Aftermath Photos of Shooting at Munich Shopping Mall

Aftermath Photos of Shooting at Munich Shopping Mall

I got these photos from Best Gore member @melsticom claiming that they are the aftermath photos of the recent shooting rampage in Munich, Germany, but at least one of them is known to be fake (it’s from a mall in South Africa).

As with all false flag attacks carried out by Mossad, a patsy Muslim, or someone from a country on Israel’s enemy list is either tricked into being involved, or it’s made to look like he was involved, and blame is thrown on them.

Sheeple have been conditioned to hate Muslims and Iranians, and they duly oblige, and not ask any questions. And of course, all CCTV evidence is destroyed or doesn’t conveniently exist, and the sheeple swallow that too.

And let’s not forget Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas and Munich, or you can go as far back as Lee Harvey Oswald – all these false flag attacks involving patsies were reported by eye witnesses to have had three shooters involved, but then Zionist press stepped in and talked about one lone gunman, and the sheeple nodded.

Remember this one question which stands as powerful today as it always has – Cui bono? Who benefits? Seek the answer to that question, and it will lead you to who was most likely behind an attack.

Props to Best Gore member @melsticom for the pics:

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  1. People lose lives over the most idiotic shit and its mind bogglingy sad. I myself have considered getting a concealed weapons license in order to protect myself and those close to me. Never did I think it’d come to this, but shit happens and you adapt.

    1. Well said. I’m getting a gun for the same reasons. You never know what is going to happen. I know the saying is old but ‘it’s better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it’. Crazy how some sayings prove true over and over again.

  2. people suck best friend a dog thell never betray you or hurt but man kind the most cruel of all. im pro guns i havent shot anyone and i hope i never have to ive been inraged at people and have been in alot of fist fights its cowards that turn to guns or there paid killers its not manly to act as so many in these shooting sprees we see so often. sadly people blame guns then gov tries gun control, punish those that buy them legally not criminals. the world has turned for the worst it seems some blame games or tv yet in each person a moral choice is made there are people that are bad as in no good.

        1. stonedrocks i have 2 german shepards that act and are better mannered than many people. if any person yells or talks loud my dogs warn them and it stops if a person reaches tword me they nip as a stern warning my dogs i trained to protect me they will attack on command or if i say watch em if person moves they warn them i spent tons of time with them training. my daughter has a dog that takes off and i send either of them and her dog gets forced to return every time. they are big babies to me and they havent ever betrayed me and never will but i will say you got the right to say im stupid if you feel better ok but remember when you point at another how many poit at you.

    1. I agree I think somethings about to explode and that water you talk of will not stop them, unless they build a 1mile high electric fence lol. It seems like only a matter of time before some atrocity happens here (in England). But hey when it does at least people on social media can change their profile picture to the countries flag with “pray for blah blah” so that makes everything okay.

      1. Heard about such things numberous times but haven´t seen anything concrete about such existing. Only untill now when I read your comment and looked it up and to my surprise, I couldn´t believe that a such thing as a sharia court in european countries actually exists.

        Here is one example (my gosh, the shit that surrounds muslims being invasive about their beliefs in imaginary beings such as “gods” and prophets is starting to get uncovered into really nasty and eeriely precise to what some claims to be things about).

  3. I don’t care to know where the author’s school of thought came from but I would like to butt in that propaganda or not, Muslims are scums. I state the same with conviction and own personal experience. Never have I encountered a peaceful muslim human being. For instance : Was camping when i was 10, a Palestinian teenager who knew “martial arts” whooped my arse all because I had a verbal argument with his younger bro! (Yay, multiculturalism right?). The stories abound.

    1. I have often thought that the author is a bit of a retard if I’m honest….just my opinion which I’m entitled to, I hope. He seems to think that no Muslims actually cause any of these atrocities and are all orchestrated by Jews. I believe his obsession with Jews is clouding his rational thinking…..

      1. You think the author is a bit of a retard because he doesn’t share your opinion ?. Your arrogance is astonishing. He is entitled to his opinion, just like you are. That doesn’t make him a retard.

        I would say a retard, is a person who accuses others of being retarded, whilst posting retarded comments. Think about that for a while.

        1. I’ve thought about it for a minute and my conclusion is errrrr your a retard as well. The author on numerous occasions has blamed everything on Israel. Is it so hard to believe that people
          Who support Isis in western countries can actually commit crimes because of their warped ideology.

        2. There’s having an opinion, and there’s being obscenely deluded and blind. Mark was the best author by a mile and since he left this page has gone massively downhill. Will be surprised if this comment makes it. You are an absolute fool if you believe Jews are responsible for all these events like some strange illuminati, God knows what it’s like living in the bubble universes you guys are in. Take the time to actually read the Quran and understand the thousands of passages proclaiming violence and death. Surely if you are a member of this site you see the atrocities committed solely for Islam? What planet are you living in wake up man

      2. Jews, like all niggers of sand are semitic peoples. They are all psychotics. Arabs and Jews are all psychos and that’s why they behave the way they do. Jews are well known for orchestrating things, but there’s not a Jew hiding behind every dune coon suicide bomber.

    2. There are a ton of peaceful Muslims and I believe the author is correct in coming into such an unconventional conclusion. The Quran has been proven to easily be misinterpreted and misread due to the need to know about the verses’ context, ISIS is an Israel-proven group, and really that’s all. Not every Muslim is bad but I won’t be surprised if someone doesn’t follow the religion correctly yet calls themselves a Muslim or might even misinterpret verses in the holy book themselves/become brainwashed by Israeli agents and begin killing. There is always a “good and bad” to every religion and group etc.

      EDIT: Completely forgot to mention that it would also make a ton of sense to brew this much hate against Islam as it justifies all of the recent attacks on Syria and whatnot.

      1. 100% agree with you. People’s bias and racist notions of religions/groups/ethnics are clouding THEIR rationale. In no means am I saying this to attack any of you as I am sure you guys are probably lovely people but in reality we must look at both sides of the coin before judgement. And do not be fooled by the illusion when the coin may not have been turned fully as the other side of the face may still be forming due to a lack of evidence for better judgement.

    1. You can tell the “inside photo,” of the mall is fake because in Germany “malls,” are outdoor shopping areas. Not a sing large encloser but several small blocks of tightly packed stores with stone n brick allys. There are also usualy no cars insde except maybe a taxi.

  4. Wasn’t this a case of natural selection? i mean this lil queer posted on facebook that he was giving out free food at maccy d’s and from what iv heard it was a few of those dumb arses that took him up on that offer that got blitzed. now what kind of a slob piece of shit must you be to take some random dudes post on fagbook as gospel. now im sorry for the other bystanders that got shot, but the “nolifebookers” got what they deserved in my book 😉 Fuckin Queers! toodle pips you moronic bastards.

  5. can you imagine this going down when hitler and the SS boys were around? say what you want about that era but i know this for fact not a single soul would have tried this shit when the NSDAP had power in germany. in fact no cheeky filthy invader would have tried to even get inside of germany. i dont think there are any other political movement in history that had their own people’s backs like when nsdap were around. and i dont think any other movement in history genuinely wanted the best for its people like they did. and before you say it yes i know they went to war but it was a war forced upon them. we need strong leaders in europe once again or this shit will never stop.

    1. Dude… there were assassination attempts made on hitler by people in his own orginization. The navy commander at the time hated nazis but understood he was a tactical genouse. There were many groups of people who attacked germany from within.

  6. @dogsdinner ……..please don’t try and sound intelligent with your somewhat ” I like to get fucked in the ass by the author” post. Your opinion does not matter to me. I would like to hear from the author himself on how is obsession with the Jews is effecting his ability to write
    A unbiased caption, every time a loony Muslim does something. I remember when the two brothers in France went in the Jewish shop killing people, the author was claiming it was an inside job done by France so they can do some bombing or something.

  7. I am really sorry about the false information, at least about the mall. Several friends from Munich send me pics from the Aftermatch and somehow the Mall got in there. Again, Im so sorry.

  8. It is said that the young man got inspired by Breivik, one of Mark’s heroes. Just point out that Breivik killed young people as a protest against muslim immigration, fact that is quite incongruent. Point out too that I never agreed with Breivik POV, and this is my only big disagreement with the owner of the site.

  9. The news said he was “iranian” but iran is a multicultural country with many different ethnic groups with persians making up about 50% other ethnic groups include azerbaijanis 25-30%, kurds, armenians, turks, and caspian ethnic groups closely related to persians, and other minorities and also immigrants from other countries including a few arabs. although israel and some western countries like to make iran out to be some “islamic state” where everyone is a religious muslim that is not true. most iranians are not religious and don’t like islam bc it was imposed on them by arab invaders. in additon to that ther eare about 2-3 million iranian jews, some christians and some other minorities. this guy have no idea what is background is but “iranian” is very vague and it is rare for an iranian to do something like. also no evidence that this had anythign to do with politics or religion, looks like the killer killed mostly people form islamic countries like turkey and albania.

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