60 Year Old Woman Shot by Handicapped Guy in Uttar Pradesh, India

60 Year Old Woman Shot by Handicapped Guy in Uttar Pradesh, India

60 Year Old Woman Shot by Handicapped Guy in Uttar Pradesh, India

In Uttar Pradesh, India, a 60 year old woman was shot by a handicapped guy sitting on the pavement. Neighbors watched the incident unravel and can be heard making remarks, but none interfered.

The misfiring weapon used by the guy must have been made in Brazil. He was having hell of a time trying to make it fire. Still, just before the woman reached the safety of the house where he would not have caught up with her due to his immobility, the weapon discharged.

I don’t know if the woman died or not. I’m guessing all the witnesses were too busy screeching while she bled out.

Props to Best Gore member @deeplyhysteric for the video:

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    1. All I could fuckin’ hear was : ” Naan, Naan, Naan , Naan, …..”
      Yes I know you stinkin’ curries … There is a plain (or garlic) naan to go with
      my whitey’s order
      But … Just shut the fuck up about it ….
      Time for the kill … Is … Time for the kill
      I wish every Curry could die in the street just like this Hindu Mole ….
      Heavenly …..

    2. Surprisingly she seemed like a loner and an easy target for the killer as there wasn’t another seeable soul.
      All the shouts and hoots from the terrace top to distract the killer don’t seem to help either and worst of all the video has a run time of 1.04 sec which is enough time in summoning the cops but no one from the neighborhood bothers.

      What an irony when in a broad day light like this ; the miscreant shows up to have an upper hand over the law, and time comes to a stand still .

      1. I dunno there is probably way more to it than her just being an innocent bystander, they all live in super close quarters… maybe she’s a fucking pain in the ass so everyone is egging the handicapped fellow on

        1. I am not sure who was egging whom ; but the fact that he came with the loaded weapon was scary enough . They were trying not to coax but stop him from using it. And since, she had no one to lean on to or protect her from the onslaught being a single woman of which the killer already had an inkling he therefore came with a purpose in order to eliminate her and occupy her dwelling .

          1. There’s something really creepy about that guy, the whole scene for that matter. I wonder if she was mentally and physically handicapped also. She sure wasn’t making an extra effort to get away from him, having had all the time needed for most people to get to safety.

          2. It must be the Police hobknobbing with the killer in their leisure time with a bag load of goodies offered in return by the latter to dilly dally even if any one attempts or were to make a call . There have been instances where Police remains well in the know about a crime taking place or yet to be committed but for the money ; they turn a nelson eye and a deaf ear. And that gives enough leverage to the criminals to indulge boldly in their lowly unlawful acts .
            And yes ya could be right about the woman being mentally and physically handicapped too as she must have been barely able to make it in and out of the house for her daily chores let alone move herself away to safety at that crucial time .

            Try as she might have had………. she was terror struck compounded by her own disabilities to swiftly escape . Her limbs might not have been responding with all neural reflexes frozen in stark fear giving enough time to the killer to have it his way .

      2. Here in india, if you call police they would take atlease 10 mins to catch up, so only was there to save that woman by someone from those who keep filming videos and shouting no to kill her.

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          1. If you “don’t know more,” then what good is it, to motivate you into learning about anything to begin with?

            When you hit enough Bars, look into it yourself. That’s my recommendation.

          1. Just busy with family and getting back to work! Been back on the horses a few weeks now and apart from my thigh and calf muscles being on fire I’m doing great thanks 😀 how are you?

          2. I’ve been okay. Getting to the point where I’m chronically bored because I’m not working until this mess is cleared up. Glad to see you’re back on the horse.


          3. I’m definitely lucky that we have managed to keep working, otherwise I’d be going nuts too!!! Luckily you have BG to keep you entertained hehe

  1. she’s too weak to run faster inside of the house wonder if she’s been shot before the neighbor start recording head shot must’ve ended her life.
    Stupid neighbors no one hits him with a pot plant or something to save the woman just staying there nan nan nan ma nan whatever

  2. Not only he had an handicap but the weapon he carried on his person too had an handicap .The weapon must be a locally made one and made available to anyone for a pittance . I guess ,anyone wanting to own one of these fake ones can make it theirs by shelling out just a few bucks .

    He appears weirdishly cool amidst all the commotion going on around him and still manages to make the misfiring weapon discharge ably unperturbed by the presence of so many eyes watching him , knowing that door to the prison cell is what will beckon him after the woman is done to death.
    This killing could be a blood feud related one or something to do with nefarious activities where the disabled one felt totally shunted out for some moolah or a big booty in return .

  3. Why the hell didn’t someone bounce a brick off of his noggin? Personally, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity, I’ve always wanted to do that. I guess I’ve seen too many Road Runner cartoons.

    1. I’d love to show you a video I got from downtown Baltimore. It was a crackhead who looked identical to Tyrone Biggums and he (or she) was limping down a crosswalk with a cast on and no crutches. Was going to upload it to YouTube.

          1. Gotcha. If you’re not able to do it, the description you gave made me laugh all the same.

          1. Haha just as entertaining as I expected it to be @janiel thanks for the upload; it reminded me of some schizos I know of here in West Chester where I work.

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    If anything, sites like BG help spread awareness about what’s really going on in places like these. If you are from a developed country then consider yourself lucky and don’t go to third world shitholes, especially if you are a woman. These places are not safe. If you don’t get robbed or murdered, you may get diseases. First world immune system is very different from third world immune systems.

    1. Just think how much weaker everybody’s immune systems are going to get by all this quarantining and social distancing.
      4-5-6 months of that and you’ll probably catch all kinds of shit once things return to somewhat normal and start traveling again.

  5. look like he play russian/indian roulette with a revolver.
    too bad for the lady, he find the only bullet loaded in just before she reach inside.
    then… he took his sweet time to reload 1 single bullet and try the game again.

    ( the fuck the way he just moved his legs like if its was nothing but a piece of clothe :O )

  6. Doubt she survived that 2nd shot. By then she was bleeding the fuck out. However, I should never get the STUPID idea of letting my white ass appear in India. God only knows how MOST of the fucked up Natives there were to react if they saw me or any American looking-dolt. Probably would claim some coon-gang membership from Brazil or fuckin’ Syria and light us up.

    Also. The so-called “handicapped” Boon here probably just falsely-identified himself as BEING “disabled” so he could fuckin’ use a firearm to commit the bullshit here in this video. I have a better chance of finding a mentally-disturbed Indian somewhere in the States THAN the actual country.

  7. This is the most pitiful scene of crime i have never seen.
    The killer is pitiful.
    The victim is pitiful.
    The weapon of crime is pitiful.
    The peoples who see are pitiful.
    The street is pitiful, the town and the country also.
    Pour résumer en bon français ce crime odieux est d’une médiocrité absolue et inégalé jusqu’à présent sur notre site bien aimé BG.

  8. Obviously, nobody TRULY cared about her. All the hootin and hollerin is just a facade. Nobody even through a potted plant at him.

    If that was my grandma, I woulda dropped an elbow from the top rope.

  9. This handicapped guy must have felt an immense sense of power as he fired that gun. What a cunt.
    That woman had plenty of time to escape. If she was a man that lived 100,000 years ago, she would have been killed by sabre tooth tiger. Survival of the fittest.

  10. His name is “Monu”, shot that lady over a land dispute. The crowd didn’t help the lady in any way later as it knew she was at fault and brought this on herself! And guess what “Monu fled the crime scene and police is looking out for him”.
    Imagine someone who can’t even walk actually fled the crime scene, with so many people who could have actually just knocked him out or actually served him with some public justice. That only happens when the crowd feel, ” You did right!”.

  11. Pretty sad to get off this World by a torso w arms that averages 1 shot per minute unless your like 80 or handicapped yourself you would smash his head off with a stone by the time he gets the second bullet there kek…or break his hand still the gun and shoot him in the noggin…maybe play a game of catch first little risky but fun either way…

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