Aftermath of Terrorist Attack at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse, Tunisia

Aftermath of Terrorist Attack at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse, Tunisia

Aftermath of Terrorist Attack at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse, Tunisia

On 26 June 2015, a lone shooter armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle opened fire at foreign tourists at a 5 star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel at Port El Kantaoui – a coastal resort complex north of Sousse in Tunisia.

The shooter killed 38 people, and wounded 40. Among the dead were tourists from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Portugal. 25 of the killed were British.

23 year old Seifeddine Rezgui Yacoubi, also known as Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani, reportedly hid the Kalashnikov and four magazines of ammunition in a beach umbrella. After killing 38 people, he was taken out by security forces.

The Islamic State allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Tunisian government said the Okba Ibn Nafaa Brigade, a splinter group of that other CIA operation called al-Qaeda did it.

According to The Telegraph, Seifeddine Rezgui trained in a camp at Sabratha, in western Libya. Funny how short the people’s memory is. Only yesterday they raised fists asking their governments to support “pro democracy freedom fighters” in their strife against the oppressive Muammar Gaddafi, and today they whine cause their lived ones were killed by those fine pro democracy freedom fighters. But when Best Gore exposed Arab Spring for the fraud that it was, they called us bigots.

Recently, there was a similar terrorist attack in another popular tourist spot in Tunisia – the Bardo Museum.

Props to Best Gore member youcefbob for the video:

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        1. scenery in a lot of shit countries is beautiful. i’ve always wanted to go to Brazil but not anymore lol. but yeah i’m staying out of arabic countries, african countries, and most latin america. thailand is beautiful place too form pics i see haha.

          1. I did wonder how stupid people must be to go to sand nigger countries these days. There was an attack on tourists in a museum there only a few months ago. Tunisia is sandwiched between Algeria and Libya FFS. Also, Tunisia sends more of it’s men to join ISIS than any other country.

            How many warnings do people need. There’s plenty of beaches in the world where you can relax without the danger of running into a camel-shagger with an AK. These people were asking for it, but other muppets will follow.

          2. yeah i agree a lot of people are just mislead into be leaving these countries are safe tourist destinations. going to tunisia is like going to baghdad resort vacation….. not for me. so many safer places to go.

        1. naw if terrorists ever become a serious threat to a countries military will take them out. just stay out of arab and african countries and you’ll be fine. but i’m sure isis will likely strike western europe, canada or the US soon…. maybe stay away from big gathering also lol.

          1. I would really like to stay out of arab and African countries, but now all the fuckers are coming here. You can run from this plague, but you can’t hide for ever 🙁

  1. “You can have any colour,as long as it`s black”…..
    That`s what Henry Ford said in nineteen twenty….
    But I`m not so sure……………….
    That he was talking about the clothes of a jihadi……
    Who was brainwashed and trained just for an attack.

    These routes are a map of our emotional destinations….
    But a map is not the territory in my estimation…….
    So do yourself a favour,and let the path grow over….
    Let the scum settle…..
    At the bottom of the kettle……..
    And one sick poacher will fertilise the clover.

    You can landscape your garden all you want…….
    Find a new destination free of hatred and detente…
    So let that path grow over,and do yourself a favour…..
    Let the old ways be lost………
    And find a new ideology to follow and savour.

  2. If my family still wants to to Africa after this I will fucking slap them across the face with a fish.

    On a sidenote, did anyone hear of that one man who took three bullets for his wife during this massacre? Let’s all salute him.

    1. @FaniHelvete, ?did anyone hear of that one man who took three bullets for his wife during this massacre??

      No one ever takes a bullet for somebody else, wife or not. He most likely just got shot whilst in front of his wife and then claimed he dived to shield her with his body.

        1. If true, he is a true defender, unlike most people that sign up in the military that are used mostly as pawns to protect and defend profits….I bet she blows him for weeks after he recovers…both are true…

      1. “No one ever takes a bullet for someone else”

        That’s bullshit Empty. Just because you wouldn’t take a bullet for your wife does not mean there aren’t people ready to sacrifice themselves for someone.

    2. Much respect also to the 16 year old lad who was shot in the shoulder and saw his older brother, uncle and grandfather get slaughtered but still managed to help the wounded around him, his bravery is astounding.

  3. @Ate, a number of statements collected from witnesses and injured victims states that there was a second gunman(wearing red shorts) who was shooting people with a handgun.

    Supposedly he was shooting women in the legs and men in the head(according to some of the women who survived his presence with just leg injuries) so in effect these gunmen were terrorising in a very unequal fashion, sexist bastards.

      1. Cheers born56, it’s easy to mock this like some dumb fucks on here but not all Muslims are wankers, the fuckin media make me mad as there focus is its one bloke was it fuck, there were at least three or more and there still out there, what makes me laugh though is the American media gave paid no attention to this as it doesn’t affect them but a white cop shooting a nigga there all over the fuckers! !!

    1. @gerry1978, if the British government truly believed the Muslims were a threat they wouldn?t keep allowing mass uncontrolled immigration to take place.

      All those boats from Libya containing African Muslims arriving all the time and congregating at Calais before their final destination Britain and yet they keep getting let in without any counter-action from the British government.

      It?s the same throughout Europe and America and Canada and so one has to ask, if they keep letting it happen without action to the otherwise they must have a reason and in my understanding that reason is control.

      How many draconian type laws have they managed to bring about in recent years all thanks to ?terrorism?. How many long standing laws have they managed to rip apart all thanks to ?terrorism?. How much anti-privacy measures have they managed to bring in all thanks to ?terrorism?.

      The above needn?t have happened if mass uncontrolled immigration didn?t exist, it wouldn?t have happened if we had not toppled Saddam and Kaddafi and so we are left with the realisation that our own governments brought about these circumstances and benefited from them personally, politically and socially.

      Muslim extremism therefore is secondary to social/political extremism, of which both use and benefit from each other; to the utter chagrin of the rest of us.

      1. @Empty

        That being said, to gain from an opposition in such a way without anyone realising (or at least not many), when that backfires and they really do become a threat to these people. WE will be the ones to suffer as well. This is why action needs to be taken by the citizens but that task seems almost impossible without planning, leadership, structure and resources. Something which hasn’t been accomplished since organisations like the government began and control was taken from us.

      2. Simply answer to this, so All the people trying to get into my country are on a mission to blow us up, no we fucked up as a country making free housing and benefits to all blame fuckin Tony Blair and his fucked up idea as a county as one, the people coming here are not terrorist but free loading fucks don’t tarnish a brush with the low life fucks that get brain washed no fuckers can predict this

      3. @The Judge, our citizens are worthless. I wouldn?t trust them to wipe their own anus without provided instruction, fucking slaves the lot of them.

        @gerry1978, ?so All the people trying to get into my country are on a mission to blow us up, No?.

        You are missing my point, they are an unknown quantity but being from Muslim Africa they are suspect. Also, free loading fucks are an act of terrorism by themselves because they drain rather than bring about gain.

        No matter how you spin it though mass uncontrolled immigration is a drain rather than a benefit.

        1. @Bunker

          Bro the divide and rule thing is so simple to understand and when you realise it there’s no denying that it’s the absolute truth. I’ve been trying as many people as I can about the politics of that tactic for many years and it’s just never enough. I need to stand on top of the Houses of Parliament and spray paint it on the fucking walls.

  4. On Channel 4 news in the UK this evening, the presenter interviewed the co-owner of the hotel concerned, who stated that the hotel could accommodated up to 600 guests. When asked how many guests were at the hotel now, he replied 26, but did add that 150 French guests were arriving at the weekend. I’m sure because of this murdering bastard, one hell of a lot of staff lost their jobs. which is a real shame.

  5. I heard earlier today that he was lobbing grenades and shooting off his ask for 30mins,and was only shot after he finished and had kneeled down to pray.If this is true where the fuck were the armed guards and what too them so long to act against him.For the MSM to even mention this, it sounds a bit suspect??

      1. It’s the old…

        “We were not prepared for an attack like this”

        …They say it everytime something like this happens. Then every other country starts to prepare for one, the terrorism threat level is raised to create even more fear and then when it happens again in a different place?

        “We were not prepared for an attack like this”

  6. You’d be wrong in thinking I’m going to any muslim country ever again after all the shit in the last 15 years. London is bad enough. Government / Jew paid operative mk ultra’d to fuck, and sent out to provide ammo for the papers and the hate against the general muslim. It’s happening and soon it will be civil war

    1. I am sure most either froze or ran for their lives…the ones here that say oh I would of done this or that probably would of been one of the frozen ones that got shot and killed…How fast would of you ran Der?

  7. Lets take a step back and take a more simplified look at this, the west had a real hardon when the so called Arab spring started in Tunisia, all the bullshit about freedom and the start of a new era in Africa and the Middle east.
    What they should have worked out is this…..hold on we go on holiday to these countries and lie on beaches drinking booze half naked, all this in Muslim countries whos governments are about to change?????….This is going to get worse Turkey next…..for fucks sake your own governments are not going to tell you so use your own common sense, its not rocket science!!…stay the fuck away from these places!!!

  8. Less is more. Some spooky iPhone video. Must have been a member of staff. As they end the video when the phone rings. Hits home when it’s not some 3rd world country or drug cartels. It could have been any of us. There was more than one gun man. How the hell was the same gunman running all over the beach as they showed in the mainstream media and this was taking place in the actual hotel! I’m new here. So hello everyone. I’ve been watching for some time. I usually cringe at the videos and then to cheat me up read the comments. Flip flops, motorbikes, pointers, bloaters, yeah the comments are better than the videos. Signing off now…….

  9. It’s just to bad that the people that are responsible for destabilizing countries and causing so much havoc and death are not the ones killed…those people hide behind their vast security team and gated homes…it’s only the soft targets like these innocent people that pay the price…

  10. I am a white guy age 18. From the EU – Denmark, I’m going on holiday in Sousse, Tunisia with my friend from Denmark. My friend’s father lives in Sousse he is a native and knows the place. We have to stay with him while we are there. The apartment we stay in is just 15-20 minutes away by car from Port El Kantaoui where the Terrorist Attack took place 26 june.

    Would you guys go there if you was me?

    Hope you guys answer 😀 Nice chat

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