9 Year Old Found Wrapped Inside Cardboard Box Naked and Gagged

9 Year Old Found Wrapped Inside Cardboard Box Naked and Gagged

In Kalideres, a subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia, locals found a corpse of a 9 year old girl wrapped in a cardboard box. She was naked and gagged. Authorities identified her as 9 year old Putri Nur Fauziah, resident of Rawa Lele, Kalideres.

Initial examination determined that the child was killed by strangulation, but had bruises throughout the body.

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    1. I agree…sometimes when I see this shit I might even post a joke about it, but seriously whoever did that deserves a slow and painful death, if as human beings we don’t even respect children anymore, then this planet deserves to be globally nuked..

  1. FBI Stats: 54% of people murdered are by people they know. 27% are by family. That leaves just 19% total strangers. So, odds are she was murdered by a friend, family member, or some sick fuck like a delivery man or something that had met her before. Serial killers plan to kill 99% of the time where Psychopath’s just kill when a flip is switched….they don’t plan ahead, they just kill when they snap. My guess is this was the serial killer type who stalked her, planned ahead, murdered her, and already purchased the box and tape ahead of time. I’m 100% convinced this killer knew her. If this clown police force did some digging, they would find the killer quickly just interviewing everyone who knew her. Here is a simple plan of action to catch a killer.
    1) Obviously look for physical evidence, especially DNA.
    2) Interview everyone who came in contact with her in the recent past. Someone will probably pop up with accusations or a minor police record. Murderers don’t go for the kill 1st time around. They slowly desend into the madness that is murder so there is a papertrail.
    3) Identify the suspects, interview them and everyone they know, confirm whereabouts during the time of the crime, and finally get a warrent.
    4) Search their vehicle, PHONE, home, and workplace. Most of the time, there will be physical evidence and/or phone evidence.

    The rest is up to the investagators. If anyone is reading this connected to this case, feel free to take my advice 1-4. Most crimes can be solved following my simple 4 step process. Anybody see anything I missed?

    1. Sounds about right to me, makes perfect sense. Probably a friend of the family, even though this kinda stuff doesnt really bother me, I do hope they catch the guy responsible. I wouldnt want any other children to have to go through what she endured. To me, this is just another part of the fked up world we live in. Nothing we can do about it, but kill those responsible as we find them. Ofc by then its too late for the little victim, but hopefully in killing the perp, we can stop another child from having to go through this. Nature isnt always butterflies and bumblebees, sometimes the wolves come out to hunt, this is why we need guns to shoot the wolves with.

  2. Whoever did this better get a bullet to the head. She’s just a baby and I’m sure her life was already hard, considering where she ended up.I don’t understand killing little kids. I’m not a fan of them, but I am not a fan of kiddie killers either.

  3. What a bunch of cucks you all are, crying over a little shitstain that got raped and killed? LMFAO this is reality, shit like this happens daily. What makes her so special? The fact that she is a kid? News flash, the only difference is age. Once you get past that, you realize its the same bs that you’ve already seen a million times over. IDK, to me its no big deal, but honestly I dont see death as a big deal. I believe in life after death, so I dont look at death like most people do. I just laugh and keep it movin…

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