9/11 Compilation of Building 7 Collapsing Into Its Own Footprint

Donald Rumsfeld Day Before 9/11

Donald Rumsfeld Day Before 9/11

The 9/11 official story says that al-Qaeda Muslim terrorists under the command of Osama bin Laden hijacked passenger airliners and flew them into the Word Trade Center buildings in New York. The twin towers then collapsed, but so did Building 7, which was not struck by an airplane.

Because there were obvious holes in the official narrative and the people started asking inconvenient questions, a whole host of controlled opposition “conspiracy theorists” began to emerge. They seemed legit because they poked ad nauseum into the official narrative and outlined the inconsistencies, arriving at convenient conclusions that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job.

All of them, as one, craftily avoided any mention of the obvious Israeli signatures and the involvement of Jews in every stage of the event. Now, the same controlled opposition, as one, promotes the latest globalist star and a NWO champ – Kyle Rittenhouse.

To better understand 9/11, let’s rewind a bit and look at some context:

1954: The Lavon Affair

The Lavon Affair was an Israeli attempted false flag attack on American, British, and French civilians in Egypt. The goal was to paint the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists killing civilians in the hopes that Great Britain would cancel their planned withdrawal from the Suez Canal.

1967: The USS Liberty

The attack on the USS Liberty took place during the “6 Day War” – the Israel instigated aggression against neighboring countries, as exposed by Miko Peled, son of Israel general and grandson of the Israeli Declaration of Independence signer.

Israel launched the false flag attack upon the American navy ship with a goal to sink it and kill all crew members, so that no survivors could tell who attacked them. The Israelis would then blame Egypt for the attack, bringing the U.S. to war for Israel. Luckily, the USS Liberty didn’t sink so we got a chance to know the truth.

1963: JFK assassination

John F. Kennedy wanted to shut down Israel’s illegal nuclear weapons program from uranium Jews stole from America and used to build nuclear weapons at their Dimona Nuclear Facility, which JFK wanted inspected.

Former Israeli nuclear technician John Crossman (formerly known as Mordechai Vanunu) stated that JFK’s assassination was Israel’s response to his efforts to “shed light on Dimona’s nuclear reactor in Israel“.

John F. Kennedy was also trying to force AIPAC to register as a foreign agent, and was in favor of the Right of Return for Palestinians whose villages were ethnically cleansed by Jews during the “Nakba“.

Officially, JFK’s assassination is blamed on Lee Harvey Oswald, who had to die in case he got deprogrammed and told the truth. Jack Ruby, whose real last name is Rubenstein (Jewish name), killed him. Before dying of cancer, Ruby told psychiatrist Werner Teuter that the assassination was “an act of overthrowing the government“. Myron Sugerman, author of “The Last Jewish Gangster” called Jack Ruby a mobster and a proud Jew.

1968: The RFK assassination

Six years after killing John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert ran for president. Had he won the election, he would have initiated a real investigation into his brother’s assassination.

The patsy chosen to take the blame for his death was a Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan. This way, not only did the Jews get rid of the threat, but also arose anger against the Palestinians. What the Zionist press never mentions is that Sirhan Sirhan was actually a Christian. RFK Jr. has said he believes that Sirhan did not kill his father and that a second gunman was involved.

2001: The 9/11 Attacks

The George Washington Bridge is a bridge between New York and New Jersey. On the day of the 9/11 attacks, multiple news networks reported that the FBI arrested two men in a van filled with explosives on the GW Bridge. They scrubbed the reports when they learned the attempted bombers were Israelis.

While that was happening, 3 Israelis with prior knowledge of the attacks filmed both planes hitting the towers. They celebrated, danced, and took selfies with the burning towers in the background. Known as the “Dancing Israelis“, the men were later detained while driving a van that contained traces of explosives. Two of the men were listed in an FBI database of suspected foreign spies. Once learned that they were Mossad agents, they were released.

Both the GW Bridge Bombers and the Dancing Israelis worked for a company called Urban Moving – a front company for the Mossad. The owner of Urban Moving fled to Israel the day after the attacks. He is still listed by the FBI as a suspect regarding 9/11. But the great ally Israel refuses to extradite him.

In the four years leading up to 9/11, Israeli “artist groups“, Gelatin and E-Team, who were selected to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Worldviews and Studioscape programs, worked and lived in the WTC, including on floors 91 and 92 of the North Tower. They were given 7 days a week construction pass access, which allowed them to move all sorts of materials in and out unchecked. These Israeli “art students” were photographed with boxes of BB-18 Power Feed Lugs for Fuse Holders. Their “project” on the ninetieth floor of the World Trade Centre involved removing a window and abseiling equipment.

As part of the B-Thing project, Gelatin group released a so called art book, which contains images such as a drawing of someone falling from the towers with the caption “300 meters of pure pleasure”, an image of the tower being destroyed with the caption “Depression inside, amazement outside”, or a picture of the towers with a line above them and the caption “Last chance to open a parachute”.

Before he ran for president, Donald Trump called Larry Silverstein a “good friend” of his. “Lucky Larry” Silverstein bought $3.5 billion in terrorist insurance a couple of months before the 9/11 attacks occurred. He also didn’t take his usual breakfast in the WTC on the faithful day. He raked in billions as a result of the attacks, and told in a televised interview that a decision had been made about Building 7 to “pull it“.

With the anniversary of the attack upon us, here’s a compilation footage of Building 7 – the one that was not hit by a plane – being “pulled” and collapsing in near free fall into its own footprint:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Lucky Larry’s entire family and board of directors at the tower all took that same fateful day off as well. That is just too much luck to even be considered lucky. He’s the sort of man who could throw away a stack of cash only to find it back in his pocket and doubled. He’s just that lucky.

    As for the towers. Yeah. Tower 7 fell in the exact same way as the others despite not getting hit which shows you that they were all brought down by controlled demolition.

    Another thing the media never talks about is the fact that an explosion happened in the lobby before the planes hit the building. It is mentioned by those at the scene in many of the 9/11 videos recorded that day. As for its purpose or why the media keeps quiet about it I’m not quite sure.

    My favourite will always be the BBC though who reported on tower 7 falling before it actually did.

    1. WTC 7 was primed and ready to go beforehand. Unfortunately for the *zionists*, the plane that was supposed to hit it didn’t quite make it there. They had no option but to ‘pull it’, because if they left it standing, there was a risk that all of the evidence (explosives for demolition) would have been found.

      ps: Wasn’t there also a story about the sniffer dogs being cancelled in the weeks/days leading up to the event? And the other elephant in the room – NORAD on a day off; when contact was lost with Payne Stewart’s plane, USAF was up there monitoring within minutes, yet on 9/11 (the date was hand picked too!), four commercial jets were flying around off-route for the best part of an hour…

      Orthodox Jews against ZOG’s and the evil that is Zionism.

      1. It’s been said here in the forums that building 7 was supposed to collapse with the first tower and be blamed by the debris for bringing it down, but building 7’s control demo failed at the time.
        Maybe someone can provide the link because it’ll take me 3 months to find it here.

        1. So all the people.. all the people I work with and know to be truthful are lying? I work in NYC I was in highschool but I work with people who saw the planes with their own eyes. Especially the second one. What do you say to these 100 people? You fucking moron

          1. Calling someone a moron isn’t productive. Some people believe that there weren’t actually real planes, and instead they used holograms. I’m sure the technology exists to pull it off, but I think that it would be too risky. I believe that actual planes were used, but they were flown remotely using global hawk technology. There probably weren’t any passengers on board.

        1. So these loved ones who were parked in a hangar knowing they would be executed lied to their loved ones in their final message? Get lost that is the dumbest thing ever though of. Yea you are gonna tell someone to call their wife or dad and have their last message to that loved one be a lie. Absolute morons

          1. Who said anything about them knowing they were gonna be executed?
            Who said that they were told to call their loved ones and lie?
            I know I didn’t, so there’s no need to twist my words around.
            Plus I said “if it’s true”.

            You must’ve heard a completely different story somewhere else.

          2. Again with this moron shit. Please tell me that you don’t believe the official story. That would be embarrassing. I used to believe the official lie. I learned the truth around 2007 or so. It changed my life dramatically. I became obsessed. I studied everything I could find on the subject. There is absolutely zero evidence that Bin Laden had anything to do with it. Reality is brutal.

          3. You said loved ones were receiving calls from people parked in a hangar… why the fuck would anyone call someone and say a “honey I love you but I’m about to die” if they didn’t know they were about to either crash or be executed. Are you serious? All good if you want to say maybe but it’s incredible the length that you conspiracy people will go. Yea all those 911 calls all those videos all those people I personally know that lost a father or brother. Yup all of them are lying.

          4. @brutalreality
            Alright dude, I never said anything about people lying about any of the 2,996 deaths. There are people unaccounted for because those weren’t the missing passenger planes that hit the buildings.

            There were a couple of people that made phone calls out to family members saying that they went off course and landed where they weren’t supposed to land.
            One of them said that they were in what looked like some kind of hangar.
            I’m pretty sure they didn’t think they were in danger at that point.
            That person said they’d call back but never did.
            So I don’t know if they said “I love you” or “we’re gonna die” or what..

            All the buildings were brought down by controlled demo. and it was a missile that hit the pentagon, no plane debris in the Pennsylvania crash, they used the same idiot crisis actor that already had mentioned the official story of how the buildings collapsed a day early, hhmmmm…

            Many people were murdered that day, so, am I really going great lengths in listening or in this case, bringing up a told story about one of the missing planes that actually makes sense?

          5. @honkeykong there might be more to the story then the public knows. But to think it was remotely flown planes or holograms is just a level of clownish that is hard to take seriously. Just seems like people who read a lot of comic books and watched too many movies. Everything is always planned staged acted out

          6. Calm down. I’ve seen the video of the airport hangar theory as well. I believe it was talked about by someone who worked at the airport. It was said that they thought they were in some kind of hijacking test or some shit, & instructed the people to even make real calls. The way it was explained made sense. You think that plane crashed in the field & completely disappeared with no bodies & shit? I lost family on 9/11. Not everyone’s a moron because you don’t agree. Do some research.

          7. A woman phoned her husband supposedly from the plane and just before she hung up her last words in a whisper were “its a frame”.
            If they were willing to murder thousands in the towers and in New York then a few plane passengers won’t bother them.
            The towers fell down suspiciously.
            They were insured the day or 2 before.
            Mossad agents were in new York with a camera set up before the planes hit.
            Jews were in the towers supposedly as artists.
            There’s flashes the instant the nose of the planes hit, which would not happen.
            It’s pretty obvious that it was an inside job. Wars with Muslims followed. Bush is the numpty they put in power to do their diabolical plan.
            American soldiers died over this bullshit. Lots of countries lost men over it. All a farce.

        1. @hamburgerbob do you know how long, how many people, how many hours of planning, and dozens certainly hundreds of people would need to be involved to do a controlled demolition of those buildings? There would have had to have been over a years worth of work with bringing in the explosives to attaching them to the right parts of the buildings. All going un noticed and no one ever spilling the beans. It’s insane to think that is possible with that many moving parts and that many people involved. And all for what? Who made out so greatly in this plan? Some grand insurance policy? Weapons makers? You think these people weren’t already rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams before that day?

          1. @brutalreality
            Yes, it was carefully planned.
            It only took a couple of months to rig up the explosives and yes, they were noticed.
            Groups of people going in and out of those buildings between 3am-5am with all their equipment and would be out of there before the regular workers would start to arrive 6am.

            I can’t remember the exact number, but billions were spent on some kind of catastrophe / disaster insurance plan on the towers 2 months before the attacks. So those mass murderers made out pretty well there too.

            I hope you don’t think all those people were lying about all the explosions they were hearing and seeing coming from the buildings that day, that would include lots of firefighters, I mean it’s well documented.
            You could even see them going off as the building is collapsing.

          2. I was 12 years old in 1978 when I was in my bedroom in the afternoon, suddenly felt so tired I had to lay down. Went to sleep quickly and started dreaming. The dream appeared like a small tv screen in black and white. The picture was of a cityscape. Two very tall identical buildings towered above all the rest in an exaggerated way. Then I could see that the tops of the two buildings were on fire. I saw fire engines and police below. Then I saw people jumping to their deaths from the buildings. My mind panned close to a couple, they looked like the bride and groom on top of a wedding cake. Side by side they clasped arms and then jumped. I watched her veil flapping in the wind as she fell. Just when they would have hit the ground I sat up awake from the dream in a cold sweat. It was very weird. It effected me so much I felt strongly it meant something, and I looked in the paper and on the news for anything like it. Nothing. Years went by and I forgot that dream. I didn’t even remember it when 9/11 happened. But one day in 2012 I was watching videos on YouTube about weird so called coincidences in movies and tv shows which seemed to be premonitions about it, and wham, it all came back suddenly. I remembered it all. A bunch of people had premonitions about it before it happened. It is one of the most important events in this century.

            I have wondered if people like me weren’t hearing the thoughts of the people who planned it, if we weren’t simply picking up information in some other way. But how on earth did I have that dream in 1978 and it come true like that? At age 12 living in the Midwest I didn’t even know about the twin towers yet. Other than if I saw them in a movie and still wouldn’t have known what they were called or any details.

            There is something extremely off about that event. Hard to fathom that humans would plan and execute such a thing. But look at all the horrors on this website. Humans are capable of anything. They will believe the most preposterous even obvious lies.

            Many people cannot handle it. It’s too much for their brains to deal with.

            They would rather believe lies as long as the illusion gives comfort.

            We may be doomed. Look around. It’s not hard to perpetrate such things because so many are so willing to pull the wool over their own eyes.

          3. It would need months of planning and prep if it was a SAFE and LEGAL controlled demolition. A building can easily be brought down with explosives that are quickly set up. On 9/11 everyone was evacuated from lower manhattan and no one would have given a second look to anyone dressed as a firefighter, police officer or EMT if they were in that area and going into buildings.

            Larry Silverstein literally said “we decided to pull it” in a video. lol

        2. @mynotoriousclitorious who are all these boogeymen you think exist? Hello folks we know you think this plane is heading to LA. We are going to be conducting a random hijacking experiment with all of you.
          Please call your loved ones and say good bye. Oh by the way no one from the airport knows about this. The LA airport is not informed as well. 40 people plus airline employees are all tricked into their execution by these secret society men who by the hundreds and thousands conspired to kill 3,000 Americans in one day. No one ever talks. No one ever comes forward. No one is ever remorseful.

          Not trying to call anyone a moron who does not Deserve it but for fucks sake

          1. @jeffreyfloydstein what the fuck are you talking about??? The fuck do you mean on that day 9/11/01 no one would think twice if someone dressed as a cop, firefighter, or emt entered the buildings?? Like literally what the fuck is happening in your brain. You are trying to say that someone dressed as a cop went into the buildings to detonate some bomb on that actual day? Jesus Christ you are clownish. There are people on this site saying there were no planes that it was all a planned hoax and a demolition job. That would not be quick and easy to accomplish. It would not be rushed. Do you know how hard it would be to get those materials inside the building and then be climbing around the interior of the structure rigging explosives and wiring everything? And then these people with the fake planes. Holograms yea all those air traffic controllers and other pilots who saw the planes with their own eyes or on the radar screen. Yup everyone is in on it.

            Bunch of faggots who sit online and the only way they feel relevant is if they think they have the inside scoop that the “sheep” don’t have. Faggots that live alone and get zero pussy. That’s what you are. Miserable Cunts

        3. @confusedalot on wow some mumble at the end of a phone call that anyone can “Doctor” into an audio clip of they want. Do you know anything about insurance policies? I think you don’t. After the 1993 bombing the people who lease the towers collected $510 million on an insurance claim. Do you know why? Because they have fucking insurance on their building. They didn’t select some fancy “terrorist attack insurance clause”. It was just part of their insurance policy. So when the towers went down in 2001 and months before that the terms of the lease had been renegotiated as they have been many times in the past it wasn’t like they opted into some new insurance plan with this shiny new endorsement for terrorism insurance. They always had it. Had it in 93.. had it when the towers were built… had it 9/11.

          But yes we know you live in little conspiracy land where all the bad rich men in suits need more and more money and power. They use our presidents like puppets and no one is to ever be trusted. Conspiracy World Crazed Fools

          1. Good point. Some of us here might have shot JFK for a quarter and a lollypop, but that doesn’t make us bad people or part of any grand conspiracy. Everyone’s gotta eat.

          2. Bush was a puppet and Muppet. I’m guessing you’ve not seen any of the thousands of different videos by different people talking about 911. You are a numpty who watches the news and that’s all you need. Explain to me how the Jews were there filming before the planes hit. How the fuck did they know that? So it was Arabs and somehow the Jews who don’t like Muslims didn’t tell the USA? But knew about it in advance? Wouldn’t that be a problem? They could have warned the us government and evacuated the towers or even grounded all planes but instead the Jews just filmed it and said fuck all? Nobody has a problem with that? This is all fact. But I bet it’s not been on your news channel so you don’t believe it. If you actually look into it and listen to the demolition experts and all the other fkin experts and if you still think it’s just Arabs then you are thick as fuck.

        1. @hamburgerbob if that’s what you want to believe then fine go for it. You think that hundreds of workers brought explosives in a 3-5 am for months and no one who is one of “the good guys” (cause apparently you think there are so many of these men in black type secret society people ) no good people saw anything and reported anything strange? The most elaborate staged thousands of moving parts and rigged components to pull of the killing of 3,000 Americans. I mean I guess it must be fun for you to live in this strange fantasy land. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WOULD HAVE TO BE IN ON THIS AND EVERYONE OF THEM WOULD TAKE THIS STORY TO THEIR GRAVES…. Impossible

          1. Yes, you hold a valid point. But can we hold judgement against these types of secret societies? And can we finally agree that the rape, soul crushing torture, and eventual destruction of all half dead, homosexual, nignog gollywogs.com is correct and just?

          2. @brutalreality
            It’s not what I think, it’s just common sense kicking in from what was reported.

            People won’t know to report that type of activity because nothing has happened yet and they’d probably think it a maintenance crew of some kind.
            Who would they report to anyway, if they thought it was suspicious at the time?
            A report like that would’ve been buried once they knew someone was on to them.

            Controlled demolition was the most obvious thing to happen that day, in fact, there was ammonium nitrate found everywhere.
            I’m really surprised that you’re denying that one.
            So how did all three buildings fall straight down then?

            Did you at least see the U.K. reporter saying that building 7 had collapsed on live TV about a half hour before it collapse ?
            Ooops, they forgot to tell her that they were unable to blow that building down when they had planned to.

            So you believe what you want to believe too, you’re not gonna change what I know.
            Being that you know people that had lost loved ones that day, I’m surprised you’re not really looking in to this sloppy false flag operation that has many holes in it.

          3. @hamburgerbob you make some fair points. The buildings falling in the way they did is stance but it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the buildings to pancake. One of the towers o forget which did actually topple to a side. The floors beneath the crash pancakes but above did not. Anyways to each there own with their beliefs I guess. I find it wild to think this was such an elaborate inside job

    2. The BBC (The British Bullshitting Corporation) is a propaganda tool of the UK government, and has been ever since it’s conception. In return for their services, they are allowed immunity from prosecution for serious criminal activity committed by it’s staff, such as organized pedophilia, drug use and tax evasion. Only when the threat of civil unrest is too great will they be forced, occasionally, to hand over a few of their members to the hands of the British Justice System. If we, the British people ever revolt, I will personally be heading towards their studios in London with my grandfather’s service revolver in my right hand and a noose in my left hand, and justice will be done.

          1. @giannalover actually not that quiet at all. And like I could give a single fuck about your vocabulary or mine. Is that really what you just brought up? Wow man good for you if you feel superior to others online if your vocabulary is better. Hahahahah hahahahaha hahahahaha what an accomplishment. Go take that vocab trophy and shove it up your moms ass. She just called she wants you upstairs to do the dishes.

            He’s staring at a sword that Bruce Willis is holding. The movie is Pulp Fiction you uncultured turd.

    3. It would be impossible for that building to come down like that without a carefully planned and timed implosion. Building seven was downed by demolition by whomever destroyed it. I don’t know about all that Jew shit. I think it was more like some George Bush war mongering NWO shit. The truth is those bastards are in every country. Jews, Arabs, Russians, Chinese, all of them. It’s the evil of the world. They want to kill most of us and make zombie demon slaves out of the rest.

          1. USA motherfucker. Get with it or get steamrolled. We run this world. Corona is a joke we know it our president knows it but it’s all about this election. You get too loud in your shithole country we come in and slap the shit out of you. Stay in your little shanty it will be over soon for you

      1. All the Jesus shit was added later on in the Talmud to fool the goyim into believing that the Jews are against Jesus when they invented said fucking kike on a stick. He was invented to destroy the white gentiles and our original faith of paganism with teaching’s such as ‘be a good slave, hate your family, and turn the other cheek.’ Suicidal doctrines for the goyim to consume. Keep consuming them goy.

    1. Oh yes, I distinctly remember the numerous reports of “bombs” and “explosions” going off in the underground parking levels and lobbies. The windows of at least one of the ground floor lobbies were blown out for a lengthy period before the collapse. People talked about “the bombs” all day on live news, and then it was just never mentioned again.
      I also specifically remember the Dancing Israelis and finding it to be obviously proof that they at the very least knew it was coming. Another thing that was a “no-no” to question or talk about.

      1. So you mean nothing just like Obama, Hillary, or Biden? Those are 3 nothings. Career politicians who get NOTHING done. Biden in Washington for 50 years. What has he done? Nothing. Those are the real losers. Trump fights for the core Americans. The real ones. The ones who make this the greatest country in the world. There are so many of us that feel this way. Let the rats take over the Democratic run cities. You can have them. You will never get our homes and neighborhoods in the surrounding areas. We allow the little bats to buzz around our heads.

          1. Yes we have two parties. Democrats and Republicans. I’m not really a fan of politics in this country. It’s an absolute shit show. It’s embarrassing actually. But there are only two choices. Dumb sleepy useless Joe Biden who will accomplish absolutely nothing and be an empty suit puppet… or Trump who though he has many personality flaws of being egotistical to the highest degree, atleast he is out there every day working very hard and has many intelligent people underneath him and doesn’t get pushed around by anyone. So it’s a simple choice. That’s the reality. 2 choices, not 3 or 4. I truly wish there was better competition then Biden. Wish there was someone better then trump that they could have mustered up but apparently that’s how pathetic the Democrats are. This was the best they could do.

    1. How soon we forget. 7/7? Oh, and they didn’t forget about you Aussies. Remember the Bali bombing? 88 Australians died in that one in 2002. I have no doubt that it was done in order to get the folks down under riled up, and ready to be all patriotic and all that nonsense. Never forget!

      1. @honkey donk – I think you are giving us Australians way too much credit. If Bali bombings weren’t carried out by deranged cockroach muslims (because they are the religion of peace) then
        the only country that wanted to round up support for all out war was um, well, Murica…….

      1. Yes you are very pathetic to jerk off to her getting her arms cut off. Too bad you don’t have a hot woman in real life. You wouldn’t have to resort to this internet lifestyle. Not everyone can win in this world. That’s why you are a loser. So I can win 🙂

  2. Its a sad thing when someones opinions get labelled “conspiracies”.
    That word alone is slanderous to to those who share opinions that differ from “societies” perception of the truth.
    The word conspiracy is closely associated with crazy imo. Thats not a good thing when it comes to free speech because who listens to crazy people.

    1. I believe that things are labels “conspiracy” in order to discredit them. But I also believe that people like to fall back on “conspiracies” in order to make sense of or shield themselves from the chaos that surrounds them. In order to believe that certain people are in control of everything and can actually pull certain things off has a soothing us vs. them mentality that humans crave. It makes the world less terrifying to think there are rulers in control and that there is an all seeing, all being God, than to think the world, and the universe in general is just the complete chaos that it is.

          1. Now that is something I have no problem calling an conspiracy theory. Anyone who thinks the earth is flat or the space is fake bullshit is a primitive ancient subhuman.

  3. Aliens were at its height then and all of a sudden nothing. Super plummet because humanity as a whole was at a transitioning point, a pivot point if you will to a race of enter dimensional beings that had a high influence on the council of rulers and elite, if they had it their way we’d be a slave race or worse. Wiped completely out. If we (the US) didn’t have this drop and create confusion and desensitization our life path would be vastly different today. -951-

          1. Happy 9/11 to you as well! I love Best Gore! Where else can I go, and have someone wish me a happy 9/11? I do that shit, but it feels good to hear it for once.

  4. wtc 7 fell straight down ,not axial rotation ,no resistance,even the concrete reinforced lift support crumbled..the centre imploded first ,professional job..the answer is there ..wtc 7.they was one plane short..best not say much or ill have men in dark suits round..another plandemic victim..its easy to rub one out these days..cant fool the dr.

    1. I’ll bet you that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was headed toward building 7, but it didn’t reach it’s target. They already had the building wired with explosives, so they couldn’t turn back.

      Those passengers on that plane that made it crash ruined the Jews perfect plan.

      1. well said…iv seen footage of that crash site ,considering the amount of fuel onboard the trees seemed intact no fireball,no wings visable..usually a diving jet breaks wings off as the g force is too much.no plane parts visable ,small crater…may have been shot down.

  5. When i was younger i had this strange fascination toward 9/11. I watched every videos, report and read as well.

    I think no one will know for certain what happened really.

    But i’ll add my opinion on what happened really on why 3 tower just went to ashes.

    Firstly, the second tower was hit in the middle, not high up like the first one, it might have cut some of the pillars, that’s for sure when you find some videos on i think.. the east face? we see the edge collapse then the whole tower goes down floors by floors.
    The ( North tower i think?) the first one that got hit, just burned up. i mean just before she collapsed, some videos show how much the fire spread.. i think like the south tower, one after the other the floors collapse and the tower just.. gived up.

    For WTC 7 it’s the same, heavy fire, must have burned a lot of thing and just damaged the structure.
    Because yeah, i think that’s a fact how weak those building were.. they weren’t meant to have such a heavy fire and a godamn plane suicide.

    1. The Trade Towers were made out of reinforced steel. They were not weak in the slightest and would have deformed in extreme heat rather than instantly break apart meaning that they would have bent first and then collapsed outwards and partially at that.

      To fall into its own shadow is almost an impossibility then given the circumstances and it didn’t happen just once or twice but three fucking times that day and the third time wasn’t even under the same fucking circumstances.

      You would have to be a liar then or a fuckwit of epic proportions to believe that all three buildings fell the exact same way on that exact same day and all by coincidence.

      I doubt anyone working in the controlled demolition industry believes the 9/11 story because it goes completely against their lived experiences.

      1. As a firefighter since 1999 and a former fire inspector I can say with absolutely certainty that buildings can and often do fall straight down into their own footprint. The phenomena is called “pancaking” and has been documented in the IFSTA manual for decades. Although the phenomena is unlikely to occur in residential construction, commercial construction utilizing steel beams is VERY prone to this type of failure.

        In a nutshell, steel expands under heat. With enough heat and expansion the steel will rip out of its moorings ( those big ol’ rivets you saw in the Looney Toons) causing the floor above to fall directly down on the floor below. The impact sets of a chain reaction of collapse.

        But don’t take my word for it, grab an IFSTA manual and do your own research. In its basic form, its just a chapter of light reading.

        Now excuse me as I run from the angry mob….

        1. Oh lord, a “firefighter” huh?
          Jeez, Im so sorry, I guess in order to know how something would be affected by heat, youd need to run into burning buildings and spray water at them?

          There are scientists who have spent plenty of time explaining, with science, why these buildings were brought down.
          They didnt need to be near the burny burny flamey flames, in order to understand what should and shouldn’t happen to these buildings.

      1. World trade three, four, five, and six, remained standing after the “collapse”. They were nothing more than steel skeletons. They had to be brought down using controlled demolition. I watched a video of them doing it. The demolition experts gave the order to “pull”, before each demolition. I have tried to find the video, but apparently, it has since been “pulled”.

    2. You must start a “heavy fire”
      Every single time you attempt to think.
      What did I just read? Are you really this stupid?
      If you dont know what happened to the towers by now, and you’ve been “researching this since I was a kid” you should just quit, researching things, forever. Just watch recommended youtube videos and dont try so hard. Thinking is not your forte

      1. Sure, I will watch some YouTube videos and believe them blindly like a fucking sheep as I simultaneously forget and disregard an entire lifetime of witnessed events.

        Sheep follow blindly, blindness is a luxury that is no longer afforded to me, but please, rage some more, it’s entertaining.

  6. I use to hear and read about underground floors where lots of armoured vans ready to run ware waiting , loaded with gold and money before the disaster, like every strory in this size , i guess we won’t know ever what did happen and a specially
    When other buildings around fell to dust without getting a direct hit as the twins had, and the way that they did fall down , seems as an explosion under control = collapsed into themselves…
    I just have think that if real reasons will be found out , America will become more worse than Syria…
    That will becom the pik and destruction of all roots of corruption at the West…

          1. Lambo? Me dumb like a rock ? You fuck faggot hole cunt ass ….
            If being a fool was a spark, you become a power station… Go back to the zoo where you belong..
            Dr.strangeglove i used here to you cause i didn’t have option to unswer the cunt ass faggot above your comment..
            So he can see that…
            I didn’t ment to you..

        1. You fuckn funny fagget..
          Thats not real , and this are the monkeys of jewish kind..
          They are pigs fucking each other in circles…. They are not a part of jewish Israeli , and they are in America see by the school bus….

      1. I watched the whole thing live down here, and one thing that sticks out in my mind, was how quick MSM was to show footage of (alleged) Palestinians dancing around celebrating. The footage was taken out of context of course, but everyone swallowed it.

        1. Alleged????? Not at all
          I believe your full nickname is. “Dumbkuntass fag” as you forgot to add…
          We will never laugh on u.s..
          We like al American people
          We like the system , we like the patriotism , and all the resf of kind of Americans that made their country a mother of all possibilities…
          I see many times people speak so much absorbs an dumbest , that even in otistic
          Hostel nobody will take it..
          Those ware Israeli arabs !
          I saw things like that in the news , when they had been recorded celebrating…
          They forgot how much of them went to America and live like kings, instead stay and be like pigs in their refuge camp around the palaces and who’re houses of their leaders…not even one Jewish Israeli, or Christian Israeli had dare to laughing about this….
          I like America, but like every where there must be dumb faghots like most of you here to disrupt any positive thing..
          This is why you hide specially in bestgore , only here busterds like you are accepted…

      1. No one breaks up with me. NO ONE! I’m still kind of buzzed from last night. 🙂 By the way, what’s up with that nigger- Spic, “death to moles”? Dude must be really into his lawn. I’m not a fan of moles either, but death? Sounds extreme. He must be some sort of fagnit.

  7. Us muslims hate no one more than the jews. They blamed all of that on muslims so that could be a gateway to entering afghanistan etc. To kill more innocent muslims. You could have said osama bin laden was informed because as aymen al zawahiri his sideman says “osama bin laden was from the muslim brotherhood”. The not-so muslim brotherhood being a part of the jewish freemasons. It is these not so muslim brotherhood that have caused us muslims so much bloodshed. They call themselves brotherhood after the freemason brotherhood. They like the to accuse us of terrorism when these very same terrorists kill muslims and increase hate on the muslims more than anyone. Terrorism wasnt a thing until the not so muslim brotherhood came up. The jews think we’re really stupid not seeing their plots. Watch how their babylonian world system crumbles before their very own eyes. The pesty atheist communists and Christians who have no power are of no issue these Zionists are the issue. For hundreds of years they’ve been plotting.

    1. You are right about everything,
      Up until the part where you claimed that their Babylon would “crumble”
      Jews have been planning this systematic take over, since the 1400s, when they converted the last templars, into freemasons. This is 600+ years of planning, finally culminating with this bullshit plandemic. Nothing other than your reality is going to crumble.
      The jew has almost and entirely completed their plan.

      1. There are still Templars. As I understand it, the templars tell the Masons what to do.

        Queen Elizabeth has a templar symbol on her crown. The oreo cookie has the same templar symbols on it. I still just don’t understand how these white traitors would kiss Jewish ass and join their secret societies??? Money grubbers I think.

        1. By “Last templars” i meant the ones left over from the killings by the Pope.
          From the way i see it, after a while, they became the same exact society, with the templars simply being some of the highest ranking masons.
          You have to remember the name, JAC MOLAI, he was the real jesus christ. Pope Clement burned him at the stake for the “sins” of the crusades, even though he was simply acting out orders from the pope himself as his general. This was seen as a grave betrayal, and has never been forgiven by the templars. Since then they have waged war against the world, side by side with the jew.

          1. I’m sorry to break it to you, the byzantine dynasty the Persian dynasty the Egyptians dynasty of pharaoh ramses II had much power than we see of these Jews. These jews have to work in secrecy and through lies to exist. Just as how past nations crumbled these jews will too crumble this is a belief from my religion which I dont impose on you. And I agree with you on the knights templars, people think freemasonry was only 200 years ago and the zionist jews only popped up 200 years ago but they’ve been alive very well. The jews were well known assassins in those days and infiltrated through many ranks of the Christian’s. You see jews hate Christians with so much hate because of their stance of jesus. Jews hate jesus and his mother whilst muslims and Christians don’t. Jews see themselves to be the chosen ones and everyone else is made to be slaves for them (if you look at most modern passports and birth certificates you’ll find that we are actually slaves and they’ve done this in such a discreet manner). But I sincerely believe that these jews will come out, they will show themselves after they see that they have enough power. Then there will be wars and there will be bloodshed never witnessed on earth. And the world will return to justice and it will be rid of them.

          2. The Vatican is a main hub for the freemason. Vatican meaning prophetic snake in latin. VATI meaning prophetic CAN meaning snake. You see the snake in their design of their building too. You’ll see the snake in the World Health Organisation and other than them in their institutes. We believe that snakes are the devils and we are commanded to kill snakes if we see them and they refuse to leave. Snakes move in silence and are revolved around sorcery and evil. Just as how these jews would move in silence and indulge in sorcery and magic in Babylon hundreds and hundreds of years ago

      1. It was a controlled demolition’s video I saw years ago. Can’t remember the 911 documentary video it was on. Anyway, the guy pointed out how the experts bring down a building quickly, by placing the charges at a 45 degree angle, allowing the beams to slide off one another.

        Several videos I’ve seen of the wreckage of the twin towers, show several beams cut at an angle with high explosive laced with thermite, allowing the explosives to cut the beams like a knife through butter.

        There was a website that had a huge amount of 911 videos, where I watched most of the 911 videos.

        It was 911docs.net. However, that website is non functional anymore. Due to the fact that the powers that be, didn’t want the public to witness what really happened on that dreadful day.

  8. The Jews have a long history of committing crimes and then blaming it on someone else.

    The Jews did 9/11, then blamed it on the Arabs.
    The Jews attacked the USS Liberty, then tried to blame it on Egypt.
    The Jews controlled the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and then tried to blame it all on the white man.
    The Jews murdered millions of white Christians in Eastern Europe/The USSR in their Gulag death camps, and then tried to blame a mass murder on the Germans, the Holohoax.
    The Jews had Jesus killed, then tried to blame it on the Romans.
    The Jews stole the Palestinians land, then tried to call the Palestinians terrorists for trying to resist the theft.

    How long are these assholes going to be allowed to get away with this shit?

    1. They have seized power for the foreseeable future. Considering how long this plan has been in motion, realistically, the jews will own the earth now, up until the point where we become space faring, if we make it that far.
      You are mostly on point,
      Although i will debate the existance of Jesus christ with you, that is neither here nor there.

  9. If you are truly paying attention, then you know that divide and conquer is their motto. If you continue to use divisive language like nigger, cracker, spick, etc. Then YOU are a sheep. A slave. You haven’t learned a Damn thing. Keeping us fighting each other is exactly what they want. #Poorlivesmatters is what it’s really all about. Jews? They are as much the problem as whites are. I’m white, but I’m poor, and I have no power. Am I to blame for the world’s problems? Some people who happen to be white are. Some people who happen to be of Jewish decent are. It’s time to grow the Fuck up, and understand the difference. I love the world, and I think that it’s great. I’ve eaten from a wooden spoon my whole life, and I try to look at things without my ego getting in the way. Your life may suck, but it’s not other poor people’s fault. It’s probably yours. Do you believe that the world is shit, and you can’t wait till it’s all destroyed? Then you are a loser. There are too many people here, and If you don’t love it here, then you should probably just leave.

      1. You Nazi faggot hole busterd…
        Jews have no benefit fron disaster at 9/11
        Open your eye you ignorant
        White faggot black hole cuntass stuffed with bacon leftover from garbage can…
        You all there got much more critical threat from different groups…. Like those who did the 9/11 …
        Now i give no fuck about jew , Christian, black or white, i just have somthing with fools as you are who aint got and know crap …

        1. The ONLY racial group, as a collective (ie: Israhell) and as individuals (ie:Larry Silverstein), to benefit incredibly from 9/11 were and are very much *still today Jewish*.
          Now go gobble some more mutilated Jew dick ya fucking sand nigger.

          1. You faggot cunt ass raised in a zoo of white evill monkeys , you aint worth even to get fucked by them….i dont mind about multi rich , leaders , and busterds son’s ov who’res..
            Those are all together collaborating with each other to sale our lives ..
            I care for the majority…
            And comparing to you all
            We are less worse than all ov you together..
            I dont give a fuck on religion… It is people like you create all problems , you are those sub humans… Worse than the arabs who took twins down…
            An arrogant people that blame all rest not being like them…
            Your coutry and all possibilities that faggots like you have , its because foreigners came and did cooperate with each other…
            You and those who like you should stay in a mountain era in Europe where you all came from…
            We all know that nothin would become out ov you all there by yourselves…
            You just came and think that you are masters…
            But the right spell is

          1. That was obviously a joke, but just like pussy, you don’t get it. You definitely don’t have a whole lot going on upstairs. “My posts” Yeah, unfortunately I have read them. Nothing witty, thought provoking, or original. You are completely interchangeable with many others I’ve come across. You just regurgitate the same boring shit that’s been said six million times before.

    1. @honkeykong

      I have to disagree with you on one point. I don’t hate niggers because the elites set me against them I hate niggers because they commit violent crime at rates many times above their own head count.

      That they are walking crime statistics then is the reason why I hate them and whether or not that hatred aids the elites is irrelevant to my own self-preservation as I am not going to risk getting stabbed or shot by Shitavious Brown in some ghetto area just to stick it to those in power.

  10. Ok, it’s been 19 years since 9/11. We’ve got Covid 19 going on, and all I hear is the same shit I heard a decade ago. Where are the solutions? Obviously there is a problem. This many years, and there isn’t a plan of action? I’m just disappointed, and done with it. Nothing in this post has progressed from a decade ago.

  11. This shit happened. Flying from Hawaii has been fucked ever since. Today even worse with quarantines and lockdowns.

    Those Jews are shitting nicely up there. And they are trying to buy more of the islands. But the Chinese are relentless. At least that’s what I see from my homeless tent

  12. Hmmm…..Rittenhouse was just a lone gunman faggot thas it thats all….Not relevant for 9/11
    9/11 Was just a bunch of rag heads who got lucky….America just can’t accept that men have the courage to use their own lives as collateral damage. Maybe America should ask what is it they have really done to inspire these men to void their own lives with such conviction…..it scares Americans to know that they fight to live and Jihadists fight to die.
    Just some thoughts. ….I hate you all anyways so fuck off toss pots.

    1. Buy Jonny, it sooooo much easier to accept that it’s the result of a giant conspiracy where people are being silenced with death. Thwre are so many videos on YouTube showing us the TrUtH and telling me that everyone who talks the TrUth gets killed!!!

      Dear America,

      Please accept the fact that you were caught with your pants down and were dealt a mighty sucker punch. And PLEASE shut the fuck up with the YouTube conspiracy bullshit. Think things through on your own.
      Truckloads of I beams with torch marks? Maybe the beams were cut to get them to fit in the fucking truck?!

  13. The zio is coming after us (Iran), I’m not a fan of the Islamic regim, but they are preparing, Trump is doing his best to serve the zionists so he can be re-elected, UAE peace with Israel, Bahrain peace with Israel, Afghanistan’s peace negotiations in Qattar, these are not coincidence, our leader is looking to make smaller nukes, Trump will be re-elected and this war will come

    1. If I were you I would use the affirmation “I am always safe and protected at all times and in every way” if shit hit’s the fan. You Iranians don’t know it but the kikes have been using scalar weapons against you. That’s what brought down that airliner recently and created all the odd explosions you’ve been seeing. They are in essence mind control weapons that cause people to have accidents. That being said: Iran is our last bastion of hope next to Syria. Once these are gone the Jews will fully enslave the world as there will be no opposition. You probably already know that part. Do be safe out there my friend!

      1. Thanks, we are safe, but they are using everything against us, right now sanctions are destroying our economy, today 1 USD = 265,000 Rials, or 26,500 Tomans, I’m a programmer I barely make 1000 dollars a month, but workers can’t even make 200 dollars a month, yet people are not dying of hunger cause food is so cheap but in the upcoming months there would be more riots here cause people are getting more poor everyday and there are too many corruptions in the regime as well, I can predict that hell is coming for us, they are breaking us down both jews and the corrupted regime

      2. As an Iranian (not muslim) living all my life in Iran, I was always thinking why jews are so much privileged in western societies, I never been hateful towards them, but after some research, I realised that what they did to white people ,muslims and others, their fake holocaust and what they did to Germans, in WWII we were allies with Germans, after Germany defeated they destroyed our country too and sent our king to exile, they killed so many Iranians both in WWI and WWII, I watched Europa The last battle on bitchute also hellstorm and Deir Yassin massacre in Palestine 1948 and more, I hate how they victimise themselves and hide their crimes against himanity and all these organizations like UN is under their control, I hate it when in every hollywood movie that I enjoy to watch, there should be some kind of jewish supremacy or jewish victimization, there is much more and maybe you already know it better than me

  14. 2 things that have always made me wonder about who orchestrated the attack, inside job or Muslim, are the following. Firstly if it was Muslims who did the attack why did they hit the buildings at 8AM before ANYONE WAS IN THE BUILDINGS? If you, or I, planned this attack, with multiple planes, many many details to be worked out, etc etc etc.. WHY would you plan the attack for that early in the morning before anyone had gone to work. I would have planned the attack for, say, sometime around 2 pm.. when the building would have been full of around 50000 people, not at 8 am when there was only a handful of people. The second thing that interests me is how SUPER FAST the FBI knew EVERYTHING about EVERY attacker. It was literally the very next day they announced the names of all the attackers, how they planned the attack, etc etc etc etc. Is it realistic to think that an investigating group of people could figure out EVERY DETAIL of this attack in only 24 hours? No. Its not. Inside job, or at the least a Muslim attack made possible by the American Government.

    1. I would argue that the attackers and planners were more fixated on the buildings coming down and that the amount of civilians inside was irrelevant to them….
      Or dare I say….They had the heart to decide maybe less civilian casualties was more humane and would not affect their primary goal of destroying these towers, Perhaps to them…Third world dessert dwellers who pray to a suspected schizophrenic pedophile “Mohammed” these buildings represented a sign of all that is wrong with America.
      Nonetheless we must respect any man or woman who has so much conviction they would die in a true suicide mission….Even America’s most decorated and bravest elite soldier would probably never commit to a true suicide mission….Instead they garner courage in numbers and play the odds and hope to live….But not so much with true death missions such as these tower bombers.
      Maybe America should ask themselves how it came to pass that they managed to inspire such rage in the hearts of their enemies to embolden them into suicide missions.
      Attention all Muslims please refrain from putting any fatwah or declaring holy war upon poor Jonny Mortis I’m just a Simple Canadian man.

  15. Being in construction All of my life, i have witnessed, and up close many Old Buildings in Downtown-Ottawa being pulled in order to make room for brand new, & upcoming new builds. And let me tell you’s that this building #7 in NYC was pulled and very professionally done at that.

    There is no way, and a complete impossibility that this building could have collapsed and landed directly on it’s own footprint without many hours of works,,, 100’s of hours, & Many-Freemasons drilling holes and wiring it up full of TNT beforehand.


    1. Indeed building 7 was pulled dre…

      There’s a video or even videos floating around, that capture firefighters telling people to get back, as they were getting ready to PULL that building.

      Sorry, I’ve seen so many videos of 911, that I can’t recall which video I saw it on. However, you could do a search to find it I reckon.’

      I think it’s the same video that shows Larry Silversten, admitting that they had to pull that building. Larry Silverstein owned those three buildings, and took out an extensive insurance policy, shortly before 911.

          1. When you have to call people you disagree with an idiot, it exposes you as one. If you’re not going to back up your discussion with a solid set of facts, then let me help you out.


            that’s the only way a building CAN collapse, you idiot. a building is 90-95% empty space.


            And how much empty space do you have, when the supporting beams are cut in half?

            answer: none

            For it’s the empty space, that allows for the momentum of the building to fall at free fall speed.


            …notice the pyroclastic clouds?


            …notice the pyroclastic clouds?

            Failed demolition…


            Now, it’s quite obvious that these buildings had sufficient space. Why didn’t these buildings fall at free fall speed, you tapeworm?

        1. the reason those buildings in your videos fell that way is because they were short and they were blown from the bottom. the WTC building were blown from near the top and were very tall buildings. if the WTC was blown from the bottom it still would have fallen almost perfectly into its own footprint. Of course the term “footprint” is an exaggeration as obviously the final collapsed material was a lot larger than the footprint of the building.

          you obviously think the physics of an 8 story building is the same as a 100 story, so there probably isn’t much point in going further with you.

          1. Indeed. The laws of physics change dramatically depending on which floor you are on. Some buildings don’t even have a thirteenth floor, because… You know, I’m not even going to get started on the physics of the thirteenth floor. You aren’t ready.

          2. The physics are the same…

            If the supporting beams are blown away underneath the collapse line, the building will fall at free fall speed. The only difference, is the time it takes for the building to hit the ground, due to it’s height.


            Just because a building is taller than another, doesn’t change the physics whatsoever. The only variable that changes in this example, is the height of the buildings, resulting in the various times it takes for the object to hit the ground.

            In other words if the physics changed, it would be the result of another factor that would nullify it’s results. However, there is none, from the link I posted above. (notice the equation)

            From this equation alone, we can calculate how much time it takes for a building to hit the ground at free fall speed.

            In every video I’ve seen, all three buildings came down at nearly free fall speed. The physics didn’t change here, simply because we had all the necessary information at our disposal.

  16. Please try not to cry while watching this sad video. And if you do God Will Console You.
    But do take the time to watch this video in remembrance of all the poor Non-Jewish-Souls that perished at the hands Of Satan’s own Sons,,, The Jews. And may God-Bless Those Innocent Men & Women who needlessly, and savagely lost their lives on that fateful cold September day. 🙁


    MAY GOD STRIKE THOSE EVIL JEWS WITH ALL OF HIS MIGHT AND FURY WHEN THE RIGHT TIME COMES, WHICH I ASSURE YOU WILL HAPPEN SOON, AND DURING OUR LIFETIMES. So please pray for the poor innocent lives that suffer at the hands of These Evil-Jews everyday, and ask for forgiveness for your sins as you will be promised a place in heaven, if you are sincere in your prayers.

    **May God Continue To Bless Us All of us Sinners.**

          1. Yes i did stop and consider that. But i found that The King James Version is The Most Accurate/Believable Bible-Book ever written. But did *You Ever Consider* that those Evil Satanic-Jews Changed many things from the Old Testament, to the New Testament in order for them to continue fucking us up the ass without punishment. One example below that These Lying Filthy Jews Changed out of Many things found in the New Testament was done so because God Came Down himself and told then to do so, lol.

            For example an Eye for an Eye A Tooth For A Tooth was changed to Turn The Other Cheek. And why did they change it??? It was In other words done so they can continue fucking us up the ass every day. And since they control 85 % of the worlds global wealth, yet they are less than 1/2 of a percent of the worlds overall population, that speaks for itself.

        1. It’s funny you mention that because in the gospel of John which was later omitted from the bible Jesus was bisexual. The bible has been altered 300+ times. 300 times!
          I hear what you are saying but you gotta understand they wrote the whole NT to begin with along with the OT. Judaism is a supremacist program for them while Xtianity and Islam they created to fuck the goyim and destroy our original faith of paganism. Think about what the bible actually says….to hate your family, be a good slave, never question authority, let them throw you in prison, no freedom of speech. If things were added or changed it was simply to add more fuel to the fire. And, the Quran isn’t much different. Posion for the goyim I like to say. Forget about your pagan gods goyim cause we gotta bloody Communist rabbi on a stick for you to grovel before!

    1. you say it’s “impossible for a building to collapse into its own footprint?…

      so are all the videos cgi, then? since they show the building collapsing – into it’s own footprint?

      whether it was brought down by an explosion or not, the way th ebuilding collapses is no different.

      you’re a fucking idiot.

      1. @mainly
        And if you are calling ME an idiot, then You are one Stupid Motherfucker, and obviously A Jew Yourself. If you are not A Jew,,, Then you are the reason why they continue to thrive, and fuck us up the Ass.

        You are one hell of a fuck-hen Dummy, that does not belong here.

  17. Read The Project for a New American Century. Neocons needed a new Pearl Harbor to begin projecting American military power throughout the world. They collapsed World Trade Center towers 1,2 and 7. 12/7. December 7, 1941; Pearl Harbor. They put this shit right in our face.

  18. Do you all remember where you where at the time of this happening? I was in prison they had to lock the prison down & put all government buildings on red alert it was a very scary time but I believe that it was set up somehow just so sad all them people losing their lives

          1. I’m guessing you feel pretty smart now.

            notice what those 3 buildings have in common. (I’ll give you a hint, it’s the height of the buildings.)

            that has something to do with it.

            look up “progressive collapse”.

      1. It’s easy enough to find hundreds of videos about a topic if you put in the right search words that you expect to see. Type in ‘dogs can only shit in trees’ for example and you’ll be given a whole list of websites which say that’s true. Doesn’t make it so, but that is just an example.
        Also, there is a thing called “controlled demolition.”

  19. Even today you cant make a phonecall above about 15,000ft how did the passanges manage to make multiple calls at 31,000ft? Flying to high and fast for the ‘handshake’ between cell towers for a 6 min phone call. The whole official story is full of shit.

  20. I remember seeing that building fall back in in my senior year of high school and wondering how it fell so clean and evenly. None of my peers questioned the news or would tell me something like ‘Shut-up, your not an engineer.” [ I use to install siding for homes as a summer job]

    If anybody has ever seen any of those badly constructed Chinese structures collapse on the You Tube, they would see that they wobble, or tip over and they usually will give indication of failure such as windows breaking randomly and chunks of brick and concrete giving and coming off.

  21. “It was an inside job” is that what you tell yourselves to sleep better at night? Or is it a novel shock-induced mental illness? Either way, happy 9/11!

    Oh and my favorite part, instead of going for the root of it all, Saudi Arabia, no we go ahead and invade the wrong countries TWICE; Afghanistan followed by Iraq.

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