Aftermath of Massive Explosion Near Port Area in Beirut, Lebanon

Man Injured by Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

Aftermath of Massive Explosion Near Port Area in Beirut, Lebanon

Earlier today, the city of Beirut in Lebanon was rocked by at least two explosions, one of them so massive, buildings miles away suffered structural damage and people living 20km from the city had their houses shaken.

At this time it’s not clear what caused the explosions, but multiple people on Twitter report seeing at least two aircrafts including a drone, and warheads hitting the city. Zionist press pushes the “fireworks” explosion narrative. Nothing is certain at this time. Death toll likewise not known yet.

Props to Best Gore member @redwister for the aftermath video (includes multiple videos of the explosions):

Torn up victims covered in dust after the explosion, plus damage to buildings:

Another view of the explosion from the sea:

Videos provided by Best Gore member @billieeilish seem to corroborate the fireworks involvement in the smaller explosion:

Another compilation provided by Best Gore member @natural-selection-2:

Gallery of pics, props to @urmomdead:

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  1. This could happen anywhere at anytime I mean look at that woman in the shopping centre one second you are there shopping and boom your head is pureed in a pool of blood, live in the moment brothers and sisters and be kind.

  2. This looks to be a munitions cook off by all accounts. Stagnating storage facilities + extreme heat and lack of proper ventilation = prime conditions for a cookoff. Given the look of the explosion, there was no shape to the charge (other than the facility storing the explosives). The red and brown gasses indicate the release of NO and NO2, decomposition products of ammonium nitrate that likely lead to the explosion in the first place.

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