Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage at Forbury Gardens, Reading, UK

Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage in Forbury Gardens, Reading, UK

Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage in Forbury Gardens, Reading, UK

At least three people were killed and another three wounded in a stabbing rampage at Forbury Gardens, a park in Reading, UK. The attack took place at around 7pm on Saturday June 20, 2020.

A Black Lives Matter protest was held in the park before the attack, but the BBC quoted Thames Valley Police saying the massacre was not connected to the protest. Likewise, at the moment the police are reportedly not treating the attack as an act of terrorism.

The knifeman was arrested. He is said to be a 25 year old from Reading.

Props to Best Gore member @shillclinton for the video of the aftermath:

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122 thoughts on “Aftermath of Stabbing Rampage at Forbury Gardens, Reading, UK”

    1. It was a Libyan Muslim asylum seeker , the Media already trying to blame it on Jesus and mental health. They say he had converted to Christianity. If those left wing radicals BLM were not bad enough , it now seems as if future Islamic terrorism in the U.K will be blamed on Jesus and mental health issues.

      1. Yep, first the left wing media says “Let ’em in, because they’re not mindless killers..”
        Then, when some muzzie filth stabs innocent people to death, they say
        “Aah well , I guess it’s really the victim’s fault after all … it would be racist to
        blame the mindless muzzie killer, wouldn’t it now? …..”
        All muzzie filth must go BACK to where they belong : The shithouse desert sands
        Fuck Them All

          1. All 3 were faggots who supported Black Lies Matter , ironice aint the word .
            Although , the white faggot who was stabbed to death by the muslim cancer on London Bridge blamed white racism . His Father said it was the slave trade , etc .

          2. @admiller. I think you were the first to mention the victims were gay here and I only heard it days ago so it seems we had a bit of censorship in Aus.

            One look at the perp and i worked out he was gay ,so it seems I may have been right about him being targetting by more Moslem headchoppers to kill whites and of course gays to atone for his own “sins”, just like the Florida” gaybar “murderer was also a closet Moslem gay man himself (whose Dad was a CIA man).

            Oh,by the way ,the perp was a Moslem Brotherhood (read headchopper bastard) brought in and protected by campy M15 heads… again.

            Those campy M15 and Foreign Office types just love bringing in those “rough trade” Moslems cunts to fuck Britain up; Masochists like ” Lawrence of Gayrabia”.

        1. All three victims were gay men too ‘ gays thrown off buildings’ has finally arrived in the U.K Time to get smart. Home school your children and form protection teams. The police have stopped policing and left wing fucks are brainwashing your children by monopolising education in order to target white children and make them feel guilt and to humiliate them by pounding their minds with ” white privilege ” rhetoric and the stupid climate disaster theory….

      2. @zipzap He was dating a religious Christian woman for quite a while and converted to Christianity himself, he was suffering from mental health issues and had been in prison. He was also on the MI5 radar. Maybe if they did their job properly this wouldn’t have happened. So easy to blame Muslims when more than half of the people arrested and charged for terrorism offences in the UK, in the last 2 years were white British. Fucktard. Suck your mother x

        1. I don’t doubt that is the case but then I blame the British Gov for allowing so many people in to the country with illnesses such as insanity etc.They should stay where they are.

          I am old enough to both remember and have met many people of the Mass European immigration to Australia ie from The UK ,Germany ,Holland ,Yugoslavia ,Greece and Italy until about the early Seventies. I can Tell you they had STRINGENT health checks done on them by Aust personnel in THEIR own countries before they were ever cleared to come to Australia. Our first mass East Asian Refugees were the Vietnamese and even they spent YEARS in camps outside of and even in Australia before being let in.

          The EU is now the Wild West, and any miscreants can come and go as they wish . Fucked -up system.

          What do you mean by White British terrorists? Do you mean White British converts to Islam?


          1. Just a load of bullshit that was tbh. You know what the problem is when it comes to people like yourself? You’re scared. Scared of Islam and scared of Muslims. Why though? You think there are more ‘’Muslim terrorists’’ than there are Muslims who are not terrorists?? When Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world as I have previously stated? Did you even attend school? Most importantly do you even know who your father is?? Well, here’s a clue… it’s probably your mother’s own blood brother. Sometimes, I do wish Muslims were terrorists tbh… it wouldn’t take long to wipe out the rest of the population who aren’t Muslims. As we have already established terrorism has no room in Islam and any terrorist claiming to be a Muslim, isn’t a Muslim (Don’t know how many times I need to say it) How about you bunch of sheep do your own research into Islam and ‘’MoSlEMs’’ instead of believing every lie coming out of the mouth of a racist whilst sitting in the pub drinking your life away… because let’s face it… you don’t have anything better to do. You just repeat the same old boring shit. That could never be me or my people unfortunately. You know what the funniest thing about it all is??? It’s the fact your kind walk past Muslims on a daily basis and don’t say anything. Not a word. Because you know the minute you do, you know you’ve had it. We don’t need to use weapons for the weak ass weak minded stupid little fucktards 😛 Also, please refrain from saying/typing my name with your filthy mouth/filthy fingers in the future. You are not worthy nor clean enough to be saying it like you know me. Goodbye.

          2. Well it didn’t take you long to turn rabid ,did it? Talking about my mother and father ,ha?

            You know nothing about me and for someone who went to school you know nothing about percapita or frequencies either.

            You got butthurt because I corrected your jihad -doesn’t- exist- in -the -Koran legend.


            You love talking about arseholes so I guess you won’t mind me breathing your name into your ear when I’m in yours…

            Rude bitch,you need to be taught some manners.

          3. The truth hurts doesn’t it bitch 😛 And I’m supposedly the one who’s butthurt huh????? Hahaha. You keep your uncircumcised haram 1 inch wonder for your sister darling. I wouldn’t piss on your kind if you were on fire tbh. You need to find your father/uncle and choke on his dick (until the point of death) What the fuck did you think was going to happen? I was going to agree with your stupid old retarded ass and we’d be BG besties forever???? Fuck outta here bitch. You’re always the first to reply to my comments. An irrelevant fan is what you are. If you play nice though, I might start a GoFundMe so we can all raise money for your hair transplant. Bald headed lonely wrinkly old cunt. Don’t worry about anything else though sunshine, give it 5 years and your ‘’family’’ will have dumped you in some nursing home lol. Sounds about white to me.

          4. Haha. Nice one ,Fatima.

            Sweetheart , I am the ONLY one who responded to your comments and that was because you seemed logical but you were butthurt all of a sudden.

            Bald ? Yep ,old? Yep ,getting there , but I would still make your breath catch in your throat my little sex slave. Enough to make you pine for me when your Isis warlord isn’t screwing your arse through your burkah , as a change to his” dancing boys” . I know more about Islam than you ever will you mouthy British ” Asian ” .

          5. I’m so offended John… I have no idea how I’ll be able to sleep at night. I know how you will though… you’ll be jacking off to child porn won’t you, you dirty old man. You can continue with your pathetic, boring terrorist jokes. Truth is, I’d rather be a ‘’terrorist’’ than be a paedofile, the only difference is, you THINK we’re terrorists but we KNOW you’re paedofiles… 🙂

          6. @sana187
            The white elite pedophiles?
            Pizza gate and all that…Hahaha give me a fucking break!
            You fall for such deceptive psy-ops, your so naive!
            I would suggest you go learn a little about social sciences!

        2. Nonsense. Islamic extremism is the biggest threat to any nation in Europe. U.K has the highest number of Jihadis, mi5 has 43, 000 on their watchlist 90% of them are Islamic terrorists, stinking murderous worthless pieces of shit from Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan etc. The quicker your religion is destroyed and your friends are dead the better.

          1. Zipzap back into your mothers asshole because you certainly didn’t come out of her vagina you inbred mongrel undiscovered species. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world sunshine how about you take a read of the Quran translated into English I guarantee you will convert to Islam yourself 🙂 No such thing as terrorism stated in the Quran darling terrorism only came around in recent years thanks to the USA and UK. Those who claim to be terrorists in the name of Islam are not Muslims at all. Islam is a peaceful religion but I don’t need to sit here and justify MY religion to a bunch of brainless fuckwits. The same people who season their food with just salt and pepper. Hahahahahha. The audacity.

          2. Islamic Terrorism has been around a long time Sana, In fact from Day One as you converted by the sword .
            Moslems don’t just read or act on the Quran. Islamic jurisprudence , hadiths and traditions also come into it. The lack of education in most Islamic countries is also to blame.

            You may know better, but that is because you were raised in a Western country with secular education but there are not enough of you out there. You are the minority and when the shit hits the fans the jihadi extremists will slaughter you as Isis do other less extreme Moslems in Syria and Iraq.


          3. She’s scared @hopingfornemesis she sounds like someone with BPD. She’s fixated on the anus, that’s usually a sign of a person that has a lot of guilt & shame. No one is ‘ afraid ‘ of Islam. I think disgusted would be the correct term.’ Islamophobia’ is a leftist term to silence any criticism of Sharia/Islam/Jihadis/Homophobia/Misogyny she’s so brainwashed it comes naturally to cover her paki face like a good subjugated muslim slave , she is literally a slave to a man’s religion that hates her guts.
            These people are truly medieval in mentality, that’s because their nasty religion is currently 600-2020 = the year 1420.

          4. Yes. I was very polite and neutral with her and she reacted badly -exhibiting anger -when I showed her some facts. She didn’t like it and didn’t try to correct me at all.

            Even though I am a Progressive ,I’m not a Libtard and know their tricks and ignorance well.

            Ones like her ? I’d have them on ships and out of there asap. British Upper -Class Arabists in the Foreign Service were very mistaken bringing in Pakistanis . They should have asked the advice of other Europeans ,who haved lived with and under Moslem rule for centuries,before the British even saw Moslems in large numbers.

            You’re right ,she would not know a man if he fell on her. If she loves sexslave harems ,that can be arranged for her outside of Islam anyway. Lol

            Still ,she’s a young woman so I will cut her a little slack for her youthful naivete.


          5. Ooooh well would you look at that, we have a doctor on BG. where did you get your degree zipzap? Was it eBay or gumtree?? You sausage. You’re not ‘’disgusted’’ by Islam, you are threatened by it. Imagine being afraid of something you know nothing about. sucks to be you bitch. I’d just shut the fuck up and keep my irrelevant unnecessary opinions to myself if I was you. Your statistics and figures are a load of bullshit, quite like yourself tbh. Muslims run the UK bitch, your doctor/surgeon – Muslim, your dentist – Muslim, solicitors/lawyers – Muslims, public transport drivers – Muslims, takeaway owners/workers – Muslims, retail workers – Muslims, your neighbours – Muslims, the list goes on… (I’d say colleagues but your people don’t work lol) you live off tax payers hard earned money, oh sorry, let me rephrase that, MUSLIM tax payers hard earned money. This is our country now and there’s nothing you can do about it 😉 😛

          6. @sana187 Yes, you have a cluster b personality disorder. Islam is a stain on humanity, no one in their right mind fears that medieval crap stuck in 1420 created by peados. My neighbours are *all* white British for miles. Doctor white British, Lawyer Jewish -British Solicitor white British. Dentist white British. The list goes on, I suppose you forgot that over 80% of the population are white British. You are a tiny % of the population living in shitholes like Bradford and parts of London , the virtual signalling midget mayor answers to white elites not Pakis /Muslims . Now fuck off and have a shave saggy tit bitch.

          7. Words of a scared white ‘’man’’…
            You’re funny. What are you? Part time comedian? Majority of the paedofiles in the UK are White British, majority of the paedofiles in the US? White. Paedofiles in Europe? White. Your ‘’WhItE eLiTeS’’ – PAEDOFILES, darling. White people travelling abroad to sexually abuse children. The majority of the people incarcerated for sex crimes against children are white. But you don’t want to talk about statistics when it comes to that though huh????? Dumbass. You need a deep clean in bleach and acid you little chav.

          8. @sana187 Stop your snivelling , no one is scared of Muslims. I spend precisely zero hours thinking about Pakis, Muslims or people like you with Cluster B personality disorders. The point is your claim that Muslims run the U.K is false, they answer to white elites, who cares what they are : peados, freaks, lizards etc, Muslims still answer to them. So bow down to white atheists and Jews bitch. That’s the way it will always be, so get used to it & keep that furry lip covered up.

          9. @whitesnonjewishmenlivesmatter Yeah pizzagate is all fiction just a load of bullshit ain’t it. You’re probably one of many idiots sat at home soaking your groceries in shower gel because of ‘’Coronavirus’’ meanwhile the truth is being revealed. Pizzagate doesn’t exist according to you because all the perpetrators are white so ofcourse your dumbass will dismiss the entire topic altogether. I suggest you educate yourself you numpty. Don’t @ me again you stupid uneducated, unseasoned white little fuckwit.

          10. The stupid Paki even dyes its hair blonde . You’ll find this Paki enjoys white inventions etc. It’s a hypocrite of course. You can spot the white wannabe Paki a mile away the dark furry lip is a giveaway. Pakis and Indians even sell whitening cream it’s a huge market. They cant stand being shitskins. Who can blame them.

    1. The men drinking were likely Polish, they tend to drink outside in public. The murderer was a muslim who didn’t agree with such things. This is our life now and will be for the foreseeable future. We’re stuck with it and anyone who voted for boris thinking he was with the majority will soon learn nothing will change.

      1. Boris is the English Yeltsin ; a literate buffoon. No one will rise to lead the UK unless s/he is first rubber-stamped by zio/Uncle Sam.

        Only two ways a decent leader will emerge in the UK .

        The first is with lots of blood and requires rebellion against the Uncle Sam order.

        The second is if America is neutralised and thus no threat to the UK ,so a decent leader can emerge without much bloodshed ie America is disproportionately affected by a disease ,a natural disaster or a war it loses.

        1. Good point. I think Trump will let things run until people get so sick of these marxist/leftist morons that they’ll ok anything he does after 2020. Britain will follow suit. Boris has a huge majority yet isn’t doing anything about BLM so it may be that once Trump calls in the army and imposes martial law Britain will follow suit.
          I was wondering why the left are starting their shit in Britain with four years to go but now i realise it’s all about America.

          1. EU army manouevres and lots of tanks from different countries moving about the Continent? Last year or so and no doubt similar networks are in the EU.

            If you haven’t already done so read up on Operation Gladio ,Strategy of Tension and the Grey Wolves of Turkey ie stay -at-home undercover armies and the Deep State.
            Even a quick wiki- view will give you an idea. American handbooks for the military already mention all this.

            Boris has no doubt been told to toe the line or something bad happens to him or his country.
            Italy? Genoa Bridge and covid out of nowhere for pushing back at the plan to fill The Eu with rapefugees.

          1. Only we’re not out of the eu and boris is as much a globalist as teresa may and dave cameron. All three purporting to be conservatives. If boris goes against the globalists we might win but he’d likely be topped and he’s not that silly that he doesn’t know it…

        2. Man stfu you’re speaking total shit. “Two ways a decent leader will emerge in the UK”, you’ve seen too many movies and read too little books. Both methods you mentioned are total nonsense.

          1. @elouise the name’s PsychoLawyer, the final 6 letters to my name isn’t difficult to write. @hopingfornemesis Read on to see what I think the UK needs.

            I studied Immigration Law, as well as EU law, so I’m not speaking for the sake of arguing. Leaving the EU was a good move. New legislation has been approved of a new tier ranking system which decides who can/cannot enter, live, and be granted citizenship in the UK. Which is another good step.

            My ideas for a better UK in no particular order (I’m conservative, ex-Labour voter):
            A- No more refugees alongside deporting every individual in a detention centre
            B- Invest more money into the police to prevent more social unrest
            C- Invest more money into the NHS
            D- Restructure prisons so that it resembles the Russian system of unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. Rehabilitation in prisons is a myth.
            E- Ban ‘drill-music’ to prevent the spread of delinquent youths and gang culture
            F- Lower university fees to 5k
            G- Stop investing so much money into the army
            H- Harsher sentencing for serious criminal offenders
            I- Allow the police to carry guns
            J- Higher taxes on companies
            K- Better control over the media so topics such as gay/lesbians/transexuals/celebrity gossip isn’t encouraged and is replaced with news about technology/agriculture/literature so the younger generation isn’t corrupted with junk information
            L- Continue economic trade with EU members, and not pay anything to the EU by the end of 2020
            M- Allow German car manufacturers to open plants on British soil
            N- More High speed (HS2) rails
            O- Restructure the education system. Cut past Years 7 and 8, allowing there to be only Years 9,10,11 in Secondary School. Add the 2 years you take out of Secondary to Primary Education so children learn how to use a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, fix a tire, fix a water leak, understand formal English, how to write a CV, understand why exercise and health is important, understand society’s good and bad values, understand different religions, understand how taxes work, understand how to vote, etc (basically implementing knowledge that they would need to better function in this world other than the school curriculum).

            Immigration isn’t the only problem here, so let’s cut out the bullshit thinking that immigrants are to blame for all our problems.

          2. @psycholawyer

            Point D would in all likelihood cause companies to shed staff in order to get free workers thus creating more unemployment and therein more crime.

            In fact the above is what happens in our unemployment system already. The jobcentre makes claimants work for their benefits with the end result being that the companies using their labour never actually employ them afterwards because they have free workers on tap.

            Point F would be better if instead of lowering all university fees to 5k you instead keep the fees high for the worthless courses(gender studies etc) in order to subsidise and lower the fees for the more important courses(science, medicine, IT etc) this would also create the incentive needed for more people to take these subjects.

            Point I I’m not so sure about. The British police are trigger happy with tasers so I would hate to see what they would be like with a gun. We also already have armed police response units so its not like we haven’t got that covered.

            Points I and M conflict with each other. No way EU companies will open up in Britain with higher taxation rates in place. They have been leaving France for that very same reason. In fact Ireland is so popular a place for EU companies to locate to purely because of their low tax rates and is the reason for why Eastern Europe is beloved so much, cheap workers plus low tax.

            At this point I would settle for the companies just paying the tax they currently owe rather than them running legal loopholes and basing themselves out of tax havens but they won’t do this without force being applied from all sides.

          3. Psycholawyer.

            I read your points on how to make a better UK and by extension a better Eu and Australia.

            I believe you have not been here long or have not read my posts over many years.

            The truth is I agree with almost every single point you raise. So how are we different? We are different in that you seem to still support Jihadi Headchoppers and I don’t. Also you still l believe the Americans to be your disinterested Allies and a force for good .

            That seems to be the sum total of the differences we have.

        3. Read The Prince by Nicholo Machiavelli. He illustrates beautifully how to run a state. He himself was a statesman and there’s a branch of psychology named Machiavellianism so he clearly knows what he’s talking about. Based on Machiavelli’s writing, bloodshed would cause more damage than good, and America is an ally to UK they don’t need to be neutralised.

        4. Jesus nems. Maybe the people of these countries should grow some gonads and dump the leftist bomb throwers out of office and elect a government that will work in their interest.
          It’s the ultra left ideologues who opened their borders not “Uncle Sam”.
          How come a country like Japan doesn’t have these problems?
          Japan is losing population which is critical in economic growth, US military bases, and a huge trade imbalance in their favor yet they didn’t bent to supposed American will. Japan’s major political power is held by the Liberal Party who are right wing conservatives.
          You don’t need to wish death upon us to solve these problems, just stop electing leaders who make the laws that allow it.

          1. I can see why you say the above but Fred ,you know as well as I do that it has been rightist govs who have traditionally loved Open Borders ,cheap labour and asylum to brutes. Just Australia and Canada alone gave asylum to WWII war criminals of all nations,just like this Moslem headchopper was given asylum by a rightist gov in Britain.

            Voting a gov in their interest? When was the last time the US did that? Was it Bush ,Clinton,Obama or Trump? How has that worked out for the average American? Not YOU but the average American?

            America has redlines and “darlings” . Three of those favourites are Israel ,Saudi and Japan.
            It waits on them and kicks its other “allies” in the guts ,just like I said in the preceding comments I made on Huntington etc. The EU and the Anglosphere are like nothing to the US; a captive market and a protection racket.

            I am not the only one saying these things . Many American right wing authors /scholars do too eg Pat Buchanan(ex Nixon),Paul Craig Roberts (ex Reagan) and geostrategists like Mearsheimer.

            You know I like legislation and bloodless means first and I never wished death on Americans. All i said was that this is how I see things developing and the only way the UK will break free.

        5. Check out the wikileaks document on the behavior of the U.S embassy in Estonia. They were lobbying the local Government there to accept endless migrants, and pushed the idea of ‘diversity’ training for all Estonians.

        6. Oh My Darling Nementine.
          Do all Osstriiiilians share the same opinion as you regarding U.S. superiority over your weird orange continent?
          The only thing you and your neighbors offer the world is shoe polish made from extinct birds named after some fucked up furry fruit.
          Your rhetoric wreaks of jealousy and insecurity. It’s not all your fault though. Being born in a second tier, B-Squad white country who’s GDP depends primarily on boomerang sharpeners and online didgeridoo lessons is not your fault.
          However, now that you’re a grown up, you need to get your shit together and get on board with Uncle Sam. He’s your only friend and protector. You don’t have to like it, but, you do have to acknowledge all the success and global dominance that us Uncle Samians all enjoy.
          And FYI, I’ve been authorized by President Trump directly to fly a crop duster to your house and Dr Fill your ass with a Midwestern, corn fed beef pipe. Made in the USA of course.
          Ha! Suck it Nems! Suck it hard!

          If I had drugs and booze I’d be out plowing all the chubby housewives in the neighborhood…again. Nope, I’m stuck trolling you.

  1. The man from Reading was a Libyan and on entering his apartment an explosion occurred ; don’t know why. In Aus we were told Counterterrorism Dept is helping out but it is not treated as a terrorist action AT THE MOMENT . An update then told us about an explosion . In Aus ,this almost certainly is code for “he is a raghead Moslem terrorist”.Yep ,another Moslem who Britain allowed in saying thank you.

    The UK/US/NATO think they can control headchopper Moslems . You can’t . They turn on you like cutsnakes. Israel /Turkey know better which is why they won’t ever allow even their own “moderate “headchopper pet-moslem asylums in Israel/Turkey even though Turkey is Moslem and trained most of them themselves for the USA! Neither does the US ,to be fair ; it just sends them to Canada,the UK or stupid Scandinavia.

    1. People like him are arriving on the shores of Dover as we speak.. The English governments of the last 60+ years are useless as they’ve allowed these rag heads to invade these shores without the thought of the repercussions of their actions….

          1. Guess what a little bird told me.

            Mr Libyan -stabber is a Muslim Brotherhood jihadist(Erdogan and Qatar lover) who came into Britain seven years ago-under a Conservative Gov of course. He came in pretending to be hunted by jihadists and that he wanted to convert to Christianity. In time ,he obtained a tattoo of a crucifix and visited many churches.

            Yet ,he was in prison and of late was on the securities services radar.

            Hmm? Nice case of a “sleeper” isn’t it ; Manchester Bomber, Boston Bombers , Bridge stabbers , This Fucker.

            Why are the leading Eu countries and the USA so stupid? Do you see The South-Eastern Euro countries voluntarily taking in Turks that were once Greeks ,Bulgars or Yugoslavs? Never! These countries know better. So why the hell do you take them in when these brutes were never native Brits or Germans ever anyway ???
            You need to be very very sure of a moslem’s allegiance before you let them in .


            The British Foreign Office was once known for brains and effete fagdom. Now it seem for fagdom only ;Hague?

          1. Could be. It has been done before ie states pushing enemies to act to give a pretext to do their own thing all along ie take rights away from citizens etc.

            Update re Libyan- stabber.
            I saw a “Facebook” photo of the guy. He looked homo and I believe he was recruited recently to atone for his gayness. Either that or he was a deep- cover sleeper from the very start.

            Assuming he was gay he may in fact honestly have wished to come to Europe to be “free” . That may explain becoming a Christian and church visits etc. So someone then slowly grooms him and brings him back into the “headchopper fold”. Become a good headchopper Moslem again and all is forgiven etc. It isn’t hard to do to idiot fanatics.

      1. Could you explain what anyone is getting out of liberal immigration/asylum/refugee policy? I’ve been told, all my life, that the cheap-and-young labor from the newcomers is necessary to keep the economy able to support social services as native-born workers refuse low-wage work and as they age out of work. THEN I hear that a huge percentage of these ME/NA immigrant “workers” don’t work at all. I hear that unemployment in the UK and EU is actually quite high by US standards…So what are all those migrants/immigrants, etc actually doing? I mean…besides knifing people to death or blowing them up?

  2. It was a Libyan asylum seeker and he arrived illegally like they all do. No doubt took to crime once he realised that the Brexit transition period is coming to an end in December and so back to fucking goats in Libya he was going to go hence the hope of jail time aiding him in his staying put plan.

    That said, luckily enough those he killed and injured were all white liberals who had attended the black lives matter protests that day so every cloud has a silver lining.

    Imagine what it must feel like to get killed by one of your pet immigrants when you are a no borders mass migration loving libtard. Imagine that red pill finally hitting the back of their throats in their last moments. What a wonderful image. Pure Darwinism.

      1. @emmamonster
        The white liberal is the most dangerous person on Earth. They’re dangerous to white people, dangerous to their own children, dangerous to black people, muslims everyone they come into contact with. The only way to deal with a white liberal is to play them at their own game and eventually throw them under the bus before they do it to you or take them hostage and induce stockholm syndrome on them.

      2. Yep. You have to love white libtards, they spend all their time screaming that white people are all complicit with the state via their shared white privilege and that everybody else is innocent and oppressed and then act shocked and surprised when they become the prime target for every other groups retaliation.

        Their stupidity knows no bounds.

        1. megham markle is a typical rich white liberal, playing on her black ancestry which is so diluted now it’s not recognisable while nabbing the richest most privileged white male in christendom and at the same time complaining about white male privileged. her hypocrisy will come back to bite her soon enough.

  3. Well erec…correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty fucking sure the guy who kept saying ‘it’s no joke’ is Errol of FOUR- KIN- ELL- MON” fame repeated 5,000 times from another BG vid who was filming at the scene of a motorbike and car collision in some Wog polluted area near London a while back. He gets around Errol, gotta give cred to the coon where cred’s jew.

  4. Excellent points raised by Nem and Psycho and others
    But you have to remember that the Rothschilds, Royals, Rockefellers etc who REALLY control the laws and our so called leaders NEED & WANT muzzie terror on our home soil, so that they can pass evil, wicked laws like the ‘Patriot Act’ to spy on the people and keep them in eternal suppression

    Bringing in muzzie filth serves a few evil purposes for the elite most wealthy:
    cheap labor for their business
    plenty of muzzies on the dole for life, to strip the taxpayer’s money away
    acts of terror, to ‘scare’ the people into letting the puppet leaders pass wicked and evil

    Note the terror attacks never happen in the ‘Richie Rich’ part of town?
    It’s always on buses, trains, bridges – places the working class can be found, because
    the Elite go straight from their mansion to the office in a Limo, and never have to
    take the ‘tube’ etc

    So .. It’s done on purpose so that Rothschilds etc can double their massive wealth
    while the middle class is pushed down to poor/dole

    So .. the 1 percent, control the 99 percent

    Always have, always will

    Also, having one cocksucker (Murdoch) controlling 99pc of the World’s media
    means the elite/Illuminati can ‘keep the sheeple dumb’ by putting on meaningless
    garbage like ‘My Kitchen, My House, Celebrity Challenge’ blah blah

    So our young people are growing up more spastic in the brain each generation

    Then those dumb cunts, have kids, who will be even dumber still

    And .. Just like the Elephant tied to a toothpick, he accepts his fate, because his
    brain doesn’t beleive that he can fight back, so he just accepts that he is defeated
    and tied up

    The elite don’t need a toothpick, they just need to pump mindless shit into the
    sheeple’s brains, day in day out, and wait for their minds to turn to porride

      1. Hi Nems.
        Well haven’t been able to be here because of my ISP. It’s not too reliable since the Planedemic started but, this last week has been the worse. Hardly connecting properly then not at all these past
        4 to 5 days.
        Huh their saying maintenance, tho I’d say something to do regarding the 5G roll out.
        Also it was me Daughter’s 25th and I had to put some time in with her as well so.

        I’ve not forgotten where we left off, the IDM, McCann’s, and Spanish Flu. Have the email ready also just a case of when I’ve a stable connection to get it to you so.
        (It isn’t too cryptic, you’ll get it I’m sure).
        Plus then I could send you the IDM as an attachment all ready with full instructions to be installed, much better than trying to relay from this sacred house, which isn’t about such things. I could end up setting alarms off with ‘false positives’ hum, then I’d be really popular here, Not.

  5. This racist cunt was a sand nigger from lybia. He has attended the Fashist BLM demo lingered around for a couple of hours and the attacked white people. There needs to be a civil war in Britain. We can then arm ourselves and murder sand niggers and black niggers too. It would be sweet.

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