AK-47 Assassination Caught on CCTV in Krasnodar, Russia

AK-47 Assassination Caught on CCTV in Krasnodar, Russia

CCTV video from Ogonyok café in the Ladozhskaya village, the Ust-Labinsky District, Krasnodar region, Russia shows a gunman armed with an AK-47 rifle, and an accomplice enter the establishment and shoot a patron sitting at the bar. The assassins then enter the next room.

According to the Russian authorities, three men were shot dead in the cafe. Both suspects were reportedly later arrested, and their weapons seized. Local periodicals report they were aged 34 and 32. They were charged with murder and illegal bearing of firearms.

According to the regional Investigations Directorate, the killing was a sparked by a domestic dispute.

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    1. Strychnine, we do not know one another; however, we do think alike. I had to view the video twice as initially thought the man screaming threw the glass (or bottle) at dude who got shot. After second time watching, I realized he threw it at the gunman. He has a lot of balls or is crazy as you mentioned.

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