Aftermath of Brazilian Thief Getting Stoned Next to Mate Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Aftermath of Brazilian Thief Getting Stoned Next to Mate Killed in Motorcycle Crash

A few days ago, we saw a video of Brazilian thieves who crashed allegedly attempting to flee the crime scene. One died after hitting the dump truck, the other got stoned to death. Here’s the aftermath of the stoning with close ups of both alleged robbers.

The video also shows the brick the guy was stoned to death with, as well as a few flip flops worn by people having a laugh over the beat up corpses.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Aftermath of Brazilian Thief Getting Stoned Next to Mate Killed in Motorcycle Crash”

        1. Most people on this site don’t think before they type. This site is more entertainment than information or news for most people, so don’t take the replies (or the text given with the uploaded pix and vids, for that matter) with too much weight. A considerable portion of it is mindless banter.

    1. @thedre these are backward insane people with no understanding of common justice for a petty crime like thievery so how can you say they deserved this i guess if a young family member of yours stole something you’d say that yeah bash his head in i don’t care your just as backward and insane as they are to say that

      1. As in the other video, they heard the thieves were armed, so they were checking for guns. But people are laughing and making fun of the guy who was touching the bodies. Unfortunately I’m Brazilian so I understand what they say.

  1. Just curious, is Brazil THAT screwed up or does this site happen to simply get more submissions from Brazil? It seems every day I come here there are always videos from Brazil. As much as I hate a thief, that kid didn’t deserve that at all, good ass kicking yes.

  2. The guy says “he’s got money, he gets his money”, yes, they wanted to steal the money that the boy should have stolen kkk “he’s in his underwear” “and the gun? The gun a boy already took” He pulls his underwear a boy says “here’s the money, no, it’s the guy’s penis” that was the reason for the laughter … No one there seems to know the boy who came and killed him with stones, and nobody there Seems to make sure they were thieves ..

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  4. They’re not looking for guns or money. In Brazil, it’s a well known fact that, if you die of head trauma, either accidental or purposely inflicted, folks play with your dick. I’m afraid that’s the reality of things.

  5. Brazilians, backward brutal people killing two young lads bcos they tried to steal something, literally overkill reaction. You can bet some if not most of the people sneering in this video have stolen something. Sick bastards.

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