Aftermath of Airstrike on Houthis in Yemen

Aftermath of Airstrike on Houthis in Yemen

You may have heard that Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemen for a few months, because mainstream press wants you to believe Yemenis are evil jihadists backed by Iran. What mainstream press doesn’t tell you, is that Israel has been among the most active violators of Yemen’s sovereignty, launching airstrikes on Yemen with F-16 jets repainted to appear as Saudi planes.

When Houthis shot down one of the F-16’s, mainstream press, like The Daily Mail, inundated the readers with references to the plane belonging to The Royal Saudi Air Force. But various sources, including Wikipedia, suggest Saudis do not own any F-16’s. Also note how out of their way The Mail went in picturing the Houthi victims as “rebels”, but as one of the commenters noted – what kind of “rebels” are they, when they don’t have any weapons, outside of one large rock.

Israel has proven history of false flag attacks, with agents dressing up as Arabs to make their terrorism look like it was perpetrated by someone else. The Lavon Affair is a good example of that. When Israel attacked USS Liberty, they did it with unmarked jets. To paint their fighter jets with Saudi markings and insignia would be nothing out of the ordinary for the Yahoodi.

Below is a video of an aftermath of an airstrike on the Houthis in Yemen. Props to Best Gore member @amer-the-adventurerz for the video:

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  2. The US government has been open about their providing logistical support and backing for these operations in Yemen and also in their use of drone strikes in those areas to combat ?terrorism? and they wouldn?t have been able to do this without Israel?s backing and full support.

    In the above, the Jews certainly like attacking their former homes I will give them that.

    It was the World Zionist Organization who encouraged the Yemenite Jews to leave Yemen for Palestine in the first place and then to leave Palestine for Israel after it?s formation.

    The later of such migration waves was done en masse with the help of British and American air service under Operation Magic Carpet, a forced migration the Jews said was necessary due to the Arabs being pissed off at them for partitioning Palestine for their own use.

    Yemen, like Syria, is a sovereign nation and yet again international rules are flouted whilst NATO turns a blind eye.

    It?s amusing that our governments want to let all the ?refugees? into our countries because it is the ?moral? thing to do and yet they care nothing about another nation?s sovereignty and right to self rule whilst also continuing to sell weapons to all and sundry.

    It?s difficult not to laugh when I hear the words ?civilised world? thrown at us because the last time I looked around everywhere was covered in blood and smelled like shit.

  3. Hello guys, I’m a member but a very old watcher, I mean I have recently registered to this site but I watch videos from here since some years already so I’m an old unknown member. This site opened my eyes, I didn’t know the world was so fucked up like this, and I’m shocked how violent my country is, the media doesn’t notice us about almost anything that happens in here. If you don’t know, obvious you don’t know, I’m from Brazil, I’m not a Da Silva, I’ve never been robber or in a dangerous situation or something similar and I live here for more than 20 years. What I mean is that Brazil is very violent but most of the people here doesn’t know it because most of us lives in peace, like me. Thanks to this site I discovered how fucked up the world is. But if you wanted to visit Brazil you can visit us, most of the population like me are nice people and good welcomes. Something that shocked me is that almost every single post about Brazil in this site there is at least one Da Silva involved, WTF!? hahaha the truth is that there are a lot of Da Silvas here but more than half of the population are not, I only know in about 3 da Silvas, the rest of people I know have different surnames and without the “Da” in their names lol

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  4. It will be ironic if all these wink wink Arab Springs that just happen to be on the USA hit list to topple becomes an Iran vassel countries like in Iraq and Syria now…Israel and Saud will freak if Yemen is added to that list .. Once the dumbass Arabs figure out ISIS is lead by a Mossad operative this whole thing could blow up in their faces…

      1. Germany?s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn?t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.?Winston Churchill “The second World War” Bern 1960?

  5. The British Chancellor recently stated that it would now be prudent to consider attacking the Assad regime.. his words paraphrased. While our Prime Minister, his big bottom buddy, continues to back the bombing of IS in Syria.
    With muppets like these two in control, is there really any wonder people’s disillusionment becomes deeper by the day !?. What a pair of fucking clowns.

    1. So @Ewe I take it your government hasn’t checked in with the governed to see if it was ok to you know…overthrow the leader of another country while murdering it’s inhabitants ?
      Yeah….neither has mine.
      How did we ever let ourselves come to this ?

      1. You’re right @rayf, like they give a shite what we think !.
        I don’t know if you guys get the news of the current Syrian migrant disaster that’s currently unfolding over here !?. Absolute chaos ensues, you wouldn’t believe how crazy the situation has become. I fear this will lead to ever more dire consequences for all of us.

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    1. The west will never cease meddling in middle eastern affairs, there’s far too much dirty money to be made for that to ever happen. Safe to say mind you, if by some miracle the west did keep to minding their own business, the sand dwellers would continue to rip each other apart ’til kingdom come. This is their major weakness.

      1. The Brits divided it up before fleeing now us Yanks are making it much worse… this isnt about gas and oil as much as topplingg govts to install pro israel puppets like in jordan and egypt…again, I hope it all blows up in the zionists faces that planned all the Arab Springs.

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  8. “…Israel has been among the most active violators of Yemen?s sovereignty, launching airstrikes on Yemen with F-16 jets repainted to appear as Saudi planes.” Source for your information, or is this just biased speculation you’re trying to spoon feed us?
    Stick to the known facts, and let the lame stream media worry about shoving mindless propaganda down our throats.
    BTW, it wasn’t an F-16 that was shot down by Houthis, it was a F-15. Stick to the facts!

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