Aftermath of Deadly Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Aftermath of Deadly Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Earlier today, a shooter reportedly opened fire at travelers at the international airport in Fort Lauderdale, allegedly killing at least 5 people and wounding 8. The shooter carried a military ID belonging to 26 year old Esteban Santiago, a guy born in New Jersey, with previous address in Penuelas, Puerto Rico. After the shooting, he surrendered to the authorities without incident.

According to Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief, the shooting took place inside Terminal 2, which serves Delta Air Lines and Air Canada.

Esteban Santiago started his journey from Anchorage, Alaska by flying Delta to Minneapolis-St. Paul, and from there to Fort Lauderdale. He would have legally checked his firearm in, and picked it up at baggage claim before using it to kill the five people.

There may have been erroneous reports that he flew Air Canada, which the airliner denied with a tweet. The flight records suggest that he took Delta #1088 flight from Anchorage to Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and then he took Delta #2182 from Minneapolis-Saint Paul to Fort Lauderdale.

In 2010, Esteban Santiago was deployed to Iraq, which anyone who doesn’t live with sheeple wool over their eyes knows had a sole purpose of advancing the Israel’s hegemony and raping, pillaging and destroying the local populace and statehood.

CBS Miami reported that in November 2016, Esteban Santiago turned himself in to the FBI in Anchorage and claimed his mind was being controlled to fight for ISIS. He was sent to undertake treatment at a psychiatric facility.

Does anyone else get a little MK ULTRA vibe from this? I mean here we have the guy who was sent to a psych ward, on whom the FBI had intel that he was being programmed to fight for ISIS, yet still there was no flag on his flying with guns?

Moreover, CBS also reported that Esteban Santiago was investigated for child pornography (thank you for your service), but the charge was dropped. The first part of that should not be a surprise to anyone reading Best Gore, as I have repeatedly exposed army child rapists for who they are, but the fact that charges against him were dropped stinks of convenient leverage.

The timing for the attack could not have been better, in light of video evidence of black on white racism in the USA. Suddenly, nobody talks about black on white crimes anymore.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the aftermath videos:

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          1. OK. Let’s take a compass and draw a circle around fort lauderdale. Then, mark with a cross your position (notice that the word mark hasn’t triggered the gnomes). Are you happy now?

      1. Sadly this is going to happen more often.
        Dude served and was medaled for serving his country,
        And his country served him by not providing
        The help that he obviously needed.
        And there was good ole boy Rick Scott,
        Talking about the death penalty with his fuck buddy
        Florida’s Atty General Pam Bondi,
        Before all the facks were in .. iip

      2. Sadly this is going to happen more often.
        Dude served and was medaled for serving his country,
        And his country served him by not providing
        The help that he obviously needed.
        And there was good ole boy Rick Scott,
        Talking about the death penalty with his fuck buddy
        Florida’s Atty General Pam Bondi,
        Before all the facks were in .. iip

          1. Yeah, I agree as well, I’d honestly like vets to get something that can truly help them.. maybe some sort of special health plan, I don’t know. I’m 26 years old, will be 27 in July. Some of my generation and the ones just below me are filled with psychotic, narcissistic , egotistical morons that feel like the world owes them a favor. Then they go and attain a certain form of “power ” which blows up a lot of their heads even more. I’m all for supporting and helping veterans, but to a degree. While it’s true they are sacrificing their lives to potentially see war, or other things that could scar them for life in terrible ways, it’s also important for them to remember it was they who chose to sign the contract. A true hero doesn’t call them self a hero. Yes we need to help them, but more pre-cautionary stages need to me taken. Mental evaluations need to be more in depth, and should be on a regular basis after returning home from duty for a set period time depending on the solider. There is always more to a story like this then we will ever know. This is a matter that needs to be taken more seriously. It would be nice if more people were allowed to open carry..someone could have potentially stopped him in his tracks before so many lives had to be taken.

    1. The destabilization in Iraq and surroundings is something planned from the beginning of the 80s

      The very Israeli media boasted that Jews were bush accessor those responsible for the lie of chemical weapons and resulting aggression and destabilized the iraq

    2. Only a psychopath/sociopath would whip out the phone and start recording people dying dead or injured instead of assisting. This is very common in the third world where sociopaths grow on trees ( latinos and blacks have been proven to experience less empathy in brain scans)but not something I’ve come to expect of the u.s.a

      1. It happens a lot in the US actually. The video usually shows up on YouTube, snap chat, or Facebook. If it’s good quality it will be sold to the highest bidder to news stations. Since everyone is sue happy here unless you have someone medically trained around don’t expect to get many heroes to save you. In a lot of states a person can be sued if you try to help and either cause a worse injury or death. We all want to think that if something bad ever happened someone would come and help but more then likely you’re on your own. The US is just like every other country.

      1. @NtL…I’m with you, HOLY SHIT! Delta has always overbooked their flights though. Some passengers are give Scuba gear and seated in the center fuel tank. A lucky newlywed couple can be strapped to the nose of the aircraft all “Titanic” style.

          1. ”Sure allow them to all sit on a jet with hundreds of gallons of jet fuel. One bullet hits it anywhere and bang. More than five people are dead”
            ……the fuel is stored in the wings, so that comment makes no sense. Also life ‘aint a Hollywood movie, one bullet and you get a fuel leak, not an explosion.

      1. Probably because no one knew he had a gun. According to his family since he came back from his deployment he “hadn’t been right” and as far as they knew he was supposed to be on meds of course they hadn’t talked to him in months. He had just became a father and his girlfriend had started to get scared of how he was acting so that was one of the reasons he was put in psych ward for 30 days. He was more then likely deemed okay mentally and they had no choice but to give back his gun. If so many knew he had mental problems it makes me wonder why none of his family,baby momma,or the FBI he talked to did a better job of stopping him before he left.

      1. I’ll take it a step further and say it’s probably a combination of the suck as well as meds. Ever heard of Mefloquine? It was being shoved down the throats of our guys pre-deployment for around 8 years to prevent malaria downrange. Now we’re finding out that the stuff is pretty nasty, causing brain damage/brain lesions, halucinations, dementia, anger outbursts, nightmares…many symptoms that mimic PTSD. We got troops who came back fucked up with TBI/PTSD symptoms and the docs are scratching their heads because some haven’t seen a day of combat. It’ll take a while for the gov to admit anything, but between the mefloquine fucking up the brain and the burn pits fucking up the lungs, this shit’s looking to be this generation’s version of Agent Orange.

        1. Have you ever been to an airport with family? No? Then don’t talk about the shit hitting the fan. One of them you can take cover from and the other follows you for life. Going to the airport with my family for vacation was easily the most excruciating ordeal of my life and I’ve been beaten, humiliated and gang stalked multiple times. Family fucks people up for life. It could of been me screaming FLORIDA!! FLOOORRIDDDA!!

        2. I’m not saying that the meds had anything to do with it but I can tell you that I’ve had a first hand experience with adverse reactions from being on a Medication I had no business being on and it almost killed me. I was temporarily put on Xanax for severe panic attacks and because I wasn’t sleeping (rare, I know right) the crazy kook put me on a hard antipsychotic drug by the name of Zyprexa. I was only 23 at the time so I wasn’t experienced in knowing how to research my stuff etc at that age and obviously a bit naive. After it put me out cold for a day and a half, I got so looped up on the Zyprexa that I was forgetting when I was taking the Xanax. I’d take it, 5 mins later- forgot that I had taken it and due to having such severe panic- I’d take it again. Cycle repeated until half of the bottle was taken. Only reason I’m okay today and have no long lasting issues is because my best friend had a key to my appt and when he saw me about to light myself on fire while smoking cigarettes, he called 911. Also when I was 10 my uncle committed suicide from adverse effects from Prozac. The meds they hand out like candy can be our own worst enemy and a lot don’t even know it. Needless to say at 33 I don’t take anything without doing my own thorough research first. Onto PTSD, I have a close friend who was over in Iraq and we communicated the entire time he was there… that was over 10yrs ago and I know he said he still has major issues from what he witnessed and had to do over there. But this whole case seems that the root of the problem could be a multitude of things including what Mark had mentioned. You never know in this world we live in today…

          1. I would say its PTSD thats at the root of the problem.
            Perhaps the anti malaria meds give it an extra push…
            Pile a couple of years of antipsychotic drugs on top of that.

            Then ignore the guy whom cried out that things were not going ok.
            And top that off with an okidokie pass to carry a gun.

            Then the kicker ingredient: Passing through customs @ an airport!

            It would be the straw to break the camels back…

      1. they do a lot they numb your brain so you aren’t as coordinated and make you talk with a slur and sleep all day. after awhile you get massive brain damage worse then schizophrenia, they like them because it’s easier for them to say, “hey it’s not us, it’s YOU!”

      1. They don’t allow ammo in baggage. In fact it’s against the law as stated by the FAA. However, the only people who follow the laws are people who wouldn’t kill people in the first place. Gun laws are about as useless as drug laws. Morality can not be legislated.

        1. Yessir, it can be transported. I have done it.
          TSA webpage:
          Ammunition is prohibited in carry-on baggage, but may be transported in checked baggage.
          Firearm magazines and ammunition clips, whether loaded or empty, must be securely boxed or included within a hard-sided case containing an unloaded firearm. Read the requirements governing the transport of ammunition in checked baggage as defined by 49 CFR 175.10 (a)(8).
          Small arms ammunition, including ammunition not exceeding .75 caliber and shotgun shells of any gauge, may be carried in the same hard-sided case as the firearm.

          You can carry it in the case as the actual firearm.

  1. On a TV news broadcast, one of the witnesses told a reporter that he saw a guy in a sort of uniform, with a big gun and that he (the shooter) was saying that he “wasn’t a Jew”. I thought right away that I had to mention it here.

  2. it is remarkable how quickly Mark posts about whatever bullshit horror story dominates the day’s news. i’d say he has an ESP power of precognition like being johnny on the spot knowing something will happen AS it happens. i wish he would give me the fucking powerball numbers with his ESP precognition powers.

  3. Good. I hate air travellers. They walk around with so much money like they own the place and fly around drunk like it’s no big deal. They had it coming. This makes me happy. Down with rich people, throw away their keys and send em to hell!

      1. You think that $200 is not much currency to throw away at once. You spend $3000 to $4000 in air tickets a year! Gosh, you Americans really swim on currency, this shit of the world reserve currency being the dollar needs to stop to make things fairer.

          1. @dbp: not sure but I think you just reinforced @underground‘s point. Americans (U.S. Citizens I’m assuming) have far too much money so we must be stopped. But wait. It’s not as if the U.S. just fell onto a pile of cash the size of Texas. Throughout its history, the U.S. and its citizens have had the ambition and drive to work for all of our accomplishments. The only “hand-out” mentality in the U.S. is primarily centered around bottom dwelling urban citizens who are more than welcome to get the fuck out and go to their Mother Land. But I digress.

          2. @dethbyplaster I wasn’t kidding. What you spend in air tickets a year is more than my father makes in a month (after years working) and 3 to 4 months salary for people with a good degree (although inexperience ones). I recognize the differences in the cost of living for the US, but the thing that I said about the dollar being the standard world currency is still valid. Just to put it into perspective, with the wage of a cashier (around 1000 reais, maybe a little bit more) here you can barely buy two to three 1200 miles tickets (a Sao Paulo Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo Recife ticket). Working as a cashier in Walmart in the US, I see you’d make 9.24 per hour, with the same workload of a cashier in Brazil of 150 hours per month, you’d make $1386 a month, it’d buy almost seven 1200 air tickets. I myself would like to work as a cashier in the US, if I could transfer the money back home I’d make more than a job with my degree would give, and I study in a relatively good course at a good university (120th according to QS).

          3. @Dan-a-Conda I recognize many Americans are hard workers, and I’d say more, that the entrepreneurial spirit is great in the US. Nevertheless, the dollar being the world currency reserve unfairly benefits the US, it was a system set up on Breton Woods because the US had lots of gold and stored the gold of other countries. The US printed more than it should and had to ”temporarily” stop the conversion during the Nixon Shock. As de Gaulle said, it takes a dollar of goods and services for other countries to buy from the US, but it takes mere cents to print a dollar for the US to buy from other countries. Look at what happened to Saddam who wanted to sell oil for euros and Gaddafi who wanted to sell oil for gold. Now, look at what’s happening to Iran which wishes to go the same way…

          4. @undergroundweller In the US, it’s not extremely uncommon to make $1300/week rather than a month. Upper middle class people make 6-digit salaries ($100,000+/year.) But so what? They aren’t sitting on their asses. And that’s what things cost. When nicer neighborhood homes have $300,000 houses, and you want to live there and work for it, I don’t see a problem.

          5. @dethbyplaster You should be able to have the reward for what you produce (hard work + brain/quality work), but I question whether an American is receiving more than he should. You may have a nationalist thinking that would oppose this, but despite a few Americans being inventors and such, most Americans have contributed nothing in such terms. I recognize the difference in IQ between nations, but for instance, the Chinese have greater IQs than Americans and work hard, and nevertheless are poorer. If a Chinese or Mexican performs the same job as an American for much less, even if the American is more competent than the Mexican or Chinese, it may be worthwhile to build a plant in Mexico or China. it’s just natural that jobs will go to Mexico or China. To oblige the employer to stay in the US would be, in my view, against principles of freedom that the Americans uphold. Then the US has to enact protectionist laws and systems like FATCA, so that people in the US get a salary bigger than they deserve (or even worse, social welfare). Higher salaries, ultimately incur in higher prices, so people may start demanding higher salaries or lower prices and a cycle may set in. My point is that if Americans have fair salaries it would be better. You may have inherited a good country that your forefathers worked for, and that’s fair, but if your countrymen don’t work as hard as they did (like the Chinese do now) you shouldn’t be able to keep it that way (and I think you won’t). I recognize that there’s more to it and the banksters and etc, but this is long enough for now.

  4. I’ll ask again:

    Where are those morally-upright, gun-toting good citizens when they are needed? Since they are continually proving themselves to be completely useless when it comes situations like these, I propose again that guns be forbidden in common areas like airports, campuses, shopping malls, etc, and that weapon detectors be installed to ensure that NOBODY except law enforcement goes into an enclosed crowded area with a gun. If you wanna keep a gun in your home, FINE. If you want to carry a gun in your car, FINE. If you want to walk around the street with the muzzle of a gun tucked between your asscheeks in order to feel secure FINE, but NO ONE except law enforcement should be allowed to go into an enclosed area carrying a piece.

    Does anyone remember the movie Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger? They had areas known as safety zones, where no weapons were allowed and people had to walk through x-ray scanners so the guards could make sure that no weapons were being sneaked in. We need something like that; in fact we HAVE something like that, they’re called full-body scanners, but because the people in this country are so fucking immature that they go insane at the mere sight of bouncing boobies and swinging dicks, these devices haven’t become more widespread.

    And don’t give me that bullshit argument about having to be ready to defend yourself against the government. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about the government coming after you, so stop being quivering little pussies about it.

    1. Your arguments are bullshit. People in Czarist Russia used to think they didn’t have to worry about the government if they’re not doing anything wrong, then Jews assassinated the Czar, and everything that used to be “nothing wrong”, suddenly became the top threat, and as many as 140 Million people ended up executed by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

      Still, I’m a firm believer that this bullshit about needing guns to defend oneself against the government is propagated by the government itself, to give gullible gun owners false sense of security. If you think the government with satellite controlled missiles,combat drones and nukes is afraid of people’s rifles, then I have a bridge to sell you. Such argument would have been valid 300 years ago, but one would have to be born yesterday to still think it applies in the 21st century.

      1. Sir, you are the owner of this website, so I will tread softly around you. Let’s have a civilized discussion.

        You did not take the time to refute any of my points, and you don’t know me personally, so your opinion of both me and my post are not valid. Yes, that happened in Czar Russia before the time of widespread media; nowadays if the Queen of England farts we hear about it here in the U.S. mere seconds after it took place. Believe me, when terrorists decide to storm the White House, all of us will know seconds after the attack is initiated.

        By the way, I’m continuing an argument I started in the post about that Turkish guy who got run over or something. You might want to peruse it before you join in this one.

        1. Dear Leader Trump will bring them in without you knowing a thing. He’s not even officially a president yet, and it already looks like he won’t wait until he takes over the oval office to do what’s good for Israel, which is flood America with terrorists, like the ones sneaked in from Guantanamo Bay while this shooting was taking place.


          1. I did not vote for Donald Trump, he has proven himself unfit to hold the office of president of the bridge club, let alone the United States of America. Flight information doesn’t prove anything, it could have been somebody’s dirty undies and their favorite donkey that were being transported on that flight.

            We are straying away from the discussion of gun control.

      2. Yes they are afraid of common people with rifles. We have tens of millions of people with military type weaponry. Spread across a massive continent. Many of them with military and combat training/experience. Not to mention all the veterans who know how to make IEDs and bombs.

        If the government tried to use direct military and police force to enforce martial law or some type of action against the American people, first of all if their wasnt an outright revolt among the US military, all their advanced technology wouldnt be enough.

        Every city, every town, every location in the country, would have countless Armed Americans ready to snipe the fuel truck drivers, the support vehicles, the soft spots of the military machine. All the politicians would need 24/7 heavily armed teams, and so would their families. It would be like trying to occupy an entire continent, with tens of millions of well trained insurgents ready to snipe you or blow you up everywhere you went.

        The entire US military had a hard time occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, both pretty small in population and size, and mostly fighting uneducated, poorly trained, retards with AK47s that werent even zeroed in.

        Meanwhile you would be dealing with an insurgency 50x larger, across 10x the land mass, and they would be highly trained and much more educated. It would be HOPELESS.

        Which is why they wage a soft long war against us – financially, through marxist education, media brainwashing and disinformation. A military occupation of America is impossible.

        1. I wouldn’t rely on Americans with military experience. They have a proven track record of hating real Americans and have used their training and equipment to attack Americans in the past, and will do it again. The Black Wall Street, or the Bonus Army incidents are but two examples of US army attacking US citizens on US soil. Many veterans join police after discharge, and you don’t have to go very far to see how many people they execute in cold blood at the behest of the government every year. That’s how much they hate the people of America. You’re living a pipe dream if you think HP rifles or IEDs in the hands of ordinary people will measure up to million dollar missiles in the hands of the government with unlimited resources.

          1. I am a veteran, and I have met hundreds of veterans, from your regular infantry, to special forces, rangers, recon marines, as well as plenty of police and FBI. Where I worked, I had a lot of contact with these types of people. And the majority of them realize the wars are a huge scam, that the new world order is a real thing, and they will have no part of it. They are prepared to resist it if the time ever came to go hot.

            To give an example, after Sandy hook happened, and the government was talking about banning assault weapons and all that shit – I cant tell you how many military and police were telling me “fuck that. we will never enforce that. we will never go around to confiscate guns.”

            Me and my military friends would tell our cop friends “you know if that ever happens, you will die if you try to enforce it.” They agreed. Most police and military are nationalistic, love their guns, grew up hunting deer, etc. They are patriots.

            Youre living the dream if you think the US. Military would just turn on the American people with drones, bombers, attack helicopters, etc. The vast majority of them are gonna say fuck no. And even if the US military did go against the people, how long do you think that would last? You think that the fuel, the food, the supplies, etc, wouldnt instantly become a target?

            You think there are even enough missiles and bombs in the US Inventory to kill every one of the MILLIONS of insurgents? You dont think the national guard armories wouldnt get raided immediately for heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, rockets, etc? You dont think the tens of thousands of retired SEALs, Recon Marines, Delta, Special Forces, wouldnt come out to start doing black ops and insurgency operations?

            I assure you 100% the US Military couldnt defeat the American people. You believe what you want though.

          1. I also believe that the American military does not have the hearth to attAck American citizens even if they were ordered to.
            I wouldn’t say the same about military from other countries that may be hired and brought to United States soil to enforce some type of martial law.
            This while American soldiers are deployed somewhere in the other side of the world leAving us with only civilian defense and very little military defense.

          2. china are amassing their military they have 100 million soldiers ready to fight. and then russia is their close friend. i honestly think any country would be crazy to take on russia and china, and then theres iran and their weapons. israel and america are becoming enemies of the world and yes i know the uk are americas friend but we know russia could disable us in one attack so we dont count anymore.

    2. Heres the thing – all these areas are made “gun free zones” and you cannot bring your concealed weapon into them for the most part. In reality you can carry a concealed weapon into an airport but not past security check points. The trouble is, if someone wants to go on a shooting rampage they will merely target the easiest places where no one will shoot back at them.

      The attacker will always get to choose the time and place – so they always will find the places where no one will return fire and stop their massacre. Baggage claim you can actually have your concealed weapon out, but people just getting off the plane won’t have any weapons on them, so only if cops happen to be around – would anyone be able to stop him.

      Theres plenty of examples of people using guns to protect their own life, or intervene and help save others – but they are usually not high profile ones. There was a guy who went into a church a few years back with hundreds of rounds of ammo and a rifle, and he was shot dead by a female security officer who volunteered at the church. He killed one or two people, then she capped him.

      The trouble with your brainless idea about setting up scanners, and posting cops everywhere – it costs too much money to employ that many cops. Cops are usually pretty poorly trained. Someone could always show up with a rifle and blast the cop easily, then proceed to slaughter unarmed people. Or just drive a fucking truck through the place and run over 80 people like they did in France.

      Its a simpletons idea that we can just make another law, and this type of violence will stop.

      1. It should not be “you cannot carry a gun into them for the most part” it should be “you cannot carry a gun into them AT ALL”. The security checkpoints should be ALL access points. If you enter a building or some other enclosed area, and you’re carrying a piece, you should be detained at the door, the piece confiscated while you are inside, and returned to you as soon as you leave the building.

        You proved my point with your anecdote about the security officer at the church. Only law enforcement should be allowed to carry guns in an enclosed public area. She was the only one who had the sense AND the authority to draw her weapon. Once again, where were all those other morally upright, gun-carrying citizens at the time?

        We have the money to serve as the planet’s babysitter, we have the money to provide foodstamps to lazy people, we have the money to pay for redundant government employees but, strangely enough, we don’t have money to fund, increase, and properly train our police force. I’m not talking about just passing a law, I’m talking about a coordinated effort. We have the technology, we have the drones, we have weapon detectors, we have fucking dogs that can sniff out bombs and gunpowder. What is the issue here?

        Yes, someone can always drive a truck into a building, no security plan will ever be foolproof. But yes, letting random people go onto school campuses and airports with concealed weapons has done a spectacular job of keeping our schools safe, hasn’t it?

        I’m not brainless, and I’m not a simpleton. You haven’t even put a dent into my argument.

        1. Youre not brainless? Had me fooled, because you seem to think that if you have “Secure” zones and makes guns hard to get, youll stop gun violence.

          Let me remind you about Paris – 128 people murdered with illegally owned AK47s. So the criminals broke the law to get illegal weapons. CRIMINALS DONT OBEY THE LAW. Not to mention you could kill 100+ people in a night club by starting a fire with a little gas and creating a stampede, and tons of people die from smoke inhalation and trampling each other to death.

          I dont know what you are talking about with keeping schools safe with concealed weapons. Maybe you didnt know it, but it is ILLEGAL to bring a concealed weapon onto campus. So youre just ignorant of the law.

          So your solution again, set up secure gun free zones and wand people to verify they are unarmed. Okay how about where you have created this security check point and where everyone is lined up, someone just hangs around outside the security checkpoint and blasts away with a machine gun? Or runs them all down with a car. Or blows up a bomb.

          If someone is willing to murder people, the only thing you can hope to do, is minimize how long the massacre happens. You do this by making soft targets as hard as possible.

          You come off as someone who doesnt know shit about guns, or gun laws. So trust me when I say that your average gun owner civilian is a better shot than your average cop. And your average civilian with a gun is less likely to shoot someone without justification because they will go to jail for it, where cops usually get off the hook.

          It just blows me away that you think a security checkpoint is gonna end terrorism. lmao….

          1. @freedomlover

            I’m going to separate my answers to your statements with semi-colons, to make this post smaller.

            I already said there will always be a margin of error, because no security plan is 100% foolproof, but by installing these security zones, it would become harder for people to sneak guns into public areas; I know criminals don’t obey the law, but the law should not make it easy for criminals, or anyone for that matter, to just waltz into a crowded airport with a gun and start shooting; if the arson idea was so efficient, this technique would already be more widespread; just because it is illegal to bring concealed weapons into a school doesn’t mean you can’t, it just means that you will get in trouble if you get caught. the procedure should be that as soon as you walk into the school, you go through the checkpoint to ENSURE that you have no weapons on your person before you can proceed.

            You FINALLY brought up a detail that I was struggling with, about the people lined up to get through the security checkpoint. With today’s technology, however, there shouldn’t have to be a line. You would just be walking through some kind of security gate or corridor like you normally do to access any building, say a campus for example. You wouldn’t even have to see the guards unless you tripped a sensor suggesting you were carrying contraband.

            Please explain this idea about making soft targets hard; I know very little about guns and gun violence, but I do know that we need to be more aware of who is carrying and who is not; once again, I never said that a security checkpoint is going to end terrorism, or gun violence in general, there will always be some idiot who wants to go up against the world, but we have the capability, so why not? Just so you can continue carrying your gun out in public? If you can do it, so can the terrorists; If our officers are so poorly trained as you say, maybe we need to stop focusing on patrolling the rest of the world and focus on improving our internal defenses, we will be relying on these people to hold the fort when the military fails.

            You only raised one issue that even raised my eyebrow, so you haven’t proven that I am brainless.

        1. Its doable. We have the money, and we have plenty of unemployed people. Lets put America back to work again, making this country safe for EVERYONE. Its only a matter of time before suicide bombers, IEDS, car bombs, and mass shootings become the norm in this country, as they have in other countries, so let’s stop this woulda / coulda / shoulda attitude and let’s get fucking started.

          1. @Cadejito – You think those lazy niggers in Chicago are going to put down their drugs, get off the gov’t tit and show up at a J-j-j-j-job every day: and working citizens should then rely on these freeloading nigger nasties to protect their lives? Do you smoke crack in the liberturd world you live in?

          2. @ jimboslone

            Those lazy drug dealers are not the problem I am concerned with today, and OBVIOUSLY, the security personnel at these checkpoints would have to be screened very carefully, but, as 9/11 proved, anyone can go through flight school. There is always a margin of error, there would have to be checks and balances put in place. Our government has survived for three centuries due to its checks and balances; the world has kept WW3 at bay through its checks and balances, so its feasible.

            I’ve never touched crack, heroin, or meth. I’ve seen what they do to people, and I’m predisposed to pick up addictions quickly, so I don’t need that shit in my life.

            And stop hating on liberals. Liberals, republicans, black, white, gay, straight, agnostic, and catholic, female and transmale, we ALL live on this continent together, we need to work together to defend it. We need to stop typecasting and live by Bruce Lee’s philosophy “absorb what is useful”.

        2. The weapons checkpoints will not only be checking for guns, but for any concealed weapons, including IEDs. It obviously works, since soldiers are able to secure locations out in the battlefield. Its a place to start, better than what we have right now, which is NOTHING at all.

          Frankly, I’m surprised you people are so vehemently against such an idea. You’re the ones carrying your little pistols in your pockets in case something happens, and yet bringing up the idea of securing public locations drives you up the wall.

          1. There are no scanners to catch car bombs or suicide bombers. So what, an alert goes off? They set the bomb off then. They will not say “Oops shoplifter alert went off, run” and take off. They will blow shit up. Same for mass shooters. Alert sounds and they just start shooting. Your real outcome will be basically catching regular people with c&c permits who wouldn’t have started shooting people anyway.
            As far as soldiers, they still hit IEDs, mines and RPGs are shot into bases. Occasionally armed enemies make it right through the gate. So the military doesn’t have shit locked down.

          2. Any type of bomb will have some kind of chemical scent that can be detected, either through dogs or through technology. Clearly, a multi-faceted approach will be required to weed out false positives, so the scanners would work in conjunction with scent detectors and other technology.

            If you can easily carry a gun into a public area, such as easily can a terrorist, so that argument begins and ends there.

            I’m not a veteran, although I’m considering enlisting soon; I greatly respect the military and I welcome any veteran to correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me that most of these IED fatalities take place when soldiers are outside of their tightly regulated bases, such as when they are out on the battlefield or patrolling a city. I’m willing to bet that the attacks that manage to actually damage a secured base are rare indeed.

            Oh ye of little faith. If the military didn’t have shit locked down, the enemy would have easily repelled us and they would be marching across our continent by now.

          3. Yeah, I’ll ask my husband, US Marine Corps, if the shit that was shot into his “secure” base did any damage – a few deaths, guys losing their limbs, no biggie. He did find 50 landmines with his outfit. It took hours and hours (11 months) and tons of manpower. A few guys did die when the vehicle didn’t catch a mine in time. Again, no biggie.
            Now that he’s out and works on radar-guided-missiles for the best fighter jets on the planet, he probably still has some info. Of course, I’m sure you know more than he.

            Are you undergroundweller but with a different name? Because your MO is strikingly similar. You know everything and type out these arrogant opinions and “facts” to help the stupid members here get up to speed. But quite a bit of your well-worded rubbish is simply useless.

          4. Now you’re just being hysterical. I already explained that I wasn’t a veteran, and that I welcome any veterans to correct my misstatements.

            Look, lady, these are just my opinions. This is how we exchange ideas in a civilized society; we talk, we debate, we communicate, we work together to find solutions to our common problems. We might not like what others have to say, but we listen, reflect on what we’ve learned, and either use it or discard it. You don’t have to read my posts if you don’t want to, I’m not holding a gun to your head.

            Events such as this one at Ft Lauderdale concern me too, because they are happening on OUR land. Not overseas, not in some banana republic or some barren wasteland. These are our fellow countrymen getting wasted, citizens of the USA. It started with Columbine, and its been picking up ever since. We need to take a stand against this shit once and for all and make this country secure.

          5. @cadejito You’re confusing hysterical with me being fed up with nonsense. Your “opinions” are presented as gospel.

            What it sounds like you really want is martial law. I’m not on board. And very few people are.

            I’m certainly not the only one to point out the failings in your opinions and the know-it-all attitude is hard to miss. What you do isn’t healthy back and forth. You’re just “right.”
            And why shouldn’t I read your comments. Ignoring ideas I disagree with is complacency and I feel compelled to point out the problems.

          6. I am just stating my opinions, YOU’RE interpreting them as gospel and my attitude as know-it-all. If you have something meaningful and constructive to add to the discussion by all means say it, that’s why I started this discussion, because I want to hear other points of view. Instead of always arguing against everything I say with generalities and little huffy moods, why don’t YOU tell ME YOUR suggestion for curtailing this problem of gun violence? Obviously, letting people carry guns all over the place isn’t helping, because there is never one of you around when the situation calls for it, is there? Ft. Lauderdale, Bernadino, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine; just WHERE the hell were you vigilantes, self-proclaimed protectors of the social order when you were needed?

            Freedomlover is the only one who has even come close, during this discussion, to pointing out a problem in my plan, and it isn’t even a major problem, a solution could probably be formulated in weeks if the right minds came together.

          7. @dethbyplaster He was just like me expressing his views. Are you saying he’s just like me because he elaborates his opinions and backs it up with facts, observations and thinks about outcomes he’s a know all. He’s just debating here like me and trying to see different points of view. I don’t know where you got it that I am a know all, it couldn’t be further from how I really feel and think. Just because someone has a strong opinion and doesn’t limit his arguments to calling you a stupid whore, he is a know all. Go back to that level if it’s where you think you belong. You’re the one who goes out for personal attacks when things don’t go your way and when you’re not able to refute logical arguments, you just go for the name calling which has no meaning, that I am crazy, but the rebuttal is nowhere to be seen. I am not the only one saying these things, so you should look towards yourself.

          8. @cadejito When we spoke about c&c, you said I was “unreasonable” if I didn’t agree with you. That’s a know-it-all attitude. As far as discussing shootings, I told you what would NOT work. If any one person here has the answer as to what would work, then they’d solve a problem that an entire nation cannot agree upon and that would be impressive. You seem hellbent on some kind of martial law and have repeatedly said you cannot understand why we disagree as if we’re idiots. Hence, that’s why I called your ideas gospel, in your mind, at least

          9. @undergroundweller Already I find a problem. You stated he backs up opinions with facts. What facts? Speculations is the term. And I countered his restrictive ideas repeatedly.
            Your ideas are also restrictive and you seem to think they are the best (only?) answer. You chastise me for being able to afford things. Who are you to tell me how to spend my money?
            It’s that same “I know best” attitude that I see in catejito. And you both seem to think you have answers for large groups of people. Hence, you seem a lot alike.

          10. @dethbyplaster

            Please quote the post where I called you unreasonable, because I don’t remember having done so. So far you haven’t provided a single valid rebuttal to any of my arguments, nothing even worth debating. Nobody is EVER going to come up with an answer that pleases everyone, but we should definitely consider solutions that provide the most benefit to the most people, instead of just screaming MARTIAL LAW, as you’re doing. Maybe someone out there has a better solution than the one I’m suggesting, but the one YOU are suggesting (keep things the way they are and let people carry guns wherever they please) is the reason why two high school kids can just waltz into their school and mow down their peers, or why someone can just waltz into an airport and shoot down three people.

            I’ve already said that these are my opinions; I’m not going to pretend that everything I’ve said is a fact, but anyone with half a brain (or in my case, according to freedomforever, completely brainless) can see that letting people run around willy nilly with guns in their pockets has not solved any problems, instead it has made it easier for crazy people to “work off their frustration”.

            I’ll point out that all of your statements are also opinions, not facts.

          11. @cadejito You said (paraphrasing) that I seemed like a reasonable person and you couldn’t believe I needed a gun in public … then you said, oh well your car is okay. But yes, you started out by saying that I was basically not reasonable if I believed in c&c; believe against you. There are almost 200 comments on this thread so I did not search for it.
            It’s 4am, I just got off work. I skimmed your latest comment and it just matters more to you and than me. When I feel a thread has been beat to death, I’m done with it. A few people say I “run off” lol. I like it when they say that because I do. I get the hell out of a redundant argument with someone I do not, will not and can not agree with. You can reply or not. But I am through here. I said plenty about my opinion on the scanner systems. Now it’s just personal and wasting our time.

          12. @dethbyplaster

            True. I’ll just continue the discussion the next time another shooting happens on U.S. soil, because it will prove my point that allowing (or turning a blind eye to) guns in public places in the vain hope that people will defend themselves and others is an idea that has cost more lives than it has saved, and that is propagated by people who dont have the courage to think outside of the box, such as yourself.

        3. @dethbyplaster I don’t think my ideas are the only ones, it’s preposterous to bring it to question as there lots of ideas out there (I’ve told how I think that knowledge and thought are infinite). Weather they are good or not is what I am up here for, putting them out to see what someone would add or disagree with in them (they are the best I could gather info and think of). I still don’t get it what made you think that I have a know it all attitude, is it because I am ”well spoken” and don’t call you names in arguments (with some exceptions when you got to my nerves). Where did I tell you or counsel you on how to spend your currency, I just pointed out that the standard of living in America is high based on your example, and in my opinion higher than Americans deserve, and that you keep it through an unfair system (dollar being the world reserve currency) and through the use of force (Gaddafi, Saddam etc). How you spend your currency, on air tickets, video games, dildos or whatever was not part of the question, and you should be able spend it as you wish in my view, at least as long as it wouldn’t affect me (a contract killer, for instance).

        4. Factual data has shown that gun-free-zones are the most likely possible targets of terrorist attacks…
          It’s like telling a terrorist hey if you go and shoot out this place there aint gone be no one with a gun to stop you…
          Kinda dumb to have gun-free-zones or to live in such zones…

          1. I’ve already tackled all of your concerns in posts throughout this page. I suggest you get a pad and a pen, jot down the parts you disagree with, and get back at me when you have something more interesting to say.

          2. However, I will say that we already have gun-free zones. I once participated in an egg hunt at the White House, and everyone, kids included, had to pass through a metal detector. Courthouses also have metal detectors, whens the last time you heard about a mass shooting at a courthouse?

            Its a foregone conclusion that the weapons checkpoints would have to be continously upgraded. Eventually someone will manufacture a plastic gun that doesnt trip the metal detectors; I’ve already brought up the idea of someone dismantling a gun and bringing it in piece by piece, then reassembling it inside. The idea is to stay three steps ahead of the enemigo, comprendes?

      2. @freedomforever You are 100% right. These people target the places where there’s a pretty damn good chance that no one will be able to fight back. They are much less likely to choose a spot where they can get taken down by possibly anyone. If people think it’s a death sentence now out there,… if they banned guns, it sure as Hell would be.

        1. So, like I said, you make it harder for people to bring weapons into enclosed public areas. Out on the street, carrying a gun would still be legal, so a gunman would have to consider the possibility that any random person could be carrying a piece and could put an end to their little temper tantrum as soon as it started.

    3. Umm, Bottom line,… CRIMINALS WILL STILL GET AND BRING GUNS. That’s why their criminals, because “the rules do not apply to them”. If guns are taken away completely, then NO ONE stands a chance.

      1. I never said guns should be taken away, just not allowed in certain areas. If you can walk into a school or an airport with a gun, so can a terrorist.

        Allowing people to carry guns in public areas has caused more damage than good.

          1. I already addressed this point. It isn’t legal, but it doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it, just that you are encouraged not to do it. We encourage our teenagers not to have sex until they are more mature, no to do drugs, but they still find ways of doing them anyway. These sensors would ENSURE that no guns were being brought onto the campus.

            However, you have given me pause to wonder (Apocalypse), that a gun COULD be dismantled, taken apart into small pieces and smuggled in through windows, or by one person at a time. Therefore, sensors would also have to be installed inside the buildings in certain areas, so once a gun was all in one piece, it would still trip the buildings internal sensors.

        1. @cadejito, you said
          “Events such as this one at Ft Lauderdale concern me too,because they are happening on OUR land. Not overseas”

          I live in The Netherlands (overseas) and so far we dodged the bullet / truck here. But any other country that surrounds us had its serving of death & destruction. So your statement sounds very egocentric and short sighted.

          So you want a super tight scanner and sniffer dog equiped security checkpoint at all the schools, airports and public places. Fine that will probably keep those places safe.

          But it wont work mate terrorist now know where NOT to plan out their attacks.
          Someone who wants to make attacks with many casualties, will take their time to find a suitable target.
          Wether they use a bomb /gun /truck /car /kitchen knife or a boxcutter. At a supermarket / church / beach / local markets, and i could go on and on and on.

          There is no solution to this problem. But you should not let your lives be ruled by fear of these wankers.

          1. Of course these situations concern me, because I live in the USA. We didn’t used to have these problems before, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this country is, as Tony Montana put it, “like one big pussy, just waiting to get fucked”.

            And that’s exactly what I’m trying to establish. If gunmen want to go berserk at a beach or a church, FINE, but they will have to weigh the risk of getting shot out in the street by a citizen carrying a piece. No longer should they be able to just walk onto an airport, a campus, a government building, or some other enclosed space and just go on a shooting spree. I already said that no security plan is foolproof, but this is a start.

            Also, if the terorrists DO manage to wreck havoc in the country, and I feel its only a matter of time, these fortified buildings could serve as shelters for the masses, with sensors already installed. I would rather have them, than not.

            The ideas I am suggesting can be applied in other countries, but the USA has always been the leader in security technology. The world is not the same place it used to be in the days of Leave it to Beaver. We need to seriously catch up.

    4. Pure bullshit… i am Brazilian and here NO ONE can legally have a gun, the guns in use by police forces DO NOT belong to the cops, they are government property… and we have more than 60,000 murders per year…

      U.S.A citizens need to be armed till the teeth in any ocasion, it will be safer for everyone if at least 80% of people just carry a gun, no terrorist nut crazy asshole snackbar will stand a chance against a well armed society…

      Look at SWISS, mandatory military service and almost everyone have a gun (98%) and that place have no terrorism…

      Do yourself a favor and move to Brazil, and you will feel like paradise with gun restriction.

      1. 60 mil oficiais. E os que são dados como desaparecidos e os restantes homicídios que nem constam das estatísticas?

        And by the way, if a Brazilian citizen does happen to have a gun permit and kills a robber, he may very well still go to jail.

      2. I’m not advocating that guns should be banned EVERYWHERE, only in public spaces like campuses, airports, shopping malls, etc. These places would be safety hubs. Any shooter out on the street or planning to assault a home would still have to weigh the risk of getting shot himself if he gets trigger happy.

        Brazil could probably benefit from this idea as well; it would keep guns out of schools.

        I totally agree with mandatory military service, I feel that every person who lives in a country should be prepared to defend it if the time comes. If properly implemented, it also gives people an appreciation for weapons and human lives. I know someone will mention that soldiers have gone berserk before and started shooting civilians, but that’s almost always due to a personal problem, and if more people were gun savvy, they would have been stopped before they had time to shoot off the second round.

        1. In Brazil you’re allowed to have guns at home (with age, background criminal record restrictions etc), but you need a special permit (more for people with dangerous jobs, like cops) to carry guns outside home (not available to the ordinary citizen). It seems, though, that our criminals don’t respect the laws, they have guns at times even inside jails, as we’ve seen gun confiscations after the rebellion in Manaus. Hence, you hear many people get shot during robberies (I know you’re pro gun in open spaces). I wouldn’t put great trust in cops (which are mere human beings) to defend my ass, they don’t have the same urgency to defend your own life as you would have to do it, let alone the bad training, and the fact that one may not always be around when needed. Guns may also be smuggled into enclosed spaces despite the checkpoints, a shopping mall would have multiple points of vulnerability. I think that not even in a place such as the US, which has a lot of resources, this vulnerability could be greatly reduced.

          1. I just think your solution of increasing the security (by the number and quality of cops and systems in enclosed spaces) would be economically unfeasible. You’d probably have to pay an expensive toll to enter every enclosed space, and I think it wouldn’t be, even this way, as effective as if everybody had guns, although I recognize it would make things more difficult for gunmen, be it terrorists or maniacs.

          2. @ underground dweller

            The problem with everyone having guns is this: Let’s say that someone starts shooting at a party. A good citizen could pull out his gun and start heading towards the perpetrator, that’s when a second good citizen, seeing the gun in the first good citizen’s hand, blows his brains out confusing HIM with the perp, or believing him to be an accomplice of the perp.

            Making it economically feasible is the biggest stumbling block to a plan like mine; it would take minds much smarter than mine, from various different fields, to do so. But remember that this is the country that first developed the nuclear bomb, that helped finish the Panama Canal, that landed a man on the moon. We have taken on Herculean efforts before and succeeded. We need to bring back that spirit and work together to make our lands safer.

          3. @undergroundweller I thought a fair rebuttal to your shitty review of by thoughts and how I reply to people was to show you that I used a rebuttal you yourself indorsed and a day before to boot. If it’s no big deal to you, so be it.
            As far as wealth, I just couldn’t believe you can complain about it but have your ideas regarding reproduction. I thought it was funny. If you think a plane ticket is expensive, try raising a child. I won’t bring up that topic again, but it jumped straight to mind when you acted like wealth was an issue for people. The day you said all that reproductive duty nonsense, you lost all credibility with me – like forever.
            So argue with me, don’t, whatever. I cannot think of another thing to argue about on this thread. Reply if you wish. I don’t even think you read my reasonable comments regarding cadejito’s plan. I think you just read that I brought you up and got aggravated. Unless, it’s truly groundbreaking, I doubt I’ll reply again.

        2. @undergroundweller You said that I use name-calling to argue. Please enjoy the following quotes:

          “I just think your solution of increasing the security (by the number and quality of cops and systems in enclosed spaces) would be economically unfeasible.” – You, today 1/7

          “It’ll be cold day in hell before the money and effort is spent installing such scanners at doors plus manpower to watch hundreds of people per hour.” – Me, YESTERDAY 1/6

          Gee, sounds like I can make very decent arguments. Even before you sometimes. So, don’t tell me that I cannot debate on a certain level.

          1. @dethbyplaster The heck is that, we agree on this point but what’s it to do with anything. Am I supposed to disagree with you in everything, do you think my purpose is just to contradict you? Is this a race to see the ones who make the comment about a point first? I brought my opinions in a moment I thought necessary, or rather thought about it as I debated with cadejito. Plus, it seems you’ve misinterpreted what I said, I said that you go out for name calling and personal attacks when you can’t argue and refute arguments, and I add that you do it especially with those that go against or shake your world view…

        1. And you are an annoying, pesky twat! Why do you harangue this woman? The only problem you could possibly have is differing opinions. If she gets on your nerves, ignore her. You must be bugging her so she doesn’t respond. Please afford her the same courtesy.

          1. @oranneg Ora-Sun I just spent 2 days arguing against gun control. Lol You need to check the SJW handbook, pretty sure that’s a no-no. Please name other issues where I’m a SJW -I’m against immigration (conservative view), have been outspoken regarding some races (conservative), the gun control issue (conservative.) Do your homework. As far as a feminist, I’m what BG calls a feminist. In the real world, no, I would not count. But feel free to join in hating me. And if you act as silly as Nigger Guy, I’ll just ignore you too. Ty

  5. There’s only one wAy and one wAy only to survive this dangerous modern times that we’re living in.
    A one-mind community order.
    We’re so fragmented-mind people as of right now that our downfAll is just a matter of time.
    United we stand, Divided we fall.

  6. This really does reek of MK ULTRA, especially with this asshole being ex-military.
    Just like the Navy Yard shooter who claimed they were transmitting voices to his head via ELF waves. Even carved it into his gun.

  7. Who cares, a bunch of roasted Americans. They deserve it. Fuck them all. America is a tumor to the world. They created terrorism. They support ISIS and blaim others, while they just want a civil war in Syria just like Iraq so they can put their hands on it. Will never work again. Your influence is done. I hope more attacks follow on your shitty hillbilly country. FUCK AMERICA

    1. They deserve it? For minding their own business and for just going about their day? Most of us aren’t the type that you depict “us Americans” to be. You may hate what our government has done but don’t you think that a lot of us that live here do to? No country on this planet is even close to perfection, us included, but to wish attacks on us is just fucked up.

      1. If the ones dragging this country down were the ones targeted, then I’d agree with your statement that they deserve it. But regular people just living their lives? Would you be okay with it if your family, friends or people you know being caught up in the middle of something like this? I highly doubt it. But there’s no convincing you because you “hate us all”. Go fuck your miserable self. … No reason to respond back because I won’t read it anyway.

        1. I agree that many Americans don’t deserve it, but on this same website you have people from your country advocating the destruction of Brazil, not recognizing that not all Brazilians, and just a minority (although a significant one), are thugs. Yet, you get angry when people group you with those that say ”thank you for your service”, with those who kill children and destabilize governments on the other side of the world through covert operations and put their puppets in place, commit false flag attacks, and cheer this killing machine which is the US army during superball. Who call others economically inferior while benefiting from an unfair status of world reserve currency. It’s this self-entitled ignorant attitude, which sticks in the minds of other people who group all Americans like that, just as Americans do the same to others.

  8. He was clearly a MK Ultra CIA assassin. He was in the military which means that the government can literally do anything to your body or implant anything. It was reported that he went to a FBI office speaking jibberish and saying that he heard voices in his head telling him to watch ISIS videos and that he thought that the CIA was behind the voices. He also calmly put his gun down after he ran out of bullets and laid on the ground patiently waiting for police to respond and arrest him (sounds like mind control). So despite the media’s lies he was not a member or supporter of ISIS the US government used mind control to make him watch ISIS videos so that later on during the trial his associating with watching ISIS would be blamed.

  9. You guys are two weeks away from Trump,its okay he’ll make it all better.God bless America,you’ll need it.As for gun control,nothing will change,possibly a few minor changes coming.The gun businesses make and donate far too much dollar to just shut shop,and there would be no law to make citizens hand in guns.So just carry on life is good,feel blessed you can wear,carry and own guns.The terrorist threat is there but I feel America is just about ready for anything,here in the UK we are fucked.

  10. 2017 sure is getting off to a flying start. (excuse the pun)
    I just don’t get how this guy wasn’t lit up like blackpool promenade after he fired the 1st shot. there must have been armed cops/security all over the joint.

  11. USA people…que se cagan criticando a nuestro paises sudamericanos por inseguros…. Ustedes tienen un pais inseguro. USA es el pais mas inseguro…. donde yo vivo en sudamerica, jamas pasa eso en un aeropuerto. Brazil? Argentina? inseguros ? USA es inseguro… y tienen el caradurismo de decir : no viajen a Argentina porque es un pais inseguro !!! USA ES UN PAIS INSEGURO !!!!

    1. Nos cAgamos aca en USA???
      nos cagamos de la risA Al ver como pedazos de aborto miserables como ustedes en Sudamerica se decApitan y se destripan uno al otro peor que animales
      sin Ia mas minima conviccion de conciensia….
      Dices que USA es inseguro!!!
      No te creas lo que te cuentan….. lo inseguro nomas depende de donde y de quien estes hAblando…

  12. Ah yes, Fort Lauderdale, a place of mixed memories for myself, mostly pretty shite memories to be fair. Well and truly buggered by the “Only” available hotel due to the annual regatta we stumbled upon. Fucking daylight robbery, Dick Turpin wore a mask at least. A city on the make.
    As for this little escapade, I’d bet a quid to a penny that the gun man smokes extra strong weed, super cheese or some other idiotic fucking named shit. They always do, but no one ever mentions that for some reason or other.

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