Aftermath of Massive Explosion Near Port Area in Beirut, Lebanon

Man Injured by Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

Aftermath of Massive Explosion Near Port Area in Beirut, Lebanon

Earlier today, the city of Beirut in Lebanon was rocked by at least two explosions, one of them so massive, buildings miles away suffered structural damage and people living 20km from the city had their houses shaken.

At this time it’s not clear what caused the explosions, but multiple people on Twitter report seeing at least two aircrafts including a drone, and warheads hitting the city. Zionist press pushes the “fireworks” explosion narrative. Nothing is certain at this time. Death toll likewise not known yet.

Props to Best Gore member @redwister for the aftermath video (includes multiple videos of the explosions):

Torn up victims covered in dust after the explosion, plus damage to buildings:

Another view of the explosion from the sea:

Videos provided by Best Gore member @billieeilish seem to corroborate the fireworks involvement in the smaller explosion:

Another compilation provided by Best Gore member @natural-selection-2:

Gallery of pics, props to @urmomdead:

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145 thoughts on “Aftermath of Massive Explosion Near Port Area in Beirut, Lebanon”

    1. I just saw the explosion on another site. It was massive. You could actually see the detonation shockwave ring expanding around the explosion site and engulfing what looked to be a 6 or 7 story building. I suspect there are going to be more than 10 dead.

          1. Its mostly glass fragments from people gawking behind windows. They all film and watch from behind glass. The glass won’t show up on X-ray and embedded glass fragments(like metal) work their way out over time. You’ll have a chunk of glass sticking out of your skin one day and pull it out. It’s fun stuff I’ve had a piece of glass which took years.

      1. I just saw the explosion on this site. It was massive. You could actually see the detonation shockwave ring expanding around the explosion site and engulfing what looked to be a 6 or 7 story building.

  1. I don’t see any obvious damage to any of the buildings in the immediate area in the vid. I wonder if it could have been something undergound, such as a natural gas explosion, or a badly-vented sewer main that somehow ignited.

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      2. I use to work on TV’s and radios back in the early 80’s, at my local Technical School.

        Instead of using oscilloscopes, volt meters, logic probes or dummy grounds, I could’ve simply used bleach, and still achieved some amazing results.

        1. Im fairly certain mushroom clouds don’t form from fireworks. Only thing I’ve seen like this is Nagasaki or Hiroshima (and yes I know this was US formed) or the U.S. tests in Nevada. And yes Im from the U.S. but still.doesnt seem right. You wear a mask at stores too huh? Sheeple

        2. it’s not fireworks, it’s munitions cooking off. There were munitions stored there. Anyone who thinks it’s fireworks doesn’t know what fireworks do. Also fireworks are a primitive and simple ingredient largely made up of simple gun powder. This was chemical, and most likely linked to bomb making.

          1. Media says the second blast was 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate used in a bombs that had been stored there for six years without any safety protocols, multiple letters where sent to judges to remove the payload but all of them were ignored, and along with that, just a few minutes after the blast the Israeli goverment announced they didn’t have anything to do with it.
            Seems really suspicious if you ask me.

        3. Could be incendiary mini- bombs to cook off the main event. Fireworks is a likely story. Someone wanted that place to go up and It was no accident. I have never heard of an explosion ,even if this large, being felt in both Cyprus and Germany!

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  3. Our media usually always runs with “the cause is not known at this time” line, even when it is a jihadi warrior that has blown himself up and witnessed by many onlookers. That they immediately jumped and latched onto the fireworks narrative within minutes of the explosion tells you all you need to know. That being, definitely not fireworks and something far more sinister.

    The colour of the waves from that explosion reminds me of chemical explosion somehow.

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  5. Ammonium nitrate doesn’t typically explode unless it’s mixed with a primary explosive, an oxidiser (e.g. finely powdered aluminium) or fuel oil.

    That massive blast wave is reminiscent of a thermobaric explosion (fuel air bomb / FAE).

    The Lebanese have previous form: 1983 Beirut Barrack bombing on French / US forces using compressed butane gas and pentaerythritol tetranitrate.

    FAE bombs have also been used in the World Trade Centre bombing (1993), the Bali night club bombing (2002), and the Russian and Syrian air forces have been dropping FAE devices in Syria.

    Given the locality, i.e. near to the port of Beirut, it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t a FAE device on board, or in the process of being transported to, a container ship bound for a destination that had information that it was coming.

  6. All that Ammonium Nitrate just sitting there. It makes you wonder what a naughty towel head might make to set that lot off. Probably a lot easier to plant a device to detonate a stock pile like that than build an entire bomb. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

  7. Already guys, i’m gonna open my mouth where i shouldn’t, but oh well, im going to tell a little personal story. In the shithole i am from, circa 1995 after 36 years of civil war the country decided to get serious about peace negotiations with the marxist guerillas. As part of that, the government started to de-mining the fields from all the anti-personel bombs, mind you it was 36 years of landmines, all over sudden the warehouse where the landmines were stored catched on fire and of course you can imagine what happened next, i was a mile away and my eardrums blew. I only remember the orange sky and a mushroom cloud. Now that explosion was violent to were they picked up pieces of the warehouse miles away, but still it was nothing compared to this one. Make your own conclusions.

  8. Wow! now that blew me away…just incredible! One step closer to Omnicide…resulting from our actions. Humanity as a whole is disgusting…only humans would be capable of such destruction and chaos.

  9. I think it was 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that had ‘apparently’ been stored on the docs since 2014. Something caught fire down there and when it ignited the ammonium nitrate it crackled like firework effect that we seen. /it also explains the red cloud of smoke.
    This is the narrative I’ve been fed. It does seem though that the nitrate story line checks out.
    For talks sake lets say this is true. Why did they have so much of it? Why was it left sitting there for 6 years beside huge residential area? What cause the fire in the first place? Did someone know about the storage of this highly flammable and destructive material and was sent to sabotage Lebanon even further? Beirut was already on it’s knees before this if anyone has a political agenda against them and knew about the storage unit then I would say well played. It has caused billions of dollars damage and they may never recover.

    EDIT: Many people in the region believe it was deliberate, like a bomb.

    So many questions.

    Other than that I enjoyed the gore. The woman in the sport clothing shop, I couldn’t figure out if she was facing up or down, it’s really annoying me.

    So many questions.

    1. @butternuts…….butterstuff!! That horse is a diabetic!! Thanks for the vid of the huge Aussie tnt blast that shit was impressive! It just goes to show ya, if you get enough of any explosive material together it is just as devastating as a nuc, minus the radioactivity of course.

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