Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq

Torn Up Remains of General Qasem Soleimani

Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq

On January 3, 2020, members of the most homosexual ensemble in the world carried out an act of terrorism that resulted in the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the elite Quds Force.

Qasem Soleimani played an important role in decimating the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), and other pro Zionist terror groups which have occupied parts of the Middle East Israel seeks to take over in accordance with the Oded Yinon Plan. The Yinon Plan calls for Israel and Israeli proxies to cause the break up of neighboring countries into small micro-states, which would make them weak and in a state of constant conflict with one another.

The strike on 62 year old General Soleimani was reportedly ordered by Dear Leader Donald Trump, who is a known wet dream of Israel, and is adequately worshiped by the Jew. Trump administration briefed Israel on the Suleimani attack before it briefed Congress, which is exactly what you would expect from a president whose sole goals are the subservience to the Jew, and the interersts of the Americans don’t make his list. As has been proven countless times at Best Gore, Trump may not be the first Israel-firster in the White House, but he is the first Israel-onlier. For Israel, he has actions, for America, words. Still, it works on hoodwinking the sheeple like a charm. You don’t have to go far to see the evidence of that, as they bleat on Best Gore too.

At least seven people are believed to have died in the drone strike targeting Soleimani as he was leaving Baghdad airport along with Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and other officials.

Iran is one of less than a handful states with central bank not yet controlled by the Rothschilds. So far Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have been converted. Syria is under way and Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Somalia are in line.

Props to Best Gore members @persiaboy and @littlesinatra for the pics and videos. Here’s a little footage of the aftermath:

Another footage of the aftermath, but no graphic content:

Remember what US General Wesley Clark said: Wars Were Planned (Seven Countries In Five Years):

In the aftermath of the attack, Hasbara shills have been working around the clock, creating an impression that the assassination of General Soleimani is somehow a good thing, and that many Iranians are supporting his death. It’s the same as when they were feeding us lies that Libyans hating Muammar Gaddafi or Syrians hating Bashar al-Assad, while millions upon millions kept rallying in their support and the opposition was bought. Likewise in the aftermath of the assassination, millions of Iranians took to the streets. The footage shows people in the General’s birthplace of Kerman, followed by footage from Tehran:

I wonder if next headline in Zio press will read that the Iranians are pulling Jewish babies out of incubators and if you are against a war you support killing babies. And the gullible sheep will fall for it.

Here’s a gallery of pictures:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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341 thoughts on “Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq”

      1. May He Rest In Peace.:(
        Any Enemy Of Israeli-Zionist-Jews,,, Or Jewmuricans are considered A Dear Friend Of Mine.
        And good Luck Converting The Cuban banks you Jew-Pig-Motherfuckers. Gooood-Luck! 🙂

          1. For those that don’t know ,he was killed with a “ginsu -knife missile” ie think of a hard metal missile that sprouts ” blender knives “or ninja shuriken just before impact. Slices the fuck out of car metal and bodies of course.

            In that he stuck it to the AmericanoZio Imperialists …bravo. As a Shia Moslem I prefer him to any of the Sunni headchoppers ZioAmerica finds ,trains,funds ,protects and nurses. That means Turkey ,Saudi ,Kuwait ,Qatar ie every fucken Moslem that America/zio likes.

          1. @UpCunt
            I Don’t know,,, but i wish that they would blow that shit-up. Israel is the biggest trouble maker in the world, let alone the middle-eastern countries that surround it. Those cunts continue to encroach on Palestinian territory, and tearing down their houses that in many cases have been in their families for generations. And they winder why many people including ourselves Hate Those Fucking Disgusting, Zionist-Israeli-Jew-Cunts & Rotten Pieces-Of-Shit Cocksuckers,,, My Good B G Brother @UpCunt. 🙁

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      1. List of shit Trump didn’t do and won’t do

        1. Build that wall
        2. End third world migration to U.S
        3. Lock up Cunton
        4. Help white working Americans
        5. Pull his head back 1.5 inches and free that Jewish cock from his mouth

        Seems that words speak more than actions for Trumptards!

        1. America is fucked. How can people not use their brains? Maybe there’s something in the water? Actually there is. China and Mexico banned the use of fluoride in their drinking water. The “fluoride” that the American government puts in our drinking water comes in the form of toxic waste that it buys from China and Mexico. Instead of having to spend billions of dollars on properly housing and disposal of their toxic waste, America actually BUYS that shit from them and makes us drink it. It sounds too insane to be true, but it’s what’s happening. Why would the government do this? Maybe they care about us, and want us to have strong teeth. Ha! That toxic garbage doesn’t help our teeth at all. Maybe there is another reason.

          1. The links between fluoridated water and Autism are undeniable. 1 in 19 kids in the west are born as docile spergs. They want people that are smart enough to run the machines, but too piss-weak to stand up to the system.

          2. @protocolsofzion, I own a water distiller, however, I don’t use it as much as I should. You have to add minerals to it, because distilled water lacks minerals, and will actually leach them from your body. Unfortunately, fluoridated water is in everything we consume, so it’s hard to avoid unless you make all your food at home using the distilled water.

    1. I wouldn’t have thought in a million years that Antifa was capable of carrying out such a mission I guess those Antifa homo’s a little dangerous in numbers. They literally took turns ass raping that guy into pieces. Thought he was going to sit back and watch a bunch of ugly butch chicks and titty baby men have a homo parade.

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          2. jooon che jelez velezi mizani zire kiram .. joooon … nanatam khoob kos midad ye zamani .. jadidan koonam mide? ye khabar bede .. akhe shenidam koone mamanet mizari shaba k babat khabide :)))))))

        1. I don’t know, the video looks like an obvious suicide to me. But saying he was actually killed, then the only thing I’m really disappointed by is the tens of millions of dollars in intelligence gathering and weaponry that was needed to kill these worthless fucks.

          1. Money well spent in my eyes, the government would have wasted it on other useless stuff anyway, might as well been to obliterate that murderous bag o shit. 🙂

  1. I hope the right side prevails, whichever it may be. Yes, this may be a cop out, not picking a side. But I’m clearly not informed enough to choose one. I’m too worried about my own personal situations to care really, as narcissistic as that sounds. Too distracted by my own vices,too comfortable in my luxuries, too weak maybe, to pick a side. I am conflicted.

  2. I must say, I’m proud to be a member of a site where the owner has the knowledge, and balls to talk about the central banking issue. I can’t think of a more important topic that people need to be aware of. Understanding how the central banking system works, and who runs it, is really the key to understanding why pretty much everything thing else is the way that it is.

          1. I’d be happy being able to afford a 213’ yacht with a half dozen slut slaves that suck, rim, do anal, and other nasty things for the rest of my life. That’s all I’d want a bunch of money for.

  3. The description of the video makes you think the person posting is a neo nazi, communist, jew hating, jihadi terrorist supporter. Thank you Donald Trump for putting pieces of shit into a shit can where he belongs.

        1. People have asked me if I’ve been keeping up with the impeachment hearings. No. I might as well be Keeping up with the Kardashians. When I’m at someone’s house, and the news is on, I started to get a queasy feeling in my stomach. The “news” STORIES are on a constant loop. I can feel the brainwashing machine working. I can’t stand the stench of mental bleach.

          1. Just admit you can’t read past a 4th grade level and have to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians for your latest news. Maybe you can have your sister/wife/daughter teach you how to read.

          2. To be honest, the Dems don’t have their shit together to really do anything to Trump. Their impeachment is laughable and their evidence is circumstantial at best. Besides I like how Trump scares the shit out of the liberals and pretty much stalls them from doing any more bullshit like the transgender nonsense.

      1. LOL. Did I trigger your TDS?

        Soleimani was happy to die for Trump. Soleimani had a nice beautiful smile on his mangled face as his soul was falling down to hell. You can’t claim he didn’t want to die with a great smile like that. That missile up his ass was the biggest one he received for the week. He loved the full 180mm diameter Hellfire missile.

        1. You are a good slave, and maybe that’s the only thing you are good at. If you are a brainwashed slave, and enjoy it, why not be the best you can be, right? You are doing great. Stockholm syndrome is a bitch.

      1. Really folks are folks what life did you live where any of them hurt you caused pain or anything and if you didn’t live a life did all of them cause it all y’all are fucking retarded nazi this I hate that fucking stupid and you wonder why this earth is in the battle it’s in

    1. Nah. The description was pretty spot on.

      Be honest. We aren’t fucking with these countries because we don’t like their morals and beards and they are not hateful towards us because they don’t like our “freedom“, lol.

      We want their oil and gas and we want them to fall in line and Islam, typically speaking, wants to invade non Muslim countries and multiply. They have been doing this for well over a thousand years and already have quite a chunk of Africa and South Asia in their grip. Not to mention a sizable presence in most western European countries and growing.

      What we have then is a game where we age old enemies attack and defend against each other just like when they took the Iberian Peninsula until the Spanish Reconquista took it back by the 14th century. Interestingly enough it was retaken with force built from Jewish funds which is why several decades later when the Jews were making good use of all the influence they had bought amongst the Spanish nobles by putting themselves into positions of power over the Spanish nobles those same nobles ordered the massacre of the Jews which saw in Castile and Aragon alone a estimated 60,000 to 100,000 Jews killed.

      The same thing happened at the coronation of Richard the Lionheart and for much the same reasons. So as you can see the Jews have been using the Europeans to attack the Muslims for many, many years and the Europeans have begrudgingly accepted and gone along with it for common interest purposes. An enemy of my enemy is a friend and all that. Until the battle is over anyway and we are friends no more a bit like when the British helped the Jews build modern day Israel only for the Jews to then turn around and attack and drive the British out.

      To conclude. The owner’s description is not wrong. Just a bit too present day focused which kind of blurs the larger picture somewhat. That being “same shit, different era.“

      The Muslims are not the good guys but then neither are we or the Jews for that matter. Everybody is fucking over everybody for their own group’s gain. Good old fashioned tribalism in other words and the Jews have wanted Iran gone for a long time now.

      1. Let’s not forget who benefits the most from any war. The international banking cartel. All money used to fund a war is borrowed from them at interest. They fund both sides, and insure that it is long and drawn out. They win, no matter the outcome.

        1. For sure. The Rothschilds funded and played both sides during the Napoleonic wars.

          They also funded Hitler’s Germany via the Bush family banking path despite also funding the anti-Germans.

          “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

          -Mayer Rothschild

          Rich Jews are famous for hedging their bets. To quote Abba, I feel like I win when I lose.

          1. @einsatzhexe555

            For future reference. Just because you call it Jewish propaganda and misspell it on purpose(Jooish) to evoke intelligence based argument on the target commenter does not make what the commenter says any less truthful. That would require actual argument and debate.

            The making of a stance requires more than just a speedy retort.

            To accuse me of “Jooish propaganda” then appears at first glance to be an attempt to distance my comment from its target of the Jew and your lack of counter argument adds to that.

            Using your own rules of expedited retort without argument or fact one could easily surmise you to be Hasbara.

          2. Fucking hell, lol. Prescott Bush and his funding of Nazi Germany via the Union Banking Corporation that he managed is well documented and factual. So is the connections and friendships he had with rich and influential American Jews. In fact near the end of the war the allied forces even hit him with the “Trading with the Enemy Act” but had to let him go because of the power and influence held by both he and his friends.

            The above is known and stated everywhere. Even on the American National Archives. But I guess facts are “Jooish propaganda” now.

      2. Before this description of this missile strike on the Iranian general was posted here, I read almost the identical propaganda posted by a group called ‘sino’
        On reDditz* hot page.
        Pretty sure that group
        sino’s propaganda is all ran by the Chinese Government, and they surely dont worship da jooze !!
        But maybe it’s also the same group that runs the guardian, daily mail, rt. Et al ???
        Soros* , nancy Pelosi,
        Schmucks Schumer, antifa ! All libtard trash & Abetting da JooZ
        Divide & conquer schemes……
        anyHOO great synopsis
        As per usual MT SOUL*

        1. Haha. I’d go even further and call Drumpf a Communist because all his money has been made from gov contravts ie taxpayer handouts to him ,moneylaudering for saudi /jew /mafia developers and the good thing is it is all documented. He has never made a penny from real capitalism ever! Ok! I lie …he did make a living as an actor in The Apprentice and now paid a salary as Potus. He was a trust -fund baby for god sake!

          P.S. His grandadad or Dad was a Nazi and also a member of the Klu Klux Klan in NewYork in the early 1900’s even though he was part- Jewish! Lol


          1. As they say, Jews make the best Nazis. All the big political ideologies were conceived (and destroyed) by the same mega-wealth families. Hitler and Stalin had mutual links with very rich people. The King of England and The Kaiser were in constant contact during WW1, even though their subjects were slaughtering each other. All these rich bastards are treasonous fuckers, and they run the show.

          2. True! And in WWII. Nazis wanted to send Britain back to sheepherding with their conquering of her . They had lists of all the smart and/or powerful people they would shoot upon landing. All industry was to be moved to Germany to leave Britain in a Medieval economic state built on agricultural exports. That was then right ,when England still made things so all the towns ,Coventry ,Manchester ,Sheffield,Birmingham,Cardiff ,coal- mining towns and villages would have starved! Nazis wouldn’t waste food on conquered peoples!

            The current Queen’s mother and her uncle Edward,the one who abdicated, loved copping black dildos up his arse from wife Wallis Simpson was a Nazi sucking Hitler’s cock.

            Boy was he a protected war criminal who got away from the hangman’s noose. Just like his grand -Nephew Prince Andrew now for child butt -fucking. Also ,Prince Philip (Queen’s husband’s dad was saved just before being shot against a wall- for incompetence and treason).Current Queen’s Grandpa sent a battleship to save his bacon.

            It’s who you know ,not what you know. See?? The British Royal Family are particularly dense as Royal Families go but there you are ,still in power to some degree. Also explains thickheads like Yeltsin ,Bush Junior,Trump and Reagan. Clintons and obama ? Not thick but just as corrupt and as easily led and bought as the above.

            What good is brains when you will be a cunt just like the rest!

            Thanks for bearing with my rant. I’m in fine form today.

      1. Exactly, fuck em.. their children will all going to grow up to be terrorists. So take em out. Sorry if it bothers the people, but just like a person in a previous comment said “freedom of speech”. Which our soldiers have died for over many years. Idk if Canada has had a serious terror attack, but I know that the US has and it’s brutal. They spare no one and nothing, why should we. Jmo

      1. Take that stick of your butt hole silly faggot.
        I say, let orange man bomb them all Faqir Afaqs to oblivion; also, build a wall so tall in the boarder with Mexico that, even birds that try to fly over it, will die of lack of oxygen.
        And offended feminized faggots, with too many feelings like yourself, who cannot live with difference of opinion, should be castrated with a piece of broken glass, without anesthesia and let rot to death with infection…

        1. Grima? You actually think Trump got rid of ISIS? You do know the Russians/Iran did all the heavy lifting on that because ISIS was American planned ,funded and trained right? Soleimani hated and kiled ISIS. You do know that in this war ,not all ragheads are the same ,right?

          Did the US kill some ISIS? Yes; but too few ,too late ,only when the world woke up to what was up and only to get rid of the witnesses.Also ’cause ,some head hoppers rurned rogue and supported Turkey and Qatar more that America ,Israel and Saud. The filthy headchoppers turned around and bit the hand that fed them ..see?

          Come on man. Inform yourself!

          1. I’m not saying that, Trump got rid of ISIS (yet) nor, I said anything about the Jews, as this silly, nonsensical prick CryBabe seems to be implying in this comment thread …
            I don’t care about whose tinfoil hat is on a short circuit anyway nor, why.
            I’m just glad that the greatest president America has ever known has bombed some Faqir Afaqs. This is a source of great joy and celebration and I am just expressing my joy publicly and giving all my support to Orange Man. I hope he is canonized while he still alive and I hope he also deals with the excessive faggotry and influences that come from America’s left wing snowflakes, cry babies, the alphabet, genderless helicopters and all the other professional victims and hypocrites.

          2. So you are saying that you are happy because the Orange man has done something and you see that whatever the Orangeman does is a strike against lbgt, snowflakes ,faggotry and libtarfs ie all the things you hate.

            Great..but that makes you a person who acts on emotions and prejudices and not reason. We are talking about potentially getting us in a war for all and it would be good if the Orange Man got the Right Man instead of just someone you don’t like.

            In war , I want a guy in the foxhole who acts with reaaon not emotion .He gets things right and not just vents off steam.

            I know you are probably a good person as i have not noticed comments from you that pricked up my ears but in this ,I think you are wrong. Orangeman got the wrong raghead. Ie just like the idiot in america who went and shot up the turbanhead Sikhs ,because he was too stupid to know Sikhs are one of the biggest -Moslem haters around. One turban head is not the same as another raghead . He wanted to look like a Patriot but came out looking like a fuckwit .

      1. You have the most suitable profile picture and Nickname! CryBaby, trowing a tantrum! It really takes credibility to whatever you try to say in seriousness. The more you cry, the more childish you come across but, I have to admit, your tears taste good.

          1. No shit. The sheep feels threatened by the thought of the real world. You would have to take the wool off your eyes to see what woke people can see. Until then, it won’t matter how hard you suck the jew dick. Even if you suck harder than dear leader, at the end of the day you’re still just an NPC. Only more retarded.

      1. Don’t mind him. He’s just hangry. His mom forgot to buy his Bagel Bites® when she went to the store. He’s in the basement pouting, but she’s heating up some Beefaroni®, so he’ll calm down soon.

        1. No I don’t think we will see a WWIII. Reason is that I think the US is waning and knows it but can’t do much about it. All it can do is drop nukes and if it does that then it is on for all and we all get torched.

          Iran will scream but not do much neither.The US will probably attack Iran and knock out a few places and Iran will just roll with the punches as it knows it just needs to wait it out.

          The reports from ex generals all say that the Yanks had no clue about Afghanistan or Iraq and you can believe Iran will be twenty times harder as they are bigger,more mountainous ,better fighters ,have been waiting for it so will be prepared and have a decent army. Poor Saddam and Afghanistan had sticks and stones (due to Saddam being disarmed after Gulf One) and the latter being a tribal feudal land.

          My opinion is Iran has nukes anyway but won’t use them until it is very very necessary. If it does ,Israel and Saud will be glass.So America loses all its good oil and is left with greasy shale oil(if anyone is still left alive in the US) for its own use.This equals rapid deindustrialisation,poverty ,hunger and civil war.

          That is what I think but i’m not a military man ,just someone who reads a lot about this kind of stuff . Also all the logic in the world won’t stop a gung- ho retard pushing the button and all of us will fry and meet God in a millisecond. Remember Pence and Pompeo are Christian Zionists and WANT the end of the world because they think Jesus will come back and raise them up again as his Chosen Elect. These are the retards America has at the top. Anyone who thinks Trump runs the country needs their head read.


          Pls Tell me why you think WWIII won’t happen.

          1. @hopingfornemesis I share the opinion that there won’t be a WWIII, but my reasoning is a tad different.

            Jew has the central banks of the vast majority of countries under their control. They have all the wealth they can dream up, and seek to control the remaining few as well. They key is for the people of said countries not only not to suspect a thing, but to be good sheeple and attack anyone who lives with their eyes open and speaks the truth about who controls their money.

            The means to an end of the end goal is to buy the leaders of Iran, give them the life they could never dream of without the Jew and in turn be given control of their central bank. So Iran exposes one of their top men, Dear Leader Trump, who always does what he’s told, kills the man, Iranian populace gets outraged, so the government sends a few missiles to a predetermined US base, which Dear Leader Trump was ordered to evacuate, the Iranian people are lulled to sleep by the attack, but the melee causes enough chaos to shift the power structure and the deliberate and gradual change in the central bank begins, while the power over the country apparently still remains in the hands of the Iranians.

            Jew gets what he wants, Iranians get on the way of slow decay (the boiling frog effect) becoming slaves like the Americans and the relentless indoctrination with the ongoing poisoning of the masses with chemtrails, vaccines, fluoride and other toxins will ensure the people remain strong enough to slave their lives away, but neither strong enough nor smart enough to see what is happening around them to rise up and start a revolution. Thus, Jew will control them without dominating them.

          2. Could be. Oldest trick in the book and the Americans like other imperialists have done it many times.

            What do you do to smart and/ or loved leaders?

            You either kill them ,coopt (buy them or blackmail them) or make them the laughing stock somehow via a falseflag etc Easy to do and explain away. Mainstrram news just says they died in their sleep of a heart attack. Noone will check as they will be bought coroners like in Epstein’s case.

            I look forward to see what will happen. I wonder if Iran knocks off an American has-been ? Wesley Clark? Schwartzkopf or Tommy Franks?


          3. I’d agree with the noone wants nuclear war but i doubt America has allies that will fight unconditionally. America will do all it can to have Russia and Iran attack Europe first so as to force Europe to fight ,lessen its own casualties and back the US side. Soleimani rocketted? Well Iran can really only rocket South East and Eastern Europe; all the countries that it doesn’t really care about. If it does , all of Europe will be up in arms and UK,Germany ,France and Pay Bas will be safe anyway. See what I mean? If they hit Greece ,Italy,Switzerland ,Austria ,Romania ,Czeckoslovakia ,Hungary or Poland the US won’t care.The world has aready been carved up into core and periphery countries .

            Europe has been lukewarm with The US for some time. Its allies are less and less than Gulf War One. Hardly any euros went to Iraq apart from the poor desperate third -rate and the English -speaking countries. Less support for libya and now even less for Guiado coup in Venezuela and America’s stirring up trouble in the Straits of Hormuz etc germany and France at the moment very anti American and they are the strongest countries in Europe.

            You having a fight with your girlfriend? Go and kill someone and go on the run to force her to love and follow you .Doesn’t always work but works enough times to make it a good plan in general. Shared danger ,see?


          4. As always we are fed half -truths. Israeli newpspaers are saying 224 injured(read Americans) have been flown into Israel for treatment whereas Trump said that noone was injured and there were no deaths. It is almost impossible to have 224 wounded and none dead when wounded to dead is usually from even 3/ 10 to 1. Logic says should be maybe 70-20 dead. Iran said it killed 80 americans. So that is plausible.

            Now Iran says it warned the Americans via the Swiss. Ie gave them one hour warning to hide 7000 american troops, so why did n’t the Americans leave or hide ? Did they think their own anti aa weapons would work and thus ignored the warning? Did America leave them there under orders as sacrificial lambs to get a body count to whip up war sentiment? If so,why did Trump say none were killed? Is it only ’cause he knows the truth will trickle out anyway? Iran says not even one of its rockets were successfully shot down. Plausible .

            What do you think?

  4. I know fuck all about these Drones and bombs etc. Can any B G’r edyoukate me in the following?
    a) where would the drone have been launched from?
    b) what does the drone drop on/fire at soolymahknees motor?
    c does a person control the drone?

    and finally, how did it single out sooly lad’s car from the convoy of 5 vehicles? Amazing !!!!!

    1. A) I would guess from a U.S base or warship somewhere.
      B) Missiles or a guided bomb maybe.
      C) I’ve seen them being controlled in movies and video games so yes.

      The person controlling it must’ve been a damn good gamer.

      See? I’m edjoocated as fuck.

      1. Hey that wasn’t nice. Our friend is trying. How are you supposed to learn if you don’t ask questions?

        By the way what’s a div? I’m not educated enough to look it up on google. Please enlighten me oh wise one so I may better myself.

          1. Lol you just made me look up div and milky licker. I think I wanna take Johny boy here home and make him my milky licker… wish me luck 😉

  5. Il ha jehenam wa bits al masir !!!!
    Thats was dumb act…i say that even i m happy to hear he’s dead….
    But whene you kill one fly that bug you,
    Because merphis laws, 10 flies will come back to you instead… And i believe this bunch of flies thinking same way as the first one… Exactly like in this case Iranians….
    So whats the point….

        1. same can be said for pulling out a gray hair, but not as extreme as for every single gray hair that you yank out you get two back ,not 10!

          back to flies I was thinking who would actually *like* flies? but you know there is some sickie out there right now totally obsessed gazing into glass fly farm. shitting in it too maybe, absolutely

          1. ^^^***☆☆☆
            Whooooosh ^
            flies & Iranian terrorists ( r =)
            Death to both ~
            2maybe *
            do you gots any of that good weed left desp ?
            Or is almost time for another road trip ?¿
            Do u really yank out your grey hairz* toooo*

    1. Fuck everyone. Even if the Muslims, Jews and Americans all disappeared off the face of the planet at the same time, there would just be some other shit that pops up. You wanna permanently solve the worlds problems, light the whole thing on fire, scorching it till nothing and no one can survive on it ever again.

    2. @chosen
      Why do Da-Jew-Pigs have to always lie when they know that “We Know” that the only reason that the U.S. Were Ordered to kill Him, cause he was a good honest Jew-Hater who knows what they are like.

      The Jews have Destroyed, and Bankrupted America Fully, and Completely. And the American Civilians,,, Fuck Even The “Sheeple” Are waking-up to this truth. Fucking Jews passed The Federal-Reserve Act was sneakily passed in congress on December 22th. 1913 and was passed the next day on the 23rd when most Christians were off on Christmas Break.

      And that my friends was more or less the beginning of the end of America. And the beginning of what many now Call, (And With damn good reason) The start of Jew-Murica. Those Fucking Slimy-Jew-Goofs.

      Will Jew-Owned Fed Reserve Bank Kill Ron Paul?
      Five US Presidents who sought to abolish the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank were assassinated: 1) Andrew Jackson (Survived); 2) Abraham Lincoln; 3) James Garfield; 4) William McKinley; 5) John Kennedy. In a speech before Congress in 2002, entitled Abolish the Fed, So is Ron Paul Going To Be Their Next Murder?? **You’s Decide.**

  6. Fuck those ragheads. Good riddance. Putting the owner’s jew hatred aside, this mother fucker more than deserved to die. I’m not a jew lover but I prefer jews over Muslims any day.
    If I only had 2 options: Live in a Muslim run country or be a “Jew’s slave”, I pick the latter!
    I see it as US blacks. Would they rather live in the more civilized US as a slave or go live in their own “motherland” with their fellow savage kind? They’d pick a US slave any day, all day!
    Soleimani was a brutal murderer for decades and the owner should be glad he’s dead.

    1. Only partly true. All moslems are not the same. Iran has Christians and other” minorities “living in relative safety.

      It is Christians and other minorities living in American /zio Sunni Moslem countries that are head-chopped , massraped and butt fucked. You do know that right?

      You know nothing of living under the Jew. You only know about Western Natoist Jews who do not have you under full political control yet. Go live in Israel as a Christian and let us see how much you like it. Jews in absolute power turn into ISIS as their religions and Dna are practically the same. They are by their own admission relatives ;Semites.

      1. Talking to uneducated muricunts like this POS who don’t know shit about Mid-east, shias & sunnis and think that Bratislava must be a pizza name is a huge waste of time, buddy.
        The kind of feces he belongs to likes joo cock, that’s 4 sure & you nor me won’t change that, my friend.
        Just erase US dumbfucks from planet Earth will be a good start; joos fate come just after… ^^

        1. Haha. One day at a time brother. If we can save one man that is enough , because that one man may turn out to be a world leader one day or a saint or something. Ie like John Connor In “Terminator”.

          **walks off in sandals and sporting a chiton**

        1. Whoever that husky corpse is, it was not the general. I don’t know. I just don’t believe that corpse was that general. If you compare pictures of him alive in his uniform to that husky piece of shit cadaver they used to pose as that general and even despite the post mortem trauma you can tell they are not the same person.

          If you truly possess a fascination of the dead and anatomy (especially on bestgore and other websites), you tend to notice these things over the years.

          1. @hopingfornemesis Does it really matter? It’s just a pic of me from last year. I liked the photo. It’s one of the few decent ones I have because I am not photogenic, heh.

            Least I am not making an effort to somehow include my tits in the tiny avatar.

            LIKE SOME PEOPLE. smhlol.

          2. Nothing wrong with your avatar @userabuser. You are right that it doesn’t matter.

            It is just that I like to know a little about people here . I’m just that kinda guy.

            Also ,I’m still red-blooded enough to not mind when a girl puts her tits up in an avatar ,you know!


  7. You know, all this talk of this wanker Shakespear, and his ‘clever’ shit about the mortality of man.
    What about Persian cunt Omar Kyham, 1048 – 1131 who wrote wicked shit almost a thousand years ago?

    (Edited) :

    Dreaming when Dawn’s Left Hand was in the Sky
    I heard a Voice within the Tavern cry,
    “Awake, my Little ones, and fill the Cup
    Before Life’s Liquor in its Cup be dry.”

    Come, fill the Cup, and in the Fire of Spring
    The Winter Garment of Repentance fling:
    The Bird of Time has but a little way
    To fly—and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing..

    Ah! my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears
    TO-DAY of past Regrets and future Fears-
    To-morrow?—Why, To-morrow I may be
    Myself with Yesterday’s Seven Thousand Years..

    Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
    Before we too into the Dust Descend;
    Dust into Dust, and under Dust, to lie,
    Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer and—sans End!

    There was the Door to which I found no Key
    There was the Veil through which I might not see:
    Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
    There was—and then no more of Thee and Me..

    Alike for those who for TO-DAY prepare,
    And those that after a TO-MORROW stare,
    A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries
    “Fools! your Reward is neither Here nor There.”

    Oh, come with old Khayyam, and leave the Wise
    To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies;
    One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies;
    The Flower that once has blown for ever dies..

    Then to this earthen Bowl did I adjourn
    My Lip the secret Well of Life to learn:
    And Lip to Lip it murmur’d—”While you live,
    Drink!—for once dead you never shall return.”

    For in and out, above, about, below,
    ‘Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show,
    Play’d in a Box whose Candle is the Sun,
    Round which we Phantom Figures come and go..

    Ah, fill the Cup:—what boots it to repeat
    How Time is slipping underneath our Feet:
    Unborn TO-MORROW and dead YESTERDAY,
    Why fret about them if TO-DAY be sweet!

    ‘Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
    Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
    Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
    And one by one back in the Closet lays..

    And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
    Where under crawling couped we live and die,
    Lift not thy hands to IT for help—for It
    Rolls impotently on, as Thou or I..

    1. Well done. Surely the very small window when Islam held some appeal and greatness. Very very small window indeed.

      Victor kyam? Maker of the auto -shaver and owner of a car company at one time? I bet he is a Jew or Christian originally from the mideast.

    1. Yep ,bin laden and saddam were simply Murican deputies who got too uppity and Uncle Sam took them out. Just like they tried to do to Erdogan and Putin saved his filthy -stinking arse.

      Released intelligence papers and old news video bears this out. Still there are knuckle -heads who think Murica is blameless and the world hates them because they have “democracy ,capitalism and freedom ” . Hahaha.

      1. Hitler was never buried. He gave orders to the SS to burn his body outside the bunker after he killed himself with poison and a bullet to the head.
        The Russians arrived soon after and boxed up his smoking remains for transport back to Russia for testing to ensure it really was him. His remains still remain in a box somewhere in a Russian store room to this day.

          1. Actually there is quite a lot. As one can imagine with such History. Just read more. You know….books.
            But if you must, look it up on Wikipedia. Though they do mention that his remains were eventually cremated and scattered.

        1. actually when the skull fragment was dna tested.
          it was not hitler’s or braun’s.
          but if you look on this very site, you can find the fbi documents of witnesses seeing hitler in south america

    1. Whaaaat? Where does this come from? Solimani was Islamic. Trump is a Republican and hardly of any religious standing. The strike was in retaliation for Iran’s attacks on the shipping lanes and for killing an American Defense contactor.
      Where, exactly, do the “Jews” come into this?

      1. You have no clue about it at all. The american defence contractor is a mercenary, jackass. Mercenaries on occupied soil ,have no rights whatsoever and never did in any fucken war. Have you ever read a book or listened to anyone smarter than you ?
        The strike was not for blocking off shipping lanes. Iranians did not block off shipping lanes,the Yanks did. The iranians did not bomb any ships and the shipowners said that . In fact ,they themselves admitted it was probably saudi,israli or american false flags that did it. Even if Iran did bomb those ships ,they were within their rights as it is allowed under international law. Do you even know what international
        Law is ,hayseed? …and no Drumpf’s killing of Soleimami was not legal under international law . And no , just because america does something and says something does not make it legal just because some fat suited American says it is. Have you caught up yet?

        Try reading a book and getting some knowledge from somewhere other that foxnews ,cnn or the bbc,ok?

        Historical errors in the what the other guy said? Where?


        1. Holy fucking shit Bro! You are truly radicalized. Mercenary? Where did you pick that up from? Al Jazeera? HAHA! We all know how independent from state funded religion/government they are.
          And the captured ships in the shipping lanes was an out right act of piracy. Even yourself mentioned “probably saudi,israli or american flags”, thus showing absolutely no proof what so ever.
          And, asshole, there is NO international law allowing anyone to “bomb” commercial shipping.
          Again, where did you pick that up from? Mentioned some where in the Koran is it?
          And no one ever said that killing that camel fucker was “legal”, just justified.

          I must thank you. This was fun. It always gives me such a delight talking to idiots like you.

          1. You listen to me newbie. If you were on here on bg long enough you’d know i have no great love for ragheads so you can leave that” koran ,aljazeera ” bullshit for other “average joe thickheads” like yourself.

            I’ve been here on bg for over an hour or so now so i’m tired and will sign off. I may or may not get back to you about your post in more detail later.


          2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
            Struck a nerve did I? How wonderful. Please continue, I’ve been posting this “conversation” with a few friends, and we’re just loving you!

          3. Well this was fun Nemi. We must do this again. But got to go now. Work time. Got to earn those taxable dollars to help bomb you and your camel friends back to the stone age.

    1. Agreed. But its always good for a laugh that in the US when a presidents popularity is dropping the best solution, historically, is to start a war.
      Still, Iran is a destabilizing force in the Middle East. Not that there EVER was much stability at any time in history. Did they really think they could attack the shipping lanes and get away with it?
      They should be grateful that all they received was a mild spanking.

      1. They never did close off the shipping lane ,Einstein and in time of war they are allowed to close off shipping lanes and all of us have done it in wars immemorial.
        No ,you are not Exceptional in any way just because your mommy or you hero President tells you so …but you are “special”.

        By the way ,Casanova was one of the smartest men alive at the time. You having that handle is like an elderly mule on the way to the glue factory sporting the name “Seabiscuit” or”Phar Lap” .


  8. Damn its already long time since pro chan got black out in the past, we got another content like this, hope you able to cover many gored from failed HTS attack in syria, love to see they gored body after got bomber especially the when they running away hopelessly and got bombed when hiding under the tree

  9. Without this hero, Isis would run both Iraq & Syria, not to mention that he fought alongside US forces to defeat the salafi/wahhabi headchoppers in Mosul, Iraq.
    And when Bibi whistles the end of the game, the orange stoopid fuck & tweet king obeys to his )oo master and assassinates (maybe) the next Iran prez.
    Fuck Trump, zionist cunts & the US admin that bows to Aipac, and the juicy scum who elected him.
    Sadly, many gay hillbillies & coalsniffers (US “soldates”) will pay for this but I don’t fucking care.
    Mort aux )uifs & to the orange fag swallowing Bibi’s cum.
    You stoopid & uneducated muricunts prevent Iran to get nukes but allow it to Pakistan & Israel.
    You bloody dumbfucks should get a braincell for the whole of you, people; it would be enough to perhaps realize how you got a 2nd arsehole by the Evil.
    Make the whole world a pleasure and die of aids, Fentanyl OD’s or Ebola, you amerindians genociders whose ancesters got kicked out from my Europe, mofos!

  10. Good Bye and good riddance. Islamic shithead.
    Why are the Iranians so up tight? The bastard is now in heaven raping his 72 virgins. Is this not what those camel fuckers believe?
    Go ahead Iran. Attack the US. Kick the hornet nest that is the USA. The wealthiest most powerful nation in the history of the world. Remember Desert Storm? That was nothing more than a military exercise. Remember what the response was to the twin towers? The whole world was terrified what the US would do.
    Go ahead rag heads. Give it your best shot with what little you have. Just remember that both Russia and China have their own problems right now. No one will support you.

          1. It’s all good Nemes, as i was just curious as to why you do this bro. But hey,,, it works dude so i wouldn’t change it, just cause it is kinds cool, and you are the only member that does it that way. So you can say that you are original bro, lol. 🙂

  11. Absolutely delicious!

    Say what you will but those Jews sure know how to hang in there. Last time this country fucked with them they were called Persia. We all know what happened to them. Romans… Egyptians… Hitler regime… Iranians… Looks like these guys are gonna be next.

    Say what you will but those Jews sure know how to take a licking and keep on kickin’

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