Aftermath of Shootout in Culiacan, Mexico in Which Gunmen Freed El Chapo’s Son

Aftermath of Shootout in Culiacan, Mexico in Which Gunmen Freed El Chapo's Son

Aftermath of Shootout in Culiacan, Mexico in Which Gunmen Freed El Chapos Son

Earlier today, Mexico’s largest and most dangerous cartel, that is the police, captured four men, including one of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s sons, 28 year old Ovidio Guzman. His brief apprehension, which took place in the city of Culiacan, triggered intense shootouts.

Presumed Sinaloa Cartel gunmen gave the cops run for their money, killing a few, forcing the rest to flee, freeing Ovidio.

While his father El Chapo is already held in the US prison, Ovidio is wanted by the US authorities, ie the largest drug traffickers in the world, also on some drug trafficking charges. Clearly, CIA/Mossad don’t like anyone else getting a share of the multi billion dollar drug trafficking trade.

In case you didn’t know, the CIA has been linked to drug dealing all over the world. HERE is a pretty good compilation of many of those historical events. I will provide more backinfo for those who would like a ride down the rabbit hole after the video.

Props to Best Gore members @turbodelta4 and @talkswithhands for the video alleging to show the aftermath of the shootout:

On November 15, 1996, there was a town meeting in Los Angeles on allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. During the meeting, former Los Angeles Police Narcotics Detective Mike Ruppert confronted then CIA Director John Deutch:

Few Mainstream Press Articles on CIA/Mossad Involvement in Drug Trafficking

Haaretz: Panama Dictator Noriega’s 2nd in command was an Israeli Mossad agent who was known as “The Boss”. Noriega and his predecessor had deep ties to Israel

New York Times: G.I.’s in Panama Capture Israeli Regarded as Top Noriega Adviser

New York Times: The U.S. and Panama; An Israeli in Panama: Whose Broker?

The Washington Post: Noriega Approved Arms to Sandinistas, Panel Told

The Washington Post: Noriega’s Pet Spy

Rolling Stone: The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

The Mossad already had a high-ranking official in place in Noriega’s inner circle. His name was Michael Harari. In the spring of 1983, Harari, assigned to Black Eagle, began negotiating with Noriega and his intelligence chief, Blandon, requesting landing privileges at Panamanian airfields for Black Eagle planes and the use of Panamanian companies to conceal payrolls and other transactions. “He told us that Israel and Casey and Bush were involved in this,” Blandon says. “Harari wanted Noriega to have a relationship with Bush.” If Noriega cooperated, Harari reasoned, he would have political IOUs not only at the CIA but also at the vice-president’s office.


Noriega met Bush face to face for a second time in December 1983, during a vice-presidential tour of Central America. Bush was joined at the meeting by Gregg and North, and while the vice-president paid lip service to the idea of more democracy and less corruption in Panama, he reassured Noriega that he would always be an important American ally in the region. Shortly thereafter, says Blandon, who is now in political exile in the U.S., “Harari told Noriega in front of me that Bush was very grateful for the help Noriega was providing.”

Noriega is the classic embodiment of power Central American style, a composite figure of the political, military and criminal worlds. It was widely known at the CIA by 1977 that Noriega was abetting drug smuggling in the region and by the early 1980s that he was permitting the Medellín drug cartel – a ruthless syndicate estimated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to control eighty percent of the world’s cocaine market – to launder billions of dollars through Panamanian banks. Noriega’s personal commissions from his dealings with Medellín, according to Kozen, have amounted to an incredible $400 million.

Remember: George W. Bush was head of the CIA before he became Vice President and then President.

Sun Sentinel: Noriega’s Mentor Prompts U.S. Concern

Panamanian Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega is protected by an elite 200-man military unit trained and advised by Israelis under the auspices of a former Israeli intelligence agent who figures prominently in a Senate investigation of drug- and gun-running in Latin America, sources say.


Massachussetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations has received evidence on some weapons Harari reportedly helped Noriega procure from Israel and other countries. The arms went to Marxist rebels in El Salvador and drug-trafficking M-19 leftist guerrillas in Colombia — and possibly to the U.S.-backed Nicaraguan Contras as well, the evidence shows.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: What You Won’t Read About Michael Harari, Noriega’s Israeli Adviser Who Got Away

The Israeli press, which considered Noriega the second most important person in Panama after Harari, wasn’t so reticent as it speculated about how Israel’s master spy would manage the escape to Israel, and whether or not he would bring Noriega along.


Americans won’t read much serious media speculation about who those informants might be. The numbers of people within the US government who can find reasons not to pursue any investigation that may lead to Israel literally have reached critical mass.

Truth no longer will out, unless it absolves Israel. That is why virtually nothing significant emerged from the congressional hearings on the Reagan administration’s arms for-hostages dealings with Iran. Because every line of investigation led directly to Israel, no single line was pursued for long. The result is a near-total information blackout. Extremists in the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir count on it, and conduct themselves with total disregard for American public opinion.

Relevant Reading

Whiteout: The CIA, drugs, and the press
The Politics of Heroin: CIA complicity in the global drug trade take the pdf not the Epub version.
The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret teams and covert operations in the Reagan era
The Crimes of Patriots: A true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA

More About CIA Drug Dealing

The Free Thought Project: Mainstream Media Finally Exposes CIA Drug Trafficking Conspiracy in Explosive History Channel Series

Elliott Abrams was appointed Trump’s “Envoy to Venezuela“.

Abrams was previously nick named Reagan’s “Secretary for Dirty Wars“. He oversaw the Contra operation in Nicaragua/Honduras which supplied guns and funds to the Contras in return for cocaine which was then smuggled into the US by the CIA.

Abrams also oversaw and funded the El Salvador Death Squads which murdered around 80,000 people under a right wing dictatorship.

William Barr was Trump’s nominee for Attorney General.

William Barr, according to CIA Drugs Trafficker Chip Tatum, was part of the covert US government gang trafficking drugs and assassinating opponents of the US in Latin America during the 1980’s.

William Barr became HW Bush’s Attorney General and urged the pardon of high level Reagan/Bush officials, who had been convicted for the Conspiracy or Cover Up of Iran/Contra. The people pardoned included Casper Weinberger, Oliver North, Elliott Abrams and John Poindexter.

One of the major results of the 1980’s CIA drug trafficking operations was the Crack Cocaine epidemic of the 1990’s which was exposed by Gary Webb and Michael Ruppert (among others) and killed thousands of Americans.

The same mindset and some of the same people who operated the US Regime Change operations in Latin America in the 1980’s are now installed in the White House and plotting a Regime Change Coup against Venezuela. Cui bono?

Gary Webb

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Thank you sir for the vintage video!

    Proving once again real whistle blowers generally end up destroyed or dead. The don’t end up as perennial celebrity whistle blowers (Snowden) or as popular tranny celebrity whistle blowers (Manning) unless they’re *limited hangouts*.

    Please accept these links to the Nearly Forgotten 2003 Boston FBI DOJ Executive Privilege Worthingtongate Murdergate Hearings!

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  4. I don’t think this is from yesterday’s event. I believe this was uploaded months ago, pretty sure I’ve seen it before. It was a checkpoint ambush.

    Either way Mexico’s fucked unless something big happens. Twitter has a bunch of footage of Mexican soldiers shaking hands with cartel members on the day it happened.

  5. Prohibition…

    How’s that working out for you USA?

    Legalize it, tax it then watch the tide of cash roll back in – but that’s a little to liberal for some folks to handle right? Oh shit there’ll be less beheading videos in 640×480 as well… what to do, what to do???

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  7. @happy

    Many first world countries include the drug trade into their GDP figures nowadays. It is not that surprising then that the drug trade and our governments are intermixed. Common sense really.

    Where there is money to be made politicians and governments will be there one way or another and fuck the social repercussions. Its the old rock through the window routine, break something and up pops a profitable request/solution to it.

  8. Being a cop in Mexico is a suicidal thing, sad how drug dealers are much better armed and better trained than those fat ugly usless cunts with uniforms. Being dead they look even uglier than they were during their lifetime, mexicrap shithole

  9. Being a cop in Mexico is a suicidal thing, sad how drug dealers are much better armed and better trained than those fat ugly usless cunts with uniforms. Being dead they look even uglier than they were during their lifetime, mexicrap shithole

  10. I am a little bit confused….
    Look on the second video At 2:58 and tell me something please…
    Who the fuck is this animal on the left of the screen, Its a monkey, a Gorilla or a cheetah ?

  11. Personally, I think the political commentary is awesome. I personally do political research, and this is a good way to get those marginally interested more interested, since it is interesting. Bring the corruption to light.

    That video had some awesome footage. Wonder how many Mara Salvatruchians have seen it?

  12. Should not be taking prisoners in a war like that. The fact they took the drug dealers alive is why they are dead. If they killed them, they would still be alive most likely. That is a no prisoners war, or it should be.

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  13. Just for letting you guys know. The reason Chapo Jr is free, is not because the cartel achieved it. Actually, Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel, ordered the liberation, he submitted to pressure, he couldn’t handle the situation, he justified that decision by saying: ” people’s life is more important than a Narco apprehension ”, so yeah, the cartel got what they wanted. Chapo Jr and his cartel will continue abusing people, selling drugs and stuff. Basically, now Mexico depends on narco’s will.

    1. Thanks for your input @kadoshknight, but it is quite possible that president’s remarks are a face-saving publicity stunt and damage control. When official aggression happens, it tends to wear a “public interest first” face. Tyrant always tries to appear as protector. When their aggression backfires and they are forced to retreat, they try to sell it as deliberate withdrawal to protect the innocent.

  14. That’s not Culiacán, Sinaloa, that’s Aguililla, Michoacán where an ambush killed 14 cops (with little training and weaponry) seemingly by the CJNG -Cártel Jalisco-; it happened a week ago.

    In Culiacán a badly planned arrest went wrong and the whole city became a war zone; the Sinaloa Cártel held hostage a city block for soldier’s families so to avoid any civilians’ lives loss the Government ceased all confrontation and let the Chapo’s sons go. The blame is on the Gobernador and State Justice System.

    There were only a soldier and three sicarios dead on the meleé. Culiacán remains on edge, though.

  15. I hope the cartels totally take over and run the Mexican government out of town, then Mexico could become a haven for all sorts of crime, a lawless state free of taxes free speech restrictions, drug laws, weapons laws, just everything, I would probably even move over there.

  16. Not alot of BestGore
    Brothers know about me
    But I am Salvadorean & Mexican American
    Weird right? I know…
    But dont let it bother you. For i have been a a gorevidal since it first began
    & u know what i would’ve been born in my own country had it not been for Reagan/Bush.
    So suck a dick all day
    Big ups @thedre
    And all the OG’s

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