Aerial Footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza Puts Indiscriminate Bombardment by Israel Into Perspective

Aerial Footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza Puts Indiscriminate Bombardment by Israel Into Perspective

Drone filmed aerial footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza, released by puts the indiscriminate bombardment by Israel into a perspective. You basically can’t really see a single building that wouldn’t have been attacked, which proves that all those “knock on the roof” or phone warnings were really naught but Public Relations propaganda moves. There was nowhere for the Palestinians to evacuate to as no matter where they’d move, they’d be bombed there too.

Thus all voices calling Operation Protective Edge a genocide were true. This offensive was about erasing entire neighborhoods, wiping out all indigenous population and breaking any will the Gazans may have had to resist. Yet despite the campaign, Gazans persevered and if anything, gained more support all over the world than they’ve ever had.

The video also proves that the Palestinians have every right – moral and legal – to defend themselves against the attacks by any means available.

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  1. You know what, I’m a logical man and when not drunk, which is getting rarer these days, I tend to always consider all the possibilities before arriving at my conclusion but for the life of me I cannot understand, from a logical perspective not an emotional one, why Jewish people believe they have more right to that land than anyone else including the Palestinians.

    The argument that Jewish people always put forward is that the land, according to a very old book, once belonged to them thousands of years ago hence still belongs to them.

    There are of course a few small, tiny little problems with that line of thinking. Number one is that unless Jewish people were procreating with their own family members for thousands of years the original bloodline would have been wiped out by now due to thousands of years of variation between pure blood Jews and other Jews, if indeed they were ever related to the original Israelites and not just making it up.

    Also, thousands of years ago the geographical lines of countries were very different, some countries had much more land and others had much less, therefore it would be insane if every other group of people made claims on areas of land due to thousand year old maps.

    Let’s put it into some form of perceptive, if the native Indians were to arrive at the door of some very rich Jewish Americans and tell them that the land belonged to them before it was stolen and therefore it would be nice if they could have it back again, what do you think the response would be, do you think that they would say “sure, you can have my home and this land after all it does belong to your people, in fact you can have Chicago, don’t worry about those living there at the moment after all they are just squatters on your land, kick them all out, the land is yours”, no the response would be to call them crazy and call the police.

    Why then, if the above is considered an absurd scenario is the reality of Israel not considered the same?.

    Jewish people often say that they have carried their traditions forward over those years and this means they still have a right of claim, well, so did the native Indians but they are not considered to have a right of claim.

    My conclusion, no matter how much I look at it the logic escapes me. In my opinion the Palestinians have the right to exist in that land and that would make Israel an invading, occupying force hence the villains in this current story.

    1. Your explanations, and comparisons, with the Native Situations worldwide, is an excellent way to describe the Jewish Situation in Palestine. Well Done as always @ Empty! Whether drunk, or not, your logic, and conclusions are always to the point, and dead on brother 😉

      1. The Jews have somehow convinced the World that they are God’s chosen people, and anything to discredit that sentiment is considered anti semitic. Their “logic” is not the same logic that is based on simple logistical matters based on necessity or improving quality of life.
        They have an entirely different system of “logic” that emphasizes deceit and exploitation. It will never fit your sense of logic. It requires an evil alterior motive.
        It is truly astounding how arrogant jews are, and why wouldn’t they be? Their disturbing tactics have worked perfectly up until now, and their self prophesied chosen status seems all the more real to them now than ever. They are at the peak of their deception and manipulation. They have won the battle, but the war is just beginning.

        1. They did it by writing the new testament…. Convinced the christian world they are gods chosen people. If you dont believe that ask any christian bout the genocide in the pallestine theyll spurt some rhetoric about the army of god returning to destroy the enemies of isreal. If they dont theyve actually been paying attention and wont comment on the genocide. My mother is a good woman and a devout christian. Fucking brainwashed, unwilling to listen to anything that may contradict her faith in jesus christ. Indoctrinated spoiled children who are too fucking blind to see whats really happening. And they will stand for isreal cause thats what the bible says to do. The rest be damned.

          1. A tangled web of lies it is.. All that matters is an appreciation of oneself and their surroundings. Nature and it’s laws are the one true sustainable system.. We are so far from Mother, but She won’t give up on us.

    2. @Empty ; you do have many valid points in all your arguments as usual. but really should stop using the false term `native americans` in your false comparisons to present day land disputes, As they too were immigrants to `N. America. & secondly most if not all tribes had NO words or even the concept of land `OWNESHIP` , they correctly believed that mother earth is a living thing and thus can not belong to anyone! *however again most if not all tribes were willing to kill other tribes to gain access to the best huntin & fishin areas I. E. (natural Resouces) needed for their specific `tribe to not just survive, but to thrive and prosper and grow strong enough to defeat any other tribe who ultimately would also want to claim those same huntin&fishin areas …. Soooo. Really, they too were not all that different than `modern european whites` who came along and ?`stole? those same resources from those poor- `rich` fake righteous, injuns [#`get it, got it, good`!]

      1. You read too much Jared diamond. There were millions of Indians living in North America and they were reduced to mere thousands by the white savages. From all the fighting between tribes you claim, millions were still existing prior to colonization

          1. And Europeans came over from their homeland, Europe. So what? Can’t people just live together and share land. Glad I live where I do where us whites and natives are living together peacefully. We all just had a community bbq the other day.

    3. Thanks @dre.

      @BOASP, The reason why I used the native Indian argument was because it was the best comparison I could think of at the time and I agree that most if not all land dwelling peoples came across their land during migration and remained/expanded regardless of original inhabitants and over time became the original inhabitants that we know today.

      It is still a good comparison though, because the original Israelites were men of God and did not establish land owning rights either because according to their religious ideology God was the owner and landlord for all purposes and intent and they were just the tenants, much in the same way as the Indians of America considered their own world and life.

      It therefore stands that if the modern Jews, Israel, can reclaim land from a long time ago then theoretically so could the Indians of America or indeed any group of people who can show that their ancient ancestors once live there.

      If it is then argued that other groups of peoples cannot be allowed to reclaim ancient territory based upon centuries old maps it must stand that the Jewish people have preferential status in our societies and are allowed to engage in action and behaviour that other groups cannot.

      My conclusion, if a group of people have preferential status it needs to be asked why?, what do they have that others do not?, what power, control do they have over society to give them dominance in society?, the answer, money.

      Well, since the banking world has been owned and run by the same rich Jewish families it makes sense.

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”.

      mayer rothschild

      “Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender”

      Book of Proverbs.

    4. Hello all, 1st post. Excellent post mate. I dropped a pro palastine wristband at work the other week and it got passed up the chain of command up to the highest bloke on site. After I had collected it, I found out my foreman had been asked if I was an anti-semite!. I tried to tell a close friend this story last week and I got as far as “wristband” until I was accused of being a muslim lover. Even going as far as shouting his wife in to tell her what I was! Madness prevails. Does anyone know how to put a picture on my profile?

    5. Dude you had the best explanation ever… Even a 10yo child would perfectly understand the palestinian x jews situation there in Gaza with that explanation… And they are all Khazarians by the way, jewish my ass…. That’s why Jesus came a long time ago, to show that everyone, including palestinian, greeks, romans, indians, black, white, whatever, anyone can have acces to God through his Son… Thats plain simple… Love each other and get your tickey to heaven… Not a small piece of terrain in this fucked up world….

    6. You sound like the UN one of the must useless organizations i seen in my life , bunch of hypocrites that keep complaining on other countries instead of looking on themself…
      Here are a few facts ,
      1) its our nature and its nothing to do with 1 being jew and other muslim…i can give u 1000 examples of such acts that been done by allmost any country in the world…
      2) There could have been a country called palestine long time ago if those stone age folks had little wits , and looked for peacfull solution instead of the methods they still used back in the days of the holy crusade and the jihad
      3) The reaction of israel was very weak i can promise u a country like russia would have made Gaza a flat shit hole and ended this war long time ago without giving a shit about hypocrites that cry and threaten it not to do so.
      4) Now that i made those few points here an intresting fact on how sadly those people think —-> ” Israel stoped shooting? haha they are weak lets keep sending missles ” , ” israel offering us something? wow thats great it means we can use even more violence and get even more stuff from them ” sad…but if you really dig into it u will find it true
      5) Did you know how many religios has there been from the first recoreded history? and how many left standing? and why the jewish religion is one of them? they used wits to survive instead of brutal force , became merchents ,advisor etc instead of warriors and rulers (why they choose that path i cant say but thats how things are) . The jews want to progress and evolve not to fight stuiped wars…
      6) Now a funny fact , israel is a small country it has nothing to export or any way to make money so how on earth did it become so evolved in 50 years ? with the whole muslem world raging and attacking it all that time… and what would it had looked like without those sheeps all around it… jews believe in knowledge and wits and its been long long into history that people married by the level of wits before anything else.
      The reason why it finnaly has a strong country now and didnt have one before is simply the so much needed step up in technology and human progress ( kinda like the brute vs the geek comparison).
      Now i am maybe a little optimistic with saying this but i think that sooner or later the technology will step up high enough to make us something greater then raging animals. And in my opinion what makes you a greater man then the person near you is choosing to use your wits over the use of feelings/instincts which we got from animals so long time ago and just think about how many evil acts comming from just that.

  2. Let me tell you a little about those child killing kikes.. If a freedom fighter and that is Hamas by the way.. Is sleeping at home, and the zio’s want to kill him they just bomb the hole street, his mother his wife his grandfather and all his kids..
    And every other one on that street.. Just like the u.s did in afghan and Iraq.. Obama must be the only black slave left on the planet

    1. It’s called war. Check out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And while your at it check our the bombing of Dresden. I wonder how many were informed of the bombing before the blast? I’l tell you: zero, nada none. And yes thousand of children were killed. War is hell.

  3. Devastating Aerial view, for sure! The true scope of the damages caused by relentless bombardments from Israeli Terrorists, cannot be downplayed by the Zionist Mass Media News Networks, thanks to videos like this!

  4. The way I see it is Israel is doing us a favor by eliminating future jihadists today. I still recall that on the day my cousin died in the WTC… these innocent Palastupids were celebrating and handing out candy.

  5. If anybody else were to do this our government would accuse that government of committing genocide. But the kikes do this and we claim that it was done in self defense. I guess the real Middle East peace plan is to just wipe out the Palestinians.

    1. True @rayf.
      It’s scary how indoctrinated the masses have become on this issue.
      I was gob smacked earlier today after reading one particular journalists words on Gaza. I honestly can’t fathom whether he’s a total idiot or a bare faced liar. He is one or the other that’s for sure.

      1. @Ewe Journalists are NOT what they once were. 7 corporations own all the media. That “journalist” was just grinding out the shit his employer pays him for. Sad how the masses allow all these king shits to sit on their turd mountains and play with our lives like they were some type of malignant gods. Hard not to believe humanity isn’t doomed because before we would ever all work together we would rather turn on each other. And those shits on the mountain aim to keep it that way.

        1. @rayf.
          It seems journalistic integrity is all but dead, I really don’t know why I was surprised. I guess
          it’s too much to expect our so called media, to spread anything other than total bollocks anymore. There are odd exceptions, but, they are becoming few and very far between, which is a very sad state of affairs indeed.

          Doomed we are my friend, if the world continues on this collusion course to all hell, we are done for. There is a moral vacuum, which is becoming stronger by the day. It’s not good , not good at all.

  6. Israel only target specific buildings with utmost precision. Trouble is, the whole of
    the Gaza strip is the target, so, no real prcision is required, just wanton bombing does the trick. This footage clearly shows the true devastation that those ” Precision ” bombings have caused.

  7. Congratulations, bombs destroy buildings. You just discovered the Pacific Ocean. Also Muslims will behead you. That’s what they do. Behead. And execute. I don’t see Israelis lining them up and shooting them, do you. Nope, but I see a lot of muslims executing other muslims.

    If it weren’t for muslims beheading and executing there would be no Best Gore.

  8. Madness
    is it poetry

    When I shut my eyes our pretty green world it stops moving
    lifting my lids all is reborn once again.
    Inside of my head it is there where you dwell,
    I can see what normal is some think that I am, blue the new red.
    When I leave my head ink indigo black the darkness comes in.
    Am I an animal any old animal I’ve staked my one life on.
    Close your moist weeping eyes such tears they will fall when I come.
    And of that which I speak and of those all around you
    I can speak soothing words, words that can touch you.
    Struck by the Moon and burned by the stars such is the power
    held at bay by the few all must deal with
    where we sleeping lay power not shared where you have the ability
    to lure me into deaths soft bed.
    I am like you we both are insane, dreaming of living and never dying.
    God spares the just few from the fire that is hell then they fade.
    Our eyes must not shut nor close tight in sleep.
    I can in sleep with the help of their minds
    living high at the top of snow covered mountains
    return back to you full in the knowledge of all I was told.
    Don’t forget me in this when you are in bed you I see as I dream.
    Dreaming of this which is mine and I am as you know gowing old.
    Must you as I dream take control of our dreams that we dream?
    Spring it has come summer is here yea though again I must walk
    through the dawn of their winter and all of our fears of the cold.

    Is It Poetry

  9. the Holohoax. those corpses died of Typhus and starvation because the Allies blew up all way to get foodstuffs. The Germans were starving too. Hitler was a prophet, not a demon, and the allies adopted all his goals (fighting communism, cleansing Europe of Jews) after he died. that’s why the Yiddish weren’t given a homeland in Germany after WW2. Everyone agreed with Hitler and wanted them OUT.

    1. im kinda not 100% with your reasons there my friend…….I usually stay out of this argument but I have to say my uncle was a POW in one of those fake camps of yours and he did see a whole whackadoodie of shit going on…plus he also endured some of the torture, as well as marching in the death march at the end….and let me state he wasn’t jewish before I get trampled here….also my dad and all of my uncles were over there as well….they saw the shit with their own eyes….it fucked them up for the rest of their lives…
      …anyways…just wanted to throw that out there..not that anyone is gonna believe me but hey…I feel like living on the edge tonight 😛

  10. Live & Die by the golden rule fool, those with the most gold make the rules! and they can buy the best weapons & fighters (mercs) to enforce those rules! thus, sure palestinians have a legal and moral right to fight and defend their b.s. shithole of a country` , but it takes a special kind of retard to throw rocks & homemade rockets at a neighbor who is so much better armed with modern weapons. so i cannot fathom why any other people support such idiocy !
    with words only* and not gold, weapons and manpower.
    me i would not piss on a fkn yahoodi or a towelheaded palestinian sand nig if they were on fire!
    if the izzies really wanted to commit genocide on those poor ragheads they most certainly are takin too fuckin long , now that is cruel.

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