Altercation in Street Ends with Guy in Flip Flops Getting Stabbed

Altercation in Street Ends with Guy in Flip Flops Getting Stabbed

Altercation in Street Ends with Guy in Flip Flops Getting Stabbed

I don’t have any backinfo. The CCTV footage shows an altercation in a street at night. There’s a guy in the dark shirt getting in the face of a guy wearing flip flops.

The flip flop wearer appears to want to avoid escalation, but the aggressor has none of that and pushes the other guy down over the railing, punching him. Then as a woman appears to want to interfere, the aggressor pulls out a knife and sinks it into the flip flop guy’s chest.

The extent of bleeding and the rapid loss of bodily controls suggest the heart may have been ruptured. Unless rapid first aid was provided, the stabbed guy may not have made it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Altercation in Street Ends with Guy in Flip Flops Getting Stabbed”

    1. You don’t have to guess. People like the black shirt guy are the real problem of this world and a true stopper of achieving progress and utopia. Men are violent by nature, and we will never be able to eradicate that violence from our genes (yes, it’s a genetic instinct). Not all people are smart enough to understand that our animal instincts are a hindrance. This is the reason we wage wars, we spit on other people, and why we won’t ever crawl out of a shit hole. Today we have shithole countries. If we colonize space, we will have a whole shithole planets.

          1. Lol, was hoping to get a comeback to my comment. Apparently he only talks to Brits… always get a kick out of his posts, though.

  1. I’ve seen this vid before, but I can’t remember where. I think the stabee was indeed DRT, dead right there. I’m gonna assume it was brazil, and reiterate the need for the judicious application of VX nerve gas to the entire country.

    1. @thedood But, but.. the stabber had a hard time growing up in poverty and he was tempted from birth to join the favela gang life. Don’t judge him and so many other struggling, poverty stricken Brazilians who had no choice but to do these things in defense of their pride and turf because you know, it’s because they were poor and Americans want drugs and stuff. If Brazil was a tropical paradise filled with beautiful women and perhaps there was some opportunity and education, these stabbings and murders wouldn’t have to happen all the time non-stop. It’s not their fault, it’s America’s fault for making Brazilians behave this way!

  2. yeah well…. the guy is dead.

    hit right in the heart for sure. the way he fall, the nerves freaking out, then he just all straigth… definitly the heart is gone.
    if the bleeding didnt kill him, that men gonna make an heart attack in few secondes…

    kudos to that invisible women that was just watching the whole shit from her car and then decide to get the fuck out of here when the men is almost dead on the ground. ( can’t see her in the car at all, and suddently, she came out of it lol)

    1. advantage for the brazilians…

      they cant say “see you in hell !” when dying, because they already live in hell… soo they put out some “see you in heaven !” , wich probably mean something terrible for them . XD

  3. must say tho…
    i see the blue shirt guy is “counting” something (probably the points/arguments of the discution) by using directly his Pinky as a fact, soo he maybe say “one !” and use his pinky to count…. wich is very rarely used ( you mostly start by the index or thumb ). that should be something from a specific country lol

  4. First seconds of this one im thinking well i know the victim hes the one stood against the barrier.
    Your having an altercation why the fuck would you do that? So vulnerable

  5. It’s Brazilian by the Flip-flops, cars and the way the data is written.

    According to the news the guy who was stabbed was a homeless. He went around 22pm to ask people in a drugstore to buy things for him. This people claims that he is a well known homeless that lives in the area and who is drug addicted. Annoyed with the homeless action the security guard called Selmar Pereira Silva asked him to leave, but the stubborn homeless didn’t want to go(probably high of crack) so the guard pulled a knife and stabbed the homeless right in the chest as we can see in the video. The security guard then runs away. When the emergency arrived the homeless was also a lifeless……

    This happened in Setor Leste Universitário in the state of Goiânia.

    @seraphim-serenata I didn’t forget you now 🙂

  6. wow, I didn’t see how bad it was until he fell to the floor. He seemed to be ok and then he just passed out. It looks like those cartoons when Coyote just falls when he noticed he’s off the cliff already. lol

  7. Good example of what a nice sharp blade can do. Exactly why I keep both the blade and the tip of my knives good and sharp. Never know when I may need to defend myself or stab an idiot in the neck lol

  8. Notice how the bitch doesn’t put any thought into the wellbeing of the male victim, only going as far as to ensure that she superficially appears in front of the camera acting like she’s a goodie two shoes. Second he drops, it’s straight back to snapchat. Bitches ain’t shit.

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