Aftermath of Prison Riot in Ceara, Brazil

Aftermath of Prison Riot in Ceara, Brazil

Last weekend there were two riots in prisons in the Brazil’s state of Cearรก, in which 5 people died. Video below claims to be the aftermath of one of them.

According to the Brazilian Department of Justice and State Citizenship (Sejus), the riots occurred on Saturday May 21, and Sunday May 22, 2016, in prisons in Caucaia, and in Itaitinga. In the former, 3 inmates were killed. In the latter, 2 were killed.

Video below depicts 2 dead people, so I’m guessing it’s from Itaitinga:

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  1. Damn they really mutilated the crap out of those two guys. Looks like a total psychopath kept beating them long after they were both dead. This is a great example of an “overkill” by an overlord!

  2. I’m curious as to what it is they say and/or do to each other to get murderously angry, & kill each other so brutally? Is it all drug beef, rapists/peders, etc. that lights their fires, or do they just love to spill blood? Maybe just the Brazilian way. Murder for sport. No wonder they can’t develop their own country. Mental note: never visit Brazil, let alone commit any type of crime there.

  3. Their serious buttfuckery lead to this blood carnage but they have been bathed well so no more showers are needed .
    The place looks identical to a slaughter house but the guy with the camera phone just wanted an up close shot of armpit of one of the dead pig.
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