gang banger kills an innocent black child because they want to do drive by on a rival drug dealers turf or in a neighborhood that wears red instead of blue or killing their own race because they want their new sneakers. It’s sad those types of things get news coverage 24-7 but am innocent autistic 6 year old gets killed because he’s white if he’s no news coverage. At least if that would get news coverage maybe some of these protesters will realize it is not only blacks getting killed for no reason.

    6. I totally agree , they want the attention to them selves .they think that looking like the victim due to there race will right the wrong they do , due to there race . I remember this nigger once told me that he couldn’t wait till cops were afraid of being called racist ,that they will turn a blind eye to them doing crime . Stupid ass was killed two months later breaking into a house , a black families house. I’m just surprised the nigger that got shot family didn’t cry and accuse the home owner of being races.

  1. blacks do in fact get shot more, but statistically commit more crimes. when police shoot an unarmed black man behaving suspiciously in any way, it makes sense because in most cases the suspect is armed. Police shooting black people is not really news, it’s been going on for decades.. for some reason people are making a huge fuss over it.
    A 6 year old boy dying because police thought his father was a suspect? that’s incredibly fucked up. and it’s barely being reported.

    1. The only people that shoot blacks more are OTHER blacks. Cops kill almost twice as many whites as blacks. Blacks comprise 13% of population, black males 6% yet they commit OVER 50%of all murders, rapes and Assaults. White on black rape barely exists. But blacks rape 100 women a day or a week. If they were shot by cops In proportion to their census numbers it should be at least 3 times what it is. But they are only shot by cops .009% of the time.

    2. There is no database as of yet which can accurately depict the full picture. The vast majority of police abuses dont involve shootings and don’t get reported. I totally agree regarding blacks who are shot and black criminality. That’s a fact so many want to ignore. But I have a feeling based on spending hours and hours researching the cases of whites and blacks and others being shot by cops that whites are killed more often under highly questionable circumstances such as mentally ill persons, persons not in the process of committing a crime, unarmed persons etc. it’s what I’m seeing looking at the cases. I am white. I’ve been the victim of police abuse on numerous occasions unwarranted cavity searches in two states 16 years apart. Ive had a cop put his loaded weapon in my face at age 15. I know so many white people who have been abused by police, beaten at traffic stops, sexually abused in a variety of scenarios, and none of these people reported what happened to them I didn’t either which I regret now

    1. yeah, notice how at around 3.10 when the “suspect” opens his door and staggers from his car – that the cops hardly react, let alone draw their weapons….
      strange this lack of any reaction? especially when you consider that a couple of minutes earlier, the guy apparently posed such a “threat to their lives” just by sitting in his car seat that they had to fill his car (and son) with bullets.

      fucking scum

      1. I was thinking the same thing. They shot the guy because they perceived a threat and thought he had a gun. Yet after shooting him, they don’t put handcuffs on him or search for the gun while he is clearly still alive and could shoot them if he indeed did have one? Nor did they offer him medical attention. Just let him bleed out. None for the kid either. The cop said there was a faint pulse from the kid. I would have been all over his ass giving him cpr or something, anything I could do to help. But they sat around and thought about how fucked they were. Thinking about nothing but themselves. And if the prosecutor is good, he will make this all plain to the jury. I would argue what changed between the time they determined the supposed threat and the time they were milling about waiting for the guy to die without approaching to secure his supposed weapon? These officers should be hanged.

    1. You sound stupid. If you are afraid of cops you must be a criminal. I’ve had cops harass me and I’ve had cops help me push my vehicle out of snow. You get what you give with cops. So you would trust a child rapist Like alton sterling before a cop?!?!? You would trust st. Trayvon who called GZ a creepy ass cracker, right before he jumped him? Wow you are about as smart as a box of rocks.

        1. This old man and there’s another very recent case of a white woman who was set on fire also (the black perps admitted they hate whites) didn’t deserve to die either. https://youtu.be/YCL2zMFBeb0

          I think there are more than a few violent sociopaths who are black who think they are avenging blacks. Pretty sickening. Another recent case of a white who stopped to help who he thought was a stranded motorist a black man but when he did a whole gang of lovelies rushed him out of nowhere and beat and robbed him took chunks out of his skull. They were chanting black power as they did it. That is their power all right, the power to assault, rob, murder, and be disgusting sorry excuses for human beings. The media isn’t reporting these many many cases therefore they are complicit, as is anyone who denies what is happening

      1. @Melissa

        Establishment cock suckers are plenty.

        Speaking of rapists….

        Here’s a few sweeties, a LONG yet incomplete list of cops and other LE who have raped babies and children: http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com/pdfs_all/posters_all/Cops_Pedophiles_Rogues_Gallery.pdf

        Look at some of the sentences they got after raping babies.

        Such nice people they are helping you when you got stuck in the snow. For all you know the sweetheart had just raped a child. Or a witness, which has happened quite a few times

  2. Of course these wanton rogues will murder “Anyone” at the drop of a hat.
    Still, after seeing umpteen examples of their utterly disgraceful conduct, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief every time.
    That this can/does occur on a regular basis, is a sad reflection of US society. I truly believe that this would not stand in many, if any, other nation on this planet.
    This is a deep seated sickness.

  3. The shot guy is staggering and bleeding after been shot multiple times and these fucks are just standing and making excuses. Nobodys helping the victims. Only worrying for their own asses. “Who’s got gloves..?” Apparently they didn’t want to get their hands dirty with blood planting the gun to the victims hand?

    1. Kopf: because white people don’t give a shit……
      We are just perfect……goes along with white being discriminated against…..who gives a shit of a black dude
      Calling a white guy a ” nigga”….white is what a lot of people want to look alike…..let’s be politically incorrect WTF….
      It’s great to be white……lots of privileges……money, chicks…brains…ect…

        1. Dear Melissa…….
          I had a dumbass card …..for a while……
          Listening to everything they were teaching me….
          Be a good boy……have good grades……yes mam…..
          Yes sir……
          Can’t you see the sign……can you read it…….?????
          That’s all a bunch of shit……they want you to ask….!!!!!!
          If you need something….just grab it it’s yours……
          Be a go get it……
          Ohhhhhhh my caaaar lalalalalalala…… blablabla…..
          Get a pair Melissa…….what ever it takes get the job done period.lol….!!!!!
          Money is everywhere all you got to do……is
          To grab as much as you can……
          And have a life……
          Ps: white and pink pussies are in large demand
          These days…
          No pun intended…..lol.

      1. BLM has no real purpose to exist anyways, even some blacks knows that and dont support their movement. Shootings happen everyday, its only a matter if it was justifiable or not, and in most (not all) cases of cops shooting blacks tend to be gang related. Theres allways a story behind a story when they get shot by cops on SEVERAL vehicles after a pursuit… The MSM NEVER mention the pursuit or what triggered it in the first place, or why are cops after them, they just imediatelly poison the viewer’s mind to think that it was unjustifiable, that they “dindu nuffin'” before the footage of their killing starts. Note how MSM releases the footage of shootings against blacks but very seldomly against whites – can you see a pattern here?

        I’ll leave this as a reference: – http://crimeresearch.org/2014/10/inflammatory-and-misleading-claims-about-black-teens-being-vastly-more-likely-to-be-killed-by-police-than-whites-even-after-adjusting-for-crime-rates/

  4. It’s just a reflection of the society people live in…..
    If you go against the system…… they’ll dispatch you…..
    It’s fascism in a velvet glove…. nothing else……
    I mean read the history of America!???!!??!
    People are terrified by the government….
    Nobody should be scared by these clowns…….they are thieves
    Greedy of hurting and being powerfull…..after we put them where they are at…..
    Remember Ruby ridges…. Waco Texas……..ect….
    We are basically all on our own……unable to unite ( understand why they keep us divided ……now??????)
    That shit is going to be a tough sale for Europe……
    But they’ll swallow it at the detriment of “we the people”

  5. Why does the medic pushing the gurney tell the cop that he needs a helicopter at the hospital? Surely air ambulances come to you if your badly injured. He then proceeds to tell him that the kid is dead! Is he qualified to pronounce a person deceased?

    1. Sometimes dead is so obvious that it doesn’t need an EMT to say so. You should know that by now considering what website you frequent. Also, it’s up to the EMT to assess the priority a patient needs, like the need for helicopter transport for a patient when the patient is critical.

  6. This is why the Black lives matter movement is so stupid because statistically speaking more white people get killed by cops each year than black people, the only difference being that the amount of black people being killed is proportionally higher per their population count which when you consider that black people commit crime at a similar ratio is not that surprising.

    Cops needlessly shooting suspects/innocent people is the real issue then, that black people get killed at a disproportionate rate is not.

    The fact that I only ever hear about police brutality and murder when black people get killed is proof enough that the media push the black agenda whilst suppressing any and all information to the contrary.

    Further to the above, all too often whenever a black person commit’s a crime the perpetrator description gets omitted whereas when the perpetrator is white the details get shouted from the rooftops.

    The media and government definitely seem hell-bent on pushing certain perspectives/agendas.

    1. @empty-soul – In my opinion your statement is absolutely correct. As a former Sheriff’s Deputy I am appalled. The majority of law enforcement personnel are really trying “to serve and protect” but the rogue officers are slowly disintegrating the infrastructure of of all law enforcement. This site has really opened my eyes on police brutality and their sense of entitlement. Another issue within this abomination is the fact that NOTHING happens to the officers who perpetrate these wanton acts violence. Some have had infractions filed upon them before they finally kill someone. They are cleared of all charges, if charges were even filed. I don’t understand nor see a reason behind the government and media playing the African American card only. Why the media is focusing on that rather than addressing the cover-ups and inaction of prosecutors and law enforcement department heads is beyond me. They would make hotter headlines and open the door to more people learning the truth by reporting these types of stories. Hopefully that would start an organized movement to address and decrease/stop unnecessary deaths and harassment by officers.

      1. You are in a prime position to start a movement because you’re aware of both sides of the coin. The activities of a few destroy the trust that good officers work so hard to cultivate. Someone needs to speak up. Will you be the one to do it?

    2. @Empty.
      I question the validity of some of these alleged deaths. And I think the PTB are pushing us to hate each other plain and simple. Meanwhile while we’re all outraged and it’s all in the msm, in the background laws are being changed, rights are being eroded. Slowly enough so you don’t notice.

      Good to see you by the way, so to speak.

    3. No the black lives matter movement is not stupid, what’s stupid is you missing the whole point when the proof is right in front of your face, cop kills a black person gets paid leave for a month , at worst gets dismissed , cops kill whites, bam murder charge, clearly white lives matter to the justice system but black lives don’t

      1. Blacks make up 13 percent of the population,whites is five times as much , blacks are 2 times more likely to be killed by the police, and hey idiot this video is the proof that BLM is correct, cop kills a black operson gets paid leave, cop kills white people and gets charged for murder, how is that justice?? Its pretty obvious black lives don’t matter, we already know white lives matter in the justice system

        1. Black lives matter to everyone except cops. That’s the difference. It takes protests and rioting to get the point across about the murder of blacks. The cops that murdered the little boy are Hispanic so it gets covered up. If it was black cops they would have been condemned already. White cops wouldn’t be bothered at all.

      2. True. I don’t remember the victims name, he was a schizophrenic that the cops beat to death. People were so terrified by the cops to step up and testify against them even when several vis were shown where the cops beat him to a pulp while people took vids of it. As far as I know there was no charges brought against the cops. What do people expect from Los Angeles police? Live? Tell that to Rodney King, 52 strikes on him was what his settlement was based on. Now vids aren’t good enough to prosecute cops yet they’re good enough to prosecute people for a wide range of crimes? Really? There’s one avenue left for us. Since vids aren’t good enough and the cops confiscate cell phones, go to live and broadcast what they do before they can take your phone away. They can’t chickenshit you when everyone else saw what they did. Or carry 2 cell phones and hide one so if they take one you can still keep a vid on the other for ‘safekeeping’.

      1. If you are being sarcastic, my bad but an “African American” is a black person that has descended from blacks who were brought from Africa as slaves. Currently a shift is happening to address black people who are from different ancestry as “Black Americans” instead of grouping them both together as their lineage is quite different.

    1. Don’t dump that on all of us. My mom raised me better than that. It doesn’t make me hate any more than on an equal level. I don’t care what color you are or where you come from, I’ll Fuck em over, doesn’t matter what color. For the record I got a county sheriff fired for his shit. As in his commanding officer hunting him down while the sheriff went to chickenshit someone else. The sheriff was white go got off intimidating women because he could.

  7. Of course the media will shove this under the carpet because it would not start a riot. These fuckers knew they screwed up and they were trying to get their stories straight. I hope they all go to prison because we all know how much inmates love police. Protect and serve my ass the only thing they protect is their own asses. Poor little boy I hope all the cops there burn for this. We are supposed to teach our children to trust these cock suckers, fuck them.

  8. 1. I was not there but looking at all the cop cars at the scene the video was the end of a dangerous high speed drug and alcohol fueled chase OR a case of dude got some pot on him and wont stop, scared to shit he’ll go to jail and lose his job and kids. CONTEXT MATTERS 2. Once the bullets stopped flying every last person on the scene sat back and had no idea what to do next, there was no attempt to secure the suspect or any attempt to give medical attention. 3. once the child was (noticed) there was no attempt to give medical attention to a dead or dying kid, but there was a clear attempt to save face… WTF. 4. every last cop in this video should never put on that uniform again period. 5. why the cops on that video that did not run to that child once they heard of him/her is beyond me. 6. like I said CONTEXT MATTERS and it was obvious from this video that every last person that seen or heard of that kid in that car and did not run to that kid is a murderer and should be treated accordingly.

  9. Welcome to MURICA 2016.

    Do not forget… American police get their training from IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) who are known to harass Palestinians on daily basis.

    It seems like anyone who wants to kill without going to prison can now join the Police force and for sheeple snitches who want others to be assassinated can just simply call the police for “suspicious man outside”.

  10. This got NO attention. The two black cops one or both had rape charges, one of them did NOT like the father shot. He had NO weapons and they had NO reason to pull him over. But yet the black community makes POS like Alton sterling, Mike Brown trayvon Martin and philando damn martyrs. Every last one of them deserved what they got. The only reason these two black guys didn’t get away with it is because there were white men on scene.

  11. Cops kill white folks , charged for murder, cops kill black folks, paid leave for 30 months, shit is laughable .

    And for the idiots saying cops kill all people equally or some dumb shit, black people make up 13% of the population as opposed to the white populatiom which is 5 times bigger and blacks are killed by police twice as much as whites,

    Kill whoever you please cops but the whole point is of this black lives matter shit is this shit right here, the dead white folks get some justice , blacks dont

  12. Americans have been blasting each other for years those crazy Yankees in the civil war John Wayne ,Clint Eastwood every movie people getting blasted for fun what do expect if you glamourize death,Vietnam war ect.let em eat bullets with their big mac

  13. Shady as fuck. Asks the Nigger if they had weapons on him and his nigger ass goes ” i dunno man” then they ask if he knows about the kid he just brutally murdered and he is like. “oh hell nah. ”

    This is while I fully support the killing of all niggers.

  14. If it makes anyone feel better those 2 fucktard cops are in jail waiting for trial for 2nd degree murder. Imo it should be 1st degree murder but I don’t get a day in the matter. Some of this is the mentality from Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was a wannabe cop who hunted down Trayvon because he was outside talking to his sweetheart on the phone. It still kisses me off that Zimmerman, the gun happy asshole, got away with murder. It’s like the cops think it’s open season for when they want target practice.

  15. The police and bootlickers will justify what happened by arguing that he was running from the police and could kill someone in the process. They will argue that when he put his hands up, it looked like he was pointing a gun at the police. But the fact is, running from the police does not justify the use of deadly force and using deadly force simply because a cop IMAGINES a gun into existence, also doesn’t justify deadly force.

    Unfortunately, as fr as the law is concerned, all these cops need to do is argue that when the suspect put his hands out the window, they believed he had a gun and in that moment they feared for their life. That will almost certainly allow them to get by with murder.

    The thing is, the bootlickers are so brainwashed that they refuse to listen to logic. They don’t care about the fact that the LACK of a GUN, means the threat was IMAGINARY. The bootlickers won’t care that these cops react with deadly force against a figment of their imagination. To bootlickers, cops can do no wrong and criminal activity is all that’s needed to justify deadly force. That’s the kind of brainwashing and statist indoctrination that plagues society.

  16. 1) Why do some of you always post race hatred here? BG is not a forum to be a fricking Nazi or Klu Klux Klan member. 2) Who knows what happened before this guy was shot and the kid killed? Possible things the driver did to cause the cops to shoot first………..

    Maybe the driver tried to run the cops off the road? Maybe the car was owned by someone who was dangerous but the driver wasn’t? Maybe the driver had a gun or looked like he had a gun and threw it out the window and the cops saw that or suspected that? I’m just trying to understand how these cops would come out guns blazing on an unarmed guy with his hands out the window? WTF did this guy do to make them start shooting right away? I do not understand this kind of stuff! Are some police in the USA truly murderous nut cases that kill for sport? Are some cops actually serial killers? If I was a serial killer who got pleasure murdering people, being a cop would be a great cover to hide my insanity.

  17. I want to know, why was that vehicle stopped to begin with? Also, what’s with the apparent ‘editing’ of this video? What was left out? What happened before the shooting? What’s the full story, and what the hell does a mayor’s feud have to do with this abomination?

  18. I live 45 minutes away from Marksville.The cops in these small towns don’t give a shit what color you are.They make their own rules which is rules dont apply to them.If they ever zero in on you,even for a traffic ticket they won’t stop fucking with you.They are crooked as hell and if you call them for help they treat you like your a criminal.It’s the Good Ole Boy System here.Corrupt mother fuckers.

  19. You can hear the cops say they didn’t even see any weapons And yet they shoot the guy And his kid and his kid dies The cops evolved go down for murder and yet nothing will happen I guarantee you This is gonna keep on happening in the US until Whole bunch of cops finally go down from murder that might stop it

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