Alleged Thief Strung Up and Beaten in India

Alleged Thief Strung Up and Beaten in India

A migrant labourer identified as Ram Singh was accused of theft by his employer and he was subject to a brutal beating for over half an hour inside a Punjab factory in Amritsar, Punjab State, India back in October, 2015. He later died as a result of his injuries.

Ram was strung up and then ruthlessly beaten by his accuser while others looked on and even encouraged it. A voice in the background speaks up, saying that they should stop, but no one pays them any mind.

Ram’s wife, Raji, says that her husband had been receiving threats about the suspected stolen goods and then the next day, they came back, forcibly removed Ram from their home in Khankot village and drove him to the factory where he was beaten until he succumbed to his injuries. SHO (station house officer) Mohkampura Narinder Kaur of the local police has opened a case on the factory owner, identified as Jaspreet Singh, and two other individuals. All three are currently on the run.

African Angel has posed an interesting question to me in this submission and I want to pass it on to you…which is worse? To beat the man to death or to film it, do nothing, or encourage it?

Mad props to @african-angel.

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    1. It’s funny but damn!!! I could see beating a man to death depending on how the way he stole something, or what did he steal, but just to beat a man to death cause he stole something? Thats bizarre a thief is a looser but death shouldn’t be a result of punishment . they say “you kill with sword, you die by the sword”, not steal sword and die by it.

      1. I did a bit of online searching, and the further stories say that during the 34 minute beating, it started with what we saw then ended with a few others beating him with a iron or metal bar, then threw him in the street when they were done to die of his injuries.
        My theory is: maybe Ram Singh witnessed someone else in thievery and that person used the poor man as an escape goat. What do u think?

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          1. Haha I remember watching that video when I was in middle school. I thought it was the worst thing ever, but now I think it’s pretty tame compared to stuff on here XD

    1. Very true. Years ago, I cooking and watching tv when I heard someone mowing (it was ten at night) and I heard a dragging noise. About fifteen minutes later I heard a woman weakly asking for help. Looked out the Windows of my apartment but couldn’t see her. I call 911 then she stops. It was twenty minutes or so and she starts again. I lived alone at the time and was scared, but more angry nobody showed up. So I put on some sweat pants and stick one of those big knives down the waist band, go outside around the side of the building and here is this young white girl on her back with her pants partly down. This cop and another guy come running down the street while I was trying to talk to her. Then she starts gagging. I turn her by her shoulders and the cop is yelling at me not to touch her. Long story short, they get her to the hospital where she almost had alcohol poisoning. Spent the night in ICU and did ok. Found out she was only 13 yrs old!
      That still haunts me yrs later. I still can see her short red hair and pale skin. But very glad I went outside.

  1. “which is worse? To beat the man to death or to film it, do nothing, or encourage it?”

    Which is worse?… To do nothing…

    You’re worth is measured by your actions or your inactions…

    Question: “Well… What did you do to make sure this didn’t happen again?…”

    Answer: “Nothing…”

    Would anybody want me to say that if I witnessed someone stealing from any SOB’s house?… I’d like to think not…

  2. ?which is worse? To beat the man to death or to film it, do nothing, or encourage it??

    The above is basically how human societies operate, one person acts, some support, some oppose and most do nothing and remain silent. It is in this sense that those who do nothing and remain silent actually encourage the person carrying out the action the most because those who do not oppose give their consent, willingly or not.

    Unfortunately non-action is a form of self preservation because opposition can be dangerous and so most just go along with whatever happens so as to get through life unscathed.

    Conformity of the masses is one of our greatest survival tools but it is also one of our greatest weaknesses as well because it leaves us open to being manipulated and used by those with rotten hearts.

  3. I’d say that actually beating a man to death is worse. You’re doing it yourself- the people standing around doing nothing might be directly or indirectly encouraging you, but you’re the one actually killing someone.

    And if you’re filming it, you’re documenting what actually happened. Then it can be shared on sites like this so people can see reality.

    Of course, this is just my opinion in general. Every situation is different, and everyone has different morals, so there’s no objective answer.

        1. “In most cases, being a bystander is still bad, but it?s not the same.”

          So… If stood by and watched a woman getting raped but didn’t do anything about it… Would I be innocent?… Nope…

    1. So… Respectively… Would you let someone take food from your child?s mouth and not do nothing?… I wouldn’t…

      Would you let them take food from your own mouth?… I’d like to think you wouldn’t…

      If a man or woman was going to take food from my children’s mouth… You damn right I’d turn their head into a canoe…

      Justified… As far as I’m concerned…

        1. So.. I take it that you wouldn’t condone that behavior…

          Of course every “situation” is different until it’s staring you in the face…

          I don’t mean to be overly confronting… But if you don’t do anything about it… It’s gonna keep on happening until someone does something about it…

          Just saying…

    2. If their is evidence that proves hes a thief beyond a reasonable doubt then id watch with excitement, phone in hand. Otherwise I’d prolly intervene. In this case it looks personal, their is more going on than “stolen goods”, I’d wager.

  4. Not sure if I’ll be on tomorrow but I’d like to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving or, as it’s also known, “North America Hijack Day”. Be safe and have fun my fellow BG family; you all fucking rock! πŸ™‚

          1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! @deadohiosky, we go thru the same, multiple meals. At every place we get the ‘is that all you’re gonna eat? What, don’t you like it?’ speech. So, basically, we get to feel like shit at multiple places, offending everyone. Yay holidays.

          2. @evilwitch
            You just nailed it exactly lol. They get offended and don’t quite seem to understand you don’t want to have to be air lifted back home at the end of the night. One of the downfalls of marriage…

            It’s good to see family but by the end of the day I’m definitely glad to be home. It’s pretty draining, especially when your trying to tote a 4 year old around at the same time. He’s usually not a happy camper by the end of the night but who could blame him?

  5. Big whoop, everyone steals from work. I stole a box of paper clips just to see how many I can shove up my nose at once. 15, 8 in my right nostril but only 7 in my left one. I’m not nostril proportionate apparently. : (

  6. Where on the scale are we the best gore gawpers? i mean we want to be entertained or why else are we here? i do’nt wanna get in a verbal tennis match with some bleeding heart and do’nt get me wrong, some poor bastard being tortured does not give me the wood, but punishing some robbing fuckwit with a slap on his arse whilst trussed up like the christmas turkey is hardly the crime of the century, if the twat dies during said punishment, well, thats another story, humans are a brutal fucking species eh?..nuff said, hey the fuck ho.

  7. Far too sadistic, if you ask me. But hey, that’s a usual occurrence on countries like mine. Although I agree that this is a bit far fetched for uhm, work-related theft, I am inclined to think that he was beaten up not because of theft but because of personal reasons. No one knows what that might be (except for them, of course lol).

    As for the question, I think that can be answered based on a person’s moral standpoint. Those who encourage it are as sadistic as those who are doing it but perhaps of legal reasons, they won’t partake of the killing. Those who watched it and did nothing probably enjoy watching but would neither condemn nor condone it or think that they can do nothing about it – maybe because they’d get beaten up themselves if they did something or they don’t want to get involved, etc.- the Bystander Effect, as they call it. Those who, however, offer help have a high sense of altruism and well, not a lot of people have that kind of thing.

    Any of those, IMO, are as bad as the murder itself but you can’t blame people for how they act either because that’s the way our brains are wired. Some condone it, some condemn it, some apathetic and some repulsed.

  8. That killed him ?
    I didn’t hear him once try to yell out the safe word.
    And as an answer to African Angels Question the real crime was the vertical filming of this the camera man should be beaten next.

    1. I must admit to feeling that way about people who go out of their way to find someone or something to feel outraged about. Most of them can be found hanging around college campus’, but they are also easily spotted elsewhere due to their penchant for wearing Che t-shirts.

        1. Ehehe, i’d be pleased to “take care” of those as well. πŸ˜† I gotta remember to make the walls noise insulated, or people will hear outside… Also if i get enough space, add a crematory to dispose of the bodies or limbs, and some filter for the smoke so people outside wont smell the burned flesh and organs… πŸ˜•

  9. That is a good question with questions within. Each person there has their own comfort level of participation and probably similar limits on what to do when the line to far has been crossed. The person saying stop has more balls than the “good cop” in america. At least this person protests audibly. So before I click on the video link above I do hope the entire thirty minute video was sent in and posted. Is that wrong?

    1. You’re a fucking idiot. Your morality is verily indeed warped and you’re using a man’s transgression to satisfy you’re own depraved desires. Your fucking trash. I’d put up with thievery every day of y life if it meant being rid of you immoral flea bitten scum. Punishment is one thing, but they obviously showed no restraint and committed murder. They are the one’s on the run now. Murdered someone over something petty as material possession. Trading life for an object is a bunch of bullshit and furthermore, they tortured him to death. Breaking and entering, kidnapping, torture, and murder in a mafia mob boss fashion. You don’t think their actions are questionable?

      You want to be an idiot, die like one and go jump off a cliff.

  10. Victim –> Allegedly stole. (Alleged – accused without proof or evidence)
    Group –> Breaking and entering, kidnapping, torture, murder and now evading law enforcement.

    Who’s actions are more questionable here?

    Even if he did steal, these people, along with any who agree with them, are filth and are a putrid stain upon the planet. I understand how it feels. I’ve had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen from me, and there’s nothing i’d like better than to teach the dude a lesson, but i’d never consider taking his life. Valuing material possession over life down plays your own moral values and draws your character into question.

    As for the questions
    “To beat the man to death or to film it, do nothing, or encourage it”

    To me. the first two inquiries between beating and filming. There is no distinction as you’re still condoning it and hence are another accomplice. If we’re talking about passing by and recording it instead of doing anything, I say acting is much more important than getting it on video. Video can be good for legal proceedings, but it’s after everything has been done and there’s nothing you can do to change what has been done. In that moment of the event, it will test who you really are. Will you act and make a difference? Or will you stay silent knowing that wrong is being done and you only speak when it’s too late?

    If caught these people will be held accountable for their actions, but the dude’s life is lost and the future he and his loved ones had is now destroyed. To me of the choices listed, beating a man to death is deplorable, taking part in it and filming it is equally disgusting, encouraging such actions is enraging but doing nothing to stop it… how do you look yourself in the mirror? Maybe it’s easy for one that does not care.

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