Albuquerque Police Shoot Man Carrying Brake Pad, Falsely Accuse Him of Assault

Albuquerque Police Shoot Man Carrying Brake Pad, Falsely Accuse Him of Assault

Albuquerque Police Department has got to be one of the worst in America.

In December, 2013, the Albuquerque cops shot and badly wounded Shane Sherrill near Wyoming Boulevard and Indian School Road. The cops were responding to a domestic violence call and shot Shane Sherrill because they thought he carried a knife. The knife turned out to be a brake pad.

Shane Sherrill survived being shot, but suffered extensive injuries to his legs, and as is typical of victims of police brutality in North America, was falsely accused and charged with assaulting a police officer. This is a typical course of action as pressing charges against an individual forces them into a defensive position that drains them mentally and financially, leaving them with little resources to receive justice.

For months Shane Sherrill and his attorney tried to obtain bodycam and dashcam videos, but the department refused to provide them, claiming they are tied to an internal investigation.

The police were responding to a domestic violence call from a woman claiming Shane Sherrill was hitting her car with his backpack. Yes – hitting her car with his backpack.

Cop apologists from all over America justify gunning the unarmed man down with claims that Shane Sherrill had allegedly previously admitted he wanted suicide by cop, and that he previous criminal records for domestic violence, property crimes and failure to appear.

What they fail to ask themselves is this: would any of them, as civilians, be legally clear to have shot this man? If the answer is no, then why the police officer, who’s supposed to be more trained to handle such situations, is clear?

A man holding a knife at 40 yards away, is not the same threat to the officer as a man holding a gun. If the cops were too far away to safely identify the object the man was carrying, that should be the reason alone to hold fire. To shoot first and see what he was holding after is at best attempted murder.

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    1. This was back in march. Still it seem like everyday I hear the news talking about another police involved shooting. The best one was where a sheriff?s deputy shot his own partner. πŸ˜‰


      1. Perhaps I should rephrase myself. There is a lot of posts concerning police conduct including this one in a row, regardless of the time they occurred. I apologize for the confusion.

    2. I try not to fucking rage in public but this is fucking infuriating. This type of behaviour is intended for the sole purpose of terrifying civilians. Engineered by fucking terrorists. Carried out by pathetic pieces of feces. FUUUUUCK i hate this shit more than anything. Starts off as gun ends as a knife while hes holding a brakepad in his hand. Standing kill order on civis quite obviusly. Those fucking shit sticks would find out what i can do with a glass of water.!!! Them thier Stationhouse and that shitty little s&w this piece of shit is carrying. I dont jump to violence as a solution but this is the lowest fucking scumm. Killing those he swore to protect. Not even the fortitude to be honest about it. Oppressive and needs to be destroyed. DESTROYED!!!!

          1. I carry a glock 19 every day and that’s not a glock.. you can see the external safety and the shifty single stacks mags that come with a S&W or Sig

          1. Smith and Wesson, Military & Police? Maybe. Definetly not a Glock though, the back of the top slide is different on a Glock, as well as many other feature, but that’s the most noticeable in this video cause it’s from a POV style camera.

    3. Right i have to say this i’m sorry to anyone who is offended by this but its true the american police force are way over the top they think for some reason they are in a die hard move, i know not all of them are but they want any excuse to use their guns it absolutely ridiculous.

  1. If I were related to that man, I personally would kill every single officer present . Make it personal and find cartels and Isis members to work for ( it’s not hard to find )Just to get these pot belly bitches away from innocent people.

      1. This is what Civilian Killers do to justify their actions, it’s as if they can’t help themselves-fearing for my life compels me. And to top it off, the poor guy is left with the trauma and legal ramifications from all those cops trying to kill him.

  2. What a bunch of dog shit eating pigs. How in the world can these PTSD scumfuckers even get to be a cock, I mean cop? How the fuck can you be that far away that they assumed it was a gun, then it was a knive when all it was a breakpad. Last time I checked, a brake pad looks nothing like the 2 weapons the dumbshits thought he was holding. All they needed to do was make him lift up his shirt and do a 360, then walk him back slow,, prone him out, make him ,cross his legs and spread his arms out, and slowly move in. my guess is that these
    cunts just fiinished their code7 atCrispy cream and were too stuffed to do their job the right, so they said”fuck fhis”and just shot his ass

    1. Not dumb trained!!? If it was a wendys cup he would have said device with wires to his backpack. This is straight up attempted murder sanctioned by thier senior officers and the judicial system. ( note i said judicial system not justice)

  3. I cannot watch these anymore…

    However, I will say this…

    Wait until the expert suicide bombers, start hitting the trails a little more, here in the United States. They will be trained to carry brake pads, and trained to know what a cop is thinking, during a given situation…

    And unlike the thugs with a badge, the suicide bomber doesn’t give a rat’s ass, what the cop is carrying…

    …and it’s much quicker than a chainsaw as well

    Will innocent lives be lost?

    …sadly yes

    However, how many innocent victims has there been so far, at the hands of our military police? Two wrongs never make a right…

    …but that should be the pigs decision to make in the first place

    Not ours…

    1. How can there be an ‘expert’ suicide bomber? Surely any suicide bomber who has had more than one go is anything but ‘expert’ lol but on a serious note why has there not been a country wide uproar at all these unjustified killings? Here in the UK we bust a hip over some ruff handling and when someone is killed the whole country goes berserk

  4. @acneska. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been particularly interested in Alburquque P.D since the shooting of James Boyd who they murdered Kill Bill style. I think they are possibly the most ruthless and trigger happy civilian killers in the U.S.A
    So glad I’m not paying taxes to contribute to such death squads. For real not on my name.

  5. btw: no offense to the posters of our “military state videos.”

    …they do a terrific job, in bringing the material that needs to be seen

    I’m just going through a little “police state burnout” at the moment… πŸ™

  6. Someone really needs to put a group together and start going Boondock Saints on corrupt police in America.

    I’m all for THUG NIGGERS like Trayvonn and Mike Brown getting WHAT THEY DESERVE, but corrupt police who beat, shoot, and ruin the lives of innocent people need to die some horrible deaths to send a message.

  7. While I do not condone what stupid officers do, equally I do not condone what idiots themselves do to cause some of these incidents. Here is more info on the situations not mentioned in all the posts or article above:


    While on the way to meet Sherrill, according to lapel videos and an audio file of radio communications between officers and police dispatch, officers were told about prior calls where Sherrill made it clear that he wanted to commit suicide by police officer and that he was suicidal. That information was disseminated through the Real-Time Crime Center, which references crime data and other databases in hopes of giving officers as much information as possible about a call while in the field. The tool was touted at the time as potentially a way to reduce the number of deadly-force encounters between officers and possibly suicidal or mentally ill suspects.

    Officers finally found Sherrill near Northeastern and Wyoming NE, and fired. One officer can be seen kicking what looks like a knife away from Sherrill?s body and then several more officers rush to give the suspect medical attention. Officers applied tourniquets to Sherrill?s legs and slapped adhesive bandages on gunshot wounds on his back.

    Throughout the ordeal, Sherrill can be heard groaning ?help me,? as officers turned him onto his stomach and back, and removed his clothing and handcuffs. He was eventually rushed in critical condition to a hospital, where he later recovered and was booked into jail. Charges were eventually dropped against Sherrill, but prosecutors can still re-file them, according to online court records. Sherrill also had a number of felony warrants out when confronted by police, according to APD.

    Police still haven?t said how many times they shot Sherrill, but his mother later told the Journal that her son had at least seven gunshot wounds.

    In a brief news conference after the shooting, then-APD interim chief Allen Banks said that officers believed Sherrill had a gun.

    And it apparently wasn?t just the officers who thought Sherrill was armed with a handgun. Police also released a few 911 phone calls from witnesses. Not only did all of those witnesses say Sherrill pulled out a handgun and pointed it at officers, but at least two also said Sherrill fired upon officers when they arrived.

    What is the truth? No one really cares probably. It was a case of immediate shooting and looks bad, but when an idiot decides to announce suicide by police and wanders around looking for one or maybe anyone, guess what? Maybe better him than some innocent person who just happened to look wrong or be walking by.

    1. This is your typical case of mainstream media bullshitry, one of the reasons why MSM readerships continues to decline as the people awake. They said the cops rushed to give the suspect medical attention, yet the video shows they rushed to put handcuffs on a severely wounded man, who could have been dying.

      The report also talks about the police releasing a “few 911 phone calls from witnesses”. They picked phone calls that supported their lies for the release to the public. Majority of the public are still indoctrinate sheeple who follow what the MSM tells them they ought to – worship the establishment, glorify violence, police serve and protect and the aware are (domestic) terrorists. Those are the people that made those phone calls.

      1. ***This is your typical case of mainstream media bullshitry, one of the reasons why MSM readerships continues to decline as the people awake.

        …and TV subscriptions as well Acneska

        I dropped my satellite TV subscription, back in 2006. I tried to purchase as many “ala carte” channels as I could, because their regular TV packages, were unfit for human consumption.

        …until they cut one free channel, and raised the price of the other.

        Christ, where I live, one cannot watch the local 30 minute local news, without seeing 12 minutes of commercials, 8 minutes of the weather, and 10 minutes of glorifying the police department.

        Shit, our local media devoted a whole week last week, giving face time to the Chief of Po(lice), arguing why those sickening scabs, need (additional) military weapons…

        …of course, the citizens of this community, were allowed to ‘chime in” on their position

        …yeah, right

        The captain’s opening remark was, “If people in this community, think we don’t need these weapons, then prepare to sit down, and spend some time talking with me.”

        …I guess this conversation, would end up being slightly “one way” now, wouldn’t it.

        Sadly enough, a few years back, our mayor was campaigning on having the police, go door to door with some community members, asking for their input, regarding our police department. For one, this fascist scab, was a captain in the police department for 8 years, operating almost, in the same manner as the current scab is today.

        Secondly, he has run “unopposed,” during the last two terms of his career as mayor.

        …”Red Flag City” here folks

        I don’t care if the opposing party(s) are complete douchebags, someone needs to challenge him.

        Our voices are not being heard to begin with. And running “unopposed,” is a testament to this crime…

        The only good news from my standpoint, is that I watched this whole “military circus,” on somebody else’s dime.

        ..there’s no way, I’m either going to subscribe to this TV nonsense again, or log on to this vicious website as well

        Yes, people are SLIGHTLY, waking up to the fact of a “police state” in my opinion. However, if one waved Orwell’s “1984” right in front of them, they would assume, that it was someone’s fucking high school year book.

        Until we change a few laws on the books regarding a free press, people will be denied an opportunity to critically think.

        …and this can only be achieved, from hearing all points of view AND…

        Having a right to voice their concerns as well

        …we can start with the “Telecommunication’s Act of 1995.”

      2. For the record I do not follow Fox or MSM or whatever. I do not trust what I hear regardless, and thus the post above. It was just a little more info than offered and maybe gave some clarity about why the video is what it is.Gotta believe something, and unfortunately I do not believe most of you, as you don’t believe me either. Are anyone’s actions always correct? Mine are not for sure. But I take responsibility for what I do, and maybe that is what most of you are getting at. Some police don’t seem to do this. Most do though and you don’t hear about them because they are invisible until something happens. And it is going to happen because their job involves the bottom of society for the most part. But by the same token, I do not expect them to take bullets or shit from idiots. Mess with German police and see what happens. Peace officers and other public servants are not cannon fodder either, and I am damn glad most of them are there. One contributing problem is that thanks to Reagan and Congress, more and more certifiably unstable people are on the streets with no help with meds or other services. The reduction in mental health services ever since has shoved many people into society and they ain’t firing all their pins, and guess what you get. Look around your community and see who really lives there and walks the streets.
        Not sure there are many here that express much compassion, so not sure why this situation is any different….lol. I feel for the guy, but again, if you put yourself there, all bets are off as to how it will end. Again, I expect no police or fire or medical to take a hit from someone who just does not care and is out for trouble of the worst kind. Brake pad or not. I also expect police chiefs to step up and rid the world of idiot police. I have seen some and I have seen good chiefs end their careers quick.
        This site is all very instructive though and I generally appreciate what I am reading from you all, good and bad, especially when it is clever humor. The political and racist crap I think this site could do without though. Oh well. Its everywhere now.

        1. In 2011, total bullets fired by all German policemen combined was 85. I don’t know where you got the idea of “messing with German police” being dangerous from. German police also don’t drive around low income areas posing as fake prostitutes and drug dealers to create trouble where there would otherwise be none. And if a perpetrator is armed with a knife, German police whack him with a baton, instead of shooting him.

          I don’t understand you, police brutality apologists. Can you really not see that it’s simply not right?

          1. Been following his replies and was about to call him out as a police brutality apologist, but you beat me to it.

            I will certainly show respect where respect is due, as in the UK horse cop thread.

            But these apologists make me sick, when the video evidence is clear for all to see.

    2. ***but when an idiot decides to announce suicide by police

      …is there any proof of this soul?
      …did he announce this?

      And please bear in mind, how the media LOVES, to victimize people…

      …and name calling, has to be one of them


      …how about counterbalancing this with “compassion.”

      If he is still alive and recovering, has his mental condition been disclosed?

      …or is this held confidential, for the safety of the general public?

  8. @soullamp have you ever heard of police cohersion ? It’s where they get a group of people against each other to turn on one another. I can sure tell the difference between a brake pad and a 9mm at 50 ft so I think what that info is is a prepared statement that was published once police had managed to get everyone on the same page as them. People do recover from mental illnesses too. I’d like to think that if I had one and started a psychotic rant of suicide cop and started waving a brake pad about I’d come up against one with some compassion and common sense. Also that he’d changed a few brake pads in his time too.

    1. ***have you ever heard of police cohersion ? It?s where they get a group of people against each other to turn on one another.

      …you have nailed it balls!!

      You have simply nailed it…

      …compliments of this filthy media

      “I’ve listened to preachers,
      I’ve listened to fools.”

      “I’ve watched all the dropouts,
      who make their own rules.”

      “One person conditioned,
      to rule and control.”

      “The media sells it,
      and YOU live it’s role”

      …Ozzy Osbourne
      (Crazy Train)

    1. Hell! Cops don’t care anymore they’ll shoot anybody and make it look like self defense!
      A good one for the justice system! Making sociaty a safer place.
      To serve
      And protect
      And kill ya if we want to for what ever reason.

  9. What we aren’t seeing in these tiresome posts are the thousands of decent, hardworking, perfectly honest policemen/policewomen worldwide who’ve saved countless lives this week… all in a split second and without a second thought.

    Easy to judge the thankless work of law enforcement when you sit behind a fucking computer screen and causally judge others while not risking a single hair on your own heads.

    1. What we see all the time are alleged good cops doing nothing when their power tripping buddies abuse their positions of power. The few that did expose how it works, like Chris Dorner, were murdered by their buddies.

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, being a policeman is one of the safest jobs in America. Farmers, fishermen, trash collectors, truck drivers, flight engineers, roofers, industrial machines operators, etc all have more dangerous jobs. Only few cops die on the job, most due to their own speeding or from own medical conditions.

      On top of that, there are many countries in which the cops perform their duties without routinely murdering the civilians at the drop of a hat, and falsely accusing victims of police brutality with assaults.

  10. This kind of unnecessary pig force is not just restricted to the USA btw. European cops generally are not yet as trigger-happy as the US ones , but if the pigs here had the freedom to fire at will, they would. That’s because they’re cowards with a low IQ. So far pigs here use fists a lot, and of course that gets nicely shoved under the carpet by MSM . But the hypocrisy is the same.

    1. Damn, sorry in advance for this comment, but when I looked at your avi, all I can think of is a big round curvy work of art, and reverse cowgirl. If that’s you, you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Make sure your husband/boyfriend knows it

  11. If he was young and black there would be a riot, but because he’s some middle aged hick he’ll be lucky if his story his on the 5 0’clock news wedged in between sports highlights and your 5 day forecast.

  12. Unfnbelievable. In the end its obvious that innocent Americans will begin dying in the streets in record numbers due to the fact that cops are overly paranoid about terrorism and public shootings. Just look at how many times this has happened in the last 6 months. Remember the black guy recently shot dead in Walmart because he was carrying a bb gun up to the register to buy? Some lunatic paranoid moron called the cops and reported a man walking around with a gun. He even told the before they shot him it was a bb gun! Ahahahahhahaha!!!!! What a fuckd country we live in.

  13. if a perpetrator is brandishing any sort of weapon and doesn’t respond to an officer’s warning, lethal force can be used.

    police in the USA are kindhearted compared to those in the past. the only difference is today’s media.

    blaming the police instead of larger social inequities is exactly what those in power want you to do. police officers themselves are members of the working poor, basically just trying to support their own families and not get killed doing their jobs. that’s not to say some cops are incompetent or aggressive or downright murderous. but it’s missing the bigger issue which his poverty, and poverty will yield nastier criminals and by extension nastier cops.

    1. Did you just watch the same clip I did? One observation that I made was the background behind the guy they claimed had a weapon that they positively identified as a gun from at least 40 yards out. right behind this guy was a structure that looked like a house or some sort of occupied dwelling. Im pretty sure from that distance, firing 20 shots fired in that direction would probably not be approved of. Personally, I can’t wait until every member of fhe fraternity of the Gestapo is fitted with gopro’s and front and back dashcams to force them into having to be honest. Until then, I trust no one who swears to protect and serve. Fuck all you gumshoes!!

  14. I’ve been lurking here a while, but figured I would register just to give my opinion on these cop hating comments. Put in this situation with all of the training, you would do exactly the same thing. No one reports on saving lives, because that doesn’t get as many views. But we save more lives in a year than we take in 10. So until you pussies walk in my shoes, shut the fuck up spouting off “I would kill those pigs” blah, blah, blah. The next time you get stopped, you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do as fast as I want you to do it. Dumbass bitches.

      1. “You’ll do exactly what I tell you to do as fast as I want you to do it.” -A Douchebag

        And that’s precisely why most people have lost all respect for police. Because of ego-tripping, power hungry officers like you who give a bad name to the decent, respectable cops out there. Congratulations to contributing to the problem. I’m sure you make your old fraternity brothers proud though.

    1. @blueblood

      Typical under educated, under trained, egotistical, power crazed, civilian killer attitude.

      Protect and Serve !

      Do you even know the meaning of serve?

      I get the feeling that if you truly are a cop, we will see you here on video some day, abusing or murdering someone because they “threatened” your safety with a banana skin at 60 yards, or some other “lethal” weapon.

      And by the way “bitch”, you won’t ever tell me what to do. Because i live in the land of the free.

      In other words…Not the USA !

      1. The only attitude I have is survival. You must live in the UK, where your cops are little better than a meter maid, “stop,or I’ll say stop again”. As far as education and training, I have a lot of both. You won’t ever catch me on here other than defending my occupation from keyboard bad assess like you.

        1. You are correct in one thing only. I am from the UK.

          Probably a part you have never heard of, but that is of no matter.

          A keyboard warrior i am indeed, because my days of fighting are long gone. I served 13 years in a war. Both army and police. I live in harmony with my ex enemies, and i don’t spout the bullshit that comes from your mouth. “you will stop when i tell you to stop bitches”.

          If you were indeed a police officer you would have a bit more intelligence than you show here. Well being from the USA, i hope you would, but there is no guarantee.

          Go polish your 58 personal firearms, and get ready to kill some innocent people or pets.

          1. I’m a veteran too, but that doesn’t matter. I love how you think of us as civilian killers, but you never call us civilian savers. Being a cop in the US is much, much different than the UK, but then I wouldn’t assume you would know that. Basing intellengence on a post on the Internet is a bit “pot calling the kettle black isn’t it?”

          2. Yeah, you are correct again. The UK is nothing like the USA.

            I served 1984-1997 Northern Ireland. “stop, or i’ll say stop again”

            Trained by R.A.M.C. (google is your friend)

            You come here to condone the above video. After your google search who do you think is the killer, and who do you think is the saver between us?

    2. Again, well said, and despite the comment at the end which probably did not help, ignore the posturing. In a flat minute most of it evaporates in the real world.They do have a point, and it is that in enough instances it is not hard to see where alternative methods will yield more positive results. Discretion is a wonderful thing especially in non-violent situations. The training itself sometimes is the problem. Just remember this site would not be popular if it only showed good things and had only positive conversations.

      1. Yes, my last line was uncalled for, but you cowtow to the masses or risk losing your job, get sued, or go to jail for a decision you have to make in a nano second. I should start uploading pics of the stuff we see on a daily basis, but then they are only pics, you members aren’t standing there witnessing this first hand. You get used to most of it, but not all of it. We have to deal with gore on an almost daily basis, not to mention the media whores, like sharpton, Jackson, ACLU, and the thousands of others that want to armchair quarterback every action you take. How about I got to your job and if you turn that wrench wrong, or don’t put that widget just right, I blast you on the media, sue you, or threaten your family? I wouldn’t do this if I couldn’t handle it, but all the hype does get old.

        1. Personally I don’t believe all US cops are maniacs. There are quite a lot that aren’t fit to have a gun and a badge though. Cops have to start reporting bad cops, not allow them to get away with it. If cops make it plain that they won’t allow it within the police force then things might change. The police have to police themselves more effectively.

          1. @mama that’s exactly right and if you who are just a member of the public can see this why is it so hard for them ? I’ll tell you why it’s because when a person who is of the wrong aptitude puts on that uniform and realises they have the illusion of power they will do anything to keep it as to the wrong person it’s corrupting consuming and addictive. Police officers I believe should be expertly screened by psychiatrists and only the best allowed to proceed. Law is important and we need it. But it’s there to protect and serve each and everyone of us equally. @blueblood could not make it as a police officer here in England. Just his comments are the proof he does not have the right aptitude. I feel sorry for any of my fellow SOBs over there if they ever come across him and he displays the attitude towards them he has on here. These posts have a very valid point and he should not be making excuses for his corrupt friends he should be condoning them. He is a bad example to all who put on that uniform and unless he changes he will meet a nasty end. Hopefully before any innocents do at his hands

    3. You sound a lot like an old friend of mine who worked in the CRASH gang squad back in the day in Los Angeles. He’d pull up some nights when we were fixing up a car engine and snorting huge lines of cocaine and slamming Buds. What was the first thing that he did? Tell us to break it up…tell us to lose the Coke, or arrest us? The answer is simple. He rolled up a bill, took a huge line, and slammed a beer. He’d stick around and talk about the certain gang territories he’d been working on, how certain loadmouths would get their teeth kicked sometimes putting a dude handcuffed in the back without a seatbelt, then race down a hill,and jam the brakes..All in name of resisting.well, we all know what happened to the CRASH anti gang task force, as well as the Rampart scandal from which we got our chief…the master of deception,Charlie Beck. Oh, and we don’t wanna forget our disgraced sheriff, Leroy Baca..the king of corruption. My point is that there some good cops out there but they too cannot be trusted until every department in every county in every state gets it’s shit together. Stop hiring just anyone just because they served over there. Stop hiring these punks with PTSD. Get them help, don’t just throw them into a job that might worsen the condition and more innocents may pay the ultimate price q

  15. Piece of shit motherfuckers. How is that guy such a threat at that distance that they have to unload a whole clip? And they obviously didn’t take the time to positively identify if the guy actually had a weapon.

  16. Now THAT’s the way you handle a thug. And I’m sure he was still dying as they were pinning his arms behind his back to cuff him. I bet he was in great pain.
    they treated him like the subhuman he was.
    thank god for the police.
    they rid our community of this vermin

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