Aftermath of Broad Daylight Murder in Nagpur, India

Aftermath of Broad Daylight Murder in Nagpur, India

At a bus stop in the Ram Nagar area of Nagpur, India, a man was murdered in broad daylight. The incident just happened a few hours ago so I have no specific details about why or who was involved.

The video shows the flip flops wearing victim on the curb with head exploded as a woman standing above him reacts with shock. Toward the end of the video, a man appears to lift up a plastic bin as if to throw it on the victim, but it slips his grasp. He then appears to hit the victim with a stick. Not sure what to make of it.


The victim was identified as 38 year old Khushal Babanrao Kuhike of Telankhedi. He had reportedly left home to purchase milk from a kirana shop in Marartoli when he was attacked by a group of at least six assailants armed with machetes, axes and other bladed tools.

According to the eye witnesses, the assailants surrounded Khushal and threw chili powder in his face to blind him. As he struggled to understand what was going on, the gang began the attack by chopping him in the neck with an axe. Having knocked the target to the ground, the gang delivered multiple blows to his head with machetes and stones, and kept bashing on his head until it pulverized on the pavement.

Mr. Khushal Kuhike was in decoration business and allegedly helped pay for bail of people accused of killing a man named Nilesh Korti, aka Bagga, who was beaten to death in a similar manner in the same area. It is suspected that Khushal’s death could be an act of retaliation by a rival gang faction for Bagga’s killing.

James Singh, Pawan Sherekar, Jayash alias Paa Atram, Palash Chaudhary, Vitthal Korti and Akash Samliya are the primary suspects in the murder.

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  1. It could be this.

    “Onlookers, who knew 33-year-old deceased Pravin Kuhike alias Khushal, a resident of Ram Nagar at Telangkhedi, said, “Khushal had tea at a roadside stall and headed towards his place on his Bullet. Four goons armed with a sharp axe and other weapons approached him. Kuhike tried to escape but the attackers dragged him down from his motorcycle and sprinkled red chilli powder in his eyes.”
    Khushal stood up and tried to run away but dashed into a roadside eatery since he couldn’t see anything, and again collapsed on the road. As he lay writhing, the attackers brutally attacked him and almost chopped his head to pieces on the steps of a daily needs shop, added residents.”

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  3. This gore mess was made through bashing the living shit into the head with a plastic stick? I think it looks more as someone used a large stone if not something even more harmful.

    Might as well try the same with a rubber duck and we will see how close to the same mess that would create as seen here.

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