Alexander Novikov Killed and Eaten in Makeevka, Ukraine

Photo of Remains of Alexander Novikov Killed and Eaten in Makeevka, Ukraine

Lots of weirdness going on in Ukraine. While Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs take the cake for the utmost brutality, the ending of Alexander Novikov doesnโ€™t come too short of an extreme either. The dead body of Alexander Novikov (whose name coincides with Russian World War II air marshal) was discovered in the sewer manhole in Ukrainian city of Makeevka (Donbass region) by students were on their way home from school. These kids noticed human feet connected to bones stripped off meat sticking out of the sewer, alerted Ukrainian police who launched investigation. The findings of the new age cannibalism were shocking:

48 year old Alexander Novikov was a Makeevka resident and neighbor to Oxana Domanskaya and Edward Shutov. 34 year old Oxana Domanskaya was the mistress of 36 year old Edward Shutov who invited Alexander Novikov to party in their house. Since we’re talking about a party in the Ukraine, alcohol was absolutely involved and after they were all wasted, Alexander Novikov got into altercation with Edward Shutov. The fight got bloody and Edward Shutov ended up murdering Alexander Novikov who pissed him right off.

With dead body in their house, the couple was plotting a plan on how to safely get rid of it. That’s when Oxana Domanskaya proposed to use Alexander Novikov’s flesh as food. The two pulled their kitchen knives and started slicing dead Alexander Novikov up and stored his meat in the fridge. What was left of him was then thrown to the sewer hatch (amateurs – what did they expect out of throwing the left overs in the sewer?).

When the police busted the Makeevka house of Oxana Domanskaya and Edward Shutov, they found traces of Alexander Novikov’s blood and a bag with his flash in the kitchen. Frying pan was atop the gas stove with fresh human flesh getting crisped for supper.

I do not know whether they had previously eaten any of dead man’s flesh or whether this stir fry was their first attempt at cooking some of Alexander Novikov. Do you think human flesh tastes like chicken? And while I realize this took place all the way in Ukraine, it still gives whole new perspective to neighbor relations. I will arm up next time I’m invited to a drinking party with my neighbors.

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    1. on a documentary about papua new guiny, the indiginous population were introduced to pigs, said pigs were released into the wild and hunted by the locals who enjoy it as the meat reminds them of the taste of humans .. they used to be very cannibalistic so chances are we taste like bacon ๐Ÿ™‚ quite possibly the reason why muslims dont eat bacon? who knows.. unless you try hehe

  1. I have wondered what people tastes like, but…damn… I probably couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not because it’s a human, but because…meh…I don’t know.

  2. that person is one sick individual for eating a human, I mean come on fricken lady should have her nipples cut off and forced to watch hannibal cannibal eat it like he did that guys brain! owch!

  3. Alot of weird shit is comming out of the ukraine and to think this is europe poor man and think this happend in the new millenium what is the world comming to

  4. I agree with breanna on that one, but if it was cooked, i might be able to. itd be harder for me seeing as im a vegetarian. But wouldnt that be a delightful first meat? Human flesh.

  5. All those bits were not all Alexander Nikov. If the feet sticking out of the dumpster were Alexander, and in the photo of him lying in the dirt clearly shows he has feet, then who’s fucking feet are they? I reckon there’s a few more people chopped up in that freezer for sure.

  6. Mmmm!! Alexander Novikov’s cooked flesh sure looks delicious! Perfect for fajitas, stir fries, shish kabobs, stroganoffs, stews, steak and kidney pies, pizzas, tacos, spaghetti sauces, piergoies,. . . .Oh, the possibilites!

  7. there is actually a really good description of how human flesh/meat tastes by a guy who was an adventurer… you need to google Cannibals to find it. It looks true enough and doesn’t involve murdering anyone!

  8. Damnn.. that’s really sick!
    And if i read some of the comments that has been putten on this site I even sometimes get the idea that they are as crazy as the people that do such things.. Damnn!!

  9. yeahyeah I that’s true!!! GO PATION 155!!!
    blah!!! oo god that’s sick… so they at the dick???? or wat??? talk about mouth full of balls and winer…

  10. Cock meat is known in our town as “R.M.” short for “Remember Me” Sounds funny but it does taste good!!!
    I always joke with my friends that the meat hardens when you play with it with your tongue in your mouth as we eat. But ofcourse boys would’nt want to eat it if it still looks like a cock so we chop them to tiny bits then we cook it with some vegetables, spices and soup. You guys should try it…

    My most favorite recipe was called “Dinugu-an” or “Blood filled” in English. You colect all the blood, chop the stomach (for meat chunks) and mix them together, add spices and proper proportion of oil, then coock it untill it smells good…

    Human Meat tastes like pork, but sweeter than pork since humans live a clean lifestyle…

    I don’t suggest killing people though…

  11. Actually, Arthur Shawcross described human flesh as tasting like “a nice shoulder of pork.” And he should know, having slaughtered and partially devoured several prostitutes up in Buffalo and other girls during the Vietnam War. Regarding cannibalism and the Ukraine, Russia has a sick history with that kind of stuff, with the mass starvation in Lenningrad, etc. And Andrei Chikatilo (another dude high on the sick meter and likely in top 5 KNOWN serial killers in terms of sheer # of vicimts) ate parts of many of his victims. That woman who it says is 36 looks more like 56 – Hard life in Russia for sure.

    1. Others say human flesh tastes like horse meat. That might fit with the ‘sweeter than pork’ notion.

      Sagawa Issei said some parts of the body taste like horse meat while others would taste more like pork but with a texture like chicken. But he also ate parts that aren’t especially ‘meaty’ (such as the breasts which are mostly fat and glands – he gave up on that one because of this, if I remember correctly).

      ‘The Vampire of Paris’ (forgot his name) said it tastes like horse meat.

      I personally imagine human flesh to be like sweeter than pork: Like pork because we share a lot with pigs in many ways, and sweeter than pork because we eat a lot of sugar in our food.

      But I think most people who do eat human flesh in modern day – at least those we hear about – has a form of necrophilia attached to the act, and that is a psychological-emotional more than a taste or hunger related motive, which again means their psyche has a greater impact upon how they experience the taste than it would most other people.
      It;s just a theory, but I think it may be some of the reason why they give so varied descriptions of the taste.

      @MagsG, those dishes you describe aren’t likely to be found tasty in Western countries. The stomach is used exclusively as fodder for dogs and other canines. The cock thingy is slightly different, there’re a minority of people who seem to like the taste of genitals. Personally I think they smell bad, and that alone turns me off.

  12. human meat (this is from a friends first hand experience he didnt know what it was he ate till AFTER he ate it …) taste like pork
    which makes sense as we have the same diet ๐Ÿ™‚

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