Alleged Rapist is Killed and Dumped in Piranha-Infested Water

Alleged Rapist is Killed and Dumped in Piranha-Infested Water

An alleged rapist was lynched in Brazil and then dumped into piranha-infested waters. By the time he was fished out, the piranha had reduced his head to just the skeleton.

That’s the official story. whether or not it’s true, you can’t help but wonder at how this man’s head was reduced to the skull without any of the traditional swelling and decomposition of the rest of the body seen in bodies taken out of the water. Pretty damn cool, though.

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  1. Looks like the piranha’s went for his head, they should of went for his other head considering hes an alleged rapist. But then again, people could spread lies. But this time it’s true because he’s black. :p

    1. The article implies his body wasn’t in the water long enough for the entire thing to be consumed by the piranhas. Considering he is fully clothed, I would guess they started with the little bits sticking out like ears, lips, and nose. It seems logical they would start with the easily accessible parts, this would explain the hair left on top his head too. Why fight through clothing and hair when there’s quick access to the face?

    1. It’s interesting that any quality chef will tell you that the cheek is one of the best parts of an animal to eat…Piranhas may indeed be vultures (scavengers) but is seems they also have good taste!

      1. And…Yes, good call @Judge. This feast was postmortem. It’s common knowledge among ethologists that Piranha attacks on live humans do happen, but are extremely rare…The myth is great ammunition for fiction though…

      1. Yes @Gnat, I’ve also witnessed human intervention “tank Piranhas” cannibalizing each other alive (was pretty gruesome!) I think in their natural indigenous environment, they are mostly scavengers…I’m not an expert so who knows…

          1. Opportunist would be a better description. They eat what they can. If you dropped a worm in a tank of them it would be gone. If you put your hand in the tank they would most likely hide.

          2. Opportunistic… Yes… They still ate living flesh… I’m not an expert … But would anybody go skinny dipping with a school of piranha?… Any takers?… Just let me know… I just happen to know someone with at least three dozen of the “scavengers”… Anybody?…

    1. Can you imagine the struggling body, the gurgling muffled screams , the water bubbling with blood …piranhas would probably start on the eyes, then the tongue, then the cheeks…. all while he was drowning in terror…

  2. This was taken right out of the SPECTRE Bond Villian Handbook by Ernst Blofeld with his chapter called Tanks for the Memories! I believe the piranha tank was in You Only Live Twice (1967).

  3. My understanding is that there about 20 different species of piranha, some being more aggressive than others and they become more aggressive during certain seasons. I have seen footage of a large animal being eaten alive while swimming, so all depending the type of piranha and the availability of food I’m sure they would happily dine on human flesh. They are known to cannibalis themselves so I don’t think they are all that picky, after all we are just meat, maybe not so tasty.

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