Aftermath of Palm Sunday Bombing Attacks on Coptic Churches in Egypt

Man Carried Corpse of Child Killed by Explosion

Since its creation, ISIS has focused exclusively on killing all religious groups except Jews. Muslims and Christians, the two religious groups the Jews hate the most, have been the predominant targets.

This past Palm Sunday, at least 47 people, mostly Christians, were killed by two separate bombings in Egypt. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks

According to the Egyptian health ministry, the first explosion occurred at the Mar Girgis church in the city of Tanta, north of Cairo, where the bomb killed 29 and injured 71. The second explosion occurred three hours later in Alexandria, killing 18 and wounding 35.

Props to Best Gore member @AhmedEid for the pics and video:

Video of the aftermath:

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103 thoughts on “Aftermath of Palm Sunday Bombing Attacks on Coptic Churches in Egypt”

      1. @xniax1 You seem to be all Fucked up. That is a child, they are only taught by their parents. Also, that baby apparently was a Christian, not a muslim that killed her. [and yes, I did not capitalise “muslim” on purpose, I have no respect for that religion]

        1. That’s a child who would have grown up into an adult who probably hates white people.
          Remember this: While we are teaching our children to tolerate those people, those people teach their children, how to kill our children – so stop being a pussy and go cry on youtube!
          News flash: This is BestGore… 😉

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        1. I was at mass yesterday….after Judas betrays Christ…Christ says…it would have been had you never been born….so had he been aborted by Judas’s mother…that would have been okay by Christ…….this bomber on Palm Sunday…the aniversary and big reception for Christ’s entrance into some damn city…is the day…this Muslim decides to blow up the Church….you would think that perhaps, maybe, Christ would have done something to reveal this guy BEFORE THE BOMB WENT OFF…but no….

      1. I guess you were sick the day in school, when they taught about how business farmers in the SOUTH bought slaves to work cheap on their cotton farm….had they not been cheap bastards and not wanted to buy slaves…all those people would not have arrived in the US an millions of problems would have been averted…

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      1. yeah right. nobody will touch Saudi, the U.S refers to saudis as friends. Saudis are the biggest supporters of islamic terrorisms. The Saudis must suck a lot of dick (and sell cheap oil) to be able to get away with it while the U.S bombs everyone else.

        my theory also is that Saudi won’t be bombed bc it’s the muslim holly land, and if Saudi gets bombed 1 billion muslims all over the world will go even more ape shit.

        Putin also won’t do shit. Putin had turks shoot down a Russian jet and kill their ambassador and they did nothing.

        1. Putin is biding time. He is the smartest mutherfucker in the political arena right now. Personally, I hope that crazy fucker Trump starts a war with that crazy fucker Kim chi Jong Ding Dong. The ameriKans couldn’t cut the mustard in the early 1950s in a proxy war with the Russians, will they do well in what will become a proxy war with the Chinese? No! The gooks (chinese) don’t want the Korean Peninsula up their butt as an invigorated, united Korea due to competition for natural resources and market share of practically everything. I hope it happens so I can savor the flavor of “I told you so.”

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    1. @svarg26 “Good things come to those who wait”. Or, like the old saying goes,,, The Longer The Wait,,, The Sweeter The Reward. As One Fine Day, They Will Pay. And this time, WE will be the ones that are dancing in the streets!

      1. ISIS would apparently claim anything and even if they didnt the powers that be will have you believe they did.

        Man, ISIS even claim responsibility for the my grandads follow-through fart last Saturday night in his chair while he was watching re-runs of Little House on the Prairie. The devastation in that living room last weekend, Granma running around screaming, little nephew dry-gagging at the after-fumes. Terrible.

    1. I think bc jews are a small minority in the world. muslims are a billion people and of every race. jews are a small community (relatively). but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of jews being attacked in the west and also in Israel.

      1. Syrian Troops attacked Israel with tanks…but because they are by their nation…stupid fucks…Israel fought them back with fewer forces but better tactics…and the Syrian soldiers died or went back to tend to their sheep.Syria had more than 900 tanks and 140 batteries of artillery immediately behind the Syrian line. The Syrian 7th Division was one of the units ready to attack. The actual number of Syrian tanks was about 1,260. Each Syrian infantry division had one infantry brigade, one mechanized infantry brigade, and one armored brigade. The infantry and mechanized infantry brigades each had three infantry battalions, a battalion of forty tanks, an AA artillery battalion and a field artillery battalion. The armored brigade had three battalions of forty tanks each

        1. Sheeple confirmed. It was Israel that attacked Syria, not the other way around. Son of Israeli Army general and grandson of Avraham Katsnelson, one of the signers of the Israeli Declaration of Independenc, eexposed it in his book The General’s Son. Israel keeps attacking Syria to this day, as Genie Oil and Gas, a publicly traded company listed on the stock exchange illegally drills in Golan Heights. Genie oil and Gas has Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Jacob Rothschild, James Woolsey, Lawrence Summers, Bill Richardson and other Zionists on its board.

          1. Well, I suggest you watch the video of Syrian Tanks in mass driving to the frontier of Israel…..its on youtube.
            Syrian troop have never had much success on the battlefield…ISIS has no airforce…no navy…no anti-rocket
            technology…..and the Syrians still get their asses kicked….with Toyota Pick up trucks and guns…bought from the Turkish arms merchants.

          2. ISIS is Israel. Israel has acted as their air force by bombing Syrian targets that would stand in the way of ISIS advancing. Israel has also been treating ISIS fighters in their hospitals while the Americans have been providing logistical, financial and armament support. Including sarin used in chemical attacks on civilians.

            Syrian tanks moving within the Syrian borders – there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference between attacking a sovereign country, and defending one’s own country, which is what Syrians do. Unlike Israel and their Special Intelligence Service boys.

            Israel is losing the war on truth. 5,000 years of Jewish lies, and we the people have undone then in 6 years. It doesn’t matter how much you try to whitewash Israeli crimes, here your shilling will always fall short.

  1. I’m not trying to be a jerk but doesn’t this prove that there is No GOD. You see this happen again and again. Maybe just once he would step in to protect his “flock”.

    On the other hand, these POS are going after the elderly, women and kids, families trying to better themselves. These POS need to be eradicated, sooner, the better

    1. Viet Cong…killed old men, women and children in Vietnam….we fought them 50,000 US soldiers died….based on did that work out….if you own Polk Audio Highfidelity speakers..they were made in Vietnam.

  2. The video above translation : The officer is describing what is happening in the cctv recording : “here is the man he is approaching the gate and try to by pass the security check but was told by the officer to go through the checkpoint , the door alarm sounds. The man steps back and he detonated himself” I think he didn’t detonate himself here , someone from a range saw what was happening then said fuck it i will bomb him there , good enough.

  3. Something more. Isis – Al Qaeda – FSA are the same.
    And if anyone haves opposite opinion i will tell him to search about how many Isis fighters are fighting now under the FSA flag in Northen Syria and all of them under the Turkish command…
    Isis, created and founded by USA globalised… Open your eyes.

    1. This is what life is like for ethnic and religious minorities in majority Muslim (especially Sunni) countries. And it is why it is so terrible to let these people into our white lands. No matter if it’s Pakis, Somalis, Arabs… Liberalism and tolerance will kill us…

      Moeller van Bruck knew it all:
      “Liberalism has undermined civilization, has destroyed religions, has ruined nations. Primitive peoples know no liberalism. The world is for them a simple place where one man shares with another. Instinctively they conceive existence as a struggle in which all those who belong in any way to one group must defend themselves against those who threaten them.”

  4. This is what life is like for ethnic and religious minorities in majority Muslim (especially Sunni) countries. And it is why it is so terrible to let these people into our white lands. No matter if it’s Pakis, Somalis, Arabs… Liberalism and tolerance will kill us…

    Moeller van den Bruck knew it all:
    “Liberalism has undermined civilization, has destroyed religions, has ruined nations. Primitive peoples know no liberalism. The world is for them a simple place where one man shares with another. Instinctively they conceive existence as a struggle in which all those who belong in any way to one group must defend themselves against those who threaten them.”

    1. Before the war, Syrian Muslims (Sunni and Chia) and Christians weren’t having any problems… same at the time of Nasr in Egypt. Stop spreading bullshit just cuz you don’t have anything better to do. All of this wars are derived of foreign interventions, poverty and war.

      1. @falcissapientissimus
        Take out the “all of ” and i would agree with you.

        Also nasr had things in control because he was western minded and secular. He killed the jihadi Muslim Brotherhood. Well uncle sams zuoyanquis hate people like nasr and love putting in controllable bloodthirsty tyrants so there you are: slave holding, blackman killing ,man raping libya, child headchopping and raping iraq and syria!

        Thanks fucken americunts!

  5. If I understood correctly, the man filming the video is saying: “why did those sons of dogs did this?!” and he keeps referring to Isis as “sons of dogs”. I lived 5 years in Egypt and my best friend there was a Coptic Christian living in Heliopolis, I’m happy It didn’t occur in his part of Cairo.

  6. These Mossads Agent, called I.S.I.S. (exposed by Mark), Must all be destroyed, and our people, their Cultures, and beliefs, must be protected using any, and all means, & measures including Force if necessary . And if these Guys are not Mossad Agents, but paid “Atheistic/Assassins/Terrorists” instead, then we must “Follow The Money Trail” and completely cut-off, & destroy the source, if we are ever conquer, and eliminate this, (sometimes false flag,,, and sometimes real threats) once, and for all! Confuse, Divide, and Conquer has been their main strategy for decades, and this fact is not hard to see. But first,,, one must pull-off the blinders, and begin to look with their real-eyes.

    1. will said…..even the egyptian christians know that their mmuslim egyptian brothers and friends wouldn’t do such a thing. It is actually very frustrating that these guys can’t get any revenge on anyone as they know it is no one’s fault but the zionists and those crazy suicidal “mentally” unstable fuckers that are being labeled terrorists every fucking day. The more they call them terrorists the more they will do it. Now where is all these red/white/black face book profile picture options ? exactly! fucking westerns 😉

  7. Filthy Israeli kikes strike again. Isis is Israeli secret intelligence services. Funded by American tax payers.. where is Russia or North Korea so they can save the world from this disgusting jew-ery. Please someone nuke israel and rid the world of the disease called Jews

  8. I was born Catholic and I will die a Catholic. God forbid these monsters attacking people while they worship THE LORD?!?! I was at Palm Sunday Mass in my church and it was amazing this is beyond sad it’s beyond horrible.

  9. I’m not sure how I feel about the Copts.
    On one hand they are victims of real persecution in Egypt

    On the other hand their church isn’t much better has draconian divorce poicies, marriage, and a ton of meddling in the state

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