Alleged Aftermath of Ukrainian Plane Shot Down in Iran

Alleged Aftermath of Ukrainian Plane Shot Down in Iran

Alleged Aftermath of Ukrainian Plane Shot Down in Iran

This video purports to show the aftermath of the downing of the Ukrainian plane that happened in Iran. It shows a number of bodies splattered on the road or over a barb-wired fence, who look as though they fell from some height.

After the shot-down, former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA Philip Giraldi wrote an article published in the American Herald Tribune stating that the U.S. launched several cyber-attacks, one on an Iranian missile defense system, and another on the transponder of the downed Ukrainian plane. Plus there is also the email exchange posted by Wikileaks, which claimed that Russia gave Israel codes to access Iran’s Tor-M1 air-defense systems.

Still, Iran has taken responsibility for the attack, and admitted to “unintentionally” shooting down 737, which seems to be entirely in line with the prediction I made in a comment before the downing of the plane. Also relevant is the fact that alleged Ukrainian arms dealer Olena Malakhova, whose company SkyAviaTrans has reportedly been supplying arms in Libya under a humanitarian aid front, was on the downed plane.

Props to Best Gore member @jacobthegreat for the video:

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    1. I worked a plane crash at Kennedy Airport in NYC in ’78. Eastern Airlines – Wind Shear forced the jet to clip a runway marker light in a marsh just outside the airport boundary. Jet nosedived and slammed into a dirt berm by the highway just outside the airport. One survivor. A flight Attendant who was in the tail section. The sights were pretty much the same as this video. Aside from the sudden fear or being startled, they died quick. Most decapitated because of the sudden force of ther fast moving jet slamming to almost a complete halt.

    1. Ok. I checked this Olen Malakova. That girl was sure up to mischief. Yes , as I thought she did supply the US/Turco /headchopper faction of GNA.
      So who benefits! Israel and Saud! Both benefit by shooting that plane down and blaming Iran . Two birds with one stone. Israel benefits because it makes life hard for Turkey- wanting to stop Israels’s East Med Connector. Saud although a headchopper hates Turkey presently as well . Both Saud and Israel sock it to Iran ,who they hate and to America! Why to America? ‘Cause it shows America that the two will act independently of the US to knock out America’s mate of the moment in Libya -Turkey-and Washington can’t do shit about it. Those Zios are nothing if not crafty.

      Although all are despicable regimechangers ,remember they are like whores who have had a falling out over a favourite dress or man! The hair will fly and they will kiss, make up and bitch about someone new the very next day! Bitches!

  1. Israel given codes of Iranian Tor? That article was printed in 2012 . A lot has happened simce then especially Gaddafi’s murder and Syrian Invasion. Even if true ,plenty of time and motive for Russia to ensure that Iran was able to patch those codes so they could fight the common enemy ie ZioYankeenatostan.

    Certainly ,transponders can and are switched off and can be spoofed(i love that term ,that means ” has been cummed on ” in Aus).

    I still say it was a manpad launched by zionatoyankee commandos or home- grown lackeys.

    On a different note ,the genuine shock and despair of those witnesses walking around is palpable. Very sad. We are but sacks of meat and guts.

  2. I’d hope I would be the guy impaled on the fence… at least identifiable.

    – but then again, being the messy, blob mess, would be one good way to stick it to my family one last time to try and “identify” me.

    1. The guy on the fence looks like he was placed there or actually died there. He didn’t fall from a great height because that would not only have destroyed the wooden fence, it would have destroyed part of the wall too. He also wasn’t catapulted from the ground impact because that too would have destroyed the wooden fence.
      Wanna know what “Inspector Hunter” thinks? No? Fuck you, I’m tellin’ ya anyway.
      I think it’s a local who saw what was coming, tried to get away, and died whilst climbing over the fence/wall.
      Case closed; promotion to Chief Inspector Hunter imminent! :p

      1. @robc Accurate spot on reporting.
        Me thinks the guy on the fence had been there a while. Notice the bruises all over his arms etc???
        I think he was subject to some homo Iranian caning a few days before and its coincidence that he was in the wrong place/wrong time.
        I’m on the fence about this though.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            he looks like he has the remnants of a football strip on, its true!
            This plane was waxed at at very low altitude, still climbing, the big skid in the picture suggests that something hit the ground and completely disintegrated. In my opinion, it is possible that the body on the fence… along with maybe others…. came down with part of the fuselage and were flurted out at last min/low, so could have ended up strewn across a fence. whereas the people ejected when the missiles first hit fly to the ground at same trajectory and splat.
            Its a grim analasis. I supose that one can really only know about such a situation from being there and seeing it.

        1. I have never been on a building site in my life; I leave those jobs to people who spent their childhood and teens playing with lego blocks. All the steel I have encountered is nice and shiny so forgive my error of thinking it might be wood. Obviously I’ve not been around the skid-row type areas in my life like where you were raised so your experience in what those areas are like naturally exceeds mine.
          Now go back to eating your crayons. You’re dismissed.

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      2. You guys seem to think that a body falling from an aircraft that’s falling at 200mph landing on a barbed wire fence is gonna look like this?… And the body isn’t gonna slice through like butter?
        That body on the fence was PLACED there… Open your fucking eyes & engage brain.
        Irrelevant if the fence was wood or steel.
        The barbed wire should have diced that body into pieces of it hit it with any real amount of impact force.
        The blobs on the ground look more like how bodies react falling from that height.

        1. Which, Jimbo, is kinda what I said, though I said a high falling body or one flung from a ground impact would destroy the fence. I presumed people would be intelligent enough to conclude on their own that the body would also have been destroyed. I also said that the body was either placed there or it was someone trying to escape what was coming and didn’t make it…possibly killed by the blast or a piece of wreckage that hit him.

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            A person on the ground, somehow ended up on that fence though… But I don’t really give a fuck about them cunts anyway.

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  3. I guess I am in the minority to think that wrought iron fence broke his fall. look at his back it is completely deflated, cracked all the way!
    other guy was probably really fat and just exploded on impact

    1. Landing on barbed wire at free fall speed from a height will slice through the body like butter though… I have seen what a body hitting barbed wire fence at 70mph does before, and it shreds through. It does not just look as though it was dumped on top of the fence as it appears here.

  4. What’s funny is this is the carnage of a real civilian airliner accident! now looking back to 9/11 and the “so called” airliner that crashed into the pentagon LMAO, no bodies, no aircraft parts IE wheels, seats, engines, Etc and people actually believe a fucking aircraft hit that bldg LMAO, anyone believing that shit is a real fucking moron if they think a few wooden spools scattered around the lawn of the pentagon is the remaining wreckage of a civilian airliner , Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

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