Aftermath of Christian Church Bombing on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

Aftermath of Christian Church Bombing on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

Aftermath of Christian Church Bombing on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka

I got this video with a claim that is shows the aftermath of Easter Sunday bombing of a Christian church in Sri Lanka. I have no way to verify if the video is indeed from Sri Lanka, but it surely seems to have been filmed in a Christian church and the people do have that South/Central Asian flare.

Authentic or not, the attacks in Sri Lanka, as well as the ongoing attacks on Christian elsewhere in the world, is very reminiscent of, and seems to be the continuation of the greatest mass murder in human history, whereby Jews massacred as many as 135 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians, and burned down hundreds of Christian churches in the former Soviet Union and the countries of the Eastern Bloc.

Yet you hardly hear about it from the mainstream press. There have been instances of on average two Christian churches burned in France every day for over a year, but hardly anyone speaks about it, and when they do, it’s never a headline news. Had it not been for the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, we wouldn’t probably hear about it at all. But the fact that Christianity is indeed under silent attack is never truly mentioned.

Here’s a good article on Mossad in Sri Lanka, and how they armed both sides of the Tamil/Sinhalese conflict. Then when they were expelled, they assassinated Rajiv Gandhi, and a few weeks after that – Indira Gandhi.

To name but a few of the recent Easter attacks on Christians:

– In 2012 on Easter Sunday, shootings by Boko Haram gunmen in Nigerian churches left 38 people dead.

– In Easter 2015, an attack on the University of Garissa in Kenya targeting Christian students left 148 people dead.

– Pakistan: Twin suicide attacks against churches in Lahore during Sunday service on March 15, 2015 kill 17 people and leave 70 injured, sparking two days of rioting by thousands of Christians.

– In 2016, 75 people died and at least 300 were injured when bombs exploded in a park in the heavily Christian neighborhood of Lahore in Pakistan as people were celebrating after Easter services.

– In 2017, Egypt bombings at two churches on Palm Sunday left 45 people dead.

– Christmas 2013 a bombing at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, left 37 people dead and 57 injured.

– At least 21 people are killed on January 27, 2019 in a double suicide attack at a Catholic cathedral in the remote Muslim-majority island of Jolo Philippines

– December 11, 2016, as Coptic Christians are in mid-prayer at their church in Cairo, a suicide attack tears through the building killing 29 people

– Yemen: Sixteen people are shot dead on March 4, 2016 at a Catholic retirement home in Aden, including four nuns of the Missionaries of Charity, the congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Anyway… the below video alleges to shot the aftermath of the deadly attack on Christians in Sri Lanka this Easter. Props to Best Gore member @sherminator007 for the video:

Here’s also CCTV footage of one of the suicide bombers sneaking up on the church and setting off his explosives. Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for this one:


CNN published an article titled “ISIS suspect gave advance warning of Sri Lanka bombings, source says“, which contains an image captioned: “A still from the video released by the Amaq news agency, claiming to show the Sri Lanka bombers” was released by the Israeli agency SITE lead by Mossad Hasbara shill Rita Katz. SITE determines what ISIS do, shoot fake beheading videos for them and take care of their intelligence. There is little doubt the Easter attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka were the works of Mossad:

Sri Lanka Bombers Were Mossad Operatives

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    1. Sadly, you don’t see a Satanism emerging into this world very openly.
      -Check TellEvilVision in prime time and do not tell me that there is no glorification of dark, Satanic content and all kind of mockery and humiliation of Christianity.

      1. Fuck FUck FUck Fuck… I am from Sri Lanka and I can confirm this mother fuckin video bruh.. they are confused and mourning in fucking sinhala, female voice in the beginning says “why elder brother.. why….”

        කැරි මුස්ලිම් වේසිගෙ පුතාලට හෙණම ගහන්න ඕනේ. කපලා මරන්න ඕනේ මුස්ලිම් උන්ව.

  1. Saw a lot of people posting some of the reactions to the Christchurch thing with the word ‘Muslims’ changed to ‘Christians’, ‘Christchurch’ to ‘Sri Lanka’, ‘White’ to ‘Brown’ etc. to demonstrate how white Christians are demonised and burdened and attacked – all totally sanctioned by the mainstream media establishment and their social media harpies – whilst non-whites and savages are exalted.

    This alone should be enough for even the blindest ‘fence sitter’ or ‘liberal’ to see what’s going on.

    See the strings people, once you do they can never be unseen.

      1. That other guy don’t seem to realize how the damage from explosives on suicide bombers work. It looks like there is extensive damage. not to mention it’s also riddled in bullets by the guy’s surviving buddies. It’s totally real.

      1. Shrapnel from the bomb and objects around it. I am sure these Muslim pigs packed their bomb with ball bearings and other shit. That is how they work. Kill innocent unarmed people. Bunch of evil pussies.

    1. Mrx1992 Just because your mom have fake boobs dosen’t mean that all is fake…
      It’s the idiots like you who make us lose credibility with your stupid conspiration theories
      Its funny to see little stupid 12 yo kid like you talking just like if you are an expert in explosive and made a fool of yourself.
      This is a conspiracy, right ? lol
      They are all actors, right ? lol
      Robert de niro play the terrorist, Right ? lol
      This was filmed in Hollywood , Right ? lol

  2. Whatever the Hebes have done these attacks are by ragheads. France is overrun with angry fucking Muslimes. This is not Jews or anyone backed, supported or financed by the Jews. Oh wait, I know…it’s the Jews blowing up Christians so we will attack the Muslimes, right??? Fucking paranoia! EVERYTHING is not the Jews!

    1. @RichardHead
      Woahhhh! calm down buddy, its like you believe theres some sort of crazy mossad zionist conspiracy going on, you gonna blow the cork on your mind. Dont worry, zionist could never do evil, theyre religion of peace, love & equallity, they love all ethnics etc. They could never be capable of “Blood libel”, “False flags”, enslaving, devide & conquering gentiles through lies & deception, creating animosity between muslim & christian, whites vs blacks, the psyop known as the “Left vs Right”, fake news propaganda all so that we kill & hate eachother while the jew rides us like parasites, nahh they wouldnt do that, the talmuds not about that life

      1. cough cough, its not like israels been found guilty countless times for false flags under mossad and owned up to it years later jokingly, openly funding terror, aiding isis fighters in syria with med evacs, weapons & food. Not to mention the endless murder of christian and catholics throughout history, dead children found within basements of synagouges of satan etc

    2. I too don’t subscribe to the idea that the Jews are responsible for everything just as I don’t subscribe to the libtard SJW idea that the Russians are responsible for everything either.

      When it comes to mass uncontrolled immigration, “multiculturalism” and “diversity” however I do have to focus on Jews, particularly rich Jews, because the likes of George Soros etc and their bought and paid for cronies do indeed push for these things to happen in the white western world whilst fighting against it for Israel.

      The indigenous British people for example recently voted for Brexit using democracy and yet the rich Jew George Soros is trying to overrule and overturn it. Rothschild favourites Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson are also trying to overrule and overturn it as well.

      There does exist then rich Jews and their cronies who have enough finance, influence and power to reshape things and to use it to get their own way. Tribalism and religious affiliation however is just a part of that.

      1. @Empty soul
        good observation, however there are those who refuse to see even that of which you mentioned and toss it all out as mere conspiracy theories. one should seriously take a look at what israels intel agency Mossad has as their motto “By way of deception thou shalt do war”, and have a hard think about it, have a look at thier foot print and finger prints in allot of conflicts that have erupted around the world, they’re not there by mere Coincidence.

  3. Why go to church when you can just sit at home, smoke some meth, and browse some gore? Honestly fuck Christianity and these fags deserve what they got for believing in a religion that killed just to get some followers. The past is becoming the present: they killed back then, now they’re the ones being killed. It’s a vicious cycle that will probably turn around again.

      1. They are all a bunch of Fetal Alcoholism nit-wits that can barely function as human beings. They probably all have handlers that hose them down, paint them to look like they’re not strung out on some bad drug, point them to the camera, and at least manage to get them to smile and wave.

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  6. Jesus, have some respect! Easter is sacred! The Chocolate Bunny died for our sins and then rose from the dead just so He could hide His colorful eggs all over the place for us to find, and instead we find this?!

  7. These people were praying to God for guidance and protection but they were bombed right there in their ”father’s house”. This proves it all that religion is fake… where was their god during the attack? Maybe they died so that they go to heaven, oh fuck… besides there’s no heaven at all.

  8. Christians historically have been the most evil religious group in history. The wicked Christian Spaniards used to burn people alive for not converting to Christianity, same for the British and the French. So fuck Christianity and fuck churches. Burn and blow up all the churches, ALL OF THEM!!!!!! Good job fellas!!!!!!

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