Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq

Torn Up Remains of General Qasem Soleimani

Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq

On January 3, 2020, members of the most homosexual ensemble in the world carried out an act of terrorism that resulted in the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the elite Quds Force.

Qasem Soleimani played an important role in decimating the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), and other pro Zionist terror groups which have occupied parts of the Middle East Israel seeks to take over in accordance with the Oded Yinon Plan. The Yinon Plan calls for Israel and Israeli proxies to cause the break up of neighboring countries into small micro-states, which would make them weak and in a state of constant conflict with one another.

The strike on 62 year old General Soleimani was reportedly ordered by Dear Leader Donald Trump, who is a known wet dream of Israel, and is adequately worshiped by the Jew. Trump administration briefed Israel on the Suleimani attack before it briefed Congress, which is exactly what you would expect from a president whose sole goals are the subservience to the Jew, and the interersts of the Americans don’t make his list. As has been proven countless times at Best Gore, Trump may not be the first Israel-firster in the White House, but he is the first Israel-onlier. For Israel, he has actions, for America, words. Still, it works on hoodwinking the sheeple like a charm. You don’t have to go far to see the evidence of that, as they bleat on Best Gore too.

At least seven people are believed to have died in the drone strike targeting Soleimani as he was leaving Baghdad airport along with Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and other officials.

Iran is one of less than a handful states with central bank not yet controlled by the Rothschilds. So far Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have been converted. Syria is under way and Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Somalia are in line.

Props to Best Gore members @persiaboy and @littlesinatra for the pics and videos. Here’s a little footage of the aftermath:

Another footage of the aftermath, but no graphic content:

Remember what US General Wesley Clark said: Wars Were Planned (Seven Countries In Five Years):

In the aftermath of the attack, Hasbara shills have been working around the clock, creating an impression that the assassination of General Soleimani is somehow a good thing, and that many Iranians are supporting his death. It’s the same as when they were feeding us lies that Libyans hating Muammar Gaddafi or Syrians hating Bashar al-Assad, while millions upon millions kept rallying in their support and the opposition was bought. Likewise in the aftermath of the assassination, millions of Iranians took to the streets. The footage shows people in the General’s birthplace of Kerman, followed by footage from Tehran:

I wonder if next headline in Zio press will read that the Iranians are pulling Jewish babies out of incubators and if you are against a war you support killing babies. And the gullible sheep will fall for it.

Here’s a gallery of pictures:

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343 thoughts on “Aftermath of General Qasem Soleimani Assassination in Baghdad, Iraq”

  1. Every jewish pigs are happy today, I’m wonder why ?
    Arabs are piece of shit,Ok i agree, but Iran is the only
    country who said ”death to Israel” and this, every days.

    Its the same thing if i ask you to choose between the (Leprosy ) and the (black plague)

    Would you rather be devoured by a rat or a snake ?

    I am curious so, If you have to choose…. which one would you choose guys ?????

        1. @Honkeykong

          Love this song but the People had no imagination for video clips in the 80s…. Whait a minute i was born in these fucking years lol

          I had a computer in those years but no fucking internet of course ):

          You were born in those years Honkeykong ?

      1. @illegalsmile55

        Both make me sick, Rats and snakes…
        This is remind me this scene in Indiana Jones with a lot of rats and snakes….. but made by a Jewish psychopath and a propaganda master Steven spielberg. He passes the Nazis for evil monsters straight from hell who likes to eat raw Jewish babies just beafore killing billion of jews

  2. Both are garbage but…. Hitler would be more likely to choose to make a pact with whom ?
    Israel (jews) or Iran (Arabs) ? For me personally, To ask the fucking question is to answer it.

    The USA is more like Israel day by day especially with Donald Jew Trump, aka the traitor in chief.

    1. If it really was staged, they wouldve done a worse job… remember bin laden? There was so many holes poked through that, no footage or people talking about it. This is legit, cause instead of the government and news being silent right after, theyre all blabbing about it.

  3. It’s all part of a much bigger picture people.

    Trump (along with the ?? (Actual power) want all out war. They’ve been planning on this violent repercussion from Iran for a long time. Longer than we realise.

    Iran HAS to reciprocate and this will be all out WAR.

    Russia will side with America as will UK. They have to or they’ll be obliterated by USA.

    Noone can beat America. The ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS FOR THE EAST…. is to take Trump out and get someone else in office (USA) to apologise and stop the war.

  4. I would be the last person to defend trump BUT does anyone know how the American army works?
    Well for a start trump is not sitting in a room full of monitors while deciding who dies and who lives, trump has no say what so ever, yes he may authorise certain missions but to strike Iran or any country outside America is not in his hands, there is people who work in the army, navy Air Force etc etc trump has as much of power as the queen of England = zero
    If a strike was carried out by America then it was the military and not trump who made the decision, that being said I am 100% positive the orders came from Israel not America,

  5. Furthermore, go to YouTube or trumps tweets, look at the tweet that trump sent on the day Saudi had its oil reserves bombed,
    trump “blah blah blah we are awaiting instructions from the Saudis”
    Now who is calling the shots?

  6. The fucking bitch got what he got and all you agreeing with his bullshit can go over there to them and fight us. Oh wait . Your pussy beta Bois and will get fucking beheaded as soon as you go over there just because “you don’t look brown enough and speak English” talk all the shit, sits in your mom’s basement . Pussies.

  7. you can tell they used a DIME weapon on them, nasty little weapons.

    DIME= dense inert metal explosive, the rocket uses a very very very thing casing and a very small amout of explosives. The trick with these DIME weapons is when they melt the explosives prior to filling the warheads they mix in tungsten or depleted uranium powder. The powder is the consistency of dust but when the bomb goes off the metallic dust is dense enough that it acts like millions and millions of SHOT(like in a shotgun) but doesnt usually destroy bodies as it just essentially liquefies them inside.

    Israel is a big user of these missiles because they say that they cause less collateral damage, and that is kind og true but it is a very nasty way to go, and if you managed to survive the initial blast there is nothing ANY doctor can do for you because they cant extract the millions of metallic dust from your body so your dead your body just doesnt know it yet.

    they usually come in the form of a hellfire or small diameter bomb(SDB) and also go under the name enhanced blast warheads

  8. Qassem Soleimani was the great Iranian General who not only was unique in defending Iran and bringing safety in the country, but also provided security, safety and comfort for various countries by fighting terrorist groups such as ISIS and eliminating them from the region. But countries such as the United States and Israel, who have confessed to be the creator of ISIS, were frustrated that General Soleimani had kicked ISIS out from the region and stood up to the U.S. bullying, and plotted to assassinate him. But in order to purify their face in global communities, identified Soleimani as an evil and a terrorist. They claimed he has killed American soldiers! Soleimani destroyed ISIS, did he attack the U.S. and kill American soldiers? No, American soldiers are killed in other countries because they’re continuously invading other countries to serve the interests of Israel and the United States.
    The killer of American soldiers is the U.S. government itself, not any other country. Major General Soleimani neither killed an American soldier nor he was a terrorist, he fought against savages who cut off the heads of innocent people. The Western media may lie as much as they want, but the truth is clear crystal to those who seek it.

    1. He didn’t just go after US forces he killed and disappeared and tortured/raped/etc his own people.

      the world is a better place not having the so called general in it.

      As the old saying goes if you live by the sword you will more than likely die by the sword.

      He didn’t get him self to the top of the CIA’s kill list for helping the world be a better place, to bad he never saw it(or felt it) coming.

      The whole world always have a problem with us(Americans) helping out in shit hole worthless countries but as soon as the people that would damn the US get threatened or attacked who is the first people there offering aid and protection?

      If it weren’t for the US and the UK, Canada, France, Germany and Australia the world would still be in the dark ages.

      dont like how America and the rest of the free world wants to conduct life in a civilized manor(not raping women because they are wearing shorts or make up or wanting to kill people because of your pedophile prophet) than do us all a favor and go fight in the middle east with the troglodytes called ISIS

      I LOVE BG and have been a member here for a long time and i see allllllot of hate for US forces and i will be the first to admit that there are a good few fuck ups in the military and we get involved in places we dont need to, but if we didn’t where do you think the world would be?

      For all the people bashing the US military or any other real military for that matter, you should put the keyboard down and go and join a side and fight for something you believe in.

      If you haven’t been in the military then you have NO idea what these men have to deal with when they are in places like Iraq or Afghanistan or any other shit hole.

      9/10 men who go risk their lives do so because they are young and foolish and want to help the woreld or people in places that still live like it’s the stone ages.

      most service members dont want your ‘thank you for your service’, infact most hate it. And the people who talk shit to vets dont even realize the very reason they live the lives they do are because the people they spew hate on made the sacrifice for them.

      so BG can we have a little more respect for ours/your men fighting so you dont have to,

      anyone that has a problem with what i said, what have you done or put your life on the line for? if it’s nothing then that just means your a pussy keyboard warrior that hurls insults at the few MEN(and Women) that were/are willing to stand up for something they believe in.

  9. I come on here to look at the gore of the world, not for a political rant. You guys wonder why you are always under attack from people. Perhaps it’s not as much on what is showed on images as it is what is typed by you guys to go with it. Keep your opinions neutral or don’t post them. Just post the facts about what you know from the clips or images. Easy enough.

  10. I really appreciate the commentary by Wesley Clark on here. Really puts into context what the propaganda machine does to rile up the sheep for the slaughter….. How stupid it is to believe anything in the MSM and how completely pointless the war in Iraq was (at least for any sane thinking person)

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