Aftermath of Deadly Car Bombing Attack at Cadet School in Bogota, Colombia

Aftermath of Deadly Car Bombing Attack at Cadet School in Bogota, Colombia

Aftermath of Deadly Car Bombing Attack at Cadet School in Bogota, Colombia

On Thursday January 17, 2019, at around 9:30am, a car bombing attack at the General Santander Cadet School south of Bogotá in Colombia left nine people dead and 54 wounded.

As of this post, there is no update as to who is responsible for the bombing. There is however talk of a terrorist attack.

The driver of the vehicle loaded with the explosives is said to have entered through the south entrance, ramming his way through the security guards at the gate. He is believed to be among the dead.

Best Gore member @magstheonlyone notes:

Don’t let the peace deal with terrorism group “FARC” back in 2016 fool you, this place is worst than ever. And with more Venezuelans immigration to our country, by millions, this is about to get even worst.

The ironic thing is that it’s the Soros sponsored militants from Colombia that are wreaking havoc on Venezuela, causing violence and slaughtering the people by the thousands, that are the root cause of the unrest and the economic downturn, which in turn brings hoards of Venezuelans into Colombia.

Thanks a lot for the videos @magstheonlyone and @elledios:

One more video of the aftermath:

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139 thoughts on “Aftermath of Deadly Car Bombing Attack at Cadet School in Bogota, Colombia”

  1. Funny how the government called for the peace deal with FARC but actually just proposed that they surrender along with handing in all of their arms, hmm sounds like a peace deal alright, never trust CIA stooges, mind you, they’re both cia controlled, endless war of controlled opposition and drug trade, monkey vs monkey

    1. Would make no difference who controlled down down there. In my country the US never had control. And it’s a shithole that would make Colombia look like some pussy liberal phaggot loving white country in terms of violence that even the most fanatical Jihadi sand nigger can’t do. We did provide the live flaying of a child, chainsaw beheading etc

      1. And what country are you of that you believe the US has never controled? Because theres very few of those, and when i say very few, i can count them nearly on 1 hand. As for the Liberal vs right garbage, they’re both as faggoty as eachother, both choose to fall into a sheep herd. The moment a person even commits to either left or right, they’ve written themselves off as a brain washed idiot falling for the generic mind numbing deferment / controlled opposition, that’d be like some moron trying to convince me that trumps not a zionist puppet and believes in this Drain the swamp shit, QAnon save world garbage lmao.
        You always struck me as a Mexican, if your saying the US have never controlled Mexico then ohh boi you need a history lesson.
        It’s a shame the phrase “Jihadi” has fallen into the toilet, it use to mean a man who has taken a vowl of absolute vengence against evil, to give his life in warfare, to become a soldier with no fear of death.

        1. As for your big up on “flaying of a child, chainsaw beheading etc”
          The Israeli and american drone operators drop cluster bombs that rip and shred man woman and child limb to limb, flaying them alive with shrapnel. American cock sucker forces dig bullet out of pregnant woman to hide eveidence after they’ve given them a raping. None of that shit matters, it is what it is.

          1. Rewind through history a little and you’ll see the juden have been flaying man woman and child alive for Centuries and aint no wetback state has got anything on them.

        2. A jihadi was never one against evil unless of course you consider all non-moslems evil! Which of course ,is the case in Jihadi thinking. Let us not get involved in Revisionism now,eh?
          Islam has always tried to impose itself on others from day one,always violently by the sword,both Shia and Sunni. Sorry , just fact.

          Now ,I agree Mexico has always been under US control. You don’t have to have American boots on the ground to be American -controlled .
          Yes,less controlled than other American states but still controlled. Sorry,@quetzalcoatle

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            To me Jihad has always been the muslim version of Bushido, in my culture we have something similar, the act of solidifying yourself mentally in your preparedness to die for a purpose you have set for yourself, either a cause, or to honor your own princples, or the call of Vengence which is a very sacred thing and should always be actioned if you have lost loved ones to for what you saw as an unjust death.
            To betray that spiritual calling and cease retribution, you may aswell kill yourself for being cowardly and dishonoring your ancestors code.
            Theres is nothing that decides the rights or wrongs in your own personal ‘Bushido” noone can dictate to you what your doing is wrong.

            As something from Melek Taus, “You do evil because you choose to, you do good because you choose to”, blame noone or no god for your actions, everything is of free will and choice.
            Every dick and tom on mainstream media is labeled a jihadi, but what say you if you were a muslim father and you just watched a drone strike wipe out your entire family right before your eyes, your wife & children, your parents, do you think another man from another land has the right to say that your “Jihad” is false?

            All we have here is a difference in oppinion, people can tie their own meanings to words and phrases or beliefs in history books, it doesnt matter, its always only from a stooge sitting in an office formulating speculation then writing it into papers.
            Holding princples of a warrior is something else entirely and can never be judged correctly by people whom have never reached that level of such a strong construct.
            It’s something to be respected.

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        I’ll be honest, its been a while since i’ve had a look towards colombia, the place has been vigorously raped and pillaged by the CIA like a maniac. They’ve got next to no hope of ever regaining their country.
        Last i saw was from FARCs perspective on the 2016 peace deal they were making and their concerns for surrendering all of their weapons, and the only reason i bothered looking was cause i love a good combat video they occasionally release from helmet cams on the ground FARC VS government, its like a real life action film.

      1. We live in such a cuck pussy world. Nobody with the ability to do so goes after that fucking guy.
        Oh well, keep up the great evil job.. without resistance. The world is your oyster George Soros and minions.. do whatever you want.

  2. I Heard that General Santander was related With Colonel Sanders.
    Looks like Colonel Sanders forgot to turn The Deep-Fryer Off, now that dude on the ground has no fingers left to see if his Chicken truly was Finger-Licken Good.

    Gay Foot-Fetish Alert!!! Unless Fagots Don’t Have The Foot-Fetish Thing Going-On Too, Like Heterosexuals Do. But Stupidity Aside, (which is something hard ta do for me) That Bomb was super-powerful

      1. The first world should take notes. I do not care much for savages or savage behaviour of third world countries but there are times when it is justified. Punish savagery with savagery. If I got to witness one of those allah akbaring muslim head choppers getting decapitated by someone telling him “fuck your god”, I would smile and say “now that’s justice”…

        1. @jack-doe
          Tell me somthing, do you know why or can you tell me what you believe the documented / factual reason is for the why the west are fucking with : Iraq / Afghan / Yemen / Libya / Lebanon / Syria / Palestine / Iran / Somalia ? My list could go on another 20+ countries of western aggression without just reason, i can even take you on a history leasson well back through time with you yanky cock suckers doing what you do best. you wanna play the jewish card of “Im a Victim!”
          You claim these headchoppers are savages but you have zero discernment, most of you ignorant pieces of shit translate ” allah akbaring muslim head choppers ” purely into anyone from the middleast or africa, does that sound right? am i right in assuming your stance?
          Because im sure by now you know exactly what 9/11 was and who was behind that? espicially considering that was the soul catalyst for your current involvement in the middleast and nothing else.
          You believe that its ok for some pussy ass mother fuckers sitting on a computer chair piloting a drone dropping bombs on 100s of thousands of civilians murdering them, ripping them limb from limb, decapitating them with shrapnel yelling Hoooorahh! but when a muslim does a beheading its the end all be all of wrong. fuck, i dont even know where to start. All i can think is now that you people are fucking with the Chinese and Russians, i hope they nuke you cunts to ashe, it’ll be good for the world.

          1. To answer your question about who I translate into “allah akbaring head choppers”, it’s muslims.. regardless of what fucking country they’re from.

            And I’m assuming that you’re assuming I’m American… well I’m not, nor do I give a shit about American politics or what they’re doing in the Middle East or who did 9/11. I’ve seen first hand what these fucking animals called Muslims are like. Living in a neighbourhood full of them as a child just made them unpleasant to be around but not enough to make me feel hatred for every single one of them. Then spending 5 months in a prison full of Muslims trying nonstop to forcibly convert everyone around them, including myself to their “religion of peace” kinda changed that. So really, I don’t give a fuck what the Americans are doing in the Middle East, why they are killing Muslims there or what their fucking agenda is and I don’t care. Let the dirty fuckers die screaming.

        2. @jack-doe
          You should care, its out of pride that your aware of geopolitics otherwise your just another mindless victim without any idea of whats going on around you, you realise your countries flooded with muslims because they’ve lost their homeland to Western invasion aided by your euro cuck land, “Nato” you understand what that is? you fuckers are over their doing the same dirty shit as the americans, you might aswell be one. And clearly through self admit my assumption of you was well and truly right. The Europeans have just as much blame as the americunts do in the middleast, you invade their homelands then complain when they flood yours, what a laugh. Tunnel vision you should escape.

          You know, i spent 15 years fighting back Christian cunts trying to convert me and everyone else in the surrounding to their religion of peace & love, a religion thats manipulated by child fucking jews, you know what i think of them? i dont give a shit, theres no hatred only pity for christians. What i hate are Juden, for good reason, and those vermin are the only things you should hate or blame with the passion you do for muslims. It’s because of the juden like Soros that your countries flooded with destabilization. You pretend to be a victim and yet you choose to be self-imposed ignorant of why this is the way things are, how about you quit being a pussy and wake the fuck up. Hitler and the SS did, they saw fit to bring muslims into the fold to fight against the juden that parasiticaly invaded the politics of every country forcing war and conflict on the world for greed of wealth.

          Might i ask what you served prison for? because i bet it wasnt a muslim that put you there.

          1. How about you take a look at this, because your the dirty fucker thats gonna die screaming to your own establishment :
            I’de expect you to have a far greater reason for hating muslims than “they tried to convert me!”
            how fucking weak, i’de have thought they defiled your ass hole or something while you were in prison, that i’de understand your hatred.
            Did they ever do anything to you? you say it was unpleasant growing up around them, that cant be all?
            Normal people are fucking unpleasant to be around.

          2. Hey fucktard, I’m not European either. If you must know where I’m from or what I went to prison for, Australia and assaulting a Muslim in self defence when I was 18… only the judge didn’t see it that way. So technically, it was because of a Muslim. And every religion claims to be about peace and love, that’s why I’m a fuckin atheist but as far as I’ve seen, Muslims like to use fear and violence to get people to convert alot more than any other fucking religion. Did these Christians throw shit at you, come at you with knives threatening to kill you or a family member if you didn’t convert or gang up on you 15 to one, ready to lay a beat down on you for refusing? Christians have also tried to convert me more than once but atleast they weren’t fucking savages about it. Basically, believe whatever the fuck you want if it makes you happy but do not try and force your beliefs onto me. And since you mentioned “defiling ass holes”, there were even a couple of Muslim transgenders in there lined up with the rest of them during their prayers and I even saw these fuckers snuggling up with other Muslims in the yard… I’m not even fuckin joking. So much for homosexuality being a grievous sin in the quran.

            And as for the Jews oh don’t get me wrong ‘cause I definitely hate them too. I’m well aware of those devious fucks trying to turn the word into their personal toilet but after spending so much time with these Muslims and their animal like behaviour, excuse me if I hate them just a little bit more.

            Oh and by the way, Muhammad was also a child fucker.

          3. @jack-doe
            Hahahaha, I fucking hate Australians, most of em are cunts by nature.
            And your right, muslims do have a mass of faggotry, thats why i asked if you were defiled.
            Funny thing, what i said of euro cucks and Americunts still applies to you Aussies, nato and all. Oddly enough, im not sure aussies have too much of a right to take such high ground on savagery considering the past with aboriginals.
            I know of a fellow that was chopped into pieces over in aus for drug trafficking in lebo turf, they put him into a box, it most certainly deserved it, his brother ran home without taking any vengence. Muhammad was a semite, juden are semite, they were both brothers of the same blood, both split off and formed their own sects.
            Big ups for self defense vs mr muslim, you should have ended him then and there, if your going to do a job, do it right the first time.
            As for Christians, they’re filthy kiddy fuckers, most certainly on a level of savage.

            As for being an atheist, i wouldnt say thats a good thing, everyone needs something to believe in, some form of spirituality and acceptance of death so that you dont die a fear driven pussy, thats why i worship myself, my mind and body are my temple of worship, i form my own belief system and code of conduct, principles, ideology, etc, you should do the same if not already, thats a form of religion and is a requirement to function in this shithole of a world we find our selves with a ticket to ride on.

          4. Well said @jack-doe.
            Did the Moslems in prison really violently try to convert you? What is it to them?
            may be a good secular Moslem or atheist born of a Moslem family. I don’t doubt it. The problem is that is he himself has admitted and it has been proven over centuries that the OTHER Moslems -Salafist/Wahhabist-if in power ,wont give two shits about him or his thoughts. They will headchop him and us.
            This has been proven over the centuries. History is littered with cases.

            The Issue had always been that Islam has no need for ,nor wish to have,moderation and toleration. Those two are non-Semitic traits.
            Any Semite control has always led to depravity,poverty,ignorance and destruction even for themselves but especially Christians living under them.

            Fuckamerica, please tell me where Christians forcefully tried to convert you. Don’t tell me of cases of mormons ,jehovahs and evangelical Baptists preaching your ears off.I get that too and it does not count. I mean as Jack was ie at the point of a sword

          5. @hopingfornemesis
            That argument stretchs to all religion throughout history, “Christianity” , “Hinduism”, “Buddhism” , “Catholicism”, “Islam”, “espicially Judaism. etc
            It’s long been an understanding that religion be used as a tool, a control mechanism for the masses of weak minded whom are easily manipulated and directioned by sweet lies of man, people who kneel & seek to be led.
            All religion are this way, there are no exceptions unless you willingly lie to yourself, however this does not mean that there are not certain truths in these religions that serve useful purpose to the indevidual, weather it be a means to strengthing ones mind and or certain spirtual acceptences.

            No religion has proven itself less volatile than the other, they’ve all had their time in the past, some have adapted and evolved to the modern age more than others, they havnt dropped their savagery, they’ve merely learnt how to deceive & hide it better than others. I could go on referenceing historical references to no end on Christian & Catholic atrocities they’ve actioned against non believers and believers alike, throughout all of history, im sure your more than aware.
            It is what it is, its somthing that needs to be mutually acknowledged, otherwise your just diluting your own mind with disinformation creating an innate bias filled with contradiction & hypocrisy.

            Christians too, are guilty of oppression & massacring muslims in equal kills to death, might i remind you that the largest voter base for the invasion of the middleast via 9/11 were from christians whom instead of dirtying their own hands they prefer to leave it to others in their stead to decapitate people with bombs from aircraft, larger impact than any suicide bomber or headchopper has ever had. Not to mention it was all based on a lie, those muslim had done no wrong to any westerner at that point, their only crime was not submitting.

            I mean shit, to get a reality hit, white man throughout history in lands they were not native to but now pursume their right to be in today, under christianty been known to rape / murder / defile & dismember woman, children, men / decapitate / flay and make hats out of tits and vagina then wear atop their helmets.
            Are we really at the age we forget this and plead ignorance to it.
            Something that should never be forgotten nor forgiven.
            It is best to be fluid, aware of your surroundings, robust enough to percieve wrongs even under your own ancestry, hard truths are the best truths, this way you never fool yourself into being so weak to claim being a victim, this is what being a man is all about, to staunch through everything like a machine, one who is in absolute balance of mind, body & spirit.

            As a side note, im no muslim nor am i from the middleast or africa, im of Mixed English & German descent with a mix of a little something else, from a line of well respected shipbuilders, I hold a legitmized family crest or rather Coat of Arms, My family are militarized and have past recognition of nuclear Scientist / engineers within navel and Infantry alike, we’ve had politicians at a reasonbly high standing. However now Our wealth is well and trully stripped along with political standing, well before i was born. Juden know no bounds, had i been conscious at the time, im sure their’d be allot of death on my hands by now, cleansing of evil that my past generations failed to do.
            Now Closer to gangsters than anything else, I currenty reside within a peaceful dumbed down western country, im not willingly to divulge much else on myself aside from my love for Asian woman, tho im sure thats plenty more than you were expecting.

            How about you?

          6. @hopingfornemesis
            As something i forgot to mention or answer, growing up within western culture / education system, where i grew, I was always subject to christianity, espicially so if 80% of the students and or community are of christian origin. “Born Again Christians”, the type that whoreship israel and expect all of those in their surrounding to do the same or face being belittled and or shunned and shit talked / spitefully set up.
            I remember having attended a few of their “speaking in tongues” sessions, quite a sickening expierence, to watch grown adults act like mental nutcases from an Asylum, they support mutilations / transgenders, clearly deep within they’ll have child molestation, as is the trend with Priest.

          7. @hopingfornemesis
            Oddly enough, there are many white men on this site that suffer some inferiority complexs towards blacks, you can see it by their constant need to degrade blacks in every comment they make as tho they’re trying to hit a quota, they channel this shit towards me when they lose topic of debate, irony being that im of a higher lineage or quality of white than many of these diluted inbred vermin that come from bloodlines of whores.

          8. Fuckamerica,those shit talking and war happy Christians you refer to are Pentecostalists and Christian Zionists! They are heretics and mean nothing outside of America. Pence and Pompeo are the latter!
            Me? White ,Christian,European Stock ,Australian.

            Ancestors were off the land and were warriors ,teachers ,priests ,headmen and patriots.Disproportionately filled with leaders .
            I also like Asian women.
            Thai /malay/indo and Cambodians best as they have tits and arse.

          9. @hopingfornemesis
            as you said
            “I also like Asian women.
            Thai /malay/indo and Cambodians best as they have tits and arse.”
            I can’t agree more, i like pinos & koreans too, they’re gorgeous.
            Asian woman are the only delicacy that keeps me sane in this shit hole of a world.
            Oddly enough that you say your Christian, i’ve only met a very few that are authentic Christians, despite what i said of Christians, i can respect the die hard ones that are too the core Christian, the ones that toss out all that bullshit thats been added in more modern times through degration etc.

          10. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

            Ofcourse we are, why do you think we call each other cunts all the time? Australia is probably the only place where you can call your best friend a cunt and you both think nothing of it.


            Not at first. When I first arrived there I had a Muslim cellmate who would pray loudly in our cell, practically yelling out his Muslim prayers and for a while I just put up with it. He would also constantly preach to me about his religion, trying to get me to convert but the dumb fuck couldn’t get it through his thick head that no means no so we eventually had a fight in our cell and the guards moved us both to different cells after that. Then word of that fight reached other Muslims in the block, that’s when they started using threats and violence to get me to see their religion their way ‘cause apparently I insulted islam big time by swapping punches with someone trying to “show me the light”… I’m not the only one they did this to either, I recall a Turkish atheist in there who had it worse than me. Most of the Muslims in there were lebos and apparently their way of thinking was that every single individual turk on the planet is a Muslim… if they’re not then it is just blasphemy and I saw this guy get carried away on a stretcher by paramedics to a hospital. Yeah hospital, not the prison infirmary ‘cause they messed him up that badly. There was also an older white guy, probably in his 50s who chose to stay Christian after being preached to by younger Muslim lebos and they would throw stuff at this guy from across the yard and say that it wasn’t them.

  3. Hmmm. this seems rather odd. The FARC has been known to do car bombings before, even pablo escobar in the 80s set off car bombs all over colombia. But every time the driver would leave the vehicle before blowing it up. This is an isis style suicide bombing, which kinda begs the question; is this the first ISIS/Al Quaeda attack or isis inspired attack in a south american nation? It seems they intend to hit the whole world and any non muslim country, its not just the west anymore. And ofcourse Israel is conveniently untouched by any terrorism or bombings. Can we please just exterminate all the jews now? We all know (((who))) created isis and (((WHO))) is responsible for 9/11, and who is responsible for open borders, and every awful thing that happens in this world. I cant believe people havent killed these jews off by now. How can people still tolerate them? They keep testing people’s patience, then history will repeat itself. Basically THE BAD GUYS WON WORLD WAR 2. Good never wins it seems, evil always wins.

  4. Post updated
    21 people dead confirmed and 68 wounded
    The author was identified as José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez and belonged to the ELN guerrilla group.
    The vehicle used was a Nissan Patrol model 93 with 80 kilograms of pentolite
    In Colombia a peace deal was made with the FARC but there is another active guerrilla, the ELN (Ejercito de Liberación Nacional) and they also want to make a peace deal, they use violence to press for a deal.
    Is the worst terrorist act in 15 years in Colombia

  5. They already cracked the case in less than 24hours. Apparently, José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez , a top explosives expert for the ELN, who already lost his hand back in 2010, decided to end his life isis style. While carrying his ID, his own car and all the papers in order for it, he nonchalantly enter the very secure cadet school without being stop by a single bullet and blows the hell up like no one else in the history of terrorist attacks in colombia. They’ve shown all the cctv videos of the car through the city except the one from the cadet school entry.

    But don’t worry guys, cocaine production is still strong and, as a colombian, we’re so used to this things that we will forget very soon like the pieces of shit that we are.

  6. Jew cunts are the most evil fuckers in the world, poor colombian cunts, they don’t even know how to live properly and of course they won’t even know how to sniff a car and search for bombs, I wonder if those cunts have any training at all

  7. ” that are the root cause of the unrest and the economic downturn in Venezuela ”

    This have to be the dumbest thing i heard in a long time .And this comes from someone who have 0 love for Soros,but to say he is guilty for socialism in venezuela not working is just retarded .

    Socialism is root cause for shit in Venezuela not some boogy man .

  8. the fact is, terrorism is the new form of guerilla warfare, and war has evolved from major battles involving armies and navies engaged far from civilian centers, sparing them in WW1, to a general consensus in WW2 that civilian centers were valid targets. and this has changed into wars that do not use armies or navies, but instead target civilians or military in civilian centers ONLY in which to force the opponent to change into a Police State in order to try to thwart the urban guerilla…however, its a Catch-22 situation, because the harshness of a police state only serves to recruit more terrorism, until the State ceases to function.

    No matter what your opinion, this is our new reality, you can’t stop terrorism, and this is the beauty of the strategy: it requires no military, and little organization. Terrorism is the wave of the future, and perhaps drone swarm attacks and robot dogs can make it more difficult, but in the final analysis, terrorism uses technology against itself. Technology can also be a tool for terrorists, and a cell phone can be a weapon of mass destruction. Its a wonderful life, so get used to it

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