Aftermath of Clashes Between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh

Aftermath of Clashes Between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh

Aftermath of Clashes Between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh

Best Gore member @papawontleaveyouhenry explains:

This video was taken somewhere in the Republic of Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabakh where heavy fighting has taken place recently. I do not know the exact location but I am certain that the dead soldiers are Azeris. The man taking the footage is also using a lot of profanity.

At one point, there’s one dead asshole with his body relatively intact but with a completely exposed element.

Nagorno-Karabakh is a disputed region in which military clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia erupted on September 27, 2020. Both side reported military and civilian casualties, and each side accused the other of the escalation. In 1992, Armenians killed hundreds of Azerbaijanis in the Khojaly Massacre.

Many thanks for the aftermath video, @papawontleaveyouhenry:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Turks are not a branch of the Mongols. Idiot. Before MS, the Mongols were ruled by the Turks. Mongols were a society living within the Hun empire. Their culture was the same as that of the Turks. But it was not the same race. There are many breeds with the same cultures but different breeds. Why don’t you accept the proven date? Was the Hun emperor Mete Han mongolian? It’s seriously funny.

    1. Azerbaijan is a fake country, Russia separated Azerbaijan from Iran during the Russo-Persian war (1826-1828) , the Turkmenchay treaty, those lands belongs to Iran, now they made a fake Turkish nationality and Erdogan of Turkey the new Ottoman Soltan started this war, Erdogan is a warmonger, Turkey is invading Libya, north of Syria and north of Iraq, and now Erdogan found a new play ground in Armenia, he supports Azerbaijan, they use Turkish made drones against Armenians and Turkey sends their ISIS mercenaries from Syria to Azerbaijan, they use these terrorists against Armenians, GharahBakh means black garden it’s a Persian Turkish name, the region has gas and oil fields, that’s why both countries are dependent to this region, but this region is mostly Armenian, we will support Armenia, although Azerbaijanis are our relatives but they are looking to make the Ottoman empire with the help of Turkey, they are betraying us.

      1. Azerbaijani Turks are not of Persian origin. Some of its regions may be mixed with the Persians, but such places are very few. Every Azerbaijani citizen bears a Turkish identity. Persians are historical enemies of Azerbaijanis. For years, the Turkish rulers and shahs of Azerbaijan have been the leaders of the Persians. That is why Persians do not like Azerbaijanis. Anatolian Turks mixed with Greeks and Arabs years ago. Some of the Azerbaijanis were also mixed with the Persians. (Very few of them)

        1. There is no Turkish race, Mongols are the real Turks, they speak Turkish but they are Iranian, it’s simple if you put an azeri man with an Iranian man in one room, no one can guess who is Azeri or Iranian, cause we are the same race, Syrian people speaking Arabic but they are not Arabs, they are Assyrian, just because they speak Turkush doesn’t mean they are Turk, Mongol invasion changed their language, you better read history.

          1. Mongols have never been Turks, Mongols have no ties with Turks. Who calls the Mongols Turkish is an idiot. According to ancient Greek documents, the Mongols were mostly small, their noses were up, and their skin color was different. Turks, on the other hand, were mostly large and tall, if not very tall. Anyway, there is no clean-blooded race in this world, it must have been mixed with different races. If we call Azerbaijanis Turks, they are not clean-blooded Turks. They call themselves Turks, they hate Persians 🙂

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            What are you on about?

        2. Azerbaijanis are just Turkified rebel Persians from the region of Azerbaijan. Just as are Kurds from similar regions. Whilst enough Kurds still rebel against the Turks nowadays not wanting to associate with Turks ,the Azerbaijanis in the main, love being associated with the Turks and consider themselves part of the Turk family.

          Many People from Germany and Britain find it hard to understand this but I will try and explain it thus.

          The Welsh are mainly Celts as are the English ,yet the English now have Roman ,Saxon and Norman blood. In Wales ,now there are many Welsh who feel English and can’t even speak Welsh, not to mention the English settlers over centuries.

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          With this name it tells me you are arguing more from wishful thinking and ideology than real history.

          Similar things happened with the Slav Prussians
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        1. My dude says Turks are not mongol but if you travel from Turkey to Mongolia on road, you will see all the countries in the middle are speaking the language, even Oyghur Turks in China, the point is they invaded Turkey and Iran not the other way around also, here is a pic of Seljuk soltan:

          His eyes says everything, they were either mongol or half mongol.
          They were ruling over Iran and Turkey, they couldn’t change our language but they changed Turkey’s people language (which were white and Iranian people), the Turkish language today is the Seljuki language

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      1. Like he said, probably the birds, maybe even a fucking ground hog,who the fuck knows,some kind of wild life. Those body’s have been there for some days and the wildlife there would have went for an easy to feed open wound, in his case, his ugly face..if you look close one of the dudes leg is picked clean.

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  1. a quick transcript
    guy with the camera:
    “I fucked yall moms ass
    This is how all of you will end up”
    guy 1:
    “Should we even bury these sons of bitches in our (verbatim) halal ground?”
    guy 2:
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  2. I cant wrap my mind around what could possibly be worth fighting an armed conflict over in the Republic of Artsakh or Nagorno.

    They sound more like planets in the latest Star Wars movie than real places on earth.

    1. Yes indeed. The Father Stock.

      Just another example of America being duped into the Devil’s Work by Jews and Moslems….again.

      I see noone crying here about the poor Armenians. It is all about the poor cutthroat’ Palestinians ‘living so badly in Israel. Fuck off . Those ‘Palestinians’ you cried over and supported, died when Yasser Arafat was murdered. Most b Palestinians ‘ under Jew -Occupation are all jihadis and the Jews planned it that way. Fuck Palestinians and Israelis and bring the Christians back.

      1. Dude, NO ONE gives a shit about Armenians, you all are scammers, money launderers, swindelers, theives, and overall pure trash as far as Armenian-Americans are concerned… No amount of cologne and fancy BMWs acquired through credit card scams and fraud will make up for that.

        #yayazerbaijan #azerBAEjan

        1. A few things . I’m not Armenian . Secondly ,I don’t know what Armenian -Americans are like and i really don’t care.
          Thirdly , my point is overarching and comes at a level of race and clash of civilization; even if Armenians are swindlers blah blah blah they are still the ONLY White Christian people fighting Moslems cutthroats like you to this day. Presently ,the bulwark of Europe ,just as Greece was many times ,Vienna was and just as Spain and France were once with Charles Martel.

          There are too many of you dogs in Europe and the natives there should be rioting at picking up the pieces of America’s failed interventionism. So bye bye Turko- Azeri Cutthroat ,go tell some dumb Average Joes some fairy tales.

  3. The universe is a meat grinder and we’re just pork in designer shoes, keeping busy so we can pretend we’re not all headed for the sausage factory. Maybe I’ve been hallucinating this whole time and there is no Heaven and Hell. Instead of having to choose between God and the devil, maybe our only real choice comes down to link or patty?

  4. I’m guessing incendiary rounds or grenades were used, and that’s how old mate got his face burned off.

    The phosphorus in those things not only burns the victim severely, but is also quiet toxic I believe if it’s allowed into your circulatory system.

    1. Don’t be an armchair generall mate. No phosphorus charges/rounds were used (at least so far, if the war drags on for a while longer we might get to that). Probably just some hungry wildlife had it’s fill.

      1. It appears the damage was done via some kind of incinduary means as the lower jaw/neck area appears burned.

        I don’t know how long after the fighting the video was taken or what animals are native in the region. since you’re from there, if you think it was a fox or something, I’ll agree with you.

    1. Im quite sure that they were shot or perhaps gassed and the exposed skulls are probably due to animals maybe just maggots but it looked fairly cold so maybe no blow flies. So, probably some small critters feasting on his noggin for late night Gypsies soldier snacks.

  5. Armenians are ALL scumbags!!
    They make Gypsies look like Jehovas. This killing field sure had lots of salvage opportunities they should have dug all the pockets for knick knacks etc.
    Also I noticed Ghost Rider lying about in the field.

  6. For anyone wants to know the first comment he makes translates to:
    ” Yes dzer [email protected] kat tvoxin kunem ”
    ” Let me fuck the milk giver of your mothers ” or ” Fuck the people that gave your mothers milk ” which is like saying fuck the entirety of your heritage.

    Armenians have a way of cursing which is filled with immense hatred. It usually pertains to all the factors which give existence, life, or prosperity to a person.

    After that comment he said stuff along the lines of “This will be the faith of all of you”

  7. Armenia people fiting for freedom and for rule to live, Azerbaijan with Turkey want repeat genocide Armenian people like in 1915 but they don’t imagine how powerful is Armenian army yet and make sure Azerbaijan solders will just find their end in Karabakh.

    1. Also who is the real aggressor here? I know Ergodan thinks Turkey is some world power for some reason, but can anyone provide any good reliable sources?

      Hard to know where to look as all the media are liars!

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