Anders Behring Breivik – Profile of Man Behind Oslo Bombing and Utøya Shooting

Anders Behring Breivik - Profile of Man Behind Oslo Bombing and Utøya Shooting

This is Anders Behring Breivik – a Norwegian national believed to be a perpetrator responsible for Bombing in Oslo and Shooting in Utøya. The profile of Anders Behring Breivik is a bit short because there isn’t that much information on him just yet, but let’s see what we have:

Anders Behring Breivik is 32 year old, born on February 13, 1979, owns a Breivik Geofarm company and describes himself as Conservative, Christian and Nationalist. A Twitter account that Anders Behring Breivik started contains only one update made on July 17, 2011 which reads:

One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.

According to the latest reports, Anders Behring Breivik killed at least 10 people, but there could be more as the investigation continues. Most of the dead are 13 to 25 year old youth who participated at the Norwegian Labour Party’s Youth Camp (AUF) in Utøya. He is also linked to the bombing in Oslo however no official confirmation by the Norwegian police has been made at this time. Even though the investigation is ongoing, one Norwegian police officer confirmed to the journalists, the suspect, presumably Anders Behring Breivik does not appear to be linked to any international terrorist organizations at all. This information was provided on condition of anonymity because Norway’s police has not made an official release on the case yet.

The company Anders Behring Breivik owns – Breivik Geofarm – deals with, as the name would suggest, geo-farming. An owner of a geo-farming company would not find it very difficult to gain access to explosives. Ammonium nitrate – the same substance which was used to make the Oklahoma bomb is often used in geo-farming.

I think he may have set up the bomb in Oslo as a distraction. With the police and the rest of Norway on high alerted and focused on a potential terrorist attack in their capital city, he would have few roadblocks standing on his way to Utøya. This small island was filled with young people by the hundreds, offering an amazing opportunity to man-hunt. They had no guns and had nowhere to run. They were literally trapped with an armed shooter right behind their back, never more than few hundred meters away. He would have plenty of time and many heads to hunt down. With this single and seemingly well planned act, Anders Behring Breivik made himself one of the most prolific and deadliest mass murderers of all time. It’s gonna be a tough gig for any single shooter to outdo what Anders Behring Breivik did in one day. Let’s just hope this is not the legacy this senseless killing of innocent children leaves behind.

Anders Behring Breivik Twitter Account:!/AndersBBreivik

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Anders Behring Breivik Gallery of Photos

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36 thoughts on “Anders Behring Breivik – Profile of Man Behind Oslo Bombing and Utøya Shooting”

  1. This was his country and those were his countrymen he killed. If he’s planning a mass killing spree, why not target some bad apples, like Muslims who infest his great country and turn it upside down, destroying all that his forefathers built? There are only losers left after what he did. Countless families that will never get rid of grief. Had he turned his weapon on those who shit on his country, it could help save many lives in the future. Instead, he decided to destroy them.

    1. I agree, by the way I’m Norwegian.
      Why not get rid of the black people here that rape and just destroy and are ungrateful for coming here, away from the war. It sounds terrible but they do so much stupid things here and just sits in their apartment they get when they become Norwegian citizens and they don’t bother to get a job or learn the language. And they get even more money from the goverment than insured Norwegians get. Pluss many of them look down on white people, norwegian people. They make me sick!
      I’m not racist but when people we try to help won’t behave as normal people and take over my beatiful country it irritates me.
      I am a nationalist yeah 😉

      But I am horrified that an Norwegian man does this to his own country. I just can’t understand why! How can he be so sick in his head? I just don’t get it..

      1. @Viking242, I’m so very sorry for the losses your beautiful country has endured because of this monster. There is no excuse for his brutality. He must be an insane, evil tyrant. I will never understand such evil, cruel deeds.

        Colored people aren’t the only ones that are criminal. This is one case where the lenient Norwegian laws aren’t suitable to the crime he committed.

        To me he has the eyes of a snake.

      2. I agree with you…
        Yet, his action to his demands in his “manifesto” seem to to have achieved the contrary to what tried to achieve!
        That’s, where his ideology went “bananas”/ berserk !
        The right way would be to gather an opposition to the government’s policies and so, gain votes the democratic way for a change. I’m worried that mates of his “cell” feel obliged to join him …after repeating the same he did (??)

      3. He killed the children of the leftist traitors who are responsible for flooding Norway with Third World human trash. Thereby, he removed some the future leftists who will continue the ethnic cleansing of the Norwegians through mass-migration.

    2. Ya that’s what I said in the other video post on this guy. He should have targeted a mosque or (islamic cultural center) and wiped it off the map. Then, rampage through some shit hole mulsim ghetto and send 93 immigrants out of his country. Then he really would be a hero. Yes, Im also a right wing nutcase but its better than being a worthless fucking coward convert with no back bone for his country.

    1. None they don’t care. If a white man commits a crime it’s because of oppression by something or other. I’d love to know what people here think of the white people of blyth and ashington and meadowell and Percy Main In the north east of England.

  2. That man doesn’t deserve to live, he’s a sick fuck. 21 years in prison isn’t enough. I can tell you he isn’t a Christian even though he claims it, if he were he would have never shot anyone. Then again, too many people use intellectualism and religion as an excuse for what ever it is they want to do. He’s clearly got some delusion of the idea he has some kind of importance. BTW, his facebook page doesn’t come up, I think they took it down.

    1. The reason why it’s not so many gory pictures is becouse bombing and shooting is not normal in Norway and when a bomb goes of people don’t care of take pictures. They are scared and tries to help the wounded or runs for their lives. And those who were trapped on the island does not go around and takes pictures of their dead friends.
      Like in Afganistan or other places where it’s war it’s not new for them that a bomb goes of or that it’s shooting in the streets. And the places are probably not so guarded as in Norway. Since friday there has been police and military who stands around the whole block where the bomb went of.

  3. What a douchebag, if he hated muslims so much why didn’t he kill 93 of them instead of little white kids? Why didn’t he just enlist and go kill them in their own countries as legally as any other imperial stormtrooper? Just another crazy fucker.

  4. I think if there is one website on the web where I can say this whithout beeing called a sick freak its this one:

    Despite the fact that killing people is always wrong, props to the years of planning of this attack and the accuracy with wich this was done.
    It’s sick but to me its incredible how he planned this and how much energy was put into the worst killing spree ever ensued by a single man(as far as we know)
    Dont get me wrong, I’d never say what happened was anything beyond horrible, but it takes a lot of will to do sth like that.

    My thoughts go out to the the victims and their families and the whole norwegian population…

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