Alleged Video of Russian Pilots Shot Down by Turkey

Alleged Video of Russian Pilots Shot Down by Turkey

Video released from the Free Syrian Army (remember them?) alleging to show the recovery of one of the Russian pilots who crash-landed in Syria as they crossed Turkish air space. Turkey maintains that they gave the pilots several warnings and that they were completely justified in their actions. Quite.

I hear now that the surviving pilot has been rescued via some James Bond bullshit, but we’ll see what comes of that.

Mad props to African Angel.

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  1. Most people would want to capture a pilot their more valuable than the mud puppies…they say Putin confirmed that he was safe rescued by Syrian and Russian special forces.
    This is what happens when you put automatic weapons in an animals hands…sub human fucks.

        1. its still secured if the other one have been rescued and still safe.
          as like anywhere else, its almost impossible to secure wild land. its similar shit in ivory coast and almost every country in war. its constant fight and shit.

          on the fun way :
          its amazing how an russian plane have been down by turkey for thanksgiving XD (bad fucking words joke, i know)

  2. R.I.P. My Russian Brother. Don,t worry, your death will not be in vain. Being the only nation fighting against the real terrorist, this is bound to win you some support from the truth seekers, at home, and abroad. Putin must keep exposing the Zio machine, and bringing out the proof, and sooner, or later, more, and more will take notice, and demand answers.

      1. And what exactly did that accomplish? He also dropped 1000’s of supplies, weapons, etc to help the terrorists, then claimed the drops got into the wrong hands. Notice we haven’t heard of US pilots being captured or blown up? That’s because they’re friendlies. At least Putin is actually making progress with his military actions.

    1. Lol, why is putin there in Syria? To save his Syrian civilian brothers? Or to pie and get some petrollium like US did in Iraq? Oh of course, Putin loves bearded/brunette/pretty good looking Syrian people and that’s why!

  3. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about this. Turkey gave them warnings, Turkey didn’t give them any warnings, both the pilots are dead, only one of the pilots are dead…

    But there are a few things that I’m sure of. Shooting down the jet was an act of war, and shooting at the pilots as they were parachuting down was a war crime. Turkey supports ISIS, the West is supporting Turkey – further proof that the West supports ISIS. I’ve also heard that apparently Russia is bringing ground to air missiles into the area, but since the terrorists don’t have planes, it means that Russia is preparing to fight the US.

    Basically, welcome to WW3.

    1. Turkey used the excuse that the Russian Su-24 fighter was warned when he entered Turkey’s air space, the surviving Russian navigator denied the occurence of any warnings issued, and he simply said that the missile hit them unexpectedly when they were crosing a 1Km area at “Normal” speed at 6000 meters of altitude. The turks claimed that they flew the Turkish territory for 17 seconds. During those 17 seconds there wouldnt be enough time to issue a warning, and therefore arming the missiles and firing them, not to mention that military warnings can be both visual as audible, they could have flown in a paralel trajectory to warn them of their violation. The sky was clear, so there’s no excuse they couldnt identify the aircraft as being a bomber, and not a fighter, so in a close analysis, the Turkish F-16 was already armed and ready to engage. The air space they “invaded” was a route they used before that both the Russians and Turkish knew about because it was the route they used for several combat missions against the terrorists. Note that the Turks and Russians had a peace agreement, they were allies, and so a short air space violation is clearly no excuse to shoot down allied air craft… the Turks violate the Greek air space all the time and no Turkish air craft was ever shot down for that either.

      Putin said today that they are yet to reciece a formal appology for the incident from president Erdogan…

      As for the Ground to Air missiles, yeah Moscow has sent a series of S-400 missile system to defend the Latakia air base. It can aim at 80 targets at the same time in an area up to 400Km radius and reaching 4.8Km/s of speed and hit targets of a size of a football according to RT… 😆 They arent kidding arround…

          1. Doesn’t look like Turkey will be kicked out of NATO. IMO Articles I’ve read quoted remarks from UK official saying they would have acted the same as Turkey did, given the same circumstances. O-shit-no pretty much gave his blessing to Turkey.

          2. @WoodWork

            George Abert, Former Air Force Intelligence Analyst said: “Turkey is so militarily inferior to Russia that it is unlikely Turkey would commit an act of war against Russia without encouragement from Washington.

            Volodya Putin also said on Thursday that Russia had given prior information to the United States of the flight path of the plane downed by Turkey on the Syrian border.

            Meanwhile, according to Wikileaks, Turkey violated Greece’s airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone.

      1. Russia is part of BRICS countries, wich is technicly the same crap as NATO. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. So they are pretty well covered on allies, not to mention other allied countries like Iran and Syria, and maybe North Korea.

      2. @TundrazZ,
        I would not be so sure about the NATO strength. Yes, it is overwhelming Russia’s strength by manpower and count of weapons, but the greatest disadvantage is the colorful palette of nations that are allied, hence the only universal communication can be in English which is not native for all of the members, hence there will be communication problems in a real combat.

        And not to forget to mention that for example Slavic nations, that were joined by political force after the fall of USSR and Warsaw Pact, are more brothers with Russians than with Americans or English.

        Hence what should be by your opinion the motivation for (for example) Slovak member of NATO forces to cover by his life for example Portuguese, or Spain or English or American member of the NATO? Not to mention the Turkish member of the NATO forces. Do you recognize Turks as friendly nation to other European nations or do you remember that Europe stood in fight against the Osman empire in the past?

        It is for me unthinkable and I can understand it who it came that US and western European countries gave Turks such weapons as F16 fighter jets instead of sabers.

        One explanation I have – it is just to use Turks in fight against Russians which England an US are trying to destroy since the beginning of 19th century (Napoleon) always by hands of others.

        Fuck US and GB, that I say as a citizen of NATO member country. I would never fight for US or GB interests.

  4. allahu snack bar ! we are strong ! we have kill an pinata men who fall in parachute ! allahu snackbar ! this same guy who have kill dozens of us just by push 1 button on his bomber plane.
    allahu snackbar ! we are going to see who is more strong : sandroach with ak or pocchna with nuclear bomb

    i say … moscow, show those bastard the beauty of the atome god

    allahu E=MC? !

    1. this would be completly stupid from russia. shit happen everytime, that was an error from turkey. russian make error too.

      in same time, turkey is NATO member, the second biggest army of NATO after USA.
      and russia have an peace threat with NATO. a war between them would break this and open door to an war “russian vs NATO” where russian cant win in any way.
      its military error (from both russia and turkey), like i have say, shit happen. nothing going to push in war on both side, they are more civilized than that

      1. We just fucked up your jets and killed few people of yours.. Shit happens I guess. It’s just a prank bro.. yeah fuck off and do not say “Russia vs NATO”… Did you know that Russia has some pretty strong allies? Oh wait you’re uneducated but still had to comment on that topic.

  5. The worlds speeding up
    to nothing
    the real war roars
    like a mythical beast

    mechanical bees
    swarming around the waste
    faster…fasternow into
    the nothingness of speed

    pregnant with bombs
    to be
    it’s all
    downhill from here

    my brother has finished
    his flying
    dropping upon
    a sandled toe

    (Mod. Excerpt from D.Dempsey)

  6. So Turkey warned the Russian fighter jet, not what the surviving pilot says. They don’t even speak the same language. I thought both Turkey and Russia were both fighting ISIS? They are supposed to be fighting the same enemy, Turkey shouldn’t have done this.

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