Aftermath of Aistrike Against ISIS on Tal Shair Hill, West of Kobane

Aftermath of Aistrike Against ISIS on Tal Shair Hill, West of Kobane

There has been a series of heavy fighting in and around the town of Kobane, near the Syria’s border with Turkey, between the Islamic State and the Kurds supported by coalition airstrikes.

Two weeks ago, Kurdish forces took Tal Shair hill, located about 4 kilometers west of Kobane, from the Islamic State, but the ISIS took it back a few days later. Latest airstrikes however seem to have lost Tal Shair for ISIS again.

Video below shows the aftermath of alleged airstrikes on ISIS positions on Tal Shair. It was filmed by Kurdish YPG:

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  2. You can see how the war extended, and how ISIS simply changed their front ; from fighting Shia to fighting Sunni Kurds. The extension of the war will mean more money to the american war economy, the PKK have oil so they purchase weapons from america. ISIS was selling the Syrian oil too in the black market which is a double win for the United States & its allies.

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