Alleged Burglar Is Murdered in Caruaru, Brazil

Alleged Burglar Is Murdered in Caruaru, Brazil

A man appearing to be between 18 and 25 years old was shot dead in the early evening on Monday October 3, 2016, on the BR 232 highway in Caruaru, Brazil. He was riding a black motorcycle Honda XRE 300 and was killed with a shot in the arm and another in the chest.

Even though the identity of the victim has not been determined, it is believed that the individual was a burglar. The bike he was riding had been reported stolen, and he had on his person various other stolen items. It is also not known who shot him.

This was Caruaru’s 3rd murder of October, and 166th of the year 2016. In other words, one person is murdered each day on average in Caruaru.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Alleged Burglar Is Murdered in Caruaru, Brazil”

      1. Girl or guy, no one deserves to die. Unless, you’re trying to blow up the world. Then pretty much you have a welcoming to hell. I remember when my mom told me to go to hell. I told her I was already there because I was living with her. Haha, stupid bitch.

  1. oh no, there’s that “alleged” word again. it won’t take long for the moral high ground police to arrive and have a cry. even though their husbands are overseas, illegally in foreign countries, killing innocent civilians for the u.s. military.

  2. The faggot had a sizeable loot on his person but then again the mode he chose to flee away from the scene with , turned out be his own nemesis.
    BTW when its Brazil those flip-flops and the hordes of on lookers by the crime scene never disappoint .

      1. I’m scarier looking than that mate, it’s a marble bust. check out the chapel of sansevero and look at the stuff in there it’s mind boggling and we definitely cannot recreate it now.

        Definitely better than a pink one eyed blob.

    1. I don’t get why people would murder someone over stolen goods. i guess in brazil stealing is worse than murder. also risk going to jail for murder. i think in brazil a good chunk of murders are never solved and the murderer gets away.

  3. Weird looking man, first impression I thought I wAs looking @ a womAn.
    maybe he was a transvestite!!!.

    Also if a yeAr (365dys) is broken in two equal pArts you would get something like 180 days which would land you somewhere around July 1st.
    this transvestite was killed in the first week of October.
    if there wAs A murder a day in cAruaru this would have been something like the 300th homicide of the year.
    In other words there’s A murder in CAruaru on Average once every other day.
    Don’t mean to sound like a ssmartass though!!

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