Afghanistan – Two Men Ambushed and Killed by US Troops

Afghanistan - Two Men Ambushed and Killed by US Troops

War in Afghanistan in brief: you have a gun, you see two people on a motorcycle, you ambush them and kill them, then you decide that they were Taliban to justify the killing and look for something to make it look as such while all of your mates – like hunters – pull their cameras out to take pictures of their latest kill. Meanwhile, you make offensive remarks and casually kick the corpse just because you can. I kind of understand where this anti-western sentiment comes from.

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45 thoughts on “Afghanistan – Two Men Ambushed and Killed by US Troops”

  1. This is no different than the behavior of soldiers in any other war, nor on any other side. The only difference is that, now, the media is in your pocket and it documents everything, not just what the government wants people to see.

    1. thank you for that comment. war transforms any person into a seemingly “evil killer.” For anyone who has ever been in a hostile environment serving in the army they will know that you have to get yourself into a “killer” mind set. You have to block out the guilt of killing another person in order to cope. It is the only way. Labeling US soldiers as evil invaders and killers is utterly ridiculous. I have heard directly from soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and the only way to cope in war is to let go of your feelings. It is WAR here, you cant expect either side to hug and kiss. War is brutal no matter the side. Blame the people who declare it.

      1. Yes, I also agree with the “blame the ones who declare the war” part. We’re all but pawns on a large chessboard with people behind the big curtain having a grip of much larger stones. At the end of the day, it’s their war and they are also the ones that will have their names written on the monuments and in history books, yet people whose blood stains the battlefield to secure their power will remain nameless. It’s shite any way you look at it.

        1. Why can’t we blame the ones who do the killing too? They put themselves in that situation. In the People CHOOSE to go into the army and allow themselves to go into that situation. They CHOOSE to get into that kill or be killed. So although I respect soldiers, I do not understand them. But these guys I have no respect for.

  2. These soldiers should be prosecuted. @$$wipes that they are. I’m sick and tired of the U.S. meddling into any country it feels like. I’m tired of their war machine. Too bad they need to throw billions away a year for this crap yet health care and jobs remain unattainable in America. I hope these redneck soldiers burn in Hell:)

  3. listen, I hear all of you your opinions…but the simple fact is none of know shit unless we were there, its ALL speculation. I base my opinion only by what see in the video, and what I see is the corpse in black wearing a brown TACTICAL vest, why would a non terrorist wear a tactical vest??? They wouldn’t, doesnt make any sense….just one more piece of shit down in my eyes…on to the next one boys.

    1. Cemeterian, Afghanis face the threat of being indiscriminately killed at any time by invading, occupying forces. It’s been ongoing for years and pretending it’s not happening is akin to mimicking an ostrich who thinks he’s safe by sticking his head under the ground.

      Since they live under constant threat of being indiscriminately shot, wouldn’t it make sense that they may take precautions to try to protect their lives? I mean, even if they are farmers, they still may try to protect themselves from stray bullets cause it’s a nature of any human being to try to survive and this may well have been as far as they could go with it.

      Let’s not pretend that US troops do not indiscriminately kill civilians in Afghanistan. One would have to live with rose colored glasses welded on their face to believe otherwise.

      1. I completely agree with you 100% Angie, But as Graugiest stated, you can’t really draw an opinion from 5 minutes worth of clip, they could have very well been running from another incident down the road….I totally agree with innocent civilians protecting themselves in the chaos of war, but, to wear a vest made for the storage of multiple hi-cap magazines, grenades, knives and whatnot screams to me that this man was up to no good…I would think that after so many decades of living in a war ravaged region that if one was not involved in the battles and did not want to be thought of as a target, one would not dress the part.

    2. Thank you cemeterian! What I see in the video, about 6 seconds into it, passenger on cycle, his right hand, your left, raises a weapon. You can’t miss it, weapon comes up just as the cycle moves from shade to bright sunlight! Its easy to see, its in broad daylight! FuckenA some of these posts piss me off!

      1. I agree, in fact at about 2:24 you clearly hear the marine who shot them say “i came out like this, and he just kept coming, AND HE RAISED HIS FUCKING RIFLE, so i blasted him” that line is exactly what happened because, like buzz said, you see the dude raise a rifle or something, and point it at the marine.

          1. I love idiot marines who have that mind set that they are better when in actuality they aren’t. We all bleed the same blood and for those who have deployed or served in the armed forces we have worked toward the same mission.

  4. 1) They all dress alike. Who is taliban and who is not?
    2) We don’t know if the Army ordered that ambush.
    3) They may be fleeing from an attack on US military.
    4) To take a picture or short video and say anything is wrong. You need to have the full story to understand why they ambushed those two men.

  5. I can pretty much guarantee the British Army wouldn’t execute an ambush like this, however, like ‘Graugeist’ said, we don’t know the entire scenario, a lot of Taliban will fight one minute then hide their AK’s in local crops, this could be an example of decent intelligence and taking the fight to the enemy.

  6. im sorry, but i understand the hatred the world had for Western peeps, but i havent met a rag-head that dint deserve to die. kill em all, let allah sort em out. fucking middle-east. we should just fucking nuke the place.

  7. No conclusions can be made from this photo unless we have a creditable source of information as to what happened. Aside from that, why was this even posted? Other than to make a political statement (which this site isn’t meant for) the photo is incomplete and doesn’t show much.

  8. As I was watching the first few seconds of this video over and over, I noticed that within second 7 as the soldier steps out in front of the motorcycle, one of the men, I believe passenger, lifts his right arm up just before the view is blocked by the soldier and the shots ring out…if you listen closely later in the video, you can hear a soldier saying that one of the men fired at him(hence him falling back) something to that effect, I head it this AM…but to me this is just more evidence suggesting these two were not just innocent travellers.

    1. Oh comon now, let’s be realistic. We are talking about two men on a motorcycle who were ambushed by a group of soldiers who expected them and had their arms pointed at them so they could unleash a fire hell as soon as the motorcycle came to vicinity. How could that have given anyone enough time to pull out a gun and fire at the ambusher? What you have seen as typical reaction of a human being to an attack. You raise your arms as if in an attempt to put them between yourself and the source of attack. Not that it would ever help against fire power, but it is something people would naturally attempt to do. That’s about the best you can do when you are unarmed and somebody attacks you.

      I agree though that it is impossible to draw solid conclusions form a 5 minutes clip, however there are some pretty obvious signs that these were just random men on a motorcycle. Did you notice one of the soldiers checking the motorcycle for strapped on IEDs? It definitely looks as if they killed two men and then looked for something to label them Taliban fighters, suicide bombers or whatever could justify the attack.

      1. That is something i considered before I replyed…though I thought more of putting your arms higher than waist level (very quickly) to show being unarmed, but shielding is a definate possibility,though if he were armed there would be no need to waste time pulling it out if it were already exposed, just lift it ….To me though, The arm going up, the soldier saying he raised a gun, and the tactical vest combined spell a different story than what you feel…If only there was a better angle

        1. You also need to take into an account the fact that many Afghanis are poor. Add to it the fact that many people get killed in Afghanistan all the time and if you combine the two, there is a considerable chance that if a farmer who’s so poor he can’t even afford to buy clothes for himself stumbles across a corpse wearing some seemingly well tailored vest with handy pockets he could use while attending to his field, he may just help himself to it. That vest would be of no use to a dead man anyway and he’s poor so recycling the vest this way would be perfectly justifiable.

          This whole war in Afghanistan is one fucked up affair. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the rag heads as much as the next guy and you don’t have to go too far to look up what I have to say about Islam when there is time to speak about it. But as much as I hate the rag heads, I also hate the manipulation of public views of what really goes on behind the scenes in Afghanistan (and other regions invaded by foreign countries).

          1. I hear ya, except for hating rag heads…I hate nobody, there are pieces of shit in all ethnicities…just like there are planty of “rag heads” that support us being there and help out our troops…I just don’t understand why a “poor farmer” so to speak would pick up a military branding piece of clothing, something that could easily get him shot, these guys have been in conflict since the 80s with Russia,if not longer, they should know the ins and outs of war by now, they can’t be that stupid… That would be like carrying around an AK-47 simply because you are poor and found it…ya gonna get yaself shot, or, “I’m not Hamas, but this green headband sure keeps the sweat off my brow” I highly doubt it.

      2. When they flip him over it looks as though there is a waepon underneath the body…and in the end his arm is not laying flat on the ground, it is propped up by something…looks as though there is a tube on the ground next to his propped up hand…listen carefully to the soldiers accounts, what these guys did before the shooting… the one soldier said “he raised his rifle” you can see the guy raising his arm…and that def looks like a rifle to me underneath the corpse… all I gotta say is good job.

    1. So I guess we deserved 9/11 then? Thousands of innocent people trying to support thier families deserved to die? But you are right, America will and is getting what it deserves, and what goes around comes around….Thats why they are getting thier punishment now 😉

  9. Wake up people. They are wearing chest racks. That is a standard piece of equipment that insurgents use to carry magazines for their ak’s and grenades. Indeed civilians need to protect themselves. The country of afghanistan legally allows one ak per military aged man plus one magazine. Also the weapon must be registered. It is highly suspicious to wear a chest rack and try to run down soldiers with a motorcycle. With that being said, and with the fact that the clip is so short to make a valid conclusion, stop being so damn ignorant.

    1. LULWAT? Run down soldiers with a motorcycle? I imagine you would order an artillery attack on an Afghani who’s about to pick his teeth with a toothpick cause toothpick is a dangerous weapon and could be used to take on a tank, right? Fuck kid, you’re a dummy!

  10. Hey when you spend a few years of your life there maybe you could qualify to begin to comment on this topic. They have on chest rigs…why do you think that is? I love all the arm chair warriors on this site. I used to think the best of people…then I spent a few years in Iraq and Afghanistan and learned some very hard lessons.

  11. This is no different then when cops accidentlly shoot someone who has a bb gun, when ur in hostile territory and someone makes a sudden move your first reaction is self preservation. they didnt do a damn thing wrong, bashing american soldiers is just the “in” thing right now and it’s starting to annoy me. ppl r fucked up and besides am i the only one seeing the ammo packs on one of the dead dude’s robes? they were obviously armed at some point in time. But because they were americans theyre evil people. Fuckin A

  12. I am an Army wife and I can see a little of everyone’s point. You really can’t form a very good opinion on a 5 minute video, the guy in black was wearing some sort of ammo belt but I saw no weapons. However, the soldiers should have conducted themselves in a more professional manner after all was said and done, they were being very crude about it all. That being said, if that were my husband on one of his deployments and he thought for a second that his life was in danger I would rather him make a split second decision and come home to me. Remember, they didn’t ask to be where they are.

  13. this only shows how people over react and only see what they want to see its clear to me that they where taliban the U.S. troops where at the ride side while the taliban where coming towards them if you pay attention you can see that the taliban changed and instead of passing by they when straight for them the man at the back pooled out a weapon over the drivers shoulder that’s why they fired. if it was a civilian they wood of done 2 things one is stop 2 is drive faster pass them but no the 2 man went straight for them

  14. Oh, the blind hatred for America. I disregard any of the commentary with these videos as they are often more opinion than fact. Text suggests U.S. soldiers shot down a civilian. What really happened is a combatant wearing a tactical vest and holding a rifle was shot *after* pointing his gun at the soldiers.

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