Aftermath of Triple Stabbing in East Londonistan, UK

Aftermath of Triple Stabbing in East Londonistan, UK

Aftermath of Triple Stabbing in East Londonistan, UK

Members of the Sikh and Hindu communities got caught up in a fight on Elmstead Road in Seven Kings, Ilford, in north-east Londonistan, leaving behind three men dead.

All three men had suffered fatal stab wounds. All were pronounced dead at the scene. They were Punjabi-speaking Indian immigrants in their 30’s. Two men, aged 29 and 39 were arrested.

Jewess Barbara Specre approves, and so does Mayor of Londonistan Sadiq Khan, who has called on the government to increase police funding in the wake of the triple stabbing. The Pakistani knows whom he serves.

Props to Best Gore member @mujula for the video of the aftermath:

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    1. Only Western countries are made to have unlimited immigration now. We don’t see it in Russia. We don’t see it in China. We don’t see it in South America. We don’t see it in Africa. We saw the reaction to the new laws in India the other day. But we must have these animals on the streets, where your sister works, where your mother shops, where your kids go everyday to play. Because to think otherwise would be racism, not common sense. And racism is the worst evil of all.

      1. Putin is actually bringing in the brown hordes to Western Russia, which is traditionally the white part of Russia. Lots of millionaires are being made in Moscow because of scab, third world labor. The average Russian hates Putin because their jobs are going to foreigners.

        1. Comment of the day goes to Slothman .
          Seriously tho folks this video depicts the mindless violence thats happening due to the huge influx of immigrants our government is constantly allowing into the country , they roam our streets with the race chip on their shoulder knowing they have a very powerful card to play if its needed . Ive seen it first hand in Liverpool , an Asian man ran a red light , then accused the copper that pulled him of racism , absolute joke .
          But then again , theres 3 less of the dirty smelly twats now

          1. Excellent point – they play the ‘racism’ card like a maggot
            And .. Officials are so scared and dumb, they turn their backs
            like maggots
            So .. You’ve got a society now built on 2 sets of maggots !
            What a society ??

        2. God bless Putin, hes like “Hey, it worked in Merrika..”

          The question is, will Putin pay for their kids’, their kids’ kids’, their kids’ cousins’ brothers’ roomates and all their neighbors from their villages to all go to college and for their health care like America does? If he doesn’t then he ain’t shit.

      2. Jews are the center of blame when it comes to non white migration and invasion of white nations. They brag about it because the majority of goyim are so dead asleep.
        Jews are soon gonna get holocausted for real.
        Once you notice the Jewish plague you can’t un notice it.

        1. goyim are not so dead asleep. goyim have their own problems. And know what is going on. But they don’t give a shit about each other, no matter how much they pretend. I think our history in Europe has caused psychos to become the “chosen people” of the Whites.

          Think about what I tell you next time you drive by a homeless guy in the street in the dead of winter with a cardboard sign saying he’s hungry. I did that yesterday. I didn’t have a dollar in my wallet to give him so I drove on by.

        2. At the same time, they are huge racists themselves and don’t allow the Black Ethiopian Jews in Israel. The ones that do live there are being treated horribly. They are openly racist to them and call them monkeys.

      3. @coffindodger,

        Asian indian men are violent because most of them if not all, are bisexual wife-beating faggots…this also beat the myth on Hollywood movies that portray gay men as gentle and kind.

        These indian roaches will go to those well-established English-speaking nations, abused the systems there then destroy the local communities through violence, or blending into the locals by sweet-talking and marrying the naive women (ex. someone’s daughter) and break up the families from within, then murder the women and run away with other indian men holding hands and some insurance money. London mayor Sadiq Cunt (ironically the first name is: Sad I.Q) and his indian boyfriends brought in high crimes etc is one good example.

        Guess the white folks in Europe and USA need to educate their women (aka the naives with voting rights) on the nature of these indian subhuman faggots (and africans too) the dangers and death they could face that any nation will take decades to repair.

        Asian indians and africans are jinx, they will bring bad lucks to any country that accepts them. Avoid them at ALL cost.

  1. This is why I am for limited immigration, no point in bringing in people if they won’t adapt to the new society.

    Stop bringing people in and make an adequate system to help bring them in to be productive members of society, rather then just dropping them off on their own, leaving them to form tribalistic gangs that do this shit, making their new communities just as bad as the ones they left, and destroying the peace in other affected communities that had no problems before.

    But unfortunately, this solution is percieved as racist to many people despite the sense it makes.

        1. What we should do is let them ALL come over here. Empty their country and settle here. Then we can all move over there and leave them to destroy Britain whilst we rebuild their shithole into a New Britain. An added bonus would be the weather; no more pissing down with rain 268 days per year.

          1. Hahah. So true. India is filled with resources , arable land and water. I have thought similarly re Australia and China and some intellectuals actually debated this some hundred or so years ago .

            Let the Chinese come here and get skin cancer ,fires and desert.They can bring their Chinese Turkestanis with them though . I want Sinkiang Mohammedan -free.

      1. I agree. In the military this is called blue on blue ironically.

        I don’t care what colour these morons are, as long as they just kill themselves I don’t have a problem with it.

        The pavement (sidewalk to you yanks) will need a bit of a wash down though.

    1. Me too, fuck those indian cunts, I am starting to see african people in my country when 20 years ago there was barely none. I am hating them, I just don’t like them, thankfully we don’t have muslims yet

    2. Jews are the ones running and funding the NGOs.
      Jews are the ones gatekeeping the hate speech and anti racism laws.
      Yet Jews are proving to be the biggest hypocrites in the ultra racist state of Israhell.
      Jews deserve all they will get as the goyim start to slowly awaken.
      Too late in most Western nations I’m afraid..Jews have trained our women to think they want and need non white dick.
      Jews are of their father, Baal.

          1. That was some seriously scary shit that went down in your hood…Fortunately, whatever else anyone thinks about Duterte, he does not mess around with Islamist terrorists.

    1. Yeah, Jews want the Whites and Browns to hate each other and keep this tension alive. There were immigrants over 60-70 years ago in the West too but there was not so much hatred between them and the whites because most of the immigrants were highly educated people. They belonged to the best part of their respective societies. They came from good families. They had manners and decency but now they have started letting in all these disgusting rapist savages that are the lowest form of human scum on the planet. These people are a nuisance in their own countries too.

      1. @Chain Smoker,
        I heard that brother. I just hope the people like the Kennedy’s ( Ted) and the Clinton’s get what’s coming to them for allowing this shit to go down. Teddy “ Chappaquiddick “ house bill in 1964/65 that destroyed America’s immigration policy & Hillary “we came, we saw, & he died” Libya -Muammar al-Gaddafi incident that is currently the reason for European infiltration of African Nigg-Noggs! Those family’s must be punished for the destructive measures they took to fuck over Caucasian’s worldwide!

  2. As long as we let our politicians bring this human sewerage into our countries, this is all we are gonna get.
    The fact that the Mayor (Imam) of LOndonistan is a filthy terror Moslem, should worry the fuck out of the peaceful people of the West (Whiteys).
    Because these filth have one goal (hate) and they will not stop, until all whites
    are ‘killed for Allah’ ..
    Interesting times ahead folks ..
    Just make sure you keep voting for the ‘red team’ or if not the ‘blue team ‘
    Then things will change …. Not !

  3. This is just barbaric acts of human. They must’ve been on some mind altering substances. No sane human would’ve resort to such barbaric animalistic acts of brutality. Or did I just blatantly insult Animals.

      1. Yes Nem , our ‘cops’ have become ‘flops’
        They will only make an arrest, if it is ‘politically correct ‘ to do so ..
        Therefore, sand monkeys, spics, and nig nogs are free to run amok as
        they please …

        1. They want pitched, ethnic battles in the streets, as it only exacerbates their divide and rule line. I think storming ‘The Bastille’ with a yellow vest and pitch fork in hand would be the right way to go.

  4. Yep. You couldn’t pay me to live in Londonistan anymore. Literally. I quit my job there so I could leave. What an absolute shithole.

    Mind you. All the big cities are getting like that now which is why I avoid them as much as I can. Only the market towns are still peaceful and enjoyable and that is because they have not been enriched and the people diversified yet.

    Roll on Brexit.

      1. The difference is though that a single sovereign country can be changed via its people by sheer power of numbers whereas a country chained and bound by a larger collective(The EU) cannot because the former requires national consent whereas the latter requires international consent.

        The Brexit is not the answer then but it is the necessary beginning for a much needed new chapter in British history because it puts the seat of control, power and blame straight back into the hands of the British government and away from the EU and so can be dictated to by the British electorate once more.

        The British people voted Brexit to stop uncontrolled immigration destroying their lives and communities and with the EU free movement Act soon to end and with the British government soon to be fully accountable for all British problems if the uncontrolled immigration does not stop, no matter the origin, we will vote in the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler if we have to and become extremely aggressive and violent towards all outsiders until they do listen to us.

        You only have to look at British history to see that the above will happen because it has happened many times before throughout British history. The Brexit is happening purely because the British people are close to breaking point with all the immigrant shit being forced upon us.

        Its part of the English character in fact to want to burn the country down rather than let it go to outsiders. Its why we haven’t been conquered much.

    1. Isn’t that cowardice on the part of the Brits? So many of them are leaving London and other areas that have large foreign population. You are just letting the foreigners win that way. Once you are out, they take over. If this keeps up then you’ll probably have to move to Iceland because they would have taken over the whole region.

      1. Self preservation, unfortunately.

        Niggers are running riot in London. Selling drugs, killing each other and everyone else. Raping white women etc. Romanians are stealing from everyone. Robbing all the houses etc. The list goes on.

        No one wants to live amongst that shit so that is why we move out and contain them within the very visible toilet called Londonistan. We live in hope I guess but yes something needs to be done to stop the shit from flowing out of the toilet and onto the carpets. Brexit is a start one hopes.

        1. Romanians too? I didn’t know they were a problem in UK. Are you talking about the white Romanians or the gypsys? I also hear of racism against Polish people and Russians. I wonder what they did to piss people off.

          1. Gypsies I think. Its hard to tell from our perspective and its not like they self identify as gypsies when caught. They are definitely whitish looking though. All we know is that they are from Romania and steal a lot and that we didn’t have this problem before Romania was allowed to joined the EU.

            We don’t really have any Russians except a few oligarchs here and there living like kings and getting up to shady shit. As for the Polish and racism, that’s a difficult one.

            We don’t actually mind the Polish at all. We share many traits in fact and we both have a similar white European Christian value system. Polish women also tend to be hot as fuck and the men can drink us under the table. Yeah. We get on just fine. The main problem that causes all the friction and resentment though is the competition for jobs.

            Within the space of just 15 years(post EU membership) millions of Polish people left their country and entered Britain with most of that number settling in England. At the start of that migration England already had 1.8 million unemployed indigenous people due to job shortages that already existed. Upon the arrival of the Poles that number went up to around 4 million or so.

            The Polish also undermined the wage levels for working class jobs across the board in England because they came from piss poor areas and would work for peanuts as the cost of living differences between our countries still gave them a sizable profit at the end of it all.

            The English working class were therefore made economically unviable by the presence of the Polish workers and were made redundant as a result whilst the remaining working class English lucky enough to still have a job saw their wages and living standards plummet.

            Add to the above the metamorphosis of English working class communities from English focused to Polished focused (Polish shops on every street and Polish signs/instructions everywhere) and you end up with a recipe for resentment, anger and hatred.

            If the above was reversed and it was the English who had arrived in the millions to compete the Polish out of existence you can bet they would be angry, resentful and hateful too.

            The bigger picture though is that it was the greedy business owners and the wicked EU that created this mess to begin with. Not the Polish. They just took what ever opportunities were offered to them.

          2. @empty-soul

            Interesting. Thanks for the detailed explanation and you are right about Polish women. Have you seen Viva Bianca? She’s Polish I think and so freaking beautiful. I think she is the definition of beauty itself.

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    I know it’s pure arse ..

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    India still has it’s caste..

      1. Yeah, good one
        I like ‘off the cuff’ poems, just type what ever
        rhyme comes into your head

        I like your poem
        But I don’t know ’em
        If I could I’d show ’em
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  6. Ah, The British – the purest of the Aryans, that created the greatest empire ever known to man. Now reduced to a tiny island fucked by the Browns. Haha. Rule Britannia!

  7. Me and my beloved friends from AFRIKANSTAN have distanced ourselves from what is going on in LONDONISTAN. I urge all nearby countries i.e. Germanstan, Francestan including Spainstan to close doors to all immigrants from whatever….STAN countries.

  8. The hell with immigrants here in Los Angeles, CA they come here and they get food stamps, free medical, they do crime, become homeless, hooked on drugs and are lazy the majority get stuff that us Americans have to pay for and they don’t pay taxes and immigrant men try to get an American woman and have a kid with the woman in order to get papers the same goes with woman they are worse they will get pregnant on purpose for child support and be with other multiple men. If immigrants can’t make it here the suppose American dream then they give up and start commiting crimes or joining gangs like MS 13 or some other Hispanic/Latino gang Also the more they come here in Cali the more everything gets pricey and cost alot all immigrants should stay in their fucking country. They make the excuse of they are in danger cause of some gang. Then fight back willing to die for your cause its your country fleeing the problem will result in nothing or they are poor and there is no food then find a way out in your country. Stop coming in the USA for asylum especially in Cali you are ruining everything for everyone there’s too many people here stop coming here there is no future for you here. ★★★★★★

  9. i KNOW the future. and these greasy, smelly wogs are going to be hunted down and exterminated, You festering parasites were given your freedom and you have your own homelands, some much larger than mine which you have contaminated and mongrelized.
    Get your families out of my nation AT ONCE. this is your final warning

    or be caged and gassed and whatever it takes to sanitize my England, My Scotland, My Wales, and My Ireland.
    My Nation.
    My ONLY nation

  10. They were builders who were contractors, and the murderers apparently didn’t pay them so they confronted them and this happened. Who knows what the real details of what happened are but I do know that England, especially in London has a completely broken justice system. They let rapists and murderers out of prison after just a few years, and theft often never gets prosecuted, so people are turning to their own “justice” when they feel they are wronged. England is completely overrun with 10s of millions of foreigners and the courts are far left wing, and no only that, they have no where near the capacity to prosecute the amount of crimes that are taking place in that country even if they wanted too. This is how failed states happen.

  11. Good! That’s what happens when you believe in an imaginary man. All the proof I need, to understand stupid humans made this shit up, is that every god in all of the different religions, say there are no other gods. The human brain can’t handle the idea of nothingness. Need proof? What do completely blind people see? They see what you’re seeing behind your head right now.

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