Al-Jazeera Journalist Mohammed al-Hourani Killed in Syria Like a Terrorist He Was

Al-Jazeera Journalist Mohammed al-Hourani Killed in Syria Like a Terrorist He Was

A reported with the terrorism supporting network of Al Jazeera based out of terrorism supporting shithole of Qatar by the name of Mohammed al-Hourani was reportedly killed in Syria by what appears to be sniper fire. Mohammed al-Hourani was in Syria to operate alongside the FSA terrorists and push their terrorist propaganda which makes him every bit as much a terrorist as the mercenaries he supported. Therefore death of Mohammed al-Hourani is death of a terrorist and with each dead terrorist, the world becomes a better place.

The lesson to learn from the video, I suppose is – never be the second to run across a road that’s under snipers’ watch. Bye bye Mohammed al-Hourani, you piece of shit. Terror is what you had sawn, terror is also what you reaped. Mad props to the sniper. MOAR dead terrorists, pls:

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81 thoughts on “Al-Jazeera Journalist Mohammed al-Hourani Killed in Syria Like a Terrorist He Was”

    1. My guess is the shooter was still zeroed in on the wall where the first runner disappeared. It seemed almost like the second runner surprised him, eliciting the quick burst of shots, and he had made it 85% of the way across before shots start ringing out..

        1. Kinda sounded like a Dragunov. They have a distinctive sound when fired. My uncle has one and it sounds just like that on his home movies. He never shares the vids though, He doesn’t want anyone to know how well he shoots with it. Truly, a little paranoia can go a long way towards not having to answer a lot of stupid questions though.

    1. Your talking a shot on a moving target with no more then a 10 yard gap to hit the target. At most any distance taking a shot under cover without giving up position and hitting your mark on a target in the limited space they had is pretty impressive and not easily done.

  1. it could be the American Soldiers the government sent in to Syria since that guttless pig of government fell apart they sent in 4 soldiers could this be them?

    to the guy who shot this piece of shit Nice shot leave him in pain begging for help lol i do agree they make great sniper fire targets.

  2. what a fucking moron why would you run across a heavily sniped position knowing the other guy just moved across and sniper is already have fixed sight on that area he didnt even wait for cover fire, you deserve to get shot. Fucking idiot

  3. Who the fuk googles these search phrases…. “Free videos of ISIS rebels or Mexican cartel rebel castrating genitals of captives”. Yeah, make sure they’re free, i don’t want to pay to get off to gore.

  4. So, the idea of the game here is to joke about people’s death as much as possible? And to not care about the why’s and the how’s? Maybe about the loved ones that are left behind?
    Because, if that’s the case… Then I don’t know what to say…
    I mean, you people are really fucked up in the head! And I fucking love it! KILL, MAIM! Mwaooaah, ha, ha, ha, Haaa!!! Sorry, I don’t know how to write an evil laugh…

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