9/11 Rarely Seen, Unpublished Photos

9/11 Rarely Seen, Unpublished Photos

We all have seen countless photos from September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City, USA, yet despite it being such a high profile event, there still are pictures which are rarely seen, unpublished or otherwise unseen so let’s fix it up and publish some of those.

Props for these photos go to Best Gore member shooterx who hooked me up with a bunch of them. Since I anticipate each of you to be fairly familiar with what took place on 9/11 in the USA, I’m not gonna post any background story here. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the gallery:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “9/11 Rarely Seen, Unpublished Photos”

  1. 9/11 was fucked up. if Bush had ANY balls he would have ordered a nuclear strike on afghanistan and any other arab shithole that dared say boo afterwards. president Truman would have. he had balls and stopped the madness of ww2. who will stop these muslim terrorist assholes b4 they nuke us? it’s coming next time.

          1. if you live in this country and support those terrorist fucks you should be blown up too. Americant? these towel head fucks are killing innocent people because the free world will not conform to the demented beliefs they want us too. At least in america i have a choice. And i am damn proud to be in this country. and i am thankful i live here instead of some arab shithole where i will be persecuted and executed for not worshipping allah or whatever they call god over there. i may not agree with every president or politician, but at least they dont behead innocent people on youtube or suicide bomb thousands of people. and if you are american and support these assholes then fuck you die slow. cuz if you arent an arab like them they will cut you up too you ignorant asshole.May all you arab bitches rot in hell for what you do to all people. not just america.

    1. our own government did this crap. Blame Israel, Mossad, Bush and the illuminati
      government, and also blame those dirty terrorists Mohammed Atta and his henchmen.
      btw, hey hung like a mouse, your brain size is that of a pea and sorry to find
      out that your mother is also your sister. Pretty sad existence of a white trash
      like you deserve to die painfully and slowly.

      1. Thank you!!! This wasnt a terrorist attack, unless u count it as domestic terrorism. I was there! No fuckin way a few hundred gallons of jet fuel(kerosene) took those buildings down! Nm the ‘internal fire’ for wtc7. Look at the Pentagon pics… You really wanna tell me a 110 ton jet with 2 engines that weighed 12 tons each disappeared into a fucking hole with a 16 ft radius??? Come on, BG readers are smarter than that i thought. How does the govt claim the plane evaporated in the fire which is steel, titanium and aluminum but found enough body parts to identify all but 6 passengers? Dont forget that 11 of the 16-19 ‘terrorists'(depends on who u ask) are alive and well? With only 2 of those ever co,in to the US? Dont be sheep plz. Loom at the facts unbiased. Do ya own research on probability of a successful cell phone call while 32,000 ft in the air in 2001??? .004% chance. But the govt says they have many many recorded cell phone calls…..please. i lost 5 friends and 3 family members who were firefighters….ask an FDNY firefighter what they believe. Radio transmissions over n over again stating they can out the fires out and 14 min kater the building falls??? BULLSHIT.

    1. Not that I like it any better, but I’m rather surprised that it took that long for us to be attacked by terrorists. In Europe its been going on much longer. America isn’t immune. In a sense they succeeded in crapping our economy in the sense that tourism has been impaired. That has had an impact on our economy.
      On the bright side, we have plenty of ammo to fuck with stupid TSA people to bag on at regular intervals.

  2. I don’t know exactly what the answer is but dropping nukes is not it. I’m an American by the way. Non-Americans please don’t think some ignorant people represent all Americans. Most of us are all right despite what you saw on tv or movies. (Or Best Gore)

  3. hung like a mouse – had they used nukes as you would like to have seen, then the oil fields would have been contaminated for a good 20 or 30 years !

    They want to control the oil so they could not use nukes.

      1. Out of 22 Arab countries only 8 do not produce oil:

        Energy Statistics > Oil reserves (most recent) by country:

        List of Arab countries that do not produce oil:

        Somalia, Tanzania, Comoros, Djibouti, Qatar, Palestinian Territories, and Lebanon.


        Afghanistan is not considered to be part of the Arab World, and they do not produce any oil either.


  4. Of course a lot of these images weren’t shown to the American people. I can see why. Among the debris shots there were body parts. They weren’t easily seen but they were there. For once I agree with the media for not showing such things. Most of these were before the towers collapsed. I’d bet the circled parts of that one image was of the bodies of those who jumped. It doesn’t take these images to rejoice in the death of OBL. There were comments about the look on Obama’s face when OBL was killed. Why weren’t the faces of the others in the room mentioned? The rest of the room was cheering when OBL was shot. And when the rest of the USofA was informed of his death, we cheered.
    It isn’t just oil in Afghanistan that the US is after. It also has to do with Cobolt, Uranium, and a number of rare earth elements and minerals that are of very high value. If the country of Afghanistan got it together on mining it would be a very wealthy country. It isn’t the Muslim faith that’s the problem. Its the radicals. Every religion has radicals, look at the church group Westboro Baptist. They protest the funerals of our soldiers because they supposedly support the gay community. They are just as spiteful as a terrorist group, and they aren’t allowed to go to Norway because they wanted to harass the families of the kids that were murdered. Their visas were denied. I suspect it was a publicity stunt but the group’s premise was that the kids that were murdered because it was punishment for supporting the homosexual community. I doubt the kids had anything to do with that issue one way or the other. Nevermind that it was a lesbian couple that rowed out to save the swimmers that were trying to escape the murderer. Several were rescued, their lives saved from the icy water.
    There’s always an asshole in the crowd. In the examples above, some asshole takes an issue, twists it around to fit a radical agenda, then acts on it with that sort of ‘justification’. Atta, OBL, and the other assholes who designed 9/11 were of that sort, even though OBL enjoyed the American wealth he used to have. He died broke, minimal money in the banks because most of the countries he had money in froze his assets. Some of it made it to the victims of 9/11, not all of them died.

  5. 911 was a turning point for our country. We have instituted massive security and gone to other countries to get the principal players. But we still are playing nice and providing aid to the countries that support and hide these same people. 911 should not of happened. We try to support other countries and they just shit on us. I have said it before and will say again. Help our own then help other countries. No more police actions. No more war. NATO stay out of everyone business and if you want to go to war then go yourself. There is no middle class anymore. The middle class now is part of the poor. We need help. No more wars and no more aid to other countries until there is no more hungry and homeless families/people here in the United States.

    1. I saw an image on this link

      Second ad down. It was in magazines in 1971 to promote the WTC. My cousin showed it to me and I got upset but I didn’t know why. He showed it to me again and I started to cry. Ever the gentleman, he put the magazine away and distracted me because I was only 11 at the time. Looking back it became clear to me that this wasn’t Bush’s fault, that it was in some sort of destiny long before he took office.
      So I know how you feel, cyka. I felt it in my bones days before the attack, but I couldn’t pin down what was upsetting me.

  6. So who remembers exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard about the attacks? I was peddling my arse off on my stationary bike in the basement, was 15 at the time, when my mother screamed for me to come upstairs in a manner that could only mean that a relative had died or that the house was engulfed in flames. I ran upstairs, thinking my life or that of a relative was in serious danger, and she screamde at me to get my tape player. “Two planes just hit the twin towers! Get the radio! Get your tape player!” I still have tapes from about 9:20 AM to after 5 PM that day. I know people who were there, and some of them were never the same. I’ve seen some of the debris at museums, and it’s unbelieveable to touch and examine a steel beam, huge and massive, twisted like a paper clip in the hands of an angry giant. Bloody nuts, no matter who or how or why, just bloody insanely teribly sad.

  7. Well, I’m gonna piss a LOT of people off when I say this but, this is BG!
    We have blamed the wrong country and the Taliban had nothing to do with this at all.
    We the U.S.A did this to our selves so some guy could get rich off from a $600B insurance policy.
    It’s all a set up and these people died for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
    We go to war for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
    The commercial air liners in this country and around the world proved the can fly air liners remotely for crash testing like they do cars with crash test dummy’s.

    We are the bullies/terrorists of this world and all the other nations are fed up with us!
    It’s only a matter of time befor something really happens to us.
    Or we do it to our selves and point the finger once again.

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