Algerian Soldiers Drag Corpses of Men Allegedly Responsible for Terrorist Attack

Algerian Soldiers Drag Corpses of Men Allegedly Responsible for Terrorist Attack

Algerian Soldiers Drag Corpses of Men Allegedly Responsible for Terrorist Attack

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows Algerian soldiers dragging men allegedly responsible for a terrorist attack in which 12 soldiers died two days ago in the Damous Mountains, Tipaza, Algeria.

The alleged terrorists appears to be already dead, so the soldiers are dragging corpses. The corpses are half naked, with their franks and beans exposed to the world.

Props to Best Gore member @ouazahouari for the video:

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94 thoughts on “Algerian Soldiers Drag Corpses of Men Allegedly Responsible for Terrorist Attack”

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      1. Surely they learn at Muslim school that once your victim is dead, removing the undies and pants completely off reduces drag and friction making the task of dragging your trophy around town less tiring. Therefore more fellow muzzies can appreciate your handy work……

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      And they were dragging the naked corpses into the bushes to give their rounds. You know, “Out of sight, out of mind” kinda thing..

    1. We got more than Richard the third to worry about. Has anyone noticed the lack of isis videos? That’s because they are all in europe waiting to be armed and turn on us. That’s exactly how they killed every christian in the middle east and made those countries muslim. They’re preparing to genocide us make no mistake. We need guns

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  1. The dead terrorist ; looks to be an ostrich now ……… by the time wherever he is being taken to ; his neck is gonna detach for sure; and them algerians won’t even know where his body below shoulder is gone.
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          1. You can still fight by someone’s side who’s been simply framed for no fault of his or who’s been innocent & been denied justice and still feel like one and be a Hero .Look around there may be many hapless and those who have lived their lives in total despair , wanting a glimmer of hope to brighten up their lives but have lived in utter hopelessness because they couldn’t fight for their own rights in seeking justice .
            You can still be proud when you do something worthwhile to the cause of the society ya are living in .
            Best of luck !

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  4. There is a post on here where a dude fell down some rocks. Landed ass up having shit himself. Someone shared their mom always told them to poop before leaving the house because you never know what might happen. I guess now ‘put a belt on before going to a gun fight’ is getting added to the list of BG wisdom.

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