71 Year Old Da Silva is Murdered in Front of His Wife

71 Year Old Da Silva is Murdered in Front of His Wife

Have a rather sad tale to tell now. 71 year old José Pontes da Silva was taking a walk with his wife in Camocim de São Félix, state of Pernambuco, Brazil when three men wearing hoods approached the couple and attempted to rob them. Instead of simply relinquishing their belongings and perhaps avoiding death, the elderly couple fought back against their attackers. That’s when Mr. Da Silva was shot in the chest and killed. His wife managed to escape from the attackers.

José was apparently a good man who loved his city and had no shady dealings with anyone. The attack appears to be completely random and none of the attackers have been identified or apprehended. Thats a damn shame. Probably one of the oldest living Da Silvas…the guy should have been in a museum or something.

Mad props to DaSilvaFlipFlops for the story and pics.

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    1. This might be the most heart breaking news to me if topic is about oldery people or childrens.. heaven and hell lies in the same place. And life is all about to figure out where is real peace or for what purpose you’re living in. Life is for free you can enjoy it in your own but why to ruin someone’s happiness if they can’t get their own.
      OMG!! I’m being too serious

      1. because they are why The Corpse Factory IS CALLED The Corpse factory.

        How can you value something that from the moment you are born you see have a lack of value to it?

        (depending on what geographic part of the planet you call home) would you take a penny and some how value it as a silver dollar? (insert your own currency if that makes little to no sense to you)

  1. I really wonder what the ratio of ALL that live in the Corpse Factory whos possesses the name.

    A work buddy, last year, made mention of Brazil after I sliced the back of my hand open with a grinder (yes I have some pics but not of the REALLY good fresh wound) that his wife is Brazilian and he goes there quite often (it came up because he was going on about how fucked up my hand was and I was laughing, telling him and the others that “when you get your legs degloved by a train and your rubbing exposed bone on the track stones, THEN you have every reason to complain…..THIS, isn’t SHIT”)

    oh yha, he said that the trains in Brazil have stopped running due to the amount of drug smuggling that was going on.

    I asked him how the fuck HE knew…….and after awhile, I asked him if his wifes last name happened to be Da Silva, answer was no, “but I have a lot of in-laws who are Da Silvas”

    That was the start of quite a few conversations.

  2. He had a damned good innings for a what’s it !? .. a da Silva, he should indeed be preserved and studied like a fossil or an extremely rare artefact / relic. Very important information could be gleaned from the analysis of this old fellow.
    What sort of information, I have no idea !

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