Aftermath Videos of Bathinda Wedding Dancer Shot in Head on Stage

Aftermath Videos of Bathinda Wedding Dancer Shot in Head on Stage

Here’s the aftermath of the shooting at a wedding in Maur Mandi near Bathinda, Punjab, India, in which a young woman was fatally shot in the head.

The woman’s name was Kulwinder Kaur. Indian social media is trying to spin the story by injecting it with remarks that she was two or three months pregnant. However the Times of India quoted the doctor who conducted the autopsy and he was clear that she was not pregnant. I guess claiming a tragically killed woman was pregnant is to India what to America is claiming movie goers dove to shield their girlfriends (kudos to old school BG members who’ve been around long enough remember that one).

According to Bathinda Senior Superintendent of Police Swapan Sharma, the police have four suspects, including a man named Sanjay Goyal, who’s the owner of the gun. It is understood that none of the four are in police custody at this time, and remain at large.

Indian SJWs also claim that she was shot because she had refused to dance with some male guests, though all official reports deny it. Got to work with that female privilege in pussy whipped India, I see.

Here’s the after video of Kulwinder Kaur being dragged off stage, leaving a trail of blood behind (props to slim shady):

Also a video of Kulwinder Kaur being down on stage after being shot:

And the gallery of a few pics (props to Best Gore member @vishal2deep for the main pic):

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          1. This is absolutely crazy as she is still alive in the last video. Had to replay it a few times to confirm her head was moving. But it is! Therefore, she probably died from the blow she received when being carelessly moved. What the hell?

    1. According to the police, the accused Lucky was not happy as the dancer had refused to dance with him and his friends.
      Video footage of the incident shows the victim being shot at from close range and collapsing to the ground.
      “She died on the way to hospital,” Bathinda DSP (Maur) Davinder Singh said.

  1. I think the stupid asshole who shot her should get some street justice, what a fucking idiot, if I was a relative of this girl, I would bring justice to him with my own gun…
    She was even a nice pussy…what a waste.

  2. Pussy whipped India ? You mean the country that only made acid throwing illegal in 2013, because it had to reduce the amount of incidents in which guys were throwing acid in womens faces who refused their advances ? Seems legit.

      1. @crybaby How does @fatty-pilot Chop stating a fact about legislation make him a cuck? India also requires a photo ID to even by acid because of the high number of acid thrown in women’s faces. That’s just a fact regarding law. He’s a sheep because he knows the laws. You do get that nobody told him the believe that, right? That would be a sheep. It’s just true. Maybe you’re following the herd because you feel so weak that you have to put other people down to feel important.

        1. @dethbyplaster both @crybaby and @fatty-pilot are right. And so was I. India is as pussy whipped as they get. Chop is both a cuck and a sheeple. He’s a cuck for seeking approval from females to the point of becoming a man slave, a white knighting social justice warrior and a useful idiot in the vain hope of getting positive responses from women.

          He’s also a sheeple, because he picked out one small part of India that is being promoted by pro feminism mainstream press, and he took it for a complete picture of the country,

          In India, the law defines rape as something only a man can commit. But of course a cuck sheeple woman doormat would never mention, nor be aware of it. Gender neutral rape law is non existent in India, because in India “women don’t rape” apparently. Thus, in 2016, female on male rape is legal in India, but who cares, right, because in 2013 acid law was changed… Manufacturing female victimhood and marginalizing vulnerable men is exactly what makes a cuck sleeplea cuck sleeple.

          Also, nineteen percent of the world’s children live in India, which constitutes 42 percent of India’s total population.

          In 2007 the Ministry of Women and Child Development published the “Study on Child Abuse: India 2007.” It sampled 12,447 children, 2,324 young adults and 2,449 stakeholders across 13 states. It looked at different forms of child abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse and girl child neglect in five evidence groups, namely, children in a family environment, children in school, children at work, children on the street and children in institutions.

          The study’s main findings included: 53.22% of children reported having faced sexual abuse. Among them 52.94% were boys and 47.06% girls. In other words – In India, more boys are raped than girls:

          Keep in mind that the above excludes the main form of female on male sexual abuse: forced envelopment, which means that even though more than half of Indian boys are sexually abused, in reality, the number of male victims is even higher.

          And let’s not forget that in India, even animals have a Ministry, women have National Commission for Women, and a separate Welfare Ministry, but absolutely nothing for men. How’s that for being pussy whipped?

          Here’s a website that strives for equality in India, and outlines just how misandric Indian law is, how women are privileged in every walk of life, and how legal discrimination against men is worse in India than in western countries:

          Also, why not mention that it wasn’t until mid 2016 (a few months ago) when for the first time in India, male students have become able to file sexual harassment complaints against women:

          And finally, let’s not ignore the fact that men are as much victims of acid attacks in India as women, and yes – the perpetrators are women:

          Or maybe I could just skip the whole wall of text and post this one video as proof that India is the queen of the pussy whipped:

          1. @happy Okay, Mark. I looked up your links and didn’t dismiss them. I also looked up my own stats – the fact is that acid attacks do occur to both genders; but it’s rarely about relationships (it does occur but rarely) when it happens to men. It’s usually property dispute, money, business. The attacks on women are almost always associated with a man being rejected. It’s specific to her fucking him, dating him, etc. That’s basically saying “you owe me your body, bitch.” I think that particular crime was brought up because it’s perhaps the worst thing you could do to someone for not wanting to marry you. It’s shocking and hard to ignore.
            I know that being a woman in India is much worse than being female in a Western country. I can’t imagine that an honest person would disagree. I guess if an Indian woman wants to complain, her husband can 100% legally rape her whining ass.
            It boils down to some men, here and other online havens, fucking don’t like women as a collective. And whatever it takes to discredit women will be done. Stating that bad things also happen to men doesn’t magically erase the abuse of women. Neither gender should be abused or toyed with or hurt with no provocation. It’s not something to celebrate.

            And just for future reference and not being a smartass, @fatty-pilot is Chop so you’d disagree with him. His 2 names are confusing. Just letting you know.

  3. Funny to how india has millions and millions of dollars to spend on military equipment… but not a dime to teach people how to handle a deceased body… a bunch of monkey could it handle it better…

    1. India can’t find cash for toilets and clean water for millions of citizens, end child labor, end the cast system. India (and Pakistan) have one toe I the 21st century and the rest in the 14th century. India has many well educated people but is run worse than a family run off licence (convenience store).

  4. That’s what she deserves for being a stupid cock teasing slut! If she would had stayed at her place in the kitchen like a good obedient wife, none of this none sense wouldn’t had happened.

    But nooo, she abandoned the kitchen instead and chose to go around cock teasing until she got shot.

    1. Quite an interesting speculation, we don’t know the background of the story, but she may have been a big teaser, the guy just got fed up, and shot her. If such a scenario were true, the perpetrator would perhaps not be deserving of a harsh punishment. Goes to show we can only speculate and never make affirmations without good background info.

      1. @undergroundweller Are you fucking kidding me? She flirted and then rejected him – death sentence for that bitch. I don’t care if she promised to blow him and then didn’t – she deserves death? And his punishment shouldn’t be harsh? Holy fuck, if she was my family, he’d get in an “accident” real quick-like. That fucker would vanish for good. I’d pay for the hit. Jeez, if you are serious, it gives me a headache.

        I fucking tried not to get all sisterhood on you guys but old habits … well, they never die. Lol

        1. @dethbyplaster Again, we don’t know the background. Like, let’s envisage scenarios. If it was a simple common flirt, let’s say they met on the night of the marriage and she teased him, what he did would be wrong, a sign of great impulsiveness, and deserving a harsh penalty (death penalty). But now, let’s say that for years she’s been giving him signs, using him and yet keeping him in the friendzone, like I see many women doing, and she goes round with other guys and so on, and that he saw her dancing cock teasing and so on, got fed up, mad, after all the frustration that ”accumulated”, and shot her. I think that such a scenario would be a sort of a passion crime, like, she played with his feelings, and people’s feeling at times may be a ”powder keg”, and made him invest time and effort for no return. In such a case I don’t think that the punishment should be as harsh as in the scenario described above, perhaps some good time in a labor camp. After all, he may have eliminated a promiscuous, irresponsible, manipulative, selfsish scumbag from the gene pool (and a lot of cock teasers are scumbags, from what I observe). But again, I reiterate that without the background we can only speculate.

          1. @undergroundweller Well, then Jodi Arias should be out of prison. Travis Alexander used her for sex and treated her like a girlfriend but had no intentions of marrying a “whore.” So, she got frustrated and lost her shit and stabbed him 27 times. Sounds like a crime of passion to me – if I was using your logic. But I don’t and murder is murder.
            I’ll tell you when a guy ends up hating a girl they want – when she fucks everybody but them. But that is life. I was in love one time, so crazy in love. He didn’t love me. I didn’t fucking kill him because I didn’t get my way. And I didn’t hate all men for it. I met the man I was supposed to meet and wouldn’t change it for the world.People move on.

          2. Who needs justification to kill a bitch? She probably looked at him wrong, that is a justifiable homicide if you ask me. Bitches should only look men in the eye if instructed to do so.

          3. Plaster Tits,
            There will always be more kittens to pickle, just like there will always be closeted feminist cunts to put in check on BG.

          4. Yeah Plaster Puss I forgot your hubby is a little cuck who hasn’t let you know your place in the world – hence the attitude.

          5. @dethbyplaster I am not well informed about this Jodi Arias case, but if it was as such as you described it, that is, he used her for sex with the promise of getting married and then dumped her, I hold the opinion she is not deserving of the death penalty. Perhaps, some good years of forced labor would be better (although, I think even this is perhaps much too harsh). As to the guy who messed up with you, you did the best personal decision for you by getting over it, as life in prison or even a milder punishment is not worth any sort of huge revenge, it would just fuck up your life and make matters worse.
            And as to a guy who hates a girl if she fucks everybody but him, that’s OK as long as she doesn’t cock tease, use him and friendzone him (and mistreats him), like I see with some of my friends.

          6. although, I agree sometimes the guy has got to put some dignity up his face and tell her to fuck off. Maybe it’s like a game, and things can get out of control, but anyways, I’ll reiterate, each case has its peculiarities.

        1. So she was basically married and liked to round with other guys and cock tease (sorry, I don’t know what the FIR is)? In such a scenario I think that the likelihood that the shot she took was fair increases, although more background would be better.

          1. @dethbyplaster OK, now I see it, I had misunderstood what the Indian guy had said. I thought the girl was like, going round with other guys and cock teasing. So in such a case, in which she was married and refused the other guy’s advances and he shot her, it seems to me interesting that the death penalty be applied.

          2. @undergroundweller Yeah, his post said she was turning guys down. It’s easy to misread in a hurry. I think what these type cases have in common are rejection – which hurts. And men who want sex do get frustrated – I honestly get that. But it doesn’t matter, you can’t kill in revenge. It didn’t seem spur of the moment either. He had a gun, he saw her – he had time to think. If you think for a split section, it’s pre-meditated.
            The problem I have with Jodi, rejected men or even me back in that relationship is I knew deep down I getting taken for a ride. I think people know. Get out of the situation before it eats you up.
            Again,I know we don’t know this whole situation but it kinda opened a side topic. Which is good because by further exploring initial statements, people can relate to each other and see some different points of view. Most of the time, I agree with you.

  5. The Fuck is wrong with these Punjab idiots??? They do this shit all the time, and the moron using the gun, has no fucking idea how to use it! Why is it always a fucking retard using the Gun FFS??

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