Aftermath of Multiple Suicide Bombings in Damascus, Syria

Aftermath of Multiple Suicide Bombings in Damascus, Syria

A series of suicide bomb attacks shook the city of Damascus earlier today. A terrorist with a suicide vest set off the explosives at the Damascus Palace of Justice, killing at least 32 people and wounding at least 45. Another terrorists then attacked a restaurant, killing an unspecified number of people. Areas of Al Mazza and Rukn Al Deen were also reportedly attacked.

According to Syrian security forces, a man wearing a military uniform and carrying a shotgun arrived at the entrance to the courthouse near the famous and crowded Hamidiyeh market in the early afternoon of today. The guards asked the man to submit to a search before entering. The man then reportedly threw himself inside the building and detonated the explosives.

You may have heard that the most dedicated Israel and Goldman Sachs firster Donald Trump committed an act of war by authorizing the ground invasion of Syria – a sovereign country. The stooge for the military industrial complex openly, and frequently, talked of increasing the size of the US military, as well as increased spending, which he also already authorised. In line with his unconditional subservience to Israel, Dear Leader’s administration also announced that despite committing an act of war, the ground fags will continue to occupy Syria even after the defeat of ISIS.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the pics and videos:

Video shows bloody aftermath of the suicide bombing in the Palace of Justice in Damascus:

More aftermath footage of Damascus bombing:

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  1. Suicide Vest is one of the most successful lies of modern times. Best Gore is the place to talk about it. Many people here have seen video where a real military anti tank missile was fired at a group of men to kill them. Explosives are physics and chemistry, very reliable factual things. Many people here have seen dickheads who blew off their hands with homemade fireworks. Why are his HANDS blown off, but he is a live? Explosives follow a path of least resistance. If you RESIST an explosive, holding it, tamping it, trapping it in a pipe or a gun barrel, it is destructive. When out in the open air, like the distance from your own hand to your own face, it didn’t blow off his head or even damage his face. You see this same structure all the time in the CIA media. A suicide bomber, took out.. a CITY BLOCK LONG MARKET, or a restaurant, or whatever, where there are dozens killed and even more wounded. Really? I can’t get that kind of kill effectiveness from real military heavy weapons, but a person in a vest pulled it off with a few kilos of explosives? BULL FUCKING SHIT! More often than not, they show you photos where hundreds of pounds of the most elite explosives went off, and they call it a vest. 800 pound vest? Bull fucking shit. Best Gore has also had video of REAL suicide vests. The guy blew himself in half, then laid there in half all unhappy. The bomber himself didn’t even kill himself immediately, much less 40 other people. Normally the Israelis or the Americans drop a 1000 pound laser guided bomb – then say suicide bomber. You can’t get that many kills with real mortars, and sure as shit cant with anything you can hide under clothing.

  2. Zionist cunts are not giving up in their quest to cut off Russia,s natural Gas pipeline supplying most of the middle east, Europe, and the fact that it starts off in Russia, and runs right through The Ukraine on its way to other Country,s pisses them off even more. This is why they vilify Assad so much, as they want him out to install their very own yes, yes, yes, Puppet in order to cut off one of Russia,s Main economic powerhouse being natural Gas. If this was to happen along with the already heavy sanctions being enforced on them, would be an economic nightmare for Russia,s already fragile economy. But Assad being a close and loyal business partner with the Kremlin will have none of this, and Russia will help him out at all costs.

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  3. How did the terrorist attack at the court house in Damascus happen?

    “At 13:10, the suicide bomber who was wearing a military jacket ran into the court house quickly followed by one of the security guards. The security guards shot him, but he screamed “Allah Akbar” and detonated himself. Another 2 security guards jumped on him to protect the people, the expulsion was massive because of the nature of the building.”

    Syria’s bar association chief says 16 lawyers among dozens killed in yesterday’s suicide bombings in Damascus:

    Lawyer Mohammed Eskandar
    Lawyer Mohammed Safwan Doukmak
    Lawyer Atef Mohammed Abboud
    Lawyer Mohamned Adeeb AlAttar
    Lawyer Jihad Houssien Khattab
    Lawyer Aref Salamaneh
    Lawyer Ramez Younes
    Lawyer Nadeem AlMesh
    Lawyer Mohammed Taha
    University student Ahnad Nayef Farah
    University student Ahmad Imam
    Sadeq AlSoubaini

    “The “rebels” are celebrating 6 years of killing by adapting ISIS-style suicide bombings in Damascus, Syria!”

    Hayat Tahrir Al Sham DENIES involvement in Damascus suicide bombings.

  4. We need to pull our people out of the middle east, send all muslims back there and just build a huge 80 ft wall around the place and let them fight to the death and kill eachother.. People need to start fighting their own wars and we need to quit wasting our money on useless countries that offer nothing to us..

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