Agonal Breathing – Shot Man Takes His Last Breaths Before Dying

Agonal Breathing - Shot Man Takes His Last Breaths Before Dying

Agonal Breathing - Shot Man Takes His Last Breaths Before Dying

This video is from Brazil, but that is in essence all I know about it. It appears to show a shot man taking his last breaths before dying. The man is in just his underwear and lays on a bed soaked with blood from apparent gunshot wounds in his upper body. The man is barely aware of himself – his agonal breathing seems more reflexive, than life sustaining.

The people who filmed the video don’t seem too concerned with the man dying before their very eyes. A still camera flash appears to go off at one point, which makes me think they are the police who shot the presumed criminal.

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          2. @plexus
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  1. For some reason this video kinda got to my mortality side. Made me think about how bad it must be to be that guy bleeding out and sucking in some of the last stale, acrid gunpowder scented oxygen in this mortal coil but to do so knowing that a pikachu lay on the bed near his head.

        1. Sorry nextie, I thought there was something wrong, but then I thought I must be having a funny turn. I didn’t think anyone would choose a screen name so similar. I’m sure it will be confusing, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  2. Notice they are filming, watch the teddy (picachu) behind him, then the then camera mans zooms to the blood then back up again, and all of a sudden there is a gun? They did that to say they killed him in self defence? They maybe did? But his position, the naked and bed thing, makes me think he was shot while he was sleeping,, as the button holes are to the side and back,, it a very hard place to hit, if he was in a defence position,, I think this was a bit of dirty cope work,, and they thoguht they would throw the gun in to try and clear their name,,,,, maybe the bloke was a cop hating shit,, but this death is a little shitty,,

    Also in most countries, even if a cop shoots someone even in self defence they try and save them after,,, not get the video cameras out and leave him to die,, I think the cops are proving to a lot of people,, look we got him and he got what he deserved,, but the gun is there just in case someone wants to question it,,

  3. I guess if your gonna operate don’t get deer in the headlights in the middle of the fuck’n. There probably was some good thrashing and bucking at least a minute before. Every one knows good lighting and close-ups drive it home. Come on man. Nice vid. late. -951-

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