Another Failed Murder Attempt in Brazil

Another Failed Murder Attempt in Brazil

Something strange is going on in Brazil this holiday season. Brazilians are usually fairly successful killers, hardly failing at their murder attempts. Yet 2011 Christmas season is proving tough for them. First a fellow survives machete attack, now a da Silva survives being shot three times. WTF Brazil? I am disappoint!

On Wednesday December 28, 2011 at around 10:10am, 18 year old Bruno Henrique da Silva who lives on Rua da Harmônia in São Manoel was walking down Rua José de Souza, near the large Catholic church in Alto de São Manoel when two men on a motorcycle sneaked behind him and fired three shots at him at close range. The officially most useless hitmen in Brazil then darted off and disappeared without a trace.

Brazilian military police were called to the scene where they gathered evidence to pursue the case further. Bruno Henrique da Silva has no idea why someone would want to kill him. Gallery of pictures of this failed murder is below. The most interesting photo is the one with blood splattered on the wall – it’s just pure art. I had to post this set just to have that pic on the site.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Another Failed Murder Attempt in Brazil”

  1. what is wrong with you guys?
    if someone/ppl got killed you curse the killers, you blame and give bad names to the society and the country.
    if someone was given a chance to survive, you curse the the animal for not killing the victim. the animals are failed to live among human.
    he survived the attack, and WHY you should be disappointed?

  2. It is a failure like this that robbed Brazil of being the top murder destination in South America. Shame on him. Now Venezuela has that honor with 19 336 murders this year (about 53 a day)….. the ones they know about. Hope Brazil has better luck in 2012.

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