Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage in Turku, Finland

People Stabbed by Knife Wielding Attacker in Turku Being Helped

On the afternoon of Friday, August 18, 2017, several people were knifed in a stabbing rampage at the Central Market Square, and at the Puutori-Market Square area in downtown Turku, Finland.

The incident just happened so the backinfo is still coming together, but from what I’ve heard so far, five people were stabbed, one apparently died.

It is also not immediately clear how many attackers were involved. I’ve heard conflicting reports – some saying as many as three attackers were involved, while others claiming it was a lone wolf stabbing. Said one attacker was reportedly shot in the leg and taken into custody by police. Also unconfirmed report says the attacker reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar (no shit, Schlomo) as he launched the stabbing spree, but these days, even if the attacker didn’t tuck his sidelocks in to hide them, and wore yarmulke like he otherwise does, people would still hear him shout Allahu Akbar.

Here’s a video of a woman bleeding profusely after being knifed:

Gallery of a few pics (Finns like to add captions to their pictures, don’t they). Props to Best Gore members @reddye and @TonNav:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage in Turku, Finland”

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      2. Nemo, contemplate the message in my posts but more importantly the messages of those who follow. Muslim hater(funny handle) is right on. Although his nickname and language may be crass, the responses following your post are sage advice from members here.

    3. Nemo, can I just say that is common knowledge to take a person on an individual basis?It’s also common sense. Small percentage of good souls in this world, like what?..5% of the global population. Being narrow minded cuts your chances down to .05 percent. We all hope those who would judge us, give leeway to our personal selves. Human nature. However, innocent Muslims are causing their own downfall by not protesting en masse against the sins of radicals. A few words from an imam or two is not gonna cut it. They need to mobilize and modernize or they’re all doomed. Genocide followed by exodus is in the cards. By October, it’s gonna be a complete chaos. They will be driven out and forced to colonize elsewhere. Like Israel. History repeats. All of the degrees in political science, history, sociology and anthropology can only go so far. People who have never visited Germany have no clue. You really have to go there to understand. If you have not, trust in the advice of those who are educated and world traveled.

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    1. While that is true, 80% of homicides here are commited drunk and often with knifes between “friends”. But we don’t shout allahu snackbar while stabbing, we shout vittu perkele

    2. It was the first killing in Finland inspired by Jihad, which means that there might come more such killings.

      Also, it was a great succeess for Finnish gun control policy. Native Finns have committed many mass atrocities with guns, after which the gun laws got tightened so much that this latest killing with knives finished with much smaller death toll.

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    1. No, they voted an anti-immigration party (True Finns) to the government but the party turned its coat and allowed a mass of refugees, including this particular immigrant, into the country. The party actually split into two (juridically) because the anti-immigration field members grew so distant from the pro-immigration decisions made by members of the parliament.

  3. Lived there for 4 years and my family still lives there, this shit is terrifying. There was only 1 attacker, most likely brown, shot in the leg by police (hiya US.) and arrested. Probably not related to IS but thought he was a big scary terrorist and went on a rampage… Have nothing against muslims but how are we going to seperate the bad from the good?

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    Latest news I have here in Oz

    Two people have been killed and six people needed hospital treatment after a knife attack in the Finnish city of Turku, police have said in a news conference.

  5. Just when this upstanding “Syrian” refugee was about to turn his life around and get off the welfare system… these racist Finns come out of nowhere and remind him that he’s not ethnically European…

    All this refugee wanted was some more free stuff thats paid for by White Finns…

    This goes to show that White people and only White people can be racists because of slavery and the Holocaust…

    1. I agree, I hope this young traumatized gentleman gets all his charges dropped and a bigger appartment after he gets out of the hospital. The state should additionally pay him 1000 bucks per month, provided by the tax payers of course, so he can look back on and reappraise his horrible past. Being surrounded by all these crusaders and women that dress inappropriately – and should therefore be legally allowed to get raped – really messed him up psychologically. Poor guy, this was all an unfortunate isolated case!

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  8. This was a hoax. Notice that the video only shows a woman laying on the cement in fake blood. She is not injured, she is a crisis actor. Nobody died and nobody was injured in this incident.

  9. What is there to do to stop these attacks anyway, people have fucked themelves over pretty much which in the end means there is not really anything you can do about this going on to begin with. Although I would recommend the right wingers a war on people like these and perhaps it might bring some change, even if many today do not even deserve to live without losing the life they wasted to become meaningless and stupidified through.

  10. I’m asking if anyone actually knows this; what are the names besides Merkel in other European and Scandinavian countries, NAMED INDIVIDUALS, who allowed this immigration to each country? Names. I need names.

    I’ve been around this world. To mostly choice countries in Europe and Asia. I’ve visited Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, China etc.

    Being a cool, laid back North American, I almost felt like a criminal visiting neat freak places like Germany, Québec Canada and Switzerland. Those uptight places. I could pass for any one of them but felt that perfectionist pressure. The French are cool about it but harp on their other national priorities. So please tell me whose brilliant idea this would be to admit inbred peasants from a backward land to LIVE in a land that would stress even the American cuts from a finer cloth. Who is responsible for putting their approval on this ludicrous plan that endangers the very people who pay their salaries?

      1. Thanks Vincit, I’ve seen that stupid bitch before. Ethnocentric, delusional fool who needs to be on anti-psychotic meds. She says without multiculturalism Europe will not survive. A contradictory statement. Without multiculturalism not only will Europe survive but it will thrive. History backs this up. Sweden used to have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Screw this twat and her agenda. A slap in the face to European’s ancestors. Multiculturalism did not refine the highest manufacturing standards of Germany and Switzerland. The finery of French products. The innovative nature of Europeans. The environmental climate is a major factor. Selective breeding is another. Surviving the plague and the industrial revolution is a testament to the advancement of European people. They didn’t need Multiculturalism then and they sure don’t need it now. Multiculturalism is robbing resources and energy from Europeans who need to stay focused on inventions and building highly civilized societies. Let them get back to being great.

      2. Vincit, TY. I did a little more research into this fool. If she wasn’t so illogical, I’d be furious but I’m not. It’s too easy to negate her thought process with an understanding of anthropology and history. The Jews will be leading nothing. When have they ever? Here’s a question for you. What is the major export product of Israel? Automobiles? Jet fighters? Technological inventions? Cures for diseases? Fine wine and cuisine? Not a chance. Israel’s major export is fruit and vegetables mostly grown in greenhouses. Where’s the leadership and innovation she claims Europe and Scandinavia need to survive? Somebody have this dense pseudo intellectual submit a thesis on the Norman invasion and occupations that stretched all the way from Ireland to Sicily and Turkey. They conquered large territories. Most people in Western society can trace their genes back to them, resulting in us all being distantly related. So what was the secret to their success? Opposite of multiculturalism. They embraced the culture and societal norms of those they conquered. They quickly assimilated into those societies and therefore met no resistance. That’s how it’s done, Babs. I want that paper on my desk come Monday.

      1. I lost faith in Trudeau when his response to Trump’s travel ban in January was that Canada would take in these middle eastern people stuck in airports. It backfired big time when that white kid in Quebec City rampaged a mosque. He scared that kid. That attack lands squarely on Trudeau’s hands.

  11. The fruits of ‘Vibrant Diversity’…..

    The sooner every one of these parasites is removed from western civilization, the better. It will take remarkable courage to do it.

    The sooner, the better

  12. What a fucking joke, only 2 dead. Suicides and traffic accidents kill 900 times as many every year. Snackbars are not only too stupid to rule their own independent countries so that they themselves would like to live there, but also too stupid to actually get much anyone killed before an angry crowd stops them. A little planning on escape routes and retries would have gone a long way, but the retard couldn’t think even ten minutes ahead on how the people around him would react. This was the first Islamist attack in Finland – I see the retards are so stupid and helpless at getting anything done that there is still no reason to fear terror.

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