Aftermath of Deadly Suicide Bombing in Aleppo, Syria

Aftermath of Deadly Suicide Bombing in Aleppo, Syria

Recently there was a nighttime suicide bombing attack on an area under control of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Aleppo, Syria. It would appear that the attack was the doing of Islamic State (ISIS).

Video of the aftermath shows the attempts of rescuers to recover bodies of people crushed by collapsed buildings, and the wounded in hospital.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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  1. I never thought I would get tired of these posts. But I’m just not interested in these Isis posts anymore. Same ol same ol. Jeez, mix Shit up Isis ! Do something different.

    I think this probably officially makes me a bad person.

    1. A bad person? Nah, maybe a little bloodthirsty πŸ™‚ Burning that pilot in a cage and then dumping concrete rubble on top of him was a nice twist. I just heard these muslim maggots have stooped to a new low. They are now targeting Christian children and cutting them in half. I guess they feel that decapitation brought death too quickly and are trying this method to prolong agony. Maybe they’ll soon release a video or hold out until they feel their recruiting efforts could use a boost.

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        1. @danielray

          I love listening to the entrepreneurial mind at work with all those cogs and wheels clicking round and round like the wheels on a bus. And what a brilliant venture it is too. It’s the simple plans like this that are often the best.

          Reminds me of my cattle abattoir scheme for India I came up with in ’96. What a Bobby dazzler that was! Never had to work again, get three meals a day, free health care and don’t have to leave my room for anything these days. The servants take such good care of me, although they could smile a bit more. I’m not worried coz that’s just their culture you see, I get it. That’s why I do so well here………..they love me so much here they’ve even said they’ll never let me
          leave! Funny buggers……….

        1. what? this is an iraqi proverb? do you think i’m stupid? or what?? this is a famous arabic proverb (?????? ???????) are you kidding me or insulting my intelligence ? don’t speak in something you don’t know

  2. Does anything positive come out that shit “3rd World country” these days? Wonder if Dart Vader is somewhere out in the galaxy, seaming off to some Muslim chick in a Santa Clause outfit; sitting down reading the Koran with Yoda sticking a light saber up Isil “ISIS” Oba Ladbush lll ass. The C.I.A. is ISIS…

    1. Humans aren’t all that bad remember to look at positive stuff too guys hosting to much negativity it would just consume you believe me or not there is some justice in life just doesn’t make as good as a story then a behead etc that but not like good dosent exist.

      1. Haha I’m still around reading nightly but I have a girlfriend known the girl for only a year so I’m just gonna take a guess she does like gore so I don’t want her to pick up my phone and see dead body’s πŸ™‚

        1. @hou yan..
          Pin code my brother..she wont see what the really kind of freak you are… My girl wont even watch the science fiction chanel..its too disturbed for her ..but if she likes the BG you’ll be alright. Bro…

  3. definition of FSA: (n) bunch of soldiers of SAA that wants to become the leaders, they fight their own corpse that they came from to escalate the privilages. and killing citizens too for: 1)personal revenges. 2)proove they’e strong.

    They are pigs, finishing them is a DUTY and have to be accomplished.

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    1. @stomp
      I thought the very same thing yesterday ..while watching the vid..for hundreds of years ..its been the same for these people .how in gods name they continue.. They’ve seen their own destruction laps and laps .the rebuilding continues on ,families never live long..have you noticed everyone of these sorry fucks with sandlles and guns?? Small kids..too ..killing..! I’ve read and seen other countries economically fail..all due to religion and where does it takes them? Killing every human in thier wake..and priase allha … What a fucking piece off shit….im seriously researching the Quran and all Muslim bull that these people belive in..ive got a few muslim and arabs friends..but im afraid ill get into it to deep ..itll pist me off ..

      1. You’d be better off reading a copy of Viz magazine @danielray, at least you’ll get a laugh out of it. Leave that fucking silly book alone mate, there’s nothing within those pages that belongs in 2015. I have visions of you turning extreme rag head man, you know how daft you get when you’re three sheets to the wind on booze. Don’t go there for fucks sake ! πŸ˜€

  4. They are all acting like they never seen a suicide bombing before all that yelling and panic! It should be really quiet and boring to them like they did it a hundred times! Its as normal to them as me going to work everyday..Oh and Fuck whoever believes in Allah..Its NOT the Quran, Its the people who misinterpret it. Dont let me get ahold of one of you scum bags!

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