Alleged Rapist Lynched and Set on Fire in Brazil

Alleged Rapist Lynched and Set on Fire in Brazil

In pussy whipped countries, rapists are demonized more than intergalactic, laser eyed, toenail fungus infected muppets. Brazil is pussy whipped.

This video from São Paulo, Brazil shows alleged rapist being dragged down muddy dirt road, doused with gasoline and set on fire. The alleged rapist had clearly been lynched and beaten enough to not be able to defend himself in any way. Nothing like being abducted by flip flops wearing, pussy whipped Da Silvas.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Lynched and Set on Fire in Brazil”

  1. Rapists need to get demonized more and more. Especially child rapists. They get a fucking slap on the wrist in this country. Rapists deserve the worst deaths imaginable. Long, painful, and full of suffering.

    1. Although I agree with you on that punishment I just hope this guy was truly guilty. Most of the time when a women said she was raped she telling the truth but in a place like this where if your accused of rape they fucking lynch you on the word of the women then females would be more likely to lie maybe even by the orders of her brother of some other entity. I’m glad I line in the United States. NYC forever bitches.

      1. Bullshit. Woman use rape as a means to get their way when they can’t be bothered to deserve it. When a woman screams rape, 9 out of 10 times she’s lying. That’s a very conservative estimate by the way. realistically it would be more like 1 out of 50.

        1. While I’m not arguing with you that far too many dumb bitches use rape as an excuse for whatever stupid encounter they regret, it’s more often legit than not. However, I do know some chick who called “rape” on a guy because she got caught by her parents, and I do regret not punching her in the face for going so far as to press charges. Fucking people.

      2. Yeah you are right. Many stupid bitches just call it because they feel like it. But I am just saying, those who actually commit the act of rape just because they wanted to do deserve whatever bad they get their way. It’s pretty bad when a girl or woman can’t even walk anywhere past 9 at night without some sick fucks lurking in the dark. Just because some stupid ass females want to be stupid doesn’t mean rape shouldn’t go punished. Some of these people act as if rape doesn’t exist anymore and it’s just lies by women all of the time.

    2. Oh come on you can’t tell me you agree with this. Punishment way exceeds what he did. If they raped him, I would be ok with it but beating the shit out of him and then setting him on fire to burn to death is stupid.
      I even doubt they have any evidence of him doing something. I bet some girl just came crying she said he raped her and they all went lynch happy. I am not gonna come out and say I know what is to be raped but it surely isn’t as bad as this.

      1. Afternoon Ivan…I agree fully with your first half of your comment.
        “If” he was truly guilty, undeniably guilty, I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. Not murder. The beating, a nice severe beating, would have pleased me.

    3. considering the majority of ‘RAPE” is false accusations, that would be a bit unfair for many men wouldn’t it? I am not gonna even talk about rape that happens by lesbians agaisnt other women and the real statistics of rape.

      1. Actually the majority of rapes are true cases, but rape alot of cases tend to go unreported, and then a majority of them get little to no jail time or even punishments. When a rape does come to light, most of the time the victim gets blamed for having a dirty, evil vagina and daring to leave the house. When the rapist do get punished, the victim gets blamed even more while giving sympathies to the rapist, about how they “ruined” the guys life, and should have just stayed quiet or “enjoyed” it, since it was her fault after all. WE live in a victim blaming culture, which is why people like you think a MAJORITY of rape is false.

        1. I fully agree with you on this, you nailed it. On a side note I also agree on silly bitches making false accusations just so she’s not made out to be a “whore” because she slept with that guy, those bitches right there are the ones who make the true victims look bad and I think those bitches need to lined up and Lynched as well!

      1. If a member of my family raped you and this extremely evil shit happened to him, I would hunt your ass down and apply to your flesh the excess of his punishment. Meaning that I would burn your raped ass up alive.

          1. Why not?
            Idiot feminists like MaliciousGinger up here represent a bigger problem with society today. Got “raped” the first time, put someone in jail for 10 years. Then didn’t go back to the kitchen. Still brought that dirty pussy out and put it where it got fucked again. Someone other than herself had to be blamed for that and go to jail again.

            Once beaten twice shy. But for the bitch up stairs it’s ‘twice beaten never shy’. I guess she’s hunting for the next sex regret that she’ll use as an excuse to bring down another man. Feminist Idiot. May you forever remain a stupid ‘fictim’ and continue to be “raped” until your pussy expires completely.

  2. Rape? the mofo probably owed someone money, or had some negative impact on some dudes papers. Rape is just an excuse in places like these to shut someone up who’s been adversely affecting your stream.

  3. Well at least they shot the guy 4 times first before burning him . That is why he did not move 1 inch after being lit up. No matter how beat-up you are your arms will still move back and fourth and you would expect him to scream. Fuckin brutal man !

  4. The problem with street justice is that it is often coordinated and carried out by half-wits who enjoy the violence and applauded by the sheep.

    Its like the witch hunts of the past, emotionally unbalanced people caught up in the herd effect and often the result is that innocent people die.

    I’m not saying to let people get away with their crimes but there has to be some form of due process, there has to be a system of evidence and deduction to establish fact and once that fact has been established the law must be applied hard.

    Rape is an interesting problem in that it is a real crime but also can be used as a weapon against an innocent man.

    Was the women raped outright, ie, dragged into an alleyway and raped, was she very drunk and couldn’t remember the night or whether or not she gave consent, did she wake up next to an ugly man and decide that it was rape, did she claim rape when her boyfriend or husband found out, these questions need to be asked.

    Rape is an awful crime but there are many variables that may show lies from where truth was once claimed, that is why due process is needed because the alternative is that we automatically take peoples words as fact and start murdering people left right and centre regardless of guilty or innocent.

      1. Perhaps you mean to say empty has no need to be so didactic? Esoteric is certainly not the word to describe this post. Rape is as current and poignant as any topic. Besides, @empty makes a good point and is entitled to make it in any way he wishes. Just my .02

      2. Hi Ionicbond,

        I tend to state an argument as a basic template to create discussion with the idea of constructive debates arising as a result and not because it is not understood by the majority.

        I do the above out of courtesy for the hard work that goes into this website because otherwise, and I am guilty of this myself, there would be hardly any constructive input related to the presented matter and mostly just jokes and off-shoot conversations taking place.

        There is nothing wrong with jokes and conversations and it does keep the BG community closer but for the sake of balance I do throw in a few, at times blatantly obvious, statements.

        I therefore apologise for my esotericism.

        1. uh, yeah then I have a job for you at CNN…realy though, how about stating something along the lines about what i mentioned: e.g. about how in these lower income societies, Rape has become the ways and means of making people pay or make good on their debt, silencing folks who have ALTERNATIVE views about their local bureaucracy. Your above post about rape is at most a children’s view of
          the definition.

          1. @Ionicbond,

            The reason why I didn’t relate my comment to lower income societies is because rape is not just a problem for lower income societies, it is universal and so is street justice.

            I could have gone into that aspect but motivation and reasoning and the actual act of rape are separate entities, yes, they can effect one another but they are never the less separate.

          2. Empty, my point is that in lower income communities, RAPE is used as how the accusation of WITCHCRAFT was used in 19th century and prior Western societies to justify a MOB Justice. i.e. accuse someone of being a witch or (rapist)…that’s it… CASE CLOSED. if you want to open intellectual discussion, touch on that…especially since they kill folks for just being accused of such things.

    1. Well said.

      Often too I think with these street justice things going on, a mob mentality takes over, and it gets to a point where it doesn’t even matter if the person is guilty, or if the punishment is equal to the crime, all that matters is satisfying some primitive urge that has been unleashed in them.

      1. Kind like when a pack of dogs get started on a mauling. One starts it and it just breeds upon itself further escalating out of control. When it burns itself out , the participants then go home, chill and are more or less respectable acting.

  5. They shot him 3-4 times before setting him on fire, and he survived? .. Or was it just firecrackers? Didnt hear enough screaming when putting him on fire, so thats quite dull… The Samis(?) here in Sweden have a reputation of cutting off the cock of the alleged pedophile/rapist, and then put it into their mouth and sew it shut. Then let him get dragged by reindeers all naked through the unhabited, cold areas.

    1. @Schraii, I like the sound of that.
      On that note I ask one favor of you my new friend…next time there is a rapist be sure your dealing with an innocent man and have a quality video camera, then proceed with the punishment. Then be a true BestGore member and get it posted ASAP.

  6. Poor bastard could have been innocent. Some crazy bitch whom he could have been in a relationship with must have claimed rape after they broke up or some shit. Not much different that North America if you think about it.

  7. I’m all for burning rapists, but did he actually do anything. People pretend to be all righteous and good and pure, but in reality if people have a chance to experience what it’s like to burn someone alive and get away with it, they will take it. I’d bet you my left leg….no wait, my pinky finger…. no, okay I’d bet you a dollar this guy was innocent.

    1. Then how do you explain this? “Uganda Kill the Gays Bill: Horrific Bill Will Promote Anti-LGBT Violence in Africa” “Western governments and those of other countries, some of whom have threatened to cut off financial aid to Uganda…”
      Oh WAIT…I think you might be right

  8. Beat, drag, and burn. Just another group of idiots that give street justice a bad name. Make sure the person is guilty. Ask around and do your homework and be 100% sure before doing anything such as this. Lynchings are scary as hell because you could just be walking for a cup of coffee and some asshole says hey it’s a rapist and the whole town gangs up on you even if you was innocent. What a crock of shit!

  9. With these kind of jungle justice savages in the community, it appears this could happen to anyone. It seems in Brazil someone just needs to accuse you of something then it’s all over, the dogs are already on you before you have a chance to explain anything. Too bad

  10. Jusuf: Record this shit!
    Ivan: How do i start this toaster?
    Jusuf: Click the power button
    Ivan: Found it!
    Jusuf: That was some brutaly shit right there! did you get it all Ivan?
    Ivan: Sure, but i couldn’t get all the trees and stones on camera at the same time!

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