Aborted Fetus Found in a Plastic Pepsi Bottle

Aborted Fetus Found in a Plastic Pepsi Bottle

Not so long ago there was a lot of buzz around Pepsi research labs using aborted fetus cells in their development of new soda flavors. Little did they know they go all in stuffing aborted fetuses in plastic Pepsi bottles without any research in Thailand. As a side note – aborted fetus cells can be found in most vaccines. We utterly consume our own dead without even realizing it.

This video has pretty foul aftertaste to it. Especially after the camera zooms in on that wee delicate baby thing the Thai medical examiner holds in his hands. So little and so vulnerable, yet already with clearly defined body parts… The fetus was given no chance.

As is a tradition in Thailand, the medical examiner treats the case like it’s his moment to shine in the spotlight. He poses with that aborted fetus and with the plastic Pepsi bottle like he has a crowd of thousands cheering for him at the foot of his imaginary stage. When he pours the fetus out of the bottle and into his hand like it’s a clotted blob of drying semen, it almost looks as if he was gonna cream his pants with excitement. Fuck Thailand!

Props to Best Gore member NihilismGrave for the video and a big Shout Out to Dan from The YNC. Hey Dan 😉

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159 thoughts on “Aborted Fetus Found in a Plastic Pepsi Bottle”

  1. There was a popular facial creme
    I was using for some time until I found out it had aborted fetus cells as a major ingredient in it. My psycho brother said it only counts as cannibalism if you lick your fingers after applying it…how could I resist?

    1. screw it, I enjoy drinking this fetus juice with a nice slab of dead cow, If I have room left a nice turkey, And afterwards some good scrambled chicken fetus with a side of pig

    1. What’s the difference between a fetus and a condom?
      Nothing. They both rip when you put your dick in.

      What’s the difference between a fetus and a stack of firewood?
      You get splinters when you fuck firewood.

      I’m probably a horrible person for only knowing jokes about having sex with a fetus.

      1. You know what’s sick?!

        100 babies in a dumpster..

        You know what’s sicker than that?!

        One is still alive..

        You know what’s sicker than that?!

        He’s at the bottom…

        You know what’s sicker than that?!

        He ate his way to the top…

        You know what’s sicker than that?!

        He went back for seconds…

    2. If my joke is not directly related, maybe I should post it in the HTP section:

      What do have in common those who are on favour to abortion with those who are against abortion?
      That they are all already born.

      1. Hey Uli…

        Mark posted on the HTP section that he is junking the idea.

        It is simply to much hassle in deciding what comment might come down as HTP worthy.


        You guys had me laughing with those jokes…

  2. The poor thing never got to take a single breath, but the way the world is going, he/she is probably better off.

    I don’t mean that in a horrible way at all, just that sometimes I wonder what the babies born today will find the world like when become adults. From what I see happening, it’s going to be far worse than it is now.

  3. What kind of fucking human, i mean a damn mother fucking human, can just treat an unborn life like that fuck the east. I respect the east less and less every day the more east you go the more fucked up things get. Go north and stay west.

    1. Come on, shit like this happens everywhere. Anywhere there is fleshy virus there is shit like this. It’s just easier to get these kind of videos from 3rd world countries. The civilized masses are better at hiding this stuff.

    2. Come on, shit like this happens everywhere. Anywhere there is fleshy virus there is shit like this. It’s just easier to get these kind of videos from 3rd world countries. The civilized masses are better at hiding this stuff thats all.

      1. Damn double post. Sorry, once again I thought I could defeat technology. I tried to alter my response by two words and got my ass handed back to me so I can try again later. Speaking of asses, do you have a taint or does that pink taco take it’s place. If this is offensive don’t answer, just wondering.

  4. i don’t believe in abortion. in life there are consequences. the consequences of fucking mean children are a result. if you fuk/get pregnant do not sentence your innocent child to death for your fuck up. accept the consequences and responsibilities. that is hoe God designed human life. consequences and responsibilities. cause and effect. abortion is spitting in the face of God for sending you a most precious gift. new life. everything deserves a chance. especially defenseless fv. someday you will all face God and be asked to account for your actions as a fv. TAKE HEED AND COUNSEL BG BITCHES. your God is watching. SO SAYS DA MOUSE! ignore me at your own peril.

    1. @mouse- i agree with you. When all hell broke lose for me at 5 months with my first, becoming homeless, sleeping at waffle house, buumming car rides, etc. Abortion was never on my list, i was on the pathway to give my baby up for adoption. That changed when i saw his side profile on ultra sound. I worked my ass off and nearly died both me and the baby, but we pulled through. Moral to the story is, some women want to take the easy way out and wash their hands of it when there are always other routes that are much more responsible and respectable in my opinion.

      1. Hey @nikki, at least you took the lemons and made lemonade, you should be proud of yourself. I myself lived on a nyc subway for about a week and also in a car for a while but that was cause I was a druggie, but those days are over, not because of rehab, ( I wouldn’t go to one) but because *I* said enough was enough. Glad everything worked out for you.

          1. Hey mouse, if there is no place in heaven and no after life for us FV’s, (your words not mine) then what does it matter what we do in life since there will be no consequences in the after life.

      2. Mouse… Here! Here!

        Many Girls these days just use abortion as a method of Birth Control.

        To some of these girls… They don’t give a toss. It is just part of a fucking routine.

        I know a girl around these parts who has had 14 abortions.

        She is scum.

        Nicole… Bloody hell! Respect to you me lady!

          1. @Razorblade_Grin

            Where are you, that it’s illegal? Is it illegal in all circumstances or just some?

            I don’t agree with abortion, but I think in some cases it may be necessary.. for instance if you’re raped or if you find out during early testing that the baby will have down syndrome. Then I think you should have a choice.

            I do not agree with using it as a form of birth control. Some girl on a forum once asked how soon could she take another Plan B pill because she had taken one 12 hrs ago and just had unprotected sex again! what the fuck.. o.o

          2. @kels….im from ireland and its illegal in all circumstances here….even if you are raped its still illegal…..

            maybe just maybe the only way they would do over here is if there was no possible way the mother would survive the birth….

            having a baby that has down syndromes is a horrible reason to have an abortion in my opinion

          3. Pam.

            Yes. The Catholic church will only consent to Abortion when the Mother’s life is in peril.

            It is called the ‘Double-effect’ rule.

            I don’t think anybody should have children without a licence first.

            A lot of females round these parts shat out children many times to collect a cheque… They don’t give a toss about the kiddies.

            In all honesty though… I have thought about what if my unborn kid was a cabbage… What would I do?

            I have thought about it a lot. I come to the same conclusion all the time.

            I would have to be as much a Dad to my disabled kid as a healthy one.

            Everything happens for a reason I believe.

    2. I is gonnaz kime in hearz ans say Abortion is not birth control is you have consensual sex you should not be able to get one(I kinda feel incest baby’s should be aborted for the sake of future fv haven’t made my mind on that one yet). NOW if you were raped and feel you can’t raise a rape baby then abortion should be allowed.

        1. And the unwanted ones go from one place to another in foster care and most are all fucked up before their even an adult, there’s already to many unwanted babies, if we don’ control our populations then we have no choice be to continue to spread like a disease, we are the cancer of mother earth, you guys shit on people for what they do to each other and this planet, but when I comes down to fixing a problem you cant or wont, so in the years to come and shit hits the fan with over population or us approaching wild life, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it wasn’t necessary, the FACT is we cannot sustain our population growth, we are going to double the population in like twenty five years, and if you thing shit is bad now, I think I’ve made my point, sorry.

          Oh well right, since thats going to happen anyways.

    3. ACE. You hit the nail right on the head there, if you fuck, prepare to reap what you sow. If you don’t want the child, then adopt him or her out to a childless couple who will love that baby more than life itself.

    4. What if the woman was raped and there was no possible way to sustain both of the lives including the baby and mother? Also, what if there was a horrible defect the baby was born with where it would be in the state of a vegetable for the rest of it’s life? Would you like to go see the baby with no brain video and tell me you feel no pity for the baby who’s life consists of being a doll for the state of it’s life?

    5. Did any of you stop to think that chances are that the baby was spontaneously aborted?….you know a miscarriage. Just because the title says abortion, does not mean that is necessarily true or fact.

    1. I’d say she had an awful lot of abortion-grade liquor mixed in with the pepsi. I’m sure the little one tasted a least a drop of it before he went. Poor thing didn’t even have a chance, which in all reality was probably a good thing since the mother’s parenting skills undoubtedly wouldn’t have gotten any better throughout the child’s life

  5. I believe abortion has its benefits, I wanted it but she didn’t, It fucked me up at the time, but now, at least I’m not bound to that bitch any more, if I was I probably killed myself a long time ago.

    1. I believe in abortion too @phat, cause I wouldn’t be alive right now on this fleshy virus piece of shit world………..oh, wait that’s stenches line. In that case, I don’t believe in abortions cause I wouldn’t have this hole in my head.

      1. Thats from drugs, not abortion, but could be linked by an awesome sluty, redhead, screaming orgasms on your dick, cheating fucking bitch whore that you loved like no other, or maybe thats just me ;8(-

        1. @ phat, man that’s sad. Really fucking sad. What a bitch. I believe both parents have a right, and if it comes down to it, she didn’t want “it” I would prefer to say the baby, then she should have given you the chance to raise the child. Sorry, really. Sad shit there.

    2. Glenn.

      I wholeheartedly disagree with abortion. But if I was in power… Would I make it illegal?

      The answer is. No. I wouldn’t.

      Because people are always going to have abortions. Whether they are safe… Legal… On the NHS.

      Or they are backstreet abortions performed by quacks who have no idea what they are doing.

      I am sorry to hear about that nasty piece of work buddy. You are better off out of it.

      1. works pretty fine over here tom……as far as i know there is no backstreet abortions preformed here…..if someone really wants one they have to travel to england and pay for it….most cant afford that so they have the baby….

        1. now in saying that i really dont see the need for abortions in this day and age when there is the morning after pill……if you have unprotected sex you have 72 hours to visit a doctor and get the morning after pill……..

          1. I think the morning after pill is the same as abortion…

            If not worst because it is just one, innocent looking pill.

            A death sentence.

            Fair enough Pam. I was just thinking about what happened before it was legalised.

            I think that The Irish (with a Catholic mentality) think about it a tad differently than the English (with a permissive Anglican mentality).

            But I hate Abortions all the same.

            And if my missus went and had one behind my back she would be following the kid into the fucking grave.

        1. Thing is. It is being over populated with all the wrong people.

          A lot of couples who decide to abort a baby are good people. They are depriving the world of one ‘good’ person that could potentially offset the damage from the ‘bad’ people.

          1. If you knew a woman who was pregnant, and she had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion?

            if you answered yes you have just killed beethoven

          2. Dammit Pam, I just killed Beethoven, Retards having retards only only hurts the human gene pool, as my dad is skitzophrenac I am really fucked up, and my bro’s son is very likely to be skitzo as well, these cycles need to end, but I’m not going to decide who should die, except for muslims!

            (mean ;8( face)

  6. sick fuckin assholes on this planet.to destroy something so precious and innocent a miracle is not for us to fuck with…if you cant handle one then be responsible and use contreceptives and if you live in a fucked up third world country then 1 take it in the ass 2 take it in your mouth or 3 dont take it at all and think you stupid cunt…..its no fuckin joke ITS A BABY aka human not a monkey….fuck !

    1. 1. How do you know it was aborted and not miscarried?

      2. Human life is neither precious, nor a miracle – especially in Thailand.

      3. The world is overpopulated and scum are breeding like rabbits. Viva abortion!

      1. @elle feeling guilty about something ? correct me if im wrong but usually if you are having a miscarriage you 1 start having pain 2 start bleeding for no reason 3 DO NOT discard your unborn baby in a fuckin pepsi bottle or in the garbage like puting out the trash and finally 4 even if it was a supposed miscarrige you would want to bury it no? also i dont think if you are miscarring you can just fart it out in this case a clinic would have properly disposed of it and again not in the trash…

        1. Rofl, you’re a bit sensitve on this issue aren’t you 🙂 Thailand is a country where human beings are thrown away like trash, and a miscarried fetus being stashed in a plastic bottle doesn’t sound out of character for them. You don’t know the cicumstances and netiher do I.

          And lol @ feeling guilty. I would technically be the “scum” that I’m referring to, so I wouldn’t allow myself to get preggers. I’m not stupid. If I ever do though, I’ll have an abortion and upload the pics to BG, just for you xx.

          1. @Razor and Bidity…when I lost my first baby at 3 months……I had nightmares about dead babies on the sidewalks. Mine did not come out, so I had to go in the hospital for a D&C.

        2. @dre…….having had a miscarraige the answers to your questions are yes you pain…..yes you bleed a little….and yes you can just “fart” it out…….

          i went to the hospital with pain and bleeding….half an hour later i went to the toilet and while i was peeing half the baby fell into the toilet……

          this could have been a young girl who told no one she was pregnant….

          1. @Pam, I had a miscarriage as well. I was in the middle of lab and just excused myself to the bathroom. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on until I found blood all over. I was about 7 weeks along so I couldn’t tell what anything was. It only lasted a few minutes and that was it. I went to my doctor the next day and they retested me. Sure enough the baby was gone. That was….9 years ago now. I still remember it like it was yesterday. 🙁

          2. i was 3 months so it was more or less formed…..when i looked into the toilet there was 2 little legs and an arm in there….sad to see but im over it now….still remember it like it was yesterday too

  7. @elle & @razorblade i am sensitive to this issue and apologize for my momentary lapse of reason regading my are you feeling guilty statement . that being said its still hard to believe in thailand or anywhere else for that matter that a soon to be mom would just discard their baby like trash. & elle im sorry for your loss…

    1. it doesnt just happen in thailand though….it happens in every country….young girls getting pregnant….havent told anyone….have a miscarriage and just leave the baby there because they are too afraid to tell anyone……

  8. That shit was fucked up. I don’t care too much for chinamen, but ffs, this little kid did not have to be aborted. There are so many means of contraception out there, the fucken hoe that killed this kid should be herself aborted from the earth.

  9. How the fuck do people find these kinda things in the trash…wtf do they just go looking in the worst smelling trash cans trash cans that smell like aborted fetus, and what’s up with the fucking women not being able to hide their shit better…the bitch can hide her pregnancy like a fucking pro but when it comes to getting rid of the evidence the bitch slips up…a Pepsi bottle seriously wtf just flush that poor slush of a baby, its better than letting it rot in the trash and get eaten by fucking cats or monkeys or whatever they got running around in Thailand your also not risking some trash picking douche that’s gunna bring the heat down on your stupid ass

    1. As far as Pepsi using fetus cells in its drink well I really don’t care about that…I’m from Texas and I drink what every REAL Texan drinks and that’s a little drink called Dr Pepper, those who have never had it are missing the fuck and should drown in their Pepsi, Coke and mountain fucking dew

  10. were they sure it was aborted? doesnt the baby usually have to be torn apart when its that big? or was it a miscarrage? either way thats so fucked up. my friend just gave birth to her baby at 6 months and it passes away after its lungs collapsed.. i cannot imagine her pain. fuck thiland and its whores.

    1. There are saline injection abortions performed after the third month, they use something to open the cervix and inject saline solution into the placenta via the womans abdomen, then she goes into premature labor, the baby cant survive that young outside of the womb. These are still performed in Canada, I believe until sixteen weeks gestation. Sorry for your friends loss, I can understand your anger.

  11. I know this sight has a lot of sick headed people that can make jolly jokes about everything & anything, but, when it comes to widdle baby’s, including fetus’s…..it’s just not cool dudes….
    This little fellow never had a chance & never got to experience life, love, cuddling or a happy meal. Abortion is murder…

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