Algeria, Man Bleeds to Death On Sidewalk

Algeria, Man Bleeds to Death on Sidewalk

Algeria, Man Bleeds to Death on Sidewalk

Story Time With Uncle Dan: I’m Gonna Need My Shirt Back

A chaotic scene in this North African country. The cameraman captures a mortally wounded man laying bleeding on a sidewalk. Two samaritans strip off their shirts in a futile attempt to stem the crimson flow, while police with rifles slung, attempt to maintain order.

I have little background on the video but the victim was shot. The motivation for the shooting? Apparently the shooter and victim were involved in a love triangle with the same goat, jealousy turned to rage and resulted in murder.

Props to Best Gore member @adem47 for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

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    1. Oh Heck. Missed it this time. Anyway i’d like to congrat you on your win. @tenhearts
      Funny how these africans are always shouting. When they’re dying, eating, praying, arguing, talking to their wives, ordering dinner….just as soon as i see a vid from africa i know to turn the volume down first.

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          3. Woo du calme…. il a pas tord vous les bougnouls pensez qu’a semer le desordre vous ne respectez rien et ne vous soumettez pas à la republique Francaise..resspectez votre pays d’accueuil d’1bord et leurs habitant vous respecterons .Sinon retournez baiser des chevres dans votre pays de sauvage.

          1. Hi Nem, the way i look at it is the muslims took a few things we did and said that is bad, and they took a few things we did and said we agree with that as if to make them seem agreeable fellows. It’s all fake, if the muslims were in a plane crash on a mountain and the survivors where starving and a pig trotted by they would soon enough kill and eat the pig

          2. Why is pork dirty, @thegloriousjew? I’m not being facetious, I really don’t understand why kosher is a thing. I’m with @hopingfornemesis and @vileness on this issue. I try to eat primarily wild caught/killed or organic free range meats, and I’ve definitely been on mostly plant based diets at times in the past. That’s only because I don’t care for the factory farming process though…for multiple reasons. However, I’ve never denied that pork was delicious.

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      1. Don’t feel bad @vileness. You have the first reply to the first comment, which essentially gives you second comment.

        You have to be vigilant to get first comment around here. I don’t even take piss breaks, I just use a plastic jug like a truck driver or lorry driver, whatever.

      2. @hopingfornemesis

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      3. The first thing is,that’s not Algeria as the Algerian language cosists of Frecnh Arabic and a bit of turkish and spanish so the language is no where near the one in the video
        second thing if you think that we are rapists and shit you have something wrong with your brain that doesn’t comprehend actual facts because we don’t condone raping in Algeria
        third thing is,Algeria was never involved in any terrorist attacks however Algeria is actually fighting against terrorist that try to get throught he borders from Libya
        fourth thing is i don’t get why you hate us,we did nothing to you my man

      1. fukkin worry about those arabs, goatfukkers were eating their own shit till we discovered oil then we went and gave it to them instead of fucking killing them all and taking it. I can never work out western politicians. it’s a shame isis were wiped out. i used to enjoy the videos where they were chucked off a cliff then machine gunned while begging and pissing their pants.

        1. Yes Vile !
          It wasn’t until whitey invented the internal comb. engine, that the black sperm in the Middle East was even worth 1c per tonne.
          Now all those discusting Muslim countries are rich (due to pure Ungodly luck) and using whitey’s inventions against him, like the gun, computers et cetera..
          Even God would want Arabs deleted from the face of the Earth.
          Sometimes, even God hates ..

        2. All true.
          I suppose it was because the bumfucking Arabists of the British Foreign Service of the time marvelled at the so-called Martial spirit of the Arabs who “helped” them against the latter’s fellow Moslem Turks. Lawrence of Arabia was one of them for God’s Sake. Ninety nine percent of those Foreign Service types were either pansies or panderers and all Britain knew it .
          In addition , the climate and geography was considered unsuitable for Euro colonization which is a load of shit ’cause the Italians ,French and British themselves were able to colonise Libya , Tunisia and Australia easily!

          Pity the Spanish or Greeks weren’t ruling us then ,we ‘d have a Reconquista and purge the Mid East of these pests. Saud is a land ruled by absolutist kings which is unheard of in England since the 1200’s! Fuck them all.

        3. @hopingfornemesis

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          1. That, the recounts, and there was even a Supreme Court decision. Now that I’m thinking about it, I believe two out of the last three presidents all lost the popular vote but still won the elections by winning the electoral vote, @hopingfornemesis.

          2. They certainly are, @hopingfornemesis. You hear a lot of patriotic types here (here in the U.S., not here on this site) talking about how brilliant the American system of democracy is while apparently having no knowledge of how it actually works. It might’ve been a decent design if one wanted to govern and maintain control of a few not so populated states in a time where people had to transport ballots and delegates had to travel by horseback, but it’s archaic now, at best. Honestly though, I believe that all forms of organized government are tyranny and that there shouldn’t be such a thing.

    1. Woo du calme…. il a pas tord vous les bougnouls pensez qu’a semer le desordre vous ne respectez rien et ne vous soumettez pas à la republique Francaise..resspectez votre pays d’accueuil d’1bord et leurs habitant vous respecterons .Sinon retournez baiser des chevres dans votre pays de sauvage.

  1. I’d like to see them carry on removing their clothes until they’re all naked, then see them tumble to the floor writhing in the blood and dirt before being gunned down by the gunners.

    I’d like to see that.

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    1. Be thankful for small mercies Callum. There is a lot of protest in iraq now and the people are being killed once again in numbers so i’m hoping a few of them will get through. meanwhile fuck this site and the dictators who run it, get me on the fucking forums and stop being a bunch of cliqy cunts

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    1. That is probably way better than a normal day in Algeria. Caught them on a day when there wasn’t much crime going on, that’s why two police showed up. On a typical day Bongo would end up at the local landfill and no one would ever know or care what happened to Bongo.

    1. One Algerian filth: “Take of your shirt and get naked!”
      Other Algerian filth: “Fuck off dude. I just stole this shirt.”
      First Algerian filth: *click click* (chambers round) “I said…get…naked!”

      1. I didn’t know there was shirt shortage… However that is a funny skit, SNL should take lesson from you. They’d fuck it up by adding Alec Baldwin as trump, rubbing his perky nipples at the audience for cheap laughs.

    2. Nem don’t talk to arabs, they’re all rapists, one here is trolling English Queen, all i can say is thanks for thsi video and if there’s anymore arab death videos i’d love to see them. it just cheers me up for a whole week : )

    3. Nothing important, they only talk about the victim’s wounds and how to help him, as the first commentator answord, and in the last minutes the cop ask the cameraman whats happened, the cameraman answord he began filming after the incident, and he does not know anything and will show him the video after the end of filming,
      He did not mention the reason for the fight in the video, but the reason for the fight is because just a fucking girl….
      that my fucking country, the people dying just for a bitch or
      some cash…. thats all as problems

      1. Seems almost equivalent to a bullet. I’m not great at math but here it goes, a machete cheap can run you 20$, plus the air craft to drop said machete from craft can be about a 3 grand to rent… Now add drugs and booze, about enough to get a village fucked up guessing 5 grand… This equation is not cheaper than a Gatling gun full of explosive bullets. The cheapest way to wipe out a village, dirty bombs, viruses or taint the town water with Ebola… Decisions, decisions…

          1. I’d just pick em up with a stick…bag em an sell em on ebay….after being on this site for a minute or two I know theres a market for stuffs like that.

  2. Shirtless man: lets hurry and carry him to the ambulance ohh fuck they did him
    Camera man: talking to the police saying shief i have no idea what happened i just started recording i can provide you with the video so you can see i didn’t catch the perpetrators
    the video ends with the victim carried out to the ambulance but no one mentioned he’s been shot i believe this is a knife assault as it’s extremely hard to near impossible to get a gun in Algeria but you can apply for a hunting rifle.

    1. @hopingfornemesis

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      1. @hopingfornemesis

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      2. Lots of rape in this one, a offense flabbergasted by the masses. Nothing gets men riled like a good “But I got raped, so give me attention and a binky.” You know what Jonny, fuck’em, those trampoline cunts and Tony Blair can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

          1. Well it makes sense. Since I am a outlaw, thumbing my way to truckers isle, avoiding free handy-j’s and piss jugs. I am a constant threat to this nation and don’t you forget that.

      1. @TheDautingDual

        Fuck,,, at least it’s nice to know that you’re still alive brother
        cause i think that everybody else is dead, or dying for fucks-sake, lol! 😉

        Ok,,, that was brilliantly funny dude.
        And as for Nemes,,, Fuck Him, & His Pencil-Dick that his Wife told me he had.
        Cause On My Horse-Cock She (His Wife) Rode In On, lol, 😉
        So Again, Fuck Him Da Cunt, if he cant take a Newbie Joke,
        That Fucking Newfie-Newbie, lol. 😉

        I Am bored as fuck. And As They Say, An Idle Mind, Is The Devils Playground Bro! “)

        1. But you guys go together like cocaine and waffles. Bury the hatchet(not literally ) cut the animosity, shake hands(sanitize first) have a cup of tea like lads and hug it out… My inner fagnit believes in you.

          1. @TheDautingDual

            I Would love nothing better, but as you will see for yourself after a couple of years on here that it is easier said than done with Nemes. As “I” do Not,,, and have Never Held Grudges Like a handful of Members hold, and hold-on tight.
            But hopefully by Spring,,, all of this will will be in the past, and then forgotten as we move-on, God-Willing.

            I For one, have always been very generous, very forgiving, and an all around good hearted guy. I Cannot keep/Hold grudges as it will eat you up inside like an aggressive cancer, and suck the life right out of you if you let it. But boy,,, can he hold a grudge and live an unhealthy unhappy life, full of hate, and not being able to let things go.

            I Really do like Nemes, but honestly,,, i really feel sorry for him to have to live a cold life this way, by living life full of hate, and fear. I Spend lots of my time helping others like my neighbors for one, as 2 of them one on either side of our house are alone and elderly ,, so i do my best being half disabled myself to help mow their Large Lawns,,, plow their snow,,, clean out their gutters every fall,,,rake their leaves, and so on.

            We, my wife and i donate money, and much of our time at Ottawa’s Soup Kitchen for the Homeless,,, we donate to the snowsuit fund, for children from poor families that without our help, and support would not be able to have nice, new warm snowsuits every winter (Something that breaks my heart) to imagine a little kid having to go through, as i as a young teen went through myself, so i know the feeling, and want to help out.

            So my wife and I also attended a $400.00 a Plate Gala Evening & Dinner a few years ago to support the Kidney Foundation, just to name a very few of what we do for our community. But of course i am a bad guy,,, an arsehole,,, and so on, when i am the one who is always quick to forgive and forget, and admit to my mistakes or lack of better judgement, quickly, and sincerely apologizing to anybody who i might offend, or might of offended in the past which is something you will (Never, Ever See With Nemes) As you will quickly see over time.

            And that is because he is the perfect man, that donates his time and i mean like (never mind money) just your time to help others in need in his own community as he is unfortunately very selfish when time costs you nothing, but warms your heart so, so very much when you do. It’s too bad that Nemes
            thinks of himself as a super human being that everybody should bow to, you know the type brother. 🙁 A human being, that never makes mistakes, and much less would ever own up to them if they did. That Type. 🙁

            If he could say that he does 1/10th. of what my Wife And I do for others in our community, then i would love to hear about it. And when we get up at 6:00 AM on A Sunday morning, with my wife & I Both Exhausted from her working all week, and myself going to doctors appointment,,, physiotherapy clinics and specialists & surgeons offices to plan & book my next upcoming 2 surgeries. But if you met me you would see that you will never hear me complain while i am donating my time, as we look around and see the downtrodden that are much worse off than we ever are in our very worse days.

            So i hide it well, and always smile, and quick with a dumb joke and a firm handshake, or a hug for anyone who needs one , and there are many who do. 🙂 So i give them my time and my heart although it has stents in it, lol. So by giving our time we feel so much better afterwards,,, so much!

            And when i am out there sore, and super tired from fighting chronic pain for the last 25 years, i still smile and lend an ear to the forgotten and neglected ones, and damn,,,,, it feels so good. I Wish Nemes could be a happier, more forgiving human being, and B G Brother, but Unfortunately,,, i cannot see this happening anytime soon with him. And it truly is too bad. 🙁

          2. I hear you on a different level, as part of the downtrodden, good deeds are justifiably by not taking credit, but by being selfless, not that proceeds your charity to the helpless, maybe of liberal guilt(my guess).
            I have a step father who has chronic pain, from being on dialysis, his bones have brittled and fractured. He has been in the hospital for 5 months and barely can walk. Those forced smiles I know of, underneath boiling pain from the inside. Often times he wince in pain, struggling to control it, even with strong pain medication.
            Pain is hard to manage especially with close friends or family, I struggled with his pain, because I felt that it was also mine. As I harvest a lot of pain and resentment towards the past. However there is a future, dim and cloudy. Presently awaiting good, bad and the ugly. With no control over it.
            Your not bad Dre, nor is nem’s. We have are stupid egos get in the way of what can be good, your ego is big, mine is small and insignificant (not a dick joke) if you see where i am going then you know the answer for yourself.

          1. Two for a single girl is more than enough no, lol. Or do you live with your boyfriend, or husband, if you don’t mind me asking? You think that i’d know this by now, but with my screwed-up memory,,, well yea,,, it sucks!

          2. @vile
            She is too Brother A Female Version Of Clint Eastwood, so don’t fuck around with her trust me, i gots her wrath a few times, and had to dodge bullets 44. cal. at that had me running ‍♂️ ‍♀️ and all Da-Way back To My Igloo In Canada.

            And that’s not all cause in spring i made my Igloo In Cement Blocks, and a fuck-load of re-bar, just in case she ever decided to hunt yours truly down!

          3. @vile
            She is too Brother A Female Version Of Clint Eastwood, so don’t fuck around with her trust me, i gots her wrath a few times, and had to dodge bullets 44. cal. at that had me running ‍♂️ ‍♀️ and all Da-Way back To My Igloo In Canada.

            And that’s not all cause in spring i made my Igloo In Cement Blocks, and a fuck-load of re-bar, just in case she ever decided to hunt yours truly down!

          4. It’s no good trying to front it now @thedre you’ve let the cat out the bag and it’s out for good.
            @illegalsmile55 Don’t take it out on me, it’s dre who slipped up here. I just caught on to it. … There’s nothing wrong with being on first name terms so why hide it?
            we have this saying in the north of england “There’s nowt so strange as folk”

          5. But @vile

            How’d ya know for sure that her name is not just made up My Good B G Bro?

            It’s Like my name,, only **Mark, And Nemes** Know that i do not use my first name, @Hopingfornemesis can vouch for that, as we have discussed-it in a few names.

            And i know Mark’s & Nemes real names but I Will Not Ever Disclose-Them, cause they would sever my Cock-Off and send-it to Magnotta Himself, (Da-Cunts), and as a snack. No,,, wait,,, not a snack,,, i’d be more like a Four Course Meal,,,Now There, lol ,lol 😉

      1. We could do a 2d version tour, now picture Nintendo graphics, remember small Mario, next to his castle is the actual size of my toilet, with a flag and for the love of god don’t jump on it.
        Not from the UK, reside in New England USA.

  3. @TheDautingDual

    Man,,, do we ever have a lots in common, when it comes with dealing with pain like in your family, and yourself, my good B G Brother. As for the charity work that we do, and the donations that we give, i have only Ever spoke about-it on great detail on here Best-Gore. And my wife and I Have decided to do so because i am, and have been vilified, for almost a full year now.

    And even though Nemes, and his little sidekick buds (who are getting smaller by the day because people are waking-up, and are seeing, or even catching a glimpse of **This The Incredible Super-Human Man** That everybody is talking about quietly who never, ever apologizes cause he never, ever makes mistakes, cause he quickly turns it around and blames others instead for his mistakes.

    No self-respect when you have to attack a man, and makes him out to be this monster, when all he does is Gossip Like a little bitch that “HE TRULY IS” 🙂
    Jews Do The Exact Same Thing, They Start Shit with their intended target, then like the cowards that they(The Jews & himself ) Watch from afar as the sparks fly while sporting this stupid WHATTT???? Look on their Big-Jew Nosed Faces.

    1. @thedre
      well i will tell you Andre, this comment and the big one earlier do not look like “jokes” to me. And if you reply saying they ARE, i will not believe you

      Im not gonna defend nemes. He does not need me to do that. If he should see fit to address it,he will. but to be honest – i think he is too bored with being abused and accused by you to even bother wasting his time.

      What i WILL say is – that the nemes you have described does not sound like the guy i know… and im betting that it does not sound like the guy that most members here know.
      you say “people are waking up to the real nems”… well where? where are these people you say that are seeing “the real nems” as you put it?
      If i am wrong, and If these people exist – then let them come here and voice their concerns? PROVE me wrong. the ONLY person i see will a problem against him is YOU.

      Holding a grudge?? im afraid that the ONLY person here who seems to be holding a grudge is YOU. The only person i see being eaten up inside by a grudge is YOU. You Attack @hopingfornemesis again and again and again. It seems to be an obsession – and the fact that you accuse HIM of holding a grudge?…. well you words and comments, i assure you, make it look to members that it is YOUR insides that are being “eaten up by it like a cancer” by this

      Andre – you say you want me to “never change”,.. and you say many times that you are only interested in truth?…. well im NOT changing, and this is the truth from me.
      If you chastise me for being honest, i will be VERY confused
      but not surprised.

      You will reply to my comment as you see fit…. any negative reply by you will be ironic – I have not abused or insulted you here, as all i have done is be truthful.

      Best regards Andre

      1. @Karmen
        What you say makes sense for the most part, but the conversations, and E-Mails that we shared for quite awhile before that shit hit the fan almost a year ago, are not, and have not been the same Nemes that i knew then. And it’s too bad because i am always quick to admit my mistakes when i make them. And on a few occasions wen you brought some to my attention, but did so in a nice matter, i would give-it some though, and agree that you were right, and i wrong. 🙂

        You Know Karm,,, everybody makes mistakes from time to time. And some more than others, s i’m sure you know, but Karm i always apologies, and do so very kind, and sincerely,,, Always. But when many other people make mistakes about,,, Well anything,,, these people never apologise for it, or even try to explain why they said (whatever, about whatever, lol) you know hat i mean,lol. It’s like their Ego will not allow them to do so. And if they are made to apologize, you can tell,, (well in person)
        that is, that they are not being sincere about-it, but have their middle finger up the whole time, lol.

        So Karmen, can you put yourself in a situation in the past when a good friend, or Just A Friend has a disagreement with yourself, and you both get into-it. And after calling each other the dirtiest names thinkable, you’s both throw a parting shot saying something like fuck-you asshole don’t ever call me again.

        Now after spending a few sleepless nights over-it, and feeling real bad about the whole situation that has developed, you decide to give him a call, or an E-Mail as an attempt to maybe remedy the situation, not wanting to spoil a great friendship/relationship that you’ve both had for a few years.

        So you’s agree to talk. The first thing that would come-out of my mouth would, and is always,,, ** I Am So Sorry My Good Brother,,, So Sorry! 🙁
        I Just want You To Know That **I Never,,, Ever** Meant Any Of Those Nasty Names, and Insults, Because Rick (example) You Have Always Been, and Are The Exact Opposite Of The Words That I Called You.

        I Do not want to loose our friendship over this, so please forgive me for my part in all of this, as i have already forgotten, and did so when i saw you walk away,,, i felt so bad for you.

        Now Karmen,,,, Please tell me what is missing in this Life Story (Of Sorts) that happens all around the world everyday, stuff about 2 friends having a fight, and wanting to put it all aside decide to make-up, and never, ever bring-it up again, or Bury The Hatchet, Sort Of Speak.

        No I Was Not Joking Brother, As I Do Really Like, And Respect You Immensely. And “NO Karmen”,lol, i am not just saying this to kiss ass or win you over as a friend, or anything the like. But what i am instead doing is simply telling-it like it is brother, and that’s the truth, i am just telling you the sincere honest truth my man.

        Man,,,,, And That **Best Regards** It does it to me every time brother. I Cannot put it into words but *(I WILL GIVE ER A SHOT)* To me when you write this It’s like a Nice Christmas Day/Evening where it is very mild out, and some nice huge snowflakes are slowly falling on the beautiful/colorful Christmas Lights, & Trees.

        The Fireplace is on,,, All of your Family from all over the place are there, and Digging into a Freshly Cooked/Sliced massive Turkey. And when you come in the house after Sweeping the porch from an inch of light snow,,, (The Smell) of all that Delicious food, The (Children’s Laughter) And, the Adults (Talking/Laughing) with each other in (So, So Happy To See Each Other), and speaking in such a happy tone. 🙂


        1. @thedre
          Andre, many time nems and i have debated issues, and many times we have corrected each other. and each of those times, i have acknowledged may mistakes and apologised , and just as many times i have seen nems acknowledge his mistakes and apologise.
          As i said earlier – the guy you describe is NOT the guy who i have experience of. And in not a fool as far as such things are concerned

          total Honesty, as you respect.

          I dont know what to say anymore Andre.

          You can either draw a firm line under the past – and move ONLY forward,
          Or you can carry on feeling bitter about things that
          a) May have been misconstrued
          b) Should have been forgotten a long time ago.

          It is a matter for you now, im not a fool – and i can see that it is YOU who are angry and hurting through this.
          There is nothing more i can or will say regarding this pointless, unnecessary issue.
          How you feel about this all, going forward, is down to your choice Andre

          Carry in being angry – or dont.
          I know which i would prefer, and i know which would be best for you.
          Best regards

          1. @Karmen40
            Just to let you know Karm,,, Nemes has Never Ever, Apologized to me after i Sincerely Apologised for the bad names that i had called him, & such!

            And i did this (Apologize) at least a half dozen times before. But i was disappointed that he never for a minute stop, & say *(I’m Sorry Too Andre)*

            I Would love nothing more than to make-up with Nemes, and for “Us All” to be able to (All Talk Together), And have some great fun like The Old Days, but sadly,,, i do not think that the feeling is mutual. 🙁

            Would You please talk to him to feel him out and see if what i am wishing for is something realistic, or simply a pipe dream.If you could Karm,,, i would be , being able to feel part of the crew again, and laugh with you’s while your combined wit floors me all the time. 🙂

            But only If You feel
            Comfortable Enough
            in doing-so Karm.
            Thank-You Brother.
            Andre. 🙂

          1. @honkeykong
            Double Negative. Ha, like, “Ain’t did Nuffin”.
            I’ll try to open my mind listen to one hop hop song every day.
            Honestly though, I have a very open mind about music.
            I’ve tried hop hop but I just don’t like it. I can’t tolerate any kind of country music either. I’m ok with almost anything else.
            Oh yeah…you’re some kind of a fag or whatever.

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