Another London Bridge Terrorist Attack Timed Before Upcoming Election

Another London Bridge Terrorist Attack Timed Before Upcoming Election

Another London Bridge Terrorist Attack Timed Before Upcoming Election

Fool me once, shame on… shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

In 2017, just before the election, there was a terrorist attack on London Bridge which whipped up a storm and the parties decided to suspend campaigning.

Two years later, and what do you know – another attack happens on London Bridge and it has resulted in the same thing again. Not only is the attack directly before an election, campaigning has been suspended as a result again.

So far, two people are confirmed dead and at least three seriously wounded, when fake suicide belt wearing 28 year old Usman Khan from Staffordshire, went on a killing spree at the Learning Together criminal justice conference at Fishmongers’ Hall he was attending.

The incident happened on Friday November 29, 2019. Usman Khan and other convicts on parole were given permission to attend the conference. Usman Khan, who wore a tracking bracelet started attacking instructors with knives.

The knife attacker was then assassinated by the cops. The video shows he was unarmed and outnumbered, yet the cops still took a step back and killed him. If the alleged suicide belt was indeed a threat, the cops, who had him pinned down, would not have gotten off to allow him to detonate it. Likewise, if he had a deadman’s switch, the last thing you want to do is assassinate him, as that would kill everyone within the blast radius.

The whole thing stinks, per usual.

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204 thoughts on “Another London Bridge Terrorist Attack Timed Before Upcoming Election”

  1. Yep….and what ever happened with the Vegas “shooting” investigation? The biggest mass shooting in us…but no facts provided to public. Keep the public in fear, no one even asks a few years later.


      Charlie Hebdo
      New Zealand Mosque
      Parliament Hill shooting

      Slow drip poison by the Hook Noses to change popular opinion and disarm those who know the government tyranny that’s been building since 9/11

      Look how they are squirming since the shock they got from Brexit….more of this garbage to follow

      There was a very excellent video on youtube by an acoustic expert that proved that the “auto fire” at Vegas was from giant speakers; go figure ; it’s been deleted

      The professional “crisis” actors used in the false flag shooting however they CANT delete ; it’s caught on their own propaganda

      Stay Frosty Bros!

      1. Utube was a hotbed for those videos at 1st….but they all went buhbye. That fucking police chief, the fucker was the worst crisis actor they ever hired….or the best!? Fucking putz couldn’t even get his story straight from 1 day to the next and he sounded like Kermit the Frog

      2. Warrior Poet…

        Good post!

        Since you mentioned 911, there’s an extremely good video, called “911 Eyewitness.” It’s totally based on the science of 911. For example, the speed of sound, in comparison to the collapse of the buildings at certain vantage points, pyroclastic clouds etc.

        I’ve watched them all. Unfortunately, many of these documentaries are increasingly harder to find now.

        (and I wonder why?)

        By far in my opinion, the most damning evidence, that 911…

        Was an inside job!

        1. Likewise Bro

          I am aware of your links and thank you for your reply and also a big thanks to a fello Critical Thinker who will not accept the garbage pumped out by mass media.

          Bro have you seen this site;

          Also an incredible group of scientists who not only have united to refute by scientific evidence the 9/11 lie…..but…. have a court procedure ongoing in New York to have a Grand Jury look at re-examining the 911 Commission and it’s report:

          1. @warrior

            When I see an amalgam of engineers (applied physics) of various specialties and architects…, I am immediately wary of the usefulness of their agreement. Especially when their document suggesting controlled demolition is written at layman level, and the rebuttal in scientific form was rejected because it didn’t suit the purpose of the publisher.

            A team of pure physicists working closely with only structural engineers and perhaps some materials scientists might make some coherent output – But somehow I dont think thats going to happen… I also can’t find any expert opinion from controlled demolition experts either but I’m sure someone has said something somewhere…

            Anyway thats my take on it! I believe it could have been a false flag op but and that Bush was unaware of what the deep state was up to. But I don’t think that the bringing down those buildings was even required for the US to justify what it did in the middle east.

            But this should probably be in the forums!-)

          2. Architects and engineers for 911 truth is one of the best documentaries to introduce people to the subject. The science is just too good. It’s the one that made my father start to come around to the truth.

          3. Oh yeah I was wrong about the rebuttal/original paper I had it backwards.

            But if the demolition case is plausible, why did they not use asymmetric charges? Were they not out to cause as much damage as possible? I estimate if they had one tower fall one way and the other another you would be looking at maybe several times the damage/toll.

        2. If 911 was an inside job, and dubbaya knew about it he would have been long cold dead, by accident or patsy.

          There’s no way in my mind it could have been inside without him knowing. More just ignoring the obvious which you could argue is more culpable…

          1. First of all Asylum, there is a mountain of scientific evidence, that the three building were brought down by a controlled demolition. @warriorpoet has provided a link, that has supported this. There’s also a mountain of other links, that provide evidence as well.

            Secondly, Bush DID know beforehand, that the buildings were going to come down….

            When he was at an elementary school in Sarasota Florida on 911, he had a closed circuit tv, that televised the North Tower being hit by an airplane.

            No one on 9-11-2001, had ANY footage of the North Tower being hit by an airplane on 9-11-2001. The only footage that the American people had involving the North Tower, were the Naudet brothers filming a documentary about firefighters in New York. But the film didn’t surface, until several days after 911. Bush told this to the American people in a televised town hall forum, a few days after the catastrophe.

            Thirdly, (and I won’t laugh, I promise :)…oops!)

            We in this country, have an organization called The Deep State. They control our elections, our military, our politicians, our media and our central banks. In order to become President, you have to convince the sheeple, that they are working for you. This can be done in various ways. However, their choice of weapon is called propaganda. Once elected into office, (and this includes congress as well) they pass legislation that favors the 1%, and the organizations that I have previously mentioned above.

            …and if you step out of line, you’ll get the John F. Kennedy treatment in Dallas.

            This is a very very summerized version, of what’s going on here in America. It’s not a question of a president being shot for committing a crime. The bigger question is being shot, doing something in the interest of the American people. Such as eliminating the Federal Reserve, or ending the Vietnam War.

            Kennedy had his mistakes, but he learned from them as well. Unfortunately, our society today, wants perfection from our government. And they will, with propaganda leading the way.

          2. @honkeykong

            True. He may have not have known about it beforehand. However, he stated that he saw the plane hitting the north tower, days before any video surfaced, showing that the plane hit the north tower

            I should of clarified this a little better…

            Cheney, as we all should know by now, was heavily involved with 911. Where he was at the time, and his orders to “stand down” supports this.

            I like Webster Tarpley. I too, have watched his videos.

        3. Indeed, “eye witness” was a great documentary. I’ve watched it many times. Like yourself, I’ve watched them all. The more you watch, the more complete the picture becomes. To anyone who has given the subject the attention it deserves, there is no doubt that the true forces behind the U.S.Government are behind the attacks. It’s a bit confusing to some, because the government that people are aware of didn’t do it. It’s the true masters behind the curtain that did. There’s no doubt that Cheney was involved. Some make the argument that it would have taken too many people to orchestrate the event, and that they couldn’t keep it a secret. I don’t believe that at all. I bet half the people involved had no idea that they weren’t participating in a war game.

    2. The Christchurch terror attack has been black-holed by MSM and Google in Australia and NZ, which is no surprise at all. They quickly disarmed the white population of NZ, no fuss, no bother and nothing to see here…

      1. Yeah, it only took that bright spark horse head 23 years to get the Port Arthur message. She must have driven past GunCity on many occasions and thought it was some kind of museum.

        Whatta hero, only cost 50 lives to get the bulletin cough cough

      1. They wanted that fuck dead…so he couldn’t talk. They smacked him around, threatened him and his family with incarceration, strapped a “suicide vest” on his ass and dropped him off on the corner.

  2. That guy running with the knife sure had a fucking death wish!

    And now we know that Adolph Hitler was right all along. Time and time again his words ring truer and truer! Islam, Judaism, and communism are the dog shit on the shoes of society!

    1. The Society will prosper when Islam, Judaism, and Communism are wiped off the face of the Earth in the case of Communism. Our president is working his way. He is building a chain on Big Burn, an island with the most venomous snakes in the world. If the rat does not die by the snakes will drown, we call the new tomb chain.

          1. Who said anything about them being innocent? I’m dealing with certain shitbags in my neighborhood who make everyone else’s life miserable. They keep making bail. There’s a pattern. They can always pay their bail immediately so they can get out right away to shoot more meth and steal or ruin other people’s shit, but they never seem to have money to pay court fees, fines, or restitution. You would think some of their welfare money would at least allow them to be able to pay a fine once in awhile.

      1. If there’d been a sniper, the guy running with the knife wouldn’t of gotten anywhere near the ‘civvies’, without his head disappearing into a cloud of red mist.
        did his mother not tell him not to run with scissors, etc?, there’s a good chance you’ll get shot…

    2. Educate yourself dipshit. You do realise Hitler admired Islam and had Muslim death squads working for him across Asia, Africa and the middle east (He worked closely with the grand Mufti of Jerusalam)?
      He admired Islam as a warrior race always at war and thought any nation not involved in any war at any 1 time was week.

      1. Yeah I have dipshit Sr. He only used the mudslimes in a pinch. Say he didn’t and I’ll personally kick your teeth in. He was running out of men. Hitler never would say anything remotely good about a brown Islamic slog that was lower than an aryan !

    1. Brilliant! I can Picture a new eBay section for “hot evidence”. He’s probably thinking “if I act like a hero and slip outta here, no one will even notice”

      1. Unrelated though this is, I have always thought a star such as Jennifer Lawrence should sell her piss and shit on ebay. There are a lot of people out there with sick, twisted minds, and I suspect that many would pay a considerable sum of money for a jar of her piss or a one containing a nice juicy turd. Of course they would have to be certified genuine in some way. She has a limitless supply of the stuff, so it would be a steady source of income, not that she needs it.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already a market for this in Japan, where the men are a bunch of weird fucks. There are probably shops selling the piss and turds of pretty young girls, with a photo of the girl . . . perhaps even a video of the production process, if you know what I mean.

        Of course I myself would not be interested . . . honestly . . .I’m a decent person, a thoroughly decent person. Do you seriously think I fantasize about watching Jennifer Lawrence take a dump? What do you take me for?

        1. I’m sure somewhere you can get it, may not be the most reputable sites. Used panties are already a big thing, why not scat? Reminds me of this article I read about scat huffing in Africa….I guess they put shit in a container, let it ripen, then huff it. That SHIT really fucks you up. Thats all I did when I was in the pen for dui manslaughter charges.

  3. Jewmongers’ Hall? Wtf! Anyway I for one am glad the fucker was shot and killed. Let’s see, Muslim, wearing suicide belt, wearing tracking bracelet, on parole, stabbing spree with five victims, I think that was enough to earn him a few bullets.

        1. A friend once told me his grandfather killed a man in St Louis by caving his skull in with a glockenspiel case. I didn’t even know what a glockenspiel was, but I guarantee it’s the only death by glockenspiel case in U.S. history. Anyone else have a weird one?

          1. All of fleetwood was a fuck fest after the Peter green years, that’s why they make good music together

    1. I’m not on either side…frankly I hate em both. But sometimes you gotta take the blinders off. “Stay frosty” Do not get to comfortable with the tales you are fed. We are heading for an all out One World Government , and I for one do not support their set.

      1. I’ve come to realize years ago, that the candidate who is (truly) “anti-war,” is usually the candidate who doesn’t get the time of day, from the corporate media.

        Whether it’s a Ron Paul or a Tulsi Gabbard, ending wars of aggression, doesn’t sit well with the Federal Reserve, Lockheed Martin or the Deep State that profits from them.

        For any Bernie Sanders supporters out there…

        Just remember who he ran to, when the DNC fucked him over…

        1. It’s just like the criminal justice system….without crime many cities budgets would implode. Our courthouse is surrounded by Cunt lawyers who thrive off crime, as well as a city that thrives off fines and fucking people’s lives over. Similarly, Without war, our budget is lost…thanks to the Jews and Muslim rats for fueling our growth with their stupid little religious conflicts!

    1. @the dre the number one..hey bab how are you??..sorry I haven’t replied sooner..I appreciate your help..
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      So are you fully healed from your surgeries now??..I hope you are well&good.I hope life is good for you&your loved ones (a little bit of crazy too lol..think you have to be a bit crazy to live in this world lol)..we live in a crazy world..
      Right I’m going to walk my baby,mia now..have you got any pets??..
      I miss’s mad how I got day a lass I know,but I didn’t know her to have her round..anyway I had seen her out with the dogs her fella had&I said (not thinking anything of it,you know I have said things like that before)..her fella used to train dogs up..but he wasn’t nice to them.he had think 10-11 dogs in a one bedroom maisonette.he abused physically,even putting electric collars on them..anyway long story short..she called round with her brother,he was banned from keeping dogs..I didn’t know at the time they only had so many hours to rehome kita,otherwise she would be put to sleep..anyway I got that knock at the door,and was asked if I could look after her for a few days..I was like fella wasn’t to keen..only because of her bread&he knew what they could be like..she was a japanese akita..oh &what a blessing she was..everyone would say how well she looked&noticed a massive diffrence we made to her..but people don’t see what a massive diffrence kita (I didn’t name her)made to my life,how she changed.kita &I were always together.honestly kita changed me,she helped me..
      I do apologise,I am babbling on’s just nice to talk about my baby..animals are diffrent to humans..yes animals can attack,kill&be vicious..but when you connect to an animal,it’s a whole diffrent bond..
      Anyway it’s always good to talk to you my BG brother,you are one of the most real,genuine people on here.I love that you speak your mind,but it’s the way you do are’s refreshing..right I will leave it here as I do go on.I don’t mean to lol..sending you&your loved ones,lots of love&positive,happy,crazy vibes.take it easy& (I should be called the crazy one lol,).Skullrose,xoxo..

      1. @Skull Rose☆
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        So, at least you know that it is not just You Hun, cause besides *Yourself & And Now I Also*, I’m Also just about positive that “Only” Mark’s New Girlfriend (dEs-Py) can start any New Forum-Page. 🙁

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          1. @boasp
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            Fucks-Sake,,, Will there ever come a time, that i will not feel the need to sincerely Thank-You? I Say this cause our of gratitude is sincere, and comes from the heart, always. 🙂

          2. @thedre
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            So I have been on da interwebs much more than usual, but you’re correct only bg. seems to still be having issues related to the last ddos* attack.
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            Be safe & stay warm andre & cathy 😉

  4. Yep. Stinks to high heaven. Trump’s visit to Johnson, admist an election campaign and bang……….
    Look sheeple, the terrorist threat is real. Check how my stormtroopers dealt a swift and deadly blow, foiling the suicide bomber’s plans.
    Vote Boris!
    Vone Corbyn!
    Either way it’ll be a puppet acting out whatever they’re told, held tight on the leash of their Zionist masters.

  5. This incident was a hoax, a staged event in order to continue with the police state and also in order to put fear into the British people. You can tell that this was a staged event because of the man with the knife. What is he doing with the knife? If this incident really occurred then that man wouldn’t have the knife in his hand if that knife was the weapon used. It would be evidence, and the man has his fingerprints on it which destroys that evidence. Also the cops were on a person with guns drawn, and you don’t know if that person was the assailant or not. Just by looking at the incident you can tell that it was a staged event just like the incident that occurred two years ago.

    1. All of these type of events are real, they actually happen. Patsy’s are always low IQ and/or malleable, and western intel agencies have large pool of these fuckwits to choose from thanks to mass immigration.

    1. Presidential candidates should literally be a freak show, like jack ass. They’re just patsy tools, like Trump…Americans deserve trump, all Hollywood reality tv based.

  6. You couldn’t pay me to go to that third world shit hole called London nowadays. The place is a zoo. A very modern Noah’s Ark with every race and religion accounted for and present and all the various tribal affiliations and conflicts to go along with it.

    Entering London from the surrounding areas is like entering the wardrobe in the chronicles of Narnia and finding yourself transported to a strange fucking world that makes absolutely no sense and is filled with danger.

    Anyhow. False Flag or not hopefully this bearded Admiral Akbar serves to boost the Brexit chances come election time and brings about some festive cheers.

    1. I have commented elsewhere that I lived in London for 10 years, until I couldn’t stand it any more. It is a cesspit. It’s not just a multi-racial hell, but it is also a magnet for sexual degenerates of every variety. What especially annoys me is that Londoners feel superior to everyone else, and thus entitled to impose their degenerate values on the rest of the UK. Again as I have said elsewhere, I really hope Islamic terrorists get hold of a nuke and flatten it. A lot of great art and history would be lost, but that would be a price worth paying.

      1. London is no longer a part of England that’s for sure. It resembles North Africa more and more every year.

        The only reason I somewhat tolerate its continued existence is because it keeps the shit self-contained and away from the rest of us. The county lines nigger drug dealing bullshit is starting to change my mind though.

        Perhaps we could separate it from us like in Escape from L.A.

  7. Progressive liberals are sad this smelly sand nigger barbarian was put down like the ugly demented mutt he was. They much rather had seen him be sent to Martha’s Vineyard to stay at Bathhouse Barack’s Islam- friendly mansion on the American tax payers’ dime.

  8. HEY NIGGER by bad jonny

    Hey Nigger!

    No I ain’t got no
    Coins or a cigger

    Why you a scab?
    Why hand on trigger?

    You could get a job
    Scaffold or rigger

    You should live ‘life’
    With candour and vigour

    Instead ..

    Your girlfriend’s fat
    And she’s getting fucking bigger

    She’s lost her athletic
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    Laying in bed
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    You darkies should get a life
    (Go figure..)

    1. Yup. Deadman’s switch? That’s just ridiculous. Somebody’s been watching too many movies. And from the reports he appeared to have a knife taped to each hand. If I thought someone had a suicide vest on I would try and shoot them too before they detonated it. The cop who pulled the one guy on top of him away was very brave, not to mention the other ones standing there. Everyone did a good job here. Even the convicted murderer who took him down did his part. Read that news article.


      1. Don’t know why the policeman didn’t buttfuck his head with his carbine before shooting him – would have been a lot more satisfying.
        Some of you may not know that police in UK have semi-auto (single shot) weapons only. They are not trusted with anything more powerful. And yet even 12-yr cadets get to fire full-auto machine guns at training camps.

  9. @hopingfornemesis
    get well soon, Vile

    YUSUF ISLAM by bad jonny

    Used to be Cat Stevens
    Now Yusuf Islam

    Don’t read my your ‘holy book’
    But leave me as I am

    I’d learn much more by watching
    Fred Flintstone and Bam Bam

    Your website is a croc, you cunt
    Your ‘call to God’ is spam

    Muzzies execute a human
    Like they can kill a lamb

    Burn to death a human
    Like they can cook a clam

    They are the World’s worst murderers
    And they don’t give a damn

    They kill for no good reason
    Like that ‘Son of Sam’

    Don’t trust a darky muzzie
    Polite when they say: ‘Maam’

    Kill all the white innocents
    That’s their fucking plan

    Muzzies while they trade cocaine ?
    They sell it by the gram !

    But can’t have a sip of ‘vino’
    Can’t have a slice of ham

    Whitey gave him asylum
    And now we’re left in a jam

    They didn’t all come over here
    To sing and dance to ‘Wham’

    They go to University
    And learn how to do ‘cram’

    They want to kill, destroy and cut up kids
    To sabotage and ‘ram’

    A Muzzie just held hostage
    Ten babies on a tram ..

    Shot them with a pistol
    “Blam Blam Blam ..”

      1. Yeah – I mean, this cunt tours the World now as “Yusuf – formerly Cat Stevens” but his WHOLE entourage are muzzie – he does not employ a single whitey, that’s how much hate he has for the West, even though this part Greek cunt grew up with all the niceties the West provided growing up in the 60s in London, then turned his back on his country to become a Moslem Traitor (who wished an innocent author (Rushdie) would be ‘burned alive’ as a ‘fatweh’
        Filthy muzzie cunt !

          1. Yeah, I mean, the Orthodox Christian Greeks really LOVE their neighbours the filthy Muzzie Turks, don’t they ??

            Remember the movie “Midnight Express”? Showing just how filthy the muzzie rats really are ..

          2. I just listened to Tea for the Tillerman yesterday, hadn’t heard the whole album in thirty years. What an awesome album and he really did write beautiful songs. He was only half Greek, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him. He lost his frigging mind.

          3. Haha. Sorry Illegals ,I misunderstood. I thought you meant he looked decidedly non-Greek.

            I know Norwegians have dark -haired natives ,usually Lapps ,but they usually have an Asiatic cast to their eyes.

            Amazon’s Bezos is my current quarry. I suspect he is Jewish but apparently he is ethnically Norwegian who only has his stepfather’s Spanish/Latino surname. Yet ,he doesn’t look like a Lapp. He looks Jewish or Italian /Greek. Anyway,you know what I’m like with geography and stuff . I gots ta know.


          4. the movie “Midnight Express”
            Yeah, Nem, this is one of my favorite movies of all time!
            Done on a small budget, but brilliantly acted by all who were in it.
            The opening scene where he is strapped with hashish then realizes the army is at the airport checking EVERYONE’S STUFF who’s boarding the plane is probably the greatest opening scene of any movie EVER!
            So .. please check the whole thing out
            It’s one of the top 1o movies of all time ..

        1. Check out this gem; both the Liberal and Labour Gov in Aus sold us a pup ,the dumb,traitorous and well -paid cunts!

          The Yanks can sell us tonnes of junk rusty metal called F35 Stealth jets and we can only say “yessir yessir, three bags full”.

          Now you know why I rail against our Ally,the US so much . Supposedly our Protector but simply a Mafia Don shaking us down in a protection racket. Disgusting. That is taxpayers money my parents and I worked for and could have gone to better hospitals ,roads and schools here!We Australians should hang our heads in shame but it seems football , insta ,The bachelor ,LBGTQ and Rapefugee rights take up all the time of our best and brightest these days…


          1. That’s right Nem, they are keeping the sheeple as dumb as dogshite by the filth they watch every night/day.
            I don’t watch TV at all except Olympic Games because it would just make me sick!
            Married at .. Block .. Get me outta here .. Cake Boss .. MKR ?? Survivor ..
            I mean, what is this shit?
            Even our ‘talent’ shows are all rigged with idiots like Boy George and Black Spice up there getting into ‘staged’ arguments to improve ratings.
            See .. The KGB in the Cold War would kick your door down, and take away your books (and you) if you were learning anything but the Govt. Mantra.
            But .. now .. they don’t have to, because sheeple are WILLINGLY watching the most disturbing brain watering shite you could ever imagine

          2. And most Aussies have forgotten:
            Bush Govt. stabbed Oz in the back over ‘wheat/wool’ trade deal, and PM Howard was going to ‘take it to the UN’

            Until .. AFter a ‘Heads of State’ meeting in front of the World’s cameras, Bush called out
            “John … Hey John …”

            Howard came back and Bush hugged him like Huggy Bear

            Next thing ….

            Oz has joined USA in illegal and immoral war in Iraq.


            Trilions in contracts (supplies, engineering)
            Trillions for ‘cost of war on you’ (conqueror’s rights)
            Trillions in oil for Bush Texas OIl Co Ltd.
            Rothschild family gets to finally own the Iraqi banks (constitution was re-written by the conquerors)

  10. I mean why do we have to pick between the Jews or the Muslims? Why can’t we have a non religion based leadership? Because the Jews and Muslims have the biggest egos and need to impose their will on us? Fuck them, and their “biblical” wars.

    1. They are the same,Semites ,according to their own beliefs. Children of Abraham ,the Patriarch. The only good That came from Jews was from Hellenised ,Secular,Europianised Jews,starting with St Paul . The Moslems have only had what …fifty years of European Secularisation,and any nations States that formed were quickly destroyed by Uncle Sam and his vassals. Iraq,Libya and Syria all cases in point. You will notice America only allies and protects medieval headchopper Moslems like Saud ,Kuwait and Turkey etc

  11. Best result was his death. Alternatively he would go back to prison at taxpayers cost.
    Hats off to the guys who tackled him before the cops arrived…they deserve medals! Don’t fuck with Londoners!
    Sadly two innocents died and two seriously wounded.

  12. Fantastic work by the English police in shooting the terrorist scum on London bridge. Lucky cop on duty who took the delightful task of killing the scum will take that moment and enjoy the memory for the rest of his life. Lucky bastard.

  13. @honkeykong

    I always thought that Bush had ‘rehearsed his shock/stunned/aghast face’ for this, knowing that the cameras were rolling and that this moment was gonna be shown over and over.
    I also thought it odd that the Prez was as far away from NY and Pentagon as you can get, down in FLA.
    And that Cheney was ‘snug as a bug’ 20 or more stories below the Pentagon, and not answering any calls for ‘scrambler jets’ to assist that fateful day.
    Certainly seems like those cunts at the ‘top’ all knew what was going to happen, and certainly WTC7 was a demolition job, and probably the twin towers also, and they just needed a plane to crash into it, before activating the detonations which had been planted there. It all came down too clean. Then the Bush Govt. immediately shipped all the melted, (MELTED?) twisted steel off to China as scrap metal (no need keeping it for evidence, huh?)
    And .. the CIA cunts who came out on the lawn outside Pentagon, to put pieces of the (passenger plane?) ie prototype remote controlled military plane, into their pockets before dissappearing back inside.
    No conspiracy?

    1. Exactly. Some people have a hard time accepting the reality of what happened because it would be impossible if the world worked the way we have been told that it does. I first learned about all this back around 2007-2008. It fundamentally changed the way I look at the world. I watched every video I could find relating to 9/11, and then some. It was quite humbling to go from a place where you have things figured out, to realizing that your knowledge was infantile. I built myself back up as a different person than I was before. I relate it to when you are a child, and you find out that Santa Claus isn’t real. Bin Laden is the ani- Santa Claus. He wasn’t the one bringing terror to all the boys and girls, it was our parents ( the people who have taken over the U.S. Government) all along.

      1. Yes, Honkey, I was the same. For 10 years I believed the official versions of Princess Diana death & 9/11.
        Then .. one day I saw 9/11 Demolition? video (just to let them ‘have their say’) and then I watched a few more, then all of a sudden I started to wake up and see that this Illuminati Satanic Baby Sacrifice & Black Flag Ops is all true.
        JFK was a classic example: Need the Prez killed, so we’ll get a guy on the cash only CIA payroll, place him in what looks like a good spot, ask him to bring his rifle to work that day (no reason), then blame it on him, get him arrested (but non of the 11 hours of interview is taped because the cops ‘forgot about it’. Then, before he can get to his fake murder trial, get him silenced by a Jew Rat : Jack Rubenstein, small time hood. It all happened right in front of the public, but most just swallowed the official version like a dollop of Illuminati sperm !!

        1. The president has the power to pardon prisoners. Why didn’t LBJ pardon Jack Ruby? Shouldn’t he be a national hero? Nah, then he would be free to talk, and they couldn’t have that. Princess Diana? Yeah, the U.S. , and England are bedfellows in all this fucked up shit. 7/7 has been shoved down y’alls throats just the same. Coincidentally it rhymes. Tony Blair is no different than Bush. Zionist puppets.

          1. Yes, and Jack Rubenstein even said in a taped video in gaol
            “The public will NEVER know what really went on .. There are too many powerful people involved ….”
            But .. he didn’t have the guts to mention names .. (LBJ, J Edgar Hoover, Rothschild, Queen Liz ..)

  14. I’m bored with this post now. I want some new ones. Feed me gore!

    However, may I suggest one possibility? The 9/11 “inside job” conspiracy is partly founded on simple racism. Many Americans, and others, cannot believe that Arabs (aka “ragheads” and “camel jockeys”) could have planned and executed such a complex operation. They would rather believe that their own government did it, than face the possibility that dumb Arabs were able to catch America with its pants down.

    Just a thought.

    1. I would consider that if not for the fact that I studied the subject for years. As far as religion goes, I don’t have a dog in the fight. The evidence doesn’t back up the Islamic claim. Fuck Islam, and the other Abrahamic religions. Religion is not synonymous with race.

      1. For most people, especially Americans, Arab = Muslim and Muslim = Arab, neither of which are true, of course.

        I made the point because in one of the first documentaries which put forward the “inside job” theory the film maker actually said something like, “Do you really think a bunch of Arabs could have done this?” I can’t remember the actual words, and as I recall he used an racist insult (something like “camel jockeys”) instead of “Arabs.” The documentary was made by a young American whose name I can’t remember – he is very well-known within the “inside job” community. It struck me at the time that underlying all the reasoned arguments was dumb racism. He just couldn’t accept that there are some highly intelligent Muslims/Arabs.

  15. So yeah….
    World war 3 has been for a while now.

    Just because you don’t see tanks and soldiers in the streets doesn’t mean you’re not at war.

    The Left VS. The Right, Liberals/Dems VS. Repubs, Red VS. Blue… Faggots fighting religious fanatics, fat feminists fighting (the now) incel men. Throw some “islamic refugee children” into the shit-pot.

    Give it all a good, looooong fucking stir….

    Bring to a boil.

    ….guys, ….I honestly just can’t fucking wait for this shit to burst!!

    You’re fucked. I hope you have something to lose.

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